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Hoenn: After Death - Character Profiles

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by proxy.qtz, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. proxy.qtz

    Feb 1, 2013
    This is for anyone interested in joining the Hoenn: After Death RP
    After filling this out, feel free to return to the main RP here: http://lakevalor.net...nn-after-death/

    Pokémon Species: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)](Which species of Pokémon will you be playing?)[/background]
    Pokémon Name:[background=rgb(0, 24, 33)] (Your Pokémon's name)[/background]
    Age:[background=rgb(0, 24, 33)] (Are they a: hatchling, child, adolescent, adult, elderly?)[/background]
    Positive Traits/Strengths: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)](What are the good parts of their personality? What skills do they have that could be helpful in our escape from Hoenn?)[/background]
    Negative Traits/Fears: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)](What are their flaws or fears?)[/background]
    Hobbies:[background=rgb(0, 24, 33)] (What did they like to do before the apocalypse?)[/background]
    Alignment: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil
    Accessories: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)](What is your Pokémon wearing?)[/background]
    Personality/Nature: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)](How does your Pokémon behave?)[/background]
    Other: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)](Is there anything else we should know about your Pokémon?)[/background]
  2. proxy.qtz

    Feb 1, 2013
    Pokémon Species: Lucario
    Pokémon Name: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)]Anubis[/background]
    Age: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)]Adult[/background]
    Positive Traits/Strengths: Leadership, Science, extremely overpowered when mad.
    Negative Traits/Fears: Shy, introverted.
    Hobbies: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)]Enjoyed fishing and amateur parkour[/background]
    Alignment: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)]Lawful Good. [/background]
    Accessories: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)]Steampunk goggles, typically on forehead.[/background]
    Personality/Nature: typically reserved, but brave in the face of danger
    Other: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)]Entire family fell to the zombies. Haunted by his belief that he could have saved them.[/background]
  3. MoonlightEve

    MoonlightEve Black Belt

    Dec 25, 2012
    Pokémon Species: Beartic
    Pokémon Name: Hoshimi (Japaneses for Starlight)
    Age: Adult
    Positive Traits/Strengths: She knows the move Surf and many ice type moves.
    Negative Traits/Fears: Algophobia(Fear of Pain or Seeing Someone in Pain) and Agateophobia(Fear of insanity)
    Hobbies: Playing music on her guitar
    Alignment: Neutral
    Accessories: A NeverMeltIce ear ring(Right Ear), two silver ear rings(Left Ear) and a guitar
    Personality/Nature: Very much a motherly Pokémon, Hoshimi loves kids. Being able to Surf, Hoshimi loves taking smaller Pokémon across the water and just hanging out in the water. When she's angry she acts very much like a mother bear and if someone she cares about very much, is hurt, she'll hunt down the one who hurt her friends.
    Other: Once had a family, but lost them to the infected.
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  4. Vanillite

    Vanillite Cat Lady

    Nov 24, 2012
    Species: Lilligant
    Name: Lily
    Age:Young adult
    positive traits: Strong battler. Rarely gets angry and always helps those in need, regardless of alignment. Intelligent
    Negative traits:She doesn't always voice her opinions. Sometimes finds herself being the "damsel in distress"
    Hobbies: Cooking, singing and dancing.
    Alignment: Neutral good
    Accessories: None
    Personality: Gentle, kind and polite. She only fights when she feels she must.
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  5. bubbie

    bubbie Sassmaster

    Dec 30, 2012
    Pokémon Species: Flygon
    Pokémon Name: Deacon
    Age: Adult
    Positive Traits/Strengths: Deacon is strong and knows how to hold his ground. He is world weary and well traveled. He is calculating and sharp and loves solving puzzles. He is wise, yet taciturn, and just wishes to find a safe place to settle down.
    Negative Traits/Fears: Deacon is quiet and slow to trust others. He is often self-involved and jaded to the needs of others.
    Hobbies: Deacon loves traveling and has been to each of the different regions before settling home in Hoenn prior to the zombie outbreak.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Accessories: He wears a red bandana around his neck.
    Personality/Nature: Deacon tends to have a bit of a temper and is sometimes a little impatient. He is quiet and wise and usually keeps to himself, however he realizes that there is power in numbers in this situation.
    Other: As a Trapinch, Deacon used to be friendly and outgoing however he found that his appearance intimidated others and he became jaded and kept to himself. He traveled as an outlet after he evolved and has since learned to enjoy his time alone.
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  6. Banshee

    Banshee Pokémon Professor

    Gregg the Egg
    (Odd Egg)
    Level 3
    Dec 5, 2012
    Pokémon Species: Mismagius
    Pokémon Name: Hoodoo
    Age: Adult
    Positive Traits/Strengths: Like many Mismagius, she can tend to be very sneaky and likes to trick her opponents. She's very calm natured and doesn't let much of anything bother her. in dangerous situations, she prefers to think before acting out. This also allows her to figure out if the dangerous situation is too risky. Hoodoo is also very loyal to her family.
    Negative Traits/Fears: Her biggest fear is losing her family to the zombie outbreak, or losing herself to it. Her negative traits consist of, tricking her own team mates when she grows bored, screaming at enemies which can give off bad headaches, comes off as untrustworthy due to her calm and secretive nature. If things get too hairy for her, she likes to create hallucinations to flee from the scene.
    Hobbies: Before the outbreak, her and her family used to perform magic tricks and awe the audience. They were fairly well known for what shows they have performed. She also likes to abuse her ability to create hallucinations.
    Alignment: Neutral,
    Accessories: Her hat on her head is a little bit bigger than a normal size hat.
    Personality/Nature: Calm and secretive natured
    Other: Is a mother of two. Her family went into hiding and she went out to find help.
  7. Trainer_Ebony

    Jan 18, 2013
    Pokémon Species: Charmeleon
    Pokémon Name:[background=rgb(0, 24, 33)] Zero[/background]
    Age:[background=rgb(0, 24, 33)] adolecent[/background]
    Positive Traits/Strengths: Brave, strong, stratigic mind. He is similar to L in mind.
    Negative Traits/Fears: No ice type attacks (duh), Fears water (only when on or over open water), Takes an odd plesure in slaying fire types
    Hobbies: Training with his trainer (now deceased), Fighting his trainers Blaziken (location unknown)
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Accessories: His trainers bandana around his neck (May's red one)
    Personality/Nature: Paranoid, quiet, wants to keep the group alive
    Other: He gets very angry when others dont follow his plans
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  8. Snivinerior

    Snivinerior Poké Maniac

    Dec 28, 2012
    [background=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.901961)]
    Pokémon Species: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)]Snivy[/background]
    Pokémon Name:[background=rgb(0, 24, 33)] Snivy[/background]
    Age:[background=rgb(0, 24, 33)] Adolescent[/background]
    Positive Traits/Strengths: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)]She's a reckless hardy gal that fears nothing but herself. She's not even scared of death. [/background]
    Negative Traits/Fears: Too confident and prideful. Only cares about herself most of the time.
    Hobbies:[background=rgb(0, 24, 33)] Battling[/background]
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Accessories: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)]A dead flower on her head[/background]
    Personality/Nature: Hardy, Confident and Prideful
    Other: [background=rgb(0, 24, 33)]Before the zombie outbreak, she was a princess of Cove Area in the Unova Region, she was adventurous and was caught in the outskirts and Sottopolis City when the outbreak began, she's determined to get back home and find out of her home has survived the apocalypse. She's now stranded in the City that's about to collapse and fall...[/background][/background]
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  9. Pokechu

    Pokechu Hex Maniac

    Level 1
    Jan 14, 2013
    Pokémon Species: Pikachu
    Pokémon Name: Pikachu
    Positive Traits/Strengths: Good at being hyperactive, adventurous, can pull out almost anything out of his pouch.
    Negative Traits/Fears:Fears =Darkness, Heights, Ground Pokémon. Negative Traits= Being a klutz, hard sleeper.
    Hobbies: Playing JumpMan at Poke'Mall, Practicing at gyms,Shopping, Playing Poke'Box (e.e, obviously Xbox., LOL.).
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Accessories:Bowtie, Glasses, Pouch with helpful stuff like balloons.
    Personality/Nature: Extremely loyal, a bit stubborn, and is very Jolly and Silly, even at serious tmes.
    Other: Was born in Kanto, and put in a shelter, due to its Parents having seperate trainers. The shelter got wrecked by the Zombies, so only he and 5 others escaped the debris. Had to lead team, but, unfortunately, they all had fallen to the zombies whenever they were getting to a nearest plane. Plane had a crash, so now he is stuck in Sottopolis City, trying to find a way out.
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  10. MoonlightEve

    MoonlightEve Black Belt

    Dec 25, 2012
    Pokémon Species: Slowking
    Pokémon Name: Mei-Xing
    Age: Adult
    Positive Traits/Strengths: Is extremely intelligence, able to understand, read and speak the human language. She's also a very good nurse and is able to put up a psychic wall as protection.
    Negative Traits/Fears: Fear of losing her knowledge and of losing her book
    Hobbies: Telling stories of long forgotten tales
    Alignment: Unknown
    Accessories: A book of stories and folklore
    Personality/Nature: She's very kind, but she likes to show off alittle. Will chase someone down if they are hurt or they will not listen to her stories.
    Other: None​


    Pokémon Species: Gengar
    Pokémon Name: Voodoo
    Age: Unknown
    Positive Traits/Strengths: Like many of his species, Voodoo loves a a good prank, but can sometimes over do it. Though most of the time he is very mischievous and always looking for his next victim, Voodoo is actually very loyal to those who gain his respect.
    Negative Traits/Fears: Fear of being alone, without anything to mess with or to devour their dreams.
    Hobbies: Hiding in anothers shadow
    Alignment: Neutral
    Accessories: *Red scarf tied around his arm
    Personality/Nature: He's very mischievous, but can be level headed at times.
    Other: *It's unknown where Voodoo got his scarf​
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