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Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by MoonFoxJ, Apr 9, 2015.

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  1. MoonFoxJ

    MoonFoxJ Swimmer

    Apr 8, 2015
    Well everyone, it's been fun, but now the story must end. I know, sucks huh? Or maybe you don't care. I don't know. Statistically, to me, Homeward doesn't seem like it's all that popular, but I still write for those of you who do like it, and for myself as well, so I have no regrets. Ch. 41 and the Epilogue will be the last chapters of Homeward, so get ready or you're gonna get whiplash! Thank you all for such great feedback over the years, and I hope that this ending will really blow you away. Yes, there will be a sequel, which reminds me of that idea I was talking about that Rayrudan gave me over our pm chat: OCs. I will be taking OCs for the sequel so pm me any OC profile(s) you have in mind that you'd like to be in the next story. I'll put up the OC creation guidelines on my profile later so stay alert for that. Now, here's the climax people. Let's go.
    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon but I do own Homeward and its characters.
    Ch. 41
    January 2 [Present Day]
    Aurora grew worried at the sudden silence between her love and this stranger. She had no idea who the stranger was, or even what they were. Were they even a Pokémon or something else, something beyond that? She had never seen anyone like this before, but she a powerful force emanated. What kind of force, she didn't know, but it felt ancient, full of destructive power, and intimidating to the point of freezing her on the spot. She was trembling. Feeling a familiar paw in hers, she held her Kyuso tighter. His touch steeled her nerves, and the pressure she felt lightened.
    She held tight and didn't let go.
    "Kyuso?" a nervous voice spoke next to him.
    Stuck in his stupor, Kyuso couldn't respond to Aurora's call. He felt like something had both clicked, and turned off in his mind, like an incorrect piece forced into the slot of a puzzle. Had Giratina told him that he had brought Aurora back to life? He wasn't sure. The idea was unbelievable so all he could do was stare straight with a blank expression on his face. It seemed his mind had gone blank as well.
    A wet feeling on his cheek brought him back.
    Aurora pulled back from her kiss. "Darling, are you alright?" she worriedly asked him.
    "Uh-y-yeah, I'm okay" Kyuso assured her. A long silence passed as he collected himself. He breathed in and out. In and out. In. Out. Finally, he managed to strain out "Okay, what do you mean by that? How could I have done that?"
    Giratina eyed him. "...Before I start to explain, I think it's best if we start from the beginning. After all, you've proven to me that you're ready, so don't you want to know what really happened in that forest with you and Jun?"
    Kyuso's eye twitched. "Ready for what?"
    "One mystery at a time, Kyuso." Giratina told him. "Now, let's start at the beginning: your evolution."
    "What about it?"
    "Don't you think that it was too convenient that you just happened to evolve when you were about to die? Do you honestly believe that you got lucky? You evolved at the perfect time, when you and your brother were about to die. Didn't that seem a bit off?"
    Kyuso didn't deny it, but he questioned back "How should I know? I'm no evolution expert."
    "Well, I'm still waiting for my "thank you"."
    He blinked. "...You evolved me? How? Why?!"
    "How I evolved you is a simple matter. I am the ruler of the Reverse World, so when I saw you dying, in a reflection made from a pool of your own blood, I gave you a sliver of my power though the reflection. Blood doesn't create the clearest of reflections, but you bled so much that I was able to see you well enough" Giratina explained, bored. "As for why I evolved you, that's a much more interesting issue. At first, I didn't know why I gave you my power, you were supposed to die either way, but there was something curious about you, so I took a chance. And after time passed, I learned why I did what I did. You're different, Kyuso. All the ones I've ever given my power to in the past perished almost immediately because they couldn't endure the overwhelming demand that my power placed on their bodies. In fact, the 'longest' survivor hadn't survived long at all, and before he took on my power, he was already stronger than you with it. The fact that you're still alive shows how different you really are."
    Kyuso scoffed. "What's so "different" about me?"
    "I'm not sure, but what I do know is that for the past two weeks, I've been carefully giving you more and more of my power. And every time, not only have you been able to endure it, but you've managed to control it as well, even direct it."
    Kyuso was at a loss. Endure what? Control what? And when did he ever "direct" anything? During the past two weeks, he hadn't felt much different, apart from being an Umbreon that is. Giratina made no sense.
    "What're you talking about?" he asked, frustrated.
    Giratina seemed to know how he felt, and explained eagerly. "Your stealth: it's a known fact that Umbreon excel at self-concealment under darkness, but none, except you, have ever remained hidden from a target within touching distance. Your intimidation: Umbreon naturally look very striking, but what you've done involves knocking out, paralyzing, and even terrorizing your victims, to the point where they give you free train tickets. Your new moves: that Leafeon Lance was telling you the truth. Your level of strength isn't normal. Before you, no one had ever learned four moves en masse before. You can thank the power I gave you for your new arsenal."
    For a second, Kyuso dreaded for what he thought he had possessed was his own strength, only to be told that it was in fact Giratina's. Then, a small hope flickered in his mind. "So, all the times I acted crazy, or cowardly. They weren't my fault?"
    Giratina chuckled. "You'd like that wouldn't you? No, while my power may have amplified your priorities of aggression and self-preservation, those feelings had to have been inside you in the first place." Giratina's eyes held his. "Ultimately, it was your choice whether to fight or flee."
    Kyuso held onto his excuses. "B-But, the others called me "evil" and "demon"! That must mean that-"
    "Some have a sharper sense for savagery than others, and with a force like...well, like me, inside of you, of course they'd sense even a piece of me, immediately. But that was only my power within you they sensed, you were the one who used it."
    Still, more excuses. "I only used it because you gave it to me in the first place! If you had never given it to me, they would have never called me those things, and I could've still been living with-"
    He hesitated. Lived with whom? Those monsters that lied to him, that manipulated him, and killed Jun while he wasn't there to protect him? At this point, he didn't even know who they were. What were they doing, raising Jun and him, for all these years?
    "...Mason. Ray. Flick. Luna" he finally spoke "Who are they, really?"
    "They are but one of the many scouting teams worldwide that go around the world in search of lone Pokémon, which no one will miss, to bring back for testing at their respective installations when the Pokémon are needed. Specifically, those fours' most recent mission was to gain trust from Jun and you, and preserve both of your strengths for originality's sake, until the Pit in this installation needed a fresh supply of Eevee, at which point they would have been be ordered to bring you and Jun to the Pit. Every Pit around the world serve as the main testing areas of each installation, with their true purpose being to test Pokémon from all over the world, against each other, and find one that is suitable for me to command. But now I'm getting off topic."
    A whole bunch of information had just hit him at once, so Kyuso took a moment before continuing. "Those four, they aren't my family, so what happened that day? What really happened the day they found me and..." He wanted to say his brother's name, but lips trembled. "...my brother?" he said at last.
    Giratina looked at him for a second before saying "...Mason was out scouting for any Pokémon to take in when he found you and your brother, abandoned, and he saw that it was his chance to take in two new Eevee. But as fate would have it, this installation would not need any Eevee for many years, requiring him to raise you and your brother longer than he expected until finally, you evolved. Apparently, that didn't sit too well with him; he wanted you to suffer for wasting years of work, so he ignored the regulation dealing with Pokémon who had evolved by kicking you out into the outside world. It was a good thing he did, because if he had followed orders, you would've been killed almost immediately. Also, his disobedience left you to fend for yourself in the outside world, allowing me to further observe you and learn just how compatible we really are."
    Kyuso clenched his paws, but relaxed when he heard Aurora whimper in discomfort. Quickly apologizing, he asked "Why did they kil-" He hesitated. Damn it, just say his name! he cursed himself. He couldn't do it. "...destroy the house?" he eventually finished.
    Again, Giratina looked at him strangely. "...On my orders, they burned the house down to destroy your hope and provoke you to attack. I wanted to see just how far I could push you, to see where your breaking point was. And they succeeded; you were defeated, your will broken, and you were alone in your misery, ready to give up and accept me. That is, until a certain Espeon delayed my plans, which Arcues predicted."
    Kyuso choked. Arceus, the divine creator, the god of all, was real? He wasn't surprised too long though. Unconsciously, a part of him knew that if Giratina was real, then Arceus had to have been as well. Still, he asked Giratina "Arceus is real?" It was more of a statement than a question.
    Giratina looked a little upset before saying "Yes, and apparently Arceus foresaw my plans from a long time ago, which is why Arceus acted through you and Aurora, to take action against my plans."
    At the mention of her name, Aurora finally spoke up. "Why did Arceus choose us?"
    Giratina looked at Aurora now, and Kyuso felt her squeeze his paw tighter. "It seems that Arceus knew what I was up to from the start" Giratina half explained, half admitted "Since Arceus needed two souls that were birthed at the exact same time, Arceus immediately chose you and Aurora. That's what I meant before when I said "You may have only known that girl for a week, but that was not the first time you two have met", Kyuso. Fortunately, I found a way to counter that old bag of bones by giving Aurora a little of my power as well. So no worries, my plans still run smoothly."
    Aurora was silent. "What plans?" Kyuso asked in her place.
    Giratina raised an eye in humor. "Kyuso, I'm old, almost as old as creation itself. I was there in the beginning alongside Dialga and Palkia when Arceus created the three of us. I was banished to this dimension by Arceus for my...'radical ideals', and ever since then, I've always wanted out. After waiting millions of millennia, you can understand how I may start to grow impatient, so I had decided: if I want to escape from my trap, I'll need to borrow someone first. So I took initiative and convinced those foolish humans and Pokémon into helping me find "the ultimate Pokémon for a perfect world". Then, I found you, my ticket to freedom, but when I realized that you wouldn't submit to me no matter what I'd do to you, I decided to target someone close to you instead."
    Aurora recovered at the hint of her. "What did you do to me?" she growled.
    Giratina looked back at Aurora. "You have to know that my power didn't revive you; it merely sped up your recovery process. Amazingly, you're now the second longest survivor of my power, but since you can't hold as much as Kyuso and don't seem to be in full control of yourself, I'm not sure if your body will either be able to endure the stress, or eventually perish like the rest. And yes, my power is the reason why your personality, rationality, and sanity, have changed."
    Kyuso realized that they were now caught up to date. At last, he'd get to ask the question that bugged at his mind ever since this whole talk began. "What did you mean before? How did I bring Aurora back to life?"
    He could've sworn he saw Giratina smirk. "You brought her back with your Life Link." Giratina said.
    "What the hell is that?" Kyuso asked hurriedly.
    Giratina explained with a hint of pleasure. "Formed between two partners, Life Link is a connection that only Arceus may bestow. It encourages interaction, even attraction, towards each other. Its true power activates after the attraction between the partners eventually grows to become love. At that point, any further physical interactions of intimacy performed between the two lovers will result in a transfer of the giver's life energy to the recipient's. Before, you were only performing CPR, until you genuinely kissed Aurora, albeit only once, so she took a long time to recover with such little of your life energy transferred. The more powerful the expression of love, the more life energy is transferred. In short, the power of Life Link is sacrificial, and the love you feel for each other is artificial."
    Nobody spoke. Silence hung heavily in the air like a fog. Kyuso couldn't look away, couldn't move, nor could Aurora. For the first time since they entered, their paws had gone limp, and lost their grip on each other. In his mind, an eternity had passed before he found the strength to talk.
    "So..." he muttered "our..."
    "...love is not, and was never real" Giratina finished for him "Forced upon you by Arceus, your love wasn't anything beyond your Life Link that choreographed your every thought, feeling, and expression of intimacy towards each other. It was fake, plain and simple."
    "Bulls***" someone hissed. Surprisingly, it wasn't Kyuso.
    Giratina laughed. "You think I, Giratina, Lord of the Reverse World, would lie? How amusing. No, what I tell you is the truth, Espeon Aurora. If you choose not to believe it, then that's the path you take. But before you call me a liar, think for a moment." Giratina turned to Kyuso now. "Do you honestly believe that it was possible for you to fall in love with this girl in less than a week? Regarding you, doesn't that seem too good to be true?"
    "Liar!" Aurora shrieked. "Kyuso, don't listen, Giratina's just trying to make us lose our faith in each other. The love I have for you is my own and that's the absolute truth. Do you hear me, Kyuso? I love you!"
    "Kyuso, please, look at me!"
    He didn't look at her. What do I do? What's real? What's fake? Is she fake? Am I? Love, my love...was just a lie. All this time, had I ever felt anything real? I...I want to disappear...
    He turned to her. She looked worried for him, desperate even. It was real, genuine desperation that she wore on her face. The strength of her love for him in burned in her eyes. Too bad he wasn't fooled. He wanted to be fooled.
    What do I do?
    Aurora looked worriedly at him. "Kyuso?"
    He closed his eyes at her, and turned to Giratina. He had decided. "...How do I save her?"
    "Finally!" Giratina said, looking pleased. "Let's get down to business now, shall we? I'm giving you two choices, Kyuso. You can keep defying me, be imprisoned, and be forced to watch Pokémon kill Aurora in the Pit, or maybe the other way around in her case. Or, you can say yes to me right now, and I'll not only free every captive Pokémon in every installation, but I'll destroy all the installations as a bonus."
    Aurora snarled "Like Kyuso would ever submit to yo-"
    "Pleasure doing business with you, Kyuso" Giratina said "Give me a moment to take care of things on the other side."
    Aurora yelled at him incredulously "What're you doing?!"
    "I don't have a choice, Aurora" Kyuso told her "In this case; I don't have the right to say no."
    "What're you saying? Of course you do! You don't have to do what Giratina says. Don't stick your neck out for these Pokémon that you don't even know, it's not worth it!"
    He shook his head. She really was taken over, wasn't she? "What you said just proves even more why I have to do this...and something else too."
    "What?" Aurora growled. He couldn't tell if she was sad or angry. "What more do you have to do?"
    Kyuso interrupted Giratina. "If I'm doing this, then I have a request."
    Giratina looked at him, intrigued. "And what would that be?"
    "I want you to free Aurora. Take back the power you gave her. Every last bit of it, get it out of her."
    "Were you listening when I told you that the love you feel for her is dictated by your Life Link? There's no point in you doing any more for her."
    Kyuso stared back at the Lord of the Reverse World, unwavering. "Free her, or no deal" he stated.
    Giratina's image gave him a curious look before it flapped its wings once. "Done."
    A pained gasp was heard from Aurora, and he saw her clutching at her heart. Her eyes were already closing fast, but she gave it her all to stay awake.
    "Don't..." was the last word she uttered before fainting.
    Kyuso touched their heads together. Be safe. I love y... A sad smile formed on his lips. ...Be safe.
    Giratina interrupted his thoughts. "I presume you want to get her out of this Dimensional Portal Room?"
    Kyuso nodded. "Yeah, have Frost pick her up."
    "She's already on her way down; I had an escort send for her. In the mean time, it's back to work for me."
    Suspicious, Kyuso asked "What're you doing?"
    "Firing all my employees" Giratina answered vaguely.
    Kyuso wasn't amused, but Giratina ignored his confused look and spoke into a floating, black bubble. "Attention all personnel, this is Director Graitian, report to my office in Area 0 for briefing within twenty minutes. Installation Chief Operator, execute command code 184, enter password EUREKA, and proceed to Area 0 along with all other personnel for briefing. That is all."
    Kyuso questioned "Your office?"
    "I simultaneously gave all the members in every installation the same order" Giratina told him "They all think the Dark Gates are simply a theatrical doorway into my "office" that I'm always holed up in. No one was ever allowed to come in, so no one knows of the Dark Gates' true nature."
    His gut clenched. "That'll kill them."
    Finally, he saw an actual smile form on Giratina's smoky lips "I can do whatever I please with my employees. I don't need them anymore, and it'll be too suspicious if I order them to release every Pokémon in their respective installations. That's why I ordered all Installation Chief Operators to punch in that command code; in thirty minutes, every cell will simultaneously release the Pokémon held captive inside, and an hour after that, every installation will self-destruct, leaving behind nothing of what happened. My employees will be long dead at that point, and you will have saved countless lives. Don't try to change my mind, Kyuso, my garbage bag is full and I need to take out the trash, so relax. With this, you're going to be a hero."
    "No. You can't-"
    "I can, and I already have. Look, someone has already entered a Dark Gate."
    Giratina brought the bubble to Kyuso and he stared inside. He saw a man suffering, struggling, dying, and then finally, die. The corpse went limp in the black space, was pulled on from all sides, and then...
    Kyuso looked way. He curled up, clawed his head, and sucked air through gritted teeth. Shit! What have I done? Damn it, damn it, damn it! What have I done? No, this can't be happening! Shit! This can't be happening!
    He shot up. "You can't do this. Please. Don't do this, just let them go, they didn't know what they signed up for. Please!"
    Giratina blinked. "Do you honestly believe that I could let all those humans and Pokémon go, while they're already involved? Do you even know how many installations are scattered around the world? No, they know too much, and they'll all turn against me if I tell them the truth after all this time. This way, there's no fuss, and no evidence left to tell the tale."
    "I..." Kyuso looked back and forth, as if the ground would give him answers. He wracked his brain as fast as he could for something, anything, but nothing came. He had nothing to bargain. He saw another human, along with two Pokémon, enter another Dark Gate. "I-I'll do anything you want, just please stop! I'm begging you, don't do this!"
    "It's satisfying to see you so compliant, Kyuso. Still, you have nothing left to give me. I already own you, so your offer is empty." Giratina shrugged nonchalantly. "Too bad, sorry."
    Kyuso felt his chest cave. More bubbles floated up from the pool. He saw more and more humans and Pokémon step into the Dark Gates. They didn't know what they were doing, or what to do, and so he watched them die. Some after one hundred seconds, some sooner, but he saw each and every one die before him. After a while, he couldn't take it anymore, so he averted his eyes, and buried his face in Aurora's fur.
    Don't cry he growled at himself Don't you dare cry. You came this far, so finish it. Get freaking grip on yourself and take it. You wanted this, so bear the damn consequences!
    Somehow, a memory clicked in his head, and he spoke gravely "...I don't have anything to offer, but I'm still asking you. Let one live, just one. Please, that's all I'm asking."
    "Oh? And who would that be?"
    "That Umbreon girl? You've got to be joking."
    Kyuso's face didn't change.
    "I made a promise."
    "To who?"
    "...I don't know. Please, if only one, spare Luna. Let her go."
    Giratina raised an eye, but eventually said "Why not". Giratina approached a bubble and spoke "Luna Umbreon, standby and await further orders until all installation members have proceeded into my office."
    Kyuso sighed. He had saved one.
    He heard more screams of agony from up above. The images in the bubbles didn't change. More and more lives were lost to the darkness. It was a sickening sight, but it was the path he'd chosen, so there was no going back. But after a while, he tired of looking at so much pain and death. So instead, he looked down at the girl sleeping against him. A fake. An imposter. An illusion. Yet knowing that, he still felt something for her. Or maybe not. He didn't know what he felt anymore...
    "Are you ready to go?" Giratina interrupted him.
    Kyuso nodded his reply, and without Giratina telling him what to do, stepped into the pool of darkness. The hands clung to him, crawled up his body, and dragged him lower and lower into the pool's depth. The hands already reached his chest. He felt that same sensation as before of his mind going blank. He forgot the name of the shape of the room he was in, forgot the name of its color, and pretty soon, forgot what he was in. It was all so meaningless to him. He was fading fast, and could feel whatever these things were called pulling him down by his neck.
    Just before he went under, he saw someone, lying there in front of him. Who was she? She looked like a nice person, and cute too. Did he know her? If he did, he couldn't remember her name. He couldn't even remember his own name. Still, he felt like she was important to him, maybe...
    He whispered. "Goodbye."
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  2. MoonFoxJ

    MoonFoxJ Swimmer

    Apr 8, 2015
    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon but I do own Homeward and its characters.
    December 21
    Lance wanted Claire to save her strength, so he hushed her. They had remained paralyzed on the sand like this since last night, this morning, and this afternoon. The sun had set a long time ago, and now that it was night, he felt his gut twisting. Not from hunger, but from the poison that flowed through his body. Now, his mouth felt dry, and there was no sweat left to fall from his head. Black had begun to creep at the edge of his vision a while back, but now he could barely see. He suspected that everyone else fared no better.
    He struggled to tell Claire that they would be alright, but the paralysis forced him to fail. It was no use, they were going to-
    "We made it!" a familiar voice shouted from behind him.
    Lance was astonished. Flash?!
    He felt sand kick at his back as his Jolteon teammate braked to a stop above him. Flash was carrying a bag full of some kind of herbs that he quickly shoved into Claire's mouth. She tried to spit it out, but Flash held her mouth closed.
    "Sorry Claire, it didn't come in any other flavors" he joked.
    Claire groaned in disgust.
    Sage Slowking came up to Lance, breathing heavy. Apparently, it wasn't easy to keep up with a Jolteon.
    "My apologies Lance," Sage Slowking wheezed after catching his breath "but I'm not going to lie, this won't be pleasant."
    Lance both hoped and dreaded for whatever was in that bag.
    December 25
    "Where is he?"
    "There, he's headed for the roof!"
    "After him!"
    The thief couldn't help but grin as he dashed up the stairs. His satchel clinked with the various pieces of jewelry held within, and he felt a rush of excitement when he chose to go back for a ring that had fell out, allowing the mall guards to catch up to him. They weren't going to catch him anyway, so he might as well have made the game fairer for them. By the time he put the ring back in his satchel, a Manectric was already rushing up at him with a Quick Attack.
    The Vaporeon smiled cockily. Time to haul ass, Crest.
    For fun, he did a ballerina spin to avoid the incoming Quick Attack, and slapped the Manectric's butt, which she was not pleased about. He gave her a wink, rushed up the remaining stairs, and shoulder-rammed the roof door, which opened easily as he had made sure to unlock it before nabbing his treasure. He ran to the roof's edge of the department store and waited for the rest of the guards and their Pokémon to arrive. He loved to put on a show after all.
    Finally, after all everyone was on the roof, the four Manectric began to approach him. "Stop! You have nowhere to go!" barked the Manectric who he had butt-slapped earlier. She looked pissed.
    Crest held his belly as if it was fat. "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!" he mocked before falling backwards off the roof, in spread-eagle.
    "No, don't!" a human guard yelled.
    When they all ran to the edge of the roof, no one saw where Crest's lifeless body should have been.
    "Where'd he go?" someone shouted.
    The Vaporeon smirked. I'm already gone, suckers.
    January 1
    At the cliffside, Aqua stood overlooking an expanse of sea with snow that reached up to its shore. The view, coupled with the chilly morning air, was amazing. The water took on a light blue color, which the colorless snow absorbed, making the cold colors of the sea and snow blend beautifully. It truly was a sight to behold. The sea, the birthplace of her evolution, shined a faint orange as the rising sun peaked over the horizon.
    Oh how she hated the sea.
    "Ms. Flareon, can't we take a break?" a small voice complained behind her.
    Even though the air was icy cold, Aqua shook her yellow mane to release some of the heat her body built up. "No," she told the young boy "even though we've walked a lot, we should still put some more distance between them and us, just to be safe. And I thought I told you to stop calling me that? Just Aqua is fine."
    She turned back to see the young Flareon finally reach the peak of the hill. "Okay, sorry Aqua, but I'm hungry. Can't we have breakfast yet?"
    Aqua sighed. Even though they had just met, she was starting to regret saving the little guy. But, if she ever wanted to be viewed worthy enough in Entei's eyes, she had to start somewhere, right?
    "Okay, a quick breakfast, and then we move, deal?" she offered sternly.
    The young Flareon nodded eagerly.
    Aqua took this moment of rest to ask that question again. "Jun, are you sure you don't want to wait for him?"
    The young Flareon's bright face fell. He stared at the ground and spoke darkly "I told you, I'm sure. I don't need him, and I don't want to see him again." Jun didn't say any more and went off to look for some food.
    Aqua gave the poor boy one last look before helping him find some berries.
    January 3
    Aurora opened her eyes to a harsh morning light. Being an Espeon, it actually felt good to wake up to such a warm, energizing light. She should've taken this moment to relax and enjoy her pleasant morning.
    She didn't.
    Aurora shot straight up, got dizzy and disoriented, and toppled back onto the ground. She heard others rushing to her, and her danger sense skyrocketed. She struggled to rise to her feet. She couldn't let these evil people do what they pleased to her. She had to fight bac-
    "Aurora, stop kicking me!" she heard Frost yell.
    "Hey, cut it out!" another girl told her. She didn't know who.
    Aurora stilled. She just noticed. This feeling below her, it was grass. And was that sunlight on her face? It felt good, but how did it get down here in the laboratory? Unless...
    She tried to open her eyes again and was greeted by a familiar Glaceon smiling over her.
    Frost smiled. "Thank Arceus you're alright" she cried before grabbing Aurora in a tight hug.
    "Yep, but I'm going to die now" Aurora tried to tell the Glaceon.
    She saw an Umbreon behind Frost, but it wasn't Kyuso. It was a girl. More importantly, it was the girl.
    "You!" she shouted "What're you doing here?! Frost, let go, she's-"
    Frost held onto her. "Aurora, it's okay! We talked, it's cool, and she's on our side now. It's over."
    Aurora frowned. "What's over?"
    The Umbreon, Luna, approached her cautiously. "Take a look around" she told her.
    Aurora saw destruction and debris everywhere. Chucks of scarred metal and burned wood lay scattered all across the field. In the distance, she saw a humongous crater where a familiar fishing shack should've stood. Although, she didn't know how it all happened, she began to understand what occurred.
    "Did everybody make it?"
    Frost answered her "All the imprisoned Pokémon did at least. I saw all the humans and Pokémon go into this shadow at the end of an underground cave, and they never came back out. "
    She suddenly noticed. "What about Kyuso?"
    "He" Luna began "...was nowhere to be seen. We called out for him in the chaos while everyone was escaping, but we never found him."
    Aurora gripped her chest. She had remembered. Not all of it. Mostly bits and pieces, but the biggest thing that came to mind was...
    The love you feel for each other is artificial.
    The pain she felt. It hurt. It hurt all over. She felt something in her gut. Something boiling deep down inside her. She pushed Frost away from her, and huffed while kicking around pieces of wood. She felt itchy, warm, hot even. She needed to do something to let it out. She needed to let the rage out, right now, before she hurt someone.
    So she screamed.
    Aurora S.C.A.R.: 0.00%
    Kyuso S.C.A.R.: 100.00%
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