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How much I hate Halloween (Oktoberfest Original, OSS)

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by sohrob101, Oct 6, 2015.

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  1. sohrob101

    sohrob101 Destiny Draw!

    Oct 7, 2014
    October 31st, Halloween. How much I hate this day. You can call me the Ebenezer Scrooge of Halloween, I just simply hate it. Why so much hate, on such a day where it's just suppose to be trick or treating, and nothing but sugar and sweets. i'll tell you what, keep this a secret between you and me, and you will understand my hatred for this day. October 30th 2010, was a Saturday afternoon and I was laying in my bed. I got a text message from a friend, a girl named Wendy. Wendy wanted to know my plans for tomorrow and was wondering if I could hang out with her on Halloween. At the time, I had no grudge for Halloween, I loved it to be honest. I texted her back, asking her where she wanted to meet up. She wanted to meet up at an abandoned house a few blocks away. "Of course she wants to go to an abandoned house on Halloween," I said to myself as I got off my bed and to take my medications for the day. Did I mention I have a sickness? I have something you call Schizoaffective Disorder, but I won't really get into that, I doubt you would be interested in what my problems are. As i swallowed my pills i notice my bottle was empty. "I got to get some more later tomorrow, i'll ask dad for some money," I said to myself walking back to my bed. That night I went to bed, and woke up later feeling dizzy. I felt sick, but to me I just felt tired, as I got out of bed and heading to the bathroom. As I went downstairs, and walk to the kitchen, i get spooked a bit from my little sister, who decided to be a fairy for Halloween. It was odd for me to be spooked by that, I really had no idea why felt so woozy. I told my mother that I'm going out tonight, and asked her to go get me a refill on my medication. She agrees, but to my surprise later that day she was late. She texted me telling me she is stuck in traffic, and most likely will have to come back for the pills later that night. I just sigh and get ready to meet up with Wendy. As I got there Wendy was already waiting for me, and for some reason she was in this funny costume."Why the costume?" I asked. She just stared at me blankly as I realized how stupid of a question that was. "Hey you ready to go in?" she asked as she started opening the gates to the abandoned home. I nod as we go inside, and right off the bat it was really dark. What really was surprising was the fact there was still light in the home that worked. We started walking around the home, but there really wasn't anything scary or cool about the home. Just sheets over furniture, as well as the sound of children laughing and shouting outside. "Wendy this is getting boring, mind if we go?" I said sighing out loud. She agreed but as soon as she did, the lights all of a sudden shut off. "What the hell!" I shout as it's just pitch black. "Wendy stay close to me I can't see you." I felt her hand touch me, or I at least assume it was her hand at the time as nobody else could have been near us. Wendy slowly got her flash light out and she guided us back to the main lobby. but as we got to the main lobby we heard foot steps and creaking in the home. Where was the sound coming from, what direction? Wendy just flashed the light around, but nobody in sight. We wanted to get out fast, as my heart was racing fast. But in the corner of my eye, in the hall Wendy flashed her light in, for some reason i felt I saw some figure float and move across the hall. I panicked and let go of Wendy's hand, running blindly. Wendy called out to me to come back, and bam! I ran into a piece of furniture and hit a wall, getting knocked out. I don't know how much time went by, but all I remember was opening my eyes, seeing two horrific things in front of me. One of was a man who looked homeless with a knife in his chest, pinned to the wall. That knife was literally cut so deep it was able to stick out of his back and get stuck on the wall. Then there was Wendy, laying there with open eyes as her neck was cut. What the hell happened, I was thinking to myself in utter horror. I panicked and quickly got out of the house and got a hold of the cops. A few hours passed and the cops concluded there was a struggle. apparently the man was a homeless person living in the home, and most likely attacked me and Wendy, worrying about us ratting him out. I told the cops I was knocked out and had no memory of what occurred in the struggle, but I was in tears and fright. One of my best friends was dead, murdered, if only I didn't freak out and run like an idiot, I could have saved her. Later that night I went into the bathroom to just wash up my face, and as I got snuggled into bed, all of a sudden it felt like a shock of lightning hit my brain. I must have been dreaming, I thought, but shuddered as I noticed the dream was taking place in the abandoned home. I had no control of my body, only was able to watch what happened. I saw lights flickering and I saw a figure run up to me with a knife. To me the figure looked almost paranormal, and I just acted, fighting the paranormal thing for the knife, as i ripped it out of its hands I swung at the thing, slashing it's body. The paranormal creature wailed in horror moving back, and in the distance I saw a light coming towards me. Again another Paranormal creature, and my body just reacted by slashing blindly at the creature. The creature wailed but it was cut off with the creature falling to the ground. As I felt my hands shaking, I saw the the creature I attacked to try and jump me, and I instantly pushed the knife into it's stomach, pushing it as far as I can. I lose the knife and just collapse, and everything goes black. But then all of a sudden, I just wanted to wake up from this so called dream. What I saw was unbelievable. The bodies of the paranormal creatures came into focus and there on the floor and wall, I saw Wendy and the homeless man. I just killed two people. I jolted up from my bed screaming, and was later comforted by my mother. I was crying in tears and was scared out of mind. I remembered now the cops weren't able to get fingerprints of the knife because it was just too dirty, there was no way of acquiring finger prints. Every year now, every October, I feel fear and horror as I think about what happened that night. I was the killer, there is no doubt about it. I killed the man, and my best friend. But you wan't to know something, behind all that fear and horror, it felt exciting. I then remembered about my pills. Those disgusting little things, how I hate them now. It's funny though, I hate Halloween, yet it's the one Holiday I get the most excited about. In fact, I promised to take another friend or two near the house to check it out tonight. But I remembered that last night, I finished my pills. Oh well i'll just ask my mom to help me refill it. Yes Halloween, how much I hate it.
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