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Hunted Like Rats [ AC x Jurassic Park]

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by The Royal Aegis, Jul 25, 2015.

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  1. The Royal Aegis

    Dec 30, 2014
    So here is my new story. This one being an Assassin's Creed and Jurassic Park crossover inspired by a conversation with several friends. Not all chapters will be uploaded to here in full detail as some will contain some quite graphic stuff, but you can find the full version on my DeviantArt or AO3.

    AO3 link (Some chapters will be graphic)

    Summary ​
    Abstergo Industries have managed to bring the Assassins into the modern day. However, as they were being flown to a containment facility, the helicopter suffered an engine fault over the mysterious Isla Sorna sending it crashing into the islands center. Now lost on a tropical island, the Assassins must band together to survive the horrors lurking deep in the forests and on the plains. [/size]​
    1 (No graphic content)​
    Altair stood silently on a rooftop in Damascus, waiting for his next target. The hot air gently blowing into his hood, making the assassin's face dry and scratchy. He really needed to have a shave after spending the last few days observing every inch of the building. Below him, his target moved into view. It was time. Jumping down silently, Altair drew his hidden blade. He carefully killed his target with a quick hand to the chin. As he gave the man his last rites, the world began to spin and fade to black. The people in the marketplace saw the hooded assassin collapse to the floor, what happened next confused the residents very much, Altair's body became shrouded in a blinding white light and when the light disappeared the assassin had vanished.

    A few hours later Altair slowly woke up, He was lying on a grey, hard bed. He checked himself over, oddly he still had all of his weapons. A door to the right opened, startling the Syrian assassin. A woman walked in carrying a plate of food. Altair stared at her with untrusting eyes. Where was he? The woman set the plate of food down in front of him. "I am Maria, Altair you must be hungry, please eat." The look in her eyes betrayed smile she gave him, a single word came to mind to describe this woman, the word being Viper.

    Altair glared at the woman "I am not hungry woman, I will not eat this pig slop." The woman smiled at him before removing the plate. At the door she turned and smiled at him before talking to no one in particular, "Time for him to be send him away for further testing. It's a shame as he's nice ." Altair did not like the sound of the testing, to become an assassin he had faced many hard painful tests and he particularly didn't want to face any more tests, especially ones from that viper Maria.

    He groaned and lay back on the bed, hoping that this was some trick by Al Mualim for failing a previous mission and he would soon find his way back to Masyaf to find out the truth of this strange place, He looked to the door where Maria had left, it was quiet outside. This would be his opportunity to escape! The door had been locked from the outside, much to Altair's annoyance. Altair cursed fluently in his native language before kicking the door out of frustration.

    Soon after Altair started pacing the room out of sheer boredom. He soon discovered that his 'room' was relatively small, he could only take about 15 steps before he had to turn around and walk back. After about his 20th pass he noticed a small pot plant on the table. Leaning down he touched it. The first thing he registered was a sharp sting in his finger, the second thing was the tiny little barbs that surrounded the area he'd felt the sting in. After a few minutes Altair began to feel drowsy, as he fought to keep his eyelids open several people came into the room just in time to see him hit the floor, out cold for the second time in a day. The people transferred the sleeping Assassin to a wheelchair, from there they delivered him to a helicopter.

    Ezio Auditore removed his boots, per usual chasing the scum of the city down had been hard work. It kept him busy but sometimes, he wished for an easier life. Leaning back on his bed in the Villa he sighed and closed his eyes. He did not notice the silver light encompassing him. When Ezio did wake up he was in an unfamiliar bed. Thank god he still had his weapons or the bastardo responsible for his capture would pay a hefty price with their life. He heard the sound of two people talking, clearly a man and a woman.

    Sitting on the bed he muttered to himself as his stomach rumbled. What time was it anyway? Probably late enough to have missed breakfast. He'd ask Mario to fix something up for him. Standing up suddenly Ezio gripped the bed frame as the world spun before him. He looked up, a light glowed above him but it was unlike any he'd seen before. Cursing under his breath in Italian he spotted the door, however when he tried to barge it open it wouldn't budge, the Italian stumbled backwards and fell over a chair. A few seconds later as he scrambled upright a blond haired man walked in, Ezio instinctively drew his dagger, keeping it hidden beneath his cloak as the man approached him. Stopping a few feet away the man rolled a large, sweet, red apple to Ezio who sheathed his dagger and bit into the apple without a second thought. A few minutes later his stomach began to feel rough and the Assassin collapsed forwards groaning as the world faded to black.

    An hour later Ezio woke up, he was in another unfamiliar place. Across from him there was another laid down under a blanket. He also wore the robes of an Assassin but he didn't look like an Italian Assassin. Now Ezio was both worried and concerned. Were the Templars behind this strange series of events? It wouldn't surprise him. Ezio shielded his eyes as a bright light suddenly blinded him. Two figures walked up to him dragging someone between them. Just what was going on here?

    Chapter 2 (Slight graphic content, small death scene)​
    Chapter 2 - The Frenchman, Native american and the Pirate

    Arno sat on a rooftop, thinking about how he was going to carry out his latest task. How was he infiltrate the palace, he had to get that information out of the King's Chambers before it was uncovered. He stood up and edged out onto a nearby beam. As he prepared to perform a Leap of Faith black spots danced in front of his vision. When he landed in the haystack he found he did not have the energy to get up and instead he collapsed back into the hay, out cold.

    Arno dreamed of his family, how his mother had left his father after she discovered he was an Assassin and how hard his father had worked to bring him up. A darker memory emerged, the day his father had been assassinated by that bastard. He wished his father was here to comfort him in the darkness,he had a fear of the dark, that his adoptive father would call irrational.A bright light jolted Arno from his unconsciousness.

    The Assassin blinked and shielded his eyes. He was in a bright room with people milling about. He looked around for his weapons only to find his coat and shirt were missing, one of the young women nearby had noticed he was awake and bustled over to him.
    He shot the woman a cheeky grin before asking her "Where is my top mademoiselle?" The woman blushed and gestured to a closet nearby, kissing her cheek he slipped out the bed and crossed the cold floor to the cupboard. had he cut himself? A bandage was wrapped around his waist. Finding his shirt the frenchman slipped it on before pulling his navy coat on. He looked in a nearby box, finding his weapons. As he slipped them on a door opened and a dark haired man walked in holding a clipboard. As the man approached the hair on the back of Arno's neck stood on end. On the man's sleeve was the symbol of the Templars, the red cross Arno had come to hate with a burning vengeance.

    He waited until the man was about to touch his arm before he stabbed the Templar in the chest using one swift motion. As the man backed away choking and coughing up blood Arno wiped his blade on the lining of his coat. The Templar soon collapsed on the floor in a puddle of his own blood. Arno simply stepped over his victim and headed for the door. Once he had reached the door he opened it carefully only to walk into two massive security guards. In a few seconds Arno found himself pinned to the floor under a guards knee as the second one tied a blindfold around his eyes .

    Suddenly the Assassin was yanked to his feet as the two men grabbed his arms and started to drag him down the corridor, making sure to keep their hands well away from his hidden blades. Arno soon became aware of the fact that the guards were dragging him up some stairs. Soon he was thrown roughly into a cold seat and the guards stomped away. A pair of hands suddenly touched the back of his head causing the Assassin to freak out.
    The owner of the hands spoke softly in his ear " Hush señor, I am not going to hurt you". After a few seconds the blindfold fell away from Arno's eyes, he turned to look at the person who had spoken.
    He saw a man wearing a white hood staring back at him, the man " I assume you are an Assassin too señor, I am Ezio Auditore da Firenze, I have a feeling that sleepy creature opposite you is the legendary Altair"
    Anro nodded "I am Arno Dorian and yes I am an Assassin" Arno cast a glance at the sleeping Altair "What the hell did they drug him with, we cannot wait for him to wake we must plan our escape"

    As Arno spoke Altair began to twitch and groan. Eventually the Syrian sat up clutching his head and muttering about a plant. Arno ignored him and looked around, he could see no way out. The now conscious Assassin eventually volunteered his name after Ezio handled the introductions.
    His voice was rough as he spoke " I am Altair, a Syrian Assassin and what did I do to deserve to be stuck here?"

    Edward sat down in his cabin, feet up on the desk drinking from a bottle of rum. The Jackdaw gently rocked in the wind as the sun set. After a while he had finished all of his rum and set out to find some more.
    As Edward was about approach the tavern two men blocked his path. They gently put a hand on each of his shoulders and gave the pirate a firm shove back. It was then that Edward noticed the Templar cross on their arms. He groaned inwardly, why must the Templars find him now, all he wanted was a drink. The larger of the two templar men charged at him, Edward simply sidestepped and stuck his foot out sending the man hurtling into the sea. That only left the smaller rat like man who was now circling him. Edward took a step towards the man and swung a punch at the guy. All Edward felt on his hand was a sharp scratch as the Templar staggered backwards clutching his bloody, broken nose. As Edward entered the tavern he noticed the Templar scurrying off down a dark alley.

    After Edward had been sat at the bar for a while he began to feel slightly unwell and it wasn't just the rum. He carefully stood up from his stool and left the tavern. However on his return to the Jackdaw he was hit by a sudden wave of dizziness which brought the unfortunate sea faring Assassin to his knees. Edward's world faded to black.

    When Edward came to he was on a bed of straw and a horse was staring at him, surprisingly he had his weapons on him. The horse backed away neighing as someone else approached. It was a young woman with flame red hair, when she leaned over Edward he backed away from this woman and her cold and evil aura. SHe took a couple of steps back upon seeing his reaction "Edward Kenway, you do not need to be scared of me. I am here to lead you on the adventure of a lifetime." Edward blinked, an adventure did sound exciting. He pushed himself up from the hay and followed the woman out of the stable.

    After a short while the pair arrived at a set of stairs leading to a door. The woman smiled " Go up there, your adventure awaits." Despite the niggling doubt that the woman wasn't telling the whole truth Edward started up the stairs, after all who wouldn't want the glory of an adventure. Reaching the door Edward reached out for the handle, he was about to open the door when he heard voices and they were planning to escape... Why would anyone want to escape from the adventure of a lifetime. Sighing to himself Edward opened the door only to see three people looking back at him. They wore Assassins robes like him but unlike him they lacked his weapons and handsome face, they were therefore inferior to him. Edward took a seat as far away from the others as he could, the hangover he possessed not helping his mood. After a while the other Assassins turned their backs on him. Edward groaned and pulled his hood down further over his eyes, trying to catch some more sleep.

    After a while he became aware of a presence nearby, he gently lifted his hood up only to come face to face with the navy hooded Assassin from earlier.
    Edward had no time for this guy and grunted out a moody "What the hell do you want". The other Assassin noticeably sighed " I want to know your name you moody git, I am Arno Dorian, The one with the flashy uniform is Ezio Auditore da Firenze. The moody bastard is Altair". Altair responded to the insult by showing Arno his middle finger.
    Edward rolled his eyes, now he had to introduce himself "Names Edward Kenway, learn it as I'll be the only one alive at the end of this adventure"

    Connor sat on a high rock, a sleepy rust coloured wolf cub on his feet. He'd found the sweet little thing caught in a trap. He had been about to kill it when he felt a deep pity for the pup, because of him the cub had become separated from it's mother. However when he freed it instead of running away the cub had snuggled into his lap. Absent mindedly he reached down to scratch the cubs ear. A short way down the trail he heard footsteps and a cart approaching. He stood up carefully removing the cub from his feet, putting it under his fishing basket.

    Connor quickly descended the slope before hiding in some nearby bushes. As the men approached he drew his blade and started forwards, only to be knocked over by the darned cub . The red coated soldiers he'd been trying to ambush gathered around him. Connor's only thought before the end of one of the bayonets smacked him on the head was Oh Crap. Eventually Connor woke up inside a prison cell, his back ached from the unusual angle he had been forced to lie down at. The cub was howling in the corner, the poor thing had been stuck in a cage. Connor frowned when he realised most of his weapons were locked inside the cage with said cub.

    After about an hour a prison guard came to fetch him, the guard also took his weapons out of the cage. This confused him. Connor found out why his weapons were being retrieved, he was going to be used as a tool to train the military. The guard led him outside as a arrow bolt thudded into the wood near his head. Connor whistled before elbowing the guard and running off into the woods. He ran for ages until his legs could carry him no more. Connor collapsed into a deep snowdrift.

    When Connor came round he was tucked up warm in a bed, a puppy asleep on his chest. Connor reached out a hand to stroke the puppy as it woke up. It yapped at him before tugging the covers off of his chest and proceeding to run out the open door with them. Now annoyed Connor gave chase to the furry menace. The chase lasted for several minutes, during which time the puppy abandoned the blanket in favour of outspeeding the mad assassin. Eventually the puppy ran up a flight of metal stairs pursued by Connor, however the puppy stopped at the top causing Connor to trip , sail through the air and land in Arno's lap. This caused the French Assassin to jump and shove him away.

    Shortly once introductions were made and Connor had taken a seat the puppy approached him only to find itself staring at Edward's gun . Edward turned to Connor "Just what the hell is this evil creature". Connor looked at the pirate with a look that was clearly evaluating his intelligence "It is a puppy" . Faced with the threat of death said puppy charged out of the closing doors.
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  2. The Royal Aegis

    Dec 30, 2014
    Chapter 3 (Small death scene)
    Chapter Three: Double Trouble and the Templar ​

    Evie Frye sat on a rooftop watching her brother beat up a few Templars. It meant she didn't have to get her hands excessively dirty. A lone female Templar was crouched on a rooftop, ready to pounce on Jacob. Evie rolled her eyes before sending a throwing knife plunging into the woman's throat. The Templar's lifeless body collapsed backwards onto the roof. Evie allowed herself a small smile.

    On the ground Jacob had disposed of the last Templar. Looking up to where Evie was sitting, he gave a nod. As Evie silently made her way down to the ground, Jacob was tidying up all the bodies of the deceased Templars. She landed on the floor with a gentle thud. She straightened and dusted down her robes. As she approached the looming warehouse some movement down the side caught her emerald eyes.

    She called out to Jacob in a voice barely above a whisper. "Jacob, I think I saw something over there, I'm just going to check it out." Jacob nodded. As Evie walked down the alleyway she spotted a knife on the floor. She bent down to pick it up. The handle was sticky with warm blood. Evie shivered before retreating back down the alley way, knife still in hand. When she reached the front of the warehouse she could not find Jacob. Where had her moronic brother gone?

    The warehouse door was slightly ajar. As Evie approached a scraggly flea infested black cat tottered out the door. It must have gotten into the beer stored here. The cat wandered off down the alley, bumping into crates. Once Evie was sure there were no more nasty surprises waiting for her, she slipped through the crack in the door. Up ahead, she could just make out Jacob's coat disappearing round the corner. Typical Jacob always rushing into danger without thinking.

    As Evie chased after him she began to feel a deep unease within her stomach. She forced herself to run faster. As she rounded the corner she spotted Jacob facing off against the Templar known as Bloody Nora. Evie mentally cursed her twin for rushing in without thinking. She walked forwards until she was stood next to her brother, taking the opportunity to clip him around the back of the head as she did. Jacob winced and rubbed his head as Nora watched.

    After Nora was satisfied that the two Assassins were not going to escape, she sat down on a crate and began to talk. Her voice was dry and scratchy like sandpaper. "I honestly cannot believe you fell for my trap you pathetic Assassins." Jacob growled at Nora who tutted and rolled her eyes. "Temper temper little boy. It'll serve you no good."

    Evie smirked. At least her and Bloody Nora agreed on something... about how pointless and annoying Jacob's temper was. Bloody Nora reached behind her. Evie tensed. Just what was this Templar planning? As Nora drew her weapon Evie was already charging her, hidden blade out and ready. As she slammed her blade into Nora's chest, Evie felt a sting at the back of her neck. There she felt the cold metal of a dart. Wincing, she tugged it out. Behind her Jacob collapsed to the floor, also a victim of a dart. Suddenly Evie began to feel very tired as she stumbled over to her brother. She barely reached his side before she collapsed next to him.
    When Evie woke up she was in a bed, Jacob was curled up like a puppy next to her. He didn't respond to her gentle nudge in the gut or to the kick in the shin. She then stole his hat. This earned a curse. Finally, she shoved Jacob off the bed and onto the hard floor. With a groan, he sat up.

    Evie smirked and tossed him his hat. "Next time, wake up when I prod you, lazy monster."

    Jacob stood up carefully. Evie had already reached the door and was trying to open it using the handle. Jacob sighed. Didn't Evie know anything? If you woke up in a strange room the door was usually locked. He gently pushed her inside before aiming a kick at the door. It didn't yield and Jacob fell over, clutching his heel and sobbed. Evie groaned and knocked the glass panel out with the head of her cane sword. She reached through and knocked away something that was blocking the handle. She withdrew her hand and opened the door.

    By this time Jacob had stood himself up. Evie smirked and left the room, Jacob hobbling a few feet behind her. They walked for a while before emerging into daylight. Suddenly, the twin Assassins were grabbed from behind and frogmarched up some cold metal steps.

    When they reached the top, Evie saw a door leading into a dark room. Whoever held the twins carelessly tossed them through the door and onto the floor. Jacob hit the floor first, with Evie following a few seconds later. The door slammed shut behind them.

    Arno's hand reached down to Evie and she graciously accepted it. He carefully pulled her upright before kissing the back of her hand. Evie chuckled and blushed. Jacob cast Arno a look that clearly stated his desire to murder the Frenchman. Arno simply chuckled before guiding Evie to a free seat right next to Altair.

    The Syrian turned to look at Evie and muttered. "Women cannot be Assassins - they are supposed to look after them."

    Evie responded to this comment by scowling as she grabbed Altair's robes, throwing the unexpected Assassin to the ground before gently pressing her hidden blade to his throat. She smiled sweetly at him. "What was that sweetie?" Altair to his credit actually looked humbled before muttering an apology to her.

    Evie gently retracted the blade, stood up and dusted her coat off. By this time Jacob had stood up and made his way to the seat opposite where Evie had previously been sitting Altair gently sat back in his seat keeping a cautious eye on Evie. Jacob raised an eyebrow at his twin. She simply sat down with a huff. Ezio peeked out from his hood and offered a hand to Jacob. Jacob accepted reluctantly. Edward was the one to introduce his fellow Assassins this time, pointing at each one present and naming them with great speed. Once the lightning tornado of introduction had finished the Frye twins introduced themselves.

    Haytham stalked out of the prison, holding a rusty wolf cub known as Copper by the scruff of its neck. The cub's tail was wagging nervously as Haytham marched into the woods. Once they were deep in the woods, Haytham reached into his pocket and pulled out a leash and collar. After Copper was secured, Haytham deposited the cub on the icy floor before nudging it with his boot. He bent down and whispered in its ear, "Go on, find the one who helped you, go on." The cub tucked its tail away and slowly edged away from Haytham.

    Copper soon picked up Connor's scent and gave an excited yip. Connor would save him from this horrible man. The cub began picking up speed, anxious to find his master. However, when he reached the snow drift where Connor had fallen the smell disappeared. The cub began to dig through the snow. When he couldn't find Connor in the snow he began to whine. Haytham, who had been dragged through various bushes and slapped in the face by low branches during the cub's tracking session, stormed over furious to find that Connor was absent.

    He reached down to the cub and freed it from the leash. The cub looked up at him before sitting at his feet. Haytham rolled his eyes. This cub was clearly as dumb as his son. He stamped on the ground. The pup turned tail and ran off into the woods like a bolt of red lightning.

    Perfect... now he could search in peace. However after he'd been searching for a while he felt he was being watched. He turned around slowly... watching him from the shadows of a nearby fir tree was a large black wolf and the cub. Haytham swore and took off towards town. He'd only run a few meters before another wolf appeared in front of him. Haytham chuckled nervously as he heard the wolves behind him. If he ran to the sides he would be caught in an instant. One of the wolves snarled at him. Haytham whimpered and passed out hoping the wolves would leave him alone.

    When Haytham awoke he was sat in a comfy arm-chair. Some of his fellow Templars had rescued him from the wolves? He looked around the room. Some of the things he saw disproved his theory of being rescued... Why were the lights so unusual? What was that thing on the desk that kept buzzing? A door on the far side of the room opened and a grey haired man stepped through. He took a seat opposite Haytham, a warm smile on his face. He offered a hand. "I am Warren Vidic, and I have a task for you Haytham."

    Chapters 4 & 5 coming soon
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