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Hunting Season (Leviathan X Eru Iluvatar)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Reckless, Dec 22, 2015.

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  1. Reckless

    Reckless Won't take the easy road

    Jan 11, 2013
    Heyo! Eru and myself decided we wanted to do a thing, so here be a Marvel themed team up between the superhero Spider-Man and the prick enigmatic Fantomex, where they partake in a spot of monster hunting before confronting a conventional 'big bad'

    Here's a lil' blurb on the participating characters;
    Alias: Spider-Man
    Bio: After being bitten by a radioactive spider in high school, which provided him with abilities similar to that of said arachnid, Peter Parker soon found himself with the ability to crawl up walls and sense imminent danger. Triggered into becoming a masked law defender following the death of his uncle, Peter stills skulks about the streets looking for ways to help his neighbourhood and keep everyone safe. A typical student, studying Biochemistry at ESU, he spends most his spare time challenging the team to video games whilst usually finding himself the underdog in proper combat; nothing a few cheesy jokes can't make up for.
    Abilities: Degree in Biophysics, Genius Intellect, Science Major, Skilled Photographer, Master Acrobat, Indomitable Will, Skilled Combatant, Spider Physiology. With Suit: Web Shooters, Web Fluid, Utility Belt.
    Personality: Joker, tongue-tied, indecisive, trusting.

    Alias: Fantomex
    Bio: Fantomex is a mutant-sentinel hybrid, 'born' and raised in a place called The World, owned by Weapon Plus, the umbrella organisation responsible for the likes of Captain America and Weapon X. He was the result of John Sublime's meddling with sentinel technology to create a new breed of super soldiers to "deal with the mutant problem." Designated Weapon XIII, Fantomex proved to be too smart for the World operators to handle, and thus he escaped and went rogue. Choosing to forget about the nefarious reasons behind his inception, he strove to be a connoisseur of the finer things in life, taking to stealing and tangoing with danger especially. When he became Europe's most wanted criminal, all battered and bruised, he sought refuge from Jean Grey & Professor X, and thus started his relationship with the X-Men, a path filled with whimsy and pleasure, but also marred by violence and personal sacrifice.
    Abilities: Misdirection (a form of telepathy that can create immersive illusions to various degrees of effectiveness by 'skewering reality'), Skilled Marksman, Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Acrobatic Reflexes, Master of Reading Body Language.
    Personality: Sarcastic, flirtatious, manipulative, analytical.

    And so, without further adieu, begin~~~!


    A heavy weight pressed against his abdominal region, pinning him in place as a trail of stars revolved within his field of vision. Blinking once, then twice, Fantomex violently shook his head, attempting to drive off the dazzling spectre of a concussion caused by his body being thrown ragdog-like across the street. Sluggishly, he started to lift himself off of the ground, fighting against an obstruction that numbed all sensations in his booted feet, one that he quickly came to realise took the form of a chunk of wall that came dislodged by his violent marriage with the veneer of the building he subsequently laid sprawled out before. Though the Kevlar padding he had worn beneath the sleeveless trench coat now sullied by the tide of battle had absorbed a portion of the impact, his bones still cried out in protest from suffering such blunt trauma, misgivings that found their way into a strenuous groan of life that slipped from a cloth covered mouth as he pushed the chunk of debris off of himself.

    Once the debris was pushed aside, the faux frenchmen sighed with mild relief, savouring what remained of the moment's respite left owed to him until he had to reengage the enemy; and what an adversary he faced, too! Boasting a gargantuan frame that glistened sinisterly even in the bright daylight, the silver creature that its makers had come to dub as 'Predator X' was a genetically altered beast conceived in a lab for a nefarious purpose: the indiscriminate annihilation of a well recognised minority; those endowed with the mutant genome! A hunter in every sense of the word, he had come heavily armed to dispatch the living, leaded teeth that were, unfortunately liberated from his grip by a tremendous paw swipe that saw him become airborne and lead to the series of bruises that now bloomed beneath his ghostly white attire. Separated from the specialised assault rifle that would have silenced the baying call that began to flood the air had its ammunition found its mark, Fantomex rose unsteadily to his feet, staggering a step as he registered the monster's ghastly call of glee.

    "Take due care not to swallow any spiders, Fido!" He loudly quipped, arms dangling in front of him as blue hues focused on the raging animal doing battle with a lithe footed vigilante, garbed in brilliant red and blue shades. Damaged, but far from giving up, the thief examined the immediate area for any traces of his firearm, trusting the other man who fit the mold of a hero better than he himself ever would. Rolling his shoulders, he tugged at the collar of his coat, restoring a degree of finesse to one who had very nearly become a blurry smear on a building. Grateful that he had a capacity to endure a substantial amount of damage whilst remaining functional and coherent, Fantomex's pace quickened into a sprint as he commenced searching for the asset that would tame Predator X's fury.

    "See if you can teach the metallic beastie some tricks, friend. Maybe throw him a bone or a ball of yarn, eh?"
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  2. Eru Iluvatar

    Eru Iluvatar Poké Maniac

    Nov 26, 2015
    "Could you give me hand here?" yelled the nimble spider, twisting in the air to avoid the claws of the beast he faced. He jumped, using the monster's arm as a platform, shooting pellets of dense silk at it's face.

    "Ah, come on!" he exclaimed as creature pounced towards him, ignoring his attacks, snarling with fervent ire. Using his webs to pull himself to the ground and slide out of the way of the creatures attacks, Spiderman found himself beside Fantomex.

    "So, how's your day been?" he asked sarcastically, raising a hand in greeting. "Did ya lose someth-" He was cut off by a sharp cry from their adversary, ringing in the air. Spiderman looked around him, keenly searching for something he could use to hit the beast. Seeing a large concrete boulder, he shot multiple webs at it and with a grunt, swung it at Predator X. The boulder crashed into it's side, knocking it over, sending it tumbling into a nearby car.

    "Yeah!" he yelled, using his webs to propel himself into the air and landing on a building, using his abilities to stick to it's side. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a slight glimmer, a reflection of light. Spinning his head around, he found himself looking directly at a large rifle, extraordinary in it's size.

    "Uh, is that yours?" he yelled down at Fantomex, pointing to the gun, glancing at the behemoth that now laid sprawl on the tar. As he swivelled his head back towards Fantomex, he heard a earthshaking roar of irritation and vehement rage.

    "Boy, you just don't give up, do you?" he sighed as he beheld the creature raise itself up, it's coat, metallic, brilliant in the daylight, a horrifying sight. At least, for most.

    OOC: First time doing an RP (you know this Nicole!) so I hope I've done you justice!
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