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I asked nearly 50 people to send me a Fakemon...

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by Duo, Jun 21, 2021.

  1. Duo

    Level 5
    Jul 7, 2019
    So for those of you who have spoken to me, you might know that I'm pretty active on Smogon, and I have been for around the past five years. I've only used this one subforum, though, which has lead me to learn more about its community and who all is active there. This community is a lax place where you can talk about theorycrafting-related stuff with Pokémon, like making new Pokémon, moves, and abilities and seeing their competitive effects. Since I know most people there make new Pokémon for the subforum's projects regularly, I had a cool idea for a project.

    The project would start with me sending the 50 or so active members a DM telling them to send me a Fakemon. There were a few extra rules, though, like...

    - It'd have to be balanced for OU, at least as much as possible. Some of the people I sent this to are not the best at balancing, but this wasn't the focus.
    - Custom moves and abilities are fine, as are alternate forms.
    - Most importantly, nobody else gets to see what all has been submitted until I have everything. This lets me find completely unbiased patterns in what kinds of Pokémon people like making.

    37 ended up responding, which is perfectly fine. I didn't just want to stay out of this project, so I used a Random Pokémon Generator to give myself some stats and a typing to work with and made a Pokémon around those before anyone else submitted anything. With that out of the way, here are the results...


    - The most popular type, by far, was Fairy. 9 out of the 37 people sent in a Fairy type, including my random Pokémon, which is an insane amount. That makes up for just under a quarter of all Pokémon! Ghost and Water weren't too far behind it, having 7 each. Ghost I knew was a popular type, but I had a feeling we'd get more Dragons than we got, and I had no idea Fairy or Water were this popular.
    - Somehow, we got ZERO Bug Pokémon. I don't think people hate bugs, but given the chance to make one Pokémon, Bug isn't anyone's first choice. Grass and Electric only appear twice.
    - The average Base Stat Total was 534, including alternate forms. This would be very high for typical fully-evolved Pokémon if you disclude legendaries, which there are few of here, but it's not that surprising considering the climate. Most of the time in this subforum, if you make something with a lower BST, it's typically balanced out by either a really good ability or just being a purely defensive Pokémon, which are things that not everyone here likes doing.
    - I found the average HP, Attack, Defense, and so on, and it seems like people liked to give their Pokémon a higher Attack than anything else. People liked to make Speed the lowest. Speed isn't a trait you just slap onto a Pokémon and there are many more Pokémon archetypes that need low Speed than high so that's understandable, and it's been shown in another project I've run as well. But Attack being the highest is completely out of nowhere to me and I can't explain why that's the case.
    - The lowest of each stat is 1/27/34/40/55/26 and the highest of each stat is 151/150/166/150/169/136. My randomly-generated stats are responsible for the 166 Defense and 169 Sp. Def, and there's a Wonder Guard Pokémon with the base 1 HP. I don't really have much to comment there, but note that Speed is what people are least eager to invest in and quickest to throw away judging by how they're the lowest number in both categories (aside from the 1 HP which is part of a specific gimmick).
    - The lowest BST is 454 from the Wonder Guard mon and the highest is 600 from my random Pokémon. Kind of boring, but if we disclude those then the next lowest is 455 and the next highest is a tie that lands on 580.
    - I miscounted these, but when I counted earlier, I got that 10 Pokémon had no custom abilities or moves, 12 had only one, and 12 had two or more. Very evenly split, but people definitely seemed to prefer making their Pokémon special here. I'm in the 2+ gang because I had a fun idea even if I wouldn't normally. That only adds up to 34 when there's 37 Pokémon, but no matter what I missed, these three are going to be split very even.
    - 3 Pokémon were sent to me with an alternate form of some kind. One of them involves a modified version of Stance Change, one of them involves fainting to be revived with 1 HP in an alternate form, and one involves Zen Mode.
    - One person said "idk" in place of their Pokémon's name and did not change it so I kept it like that.

    That's about it! I don't know how many of you will enjoy this but it was fun finding patterns in what people sent me here. I figured some of you may enjoy it as well.
  2. Jeydis

    Jeydis ArchWOOPAH

    Level 29
    Aug 11, 2017
    Poké Ball ★Trainer Card - Cave Theme
    This is really interesting. Also I want a Neuroboxin so bad now lol
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