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Imperceivable Beauty

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by moi-moi819, May 1, 2016.

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  1. moi-moi819

    moi-moi819 Youngster

    May 1, 2016
    "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." It's just a shame when the beholder is blind. A Pokémon journey is more than becoming stronger as a Trainer. For Alena(OC), it means becoming stronger as a person.

    Sunrise was her favorite time of day. Watching the sun rise was always so peaceful and calming. She liked to open the window above the kitchen sink to allow some of the sea breeze to flow in. The cool air always held hints of fish and sea water. She always loved to feel the cool breeze while the greeting sun rose to warm the city and everyone in it. It's times like these that made her happy to be a morning person. She couldn't imagine missing this.

    With a small sigh, Alena finished rinsing off a pot before placing it out to dry with the other dishes she had washed after making breakfast. She turned from the sunrise and the kitchen sink to grab the broom from where it rested in the cabinet next to the refrigerator. Her arms moved the broom over the tiled kitchen floors in repetitive motions that she had long since gotten used to. For two years, she had gotten up before sunrise to prepare breakfast for her father and younger sister before washing the dishes and sweeping up any messes she may have made. She brushed her black, side swept bangs out of her face and tucked a side of her angled bob behind her ear before moving for the dust pan. Their kitchen wasn't too large. It never took too long to clean up. Grabbing the cup of tea she had made prior and left to cool, Alena made her way out onto her front porch to sit on the faded green, wooden steps of her home. She sipped her ginger tea lightly as she stared out at her city.

    Lilycove City was the most beautiful when the sun was up, in her opinion. The way the sun hit the water to make it glisten and shine while colorful Pokémon swam just underneath its surface was calming. For such a large city, it had an easy going nature that seemed to repel the stress and rush normally associated with big cities. It was the simple things that made her day.

    When her tea had been long since finished, Alena could hear the sounds of her family bustling about upstairs as they got ready for the day. Having got her fill of the sunrise for today, she rose up to enter her peach-colored house to greet her family for breakfast. She washed her tea cup as she waited before deciding to towel dry it and put it away one time. Her father, Isaac, was the first to appear. He was a tall man with slightly tanned skin, short, black hair and bright blue eyes. Alena had taken after her father with her black hair and blue eyes. She had a thin frame and her father's height to go along with it, giving her a sort of lanky look for a twelve-year-old. He wore a light blue polo with dark blue slacks and white socks on his feet. He sat at the table and smiled brightly at his eldest daughter when she placed his breakfast before him. "G'morning, Dad," she said with a smile before retrieving the plates that held her and her sister's breakfast.

    "Morning, sweetheart. This looks delicious," Isaac grinned widely before digging into his eggs.

    Alena's younger sister, Anya, appeared then while wearing a loose fitting, red summer dress with her red hair held up in a high ponytail by her red ribbon. "Morning, Anya," Alena greeted while placing her sister's plate before her. Alena took her seat at the table across from her sister before finally digging into her meal. Despite waking before them, Alena always waited to eat breakfast with her family. It was another one of the things she enjoyed about her life.

    "Morning," Anya replied while pulling out one of her magazines from seemingly no where. Alena frowned slightly before rolling her eyes at her sister. Anya was only eight, but she was more involved in anything fashion-related than most of the adults she knew.

    "What are your plans for today girls?" Isaac asked his daughters to make conversation. After spotting the fashion magazine in his youngest daughter's hand, however, he quickly turned to his eldest. He doubted that he would get an answer out of the distracted Anya.

    "I have to go into town to buy some groceries. We're almost out of milk," Alena explained.

    "I'm going too. Not for groceries though. I want to visit that fabric store in town. I want to buy some fabric to start making my own designs," Anya answered. Alena raised a brow at her little sister while exchanging dubious looks with her father. "The store just got new stuff for kids to help them learn how to sew and make their own cases and little decorations."

    "Whatever you say, Anya. I'll leave you some money. Just don't buy out the whole store," Isaac chuckled to himself. Alena smiled softly at her father's lameness, but Anya shook her head in childlike exasperation.

    "Well, wish me luck girls," Isaac smiled as he pushed away from the table. Alena blinked owlishly in confusion before spotting her father's empty plate. "I've got to get out of here. I have a very important interview today with the representative from the Devon Corporation. If all goes well, this may change our lives and open up new doors for us. Wish me luck girls!" Isaac called out as he slipped on his black loafers at the door before grabbing his faded green messenger bag and heading out the front door.

    "He's in a rush," Alena mused as she stared at the door. "Excited too."

    "Well duh. It's the Devon Corporation. They're just the biggest manufacturing company in all of Hoenn. If the guy likes Dad's designs, it means that Dad will be getting a big fat check from Mr. Stone himself," Anya said before suddenly becoming extremely interested in a particular design in her magazine.

    Alena didn't say anything after that. She was extremely proud of her father. He was a brilliant scientist who was known around Lilycove for his proficiency in robotics. Until now, everyone had looked to their father for small repair jobs. He made a modest living to support his family, waiting patiently until his time. It wasn't until recently that he'd had his first breakthrough. He had developed a device that would theoretically reveal hidden Pokémon. It would be a great help for travelling Trainers (or anyone really) hoping to catch Pokémon. Due to a lack of family funds, he hadn't been able to develop a prototype but he was still proud of it nonetheless. He'd been so excited that he'd reached out to the Devon Corporation with his invention. After several over the phone conversations, a Devon representative had flown out to Lilycove in order to meet with Isaac. Yes, Alena was very proud of her father.

    Alena quickly finished her meal before gathering up the empty dishes and clearing the table. She went about washing up again while Anya poured over her magazine. Alena hadn't always been responsible for her family's well-fare. Just two years ago, it was her mother, Sabine, who would get up early to make breakfast, clean, shop, and tend to the family. Sabine had been a loving, kind, and beautiful woman who'd been devoted to her husband and children. It had been an unfortunate turn of events that had led to her developing the terminal illness that ended her young life. After her mother had suddenly passed, Alena had promised herself that she would do anything to help her family get through it.

    "Whenever you're ready to go, Anya, we can head out," Alena said as she finished putting away the last now clean plate.

    "You're going out in that? Why do I even bother asking? Of course you are," Anya sighed as she eyed her sister's outfit like it offended her. Knowing Anya, it probably did. Alena looked down at herself. What was wrong with her tee shirt and jeans? "I'm ready to go. Maybe we can get you some new clothes too. Now you see why I have to learn how to make my own clothes as soon as possible. You need me to make you some new clothes," Anya said as she stared up at her sister. Alena rolled her eyes with a smile before lightly pushing her sister out the door.

    "Sure, Anya. As soon as you can make them for me, I'll wear them," Alena said and locked the front door behind them.


    Alena was stirring the stew on the stove when she heard her father come in later that day. She greeted him over her shoulder, but was hardly prepared for him to pick her up and spin her around in his arms happily. "Alena! You'll never believe it!" he laughed happily. Alena stared wide-eyed at her father. He was sweating and panting lightly like he had been exercising. "I was so excited that I literally ran home to tell you both!" Isaac laughed. Anya raised a brow at her father from the living room couch, quietly muting the television.

    "Did the Devon representative like your designs?" Alena grinned.

    "Like? He loved them! He wants to buy the rights to the invention and mass produced it under the Devon name," Isaac informed them.

    "That's great, Dad!" Anya cheered. Isaac quickly lifted her off the couch before pulling her into a tight hug.

    Alena frowned. "So, it won't be your invention anymore?" Alena asked him slowly.

    Isaac felt his smile slip slightly when he turned back to Alena, but it returned quickly. "No, but they gave me something better in return. I showed them some of my other designs and they think I have great potential. The Devon Corporation offered me a job as a Junior Inventor in their labs in Rustboro City. Isn't that great!?" Isaac exclaimed. Isaac stared at his daughters' faces. They looked shocked, anxious, and... upset?

    "You're moving to Rustboro City?" Anya asked her father slowly.

    "No. We're moving to Rustboro City," he corrected. "I took the job. Girls, Devon is offering me more than I ever made here. Anya, you can have all the fabrics, clothes, and designs you can imagine. Alena, you don't have to cook and clean for us anymore. We can hire someone to do that now! Aren't you girls excited!?"

    Alena and Anya shared a look. "That's great, Dad," Alena said in a small voice. She tried to force a smile, but it felt like more of a grimace to her.

    "No it's not. It stinks," Anya said bluntly. Alena shot Anya a wide-eyed look before glaring harshly. Isaac's smile fell permanently as he stared at his girls.

    "She doesn't mean that, Dad. We know how important this is for you," Alena pacified.

    "Yes, I do," Anya said before pulling away from her father. She placed her small fists on her hips with a deep frown. Isaac marveled at how much she looked like his late wife when she did that. "I don't want to move to Rustboro City. Even the name of the place sounds gross. I like it here."

    "But this job is important to Dad. He's wanted this for a log time, Anya. Besides, he already said yes," Alena said to her little sister.

    Not backing down, Anya glared up at her older sister. "Well go tell the Devon guy "no". I don't want to leave!"

    "He may never get this chance again. Stop being a spoiled baby!"

    "Girls-" Isaac tried to intervene with his hands raised in a placating gesture.

    "No! You don't want to move either. Stop acting like you're happy about this!" Anya said and pointed up at her sister.

    "I'm happy for Dad! Why can't you be?" Alena argued back.

    "This is so stupid!" Anya yelled in her childlike voice before quickly rushing up the stairs. Isaac and Alena both flinched slightly when they heard her bedroom door slam shut. Alena sighed softly before turning off the stove under her pot. She could still hear Anya's loud voice ringing around in her head. She could swear that she'd seen tears gathering in her sister's eyes just before she'd run away.

    "I should have waited to talk to you girls first. I shouldn't have made such a hasty decision like that," Isaac said with a deep frown while rubbing his eyes with his fingers.

    "It's okay, Dad. Really. She'll get over it," Alena tried.

    "You don't want to move either," Isaac said before plopping down at the kitchen table. It hadn't been a question so Alena hadn't replied. Instead, Alena moved to sit next to him. "I just thought that this new job would make everything better. You girls would get to live in a nicer house and I could give you more than this. Alena, you wouldn't have to work so hard. You're twelve. You shouldn't be doing so much. I could hire someone to help out around the house. Then maybe you'd be free to do things someone your age should be doing. Who knows? You could even go on a journey of your own."

    Alena couldn't say anything to that. She hadn't thought about going on a journey in years. When she was ten, it was all she could think about. But after her mother had passed, she couldn't entertain the thought. Her family needed her more. She needed them. She couldn't just leave home. "I like being with you and Anya, Dad," Alena said in a soft voice.

    "I remember how much you wanted to be a Top Coordinator, Alena. You've put it off for two years to stay here with me and your sister. But, things are changing. I hope you won't be too mad with me for wanting you to go on a journey of your own. You need to learn to live for yourself and not just to take care of me and your sister," Isaac said.

    "But Anya-"

    "Anya and I will be fine. You can always call home," Isaac said in a final tone. If there was one thing he regretted, it was allowing his daughter to give up on her dream just to play homemaker. Now that he was offered a solution, he had to take it. "I'll make some calls to have you pick up your first Pokémon from Nurse Joy at the Pokémon Center in a few days. We don't have to move for a few weeks so we'll still be here when you leave."

    Alena wasn't sure what to say. She wanted to go on a journey, but... could she? Would she really have what it takes? Was it worth the effort? Could she really go out on her own? "Dinner's ready. I'm not hungry. I'll just head to bed," Alena said. After receiving a nod from Isaac, she left the kitchen table before climbing the stairs slowly. Alena stopped by Anya's shut door to listen in. After hearing nothing from the girl's room, Alena shuffled down the hall to her own. She was surprised to see Anya sitting at the foot of her bed while nervously wringing her hands. "Anya? Are you okay?"

    "No," Anya replied miserably. "Are we really leaving?" she asked and looked up at her sister with hope in her green eyes.

    "Dad thinks that it's for the best," she answered before sitting next to Anya on her bed. At once Anya wilted and folded in on herself. She pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs. "He said that you won't be moving for a few weeks though."

    "What about you?" Anya asked suddenly. "We're not leaving you behind. Right?"

    Alena smiled softly at her sister. "No. Dad wants me to go on a Pokémon journey of my own. He's letting me get my first Pokémon. Isn't that cool?"

    "So you're leaving us too," Anya said in an accusatory tone and frowned. Alena was floored. "Everything's changing. I don't want to move and I don't want you to leave either. Stupid Devon Corporation..."

    Alena frowned. "I don't want to leave you guys either, but Dad thinks that I should go. He wants me to. He thinks that I need to go out on my own instead of staying at home to take care of you guys."

    "Do you want to?" Anya asked in a small voice.

    "I... A part of me wanted to a long time ago. But I don't want to leave you guys. Besides, I doubt that I'll be a good Coordinator anyways," Alena said.

    "Why? Who said that?" Anya asked suddenly, her sadness gone. Who had said something so mean about her big sister?

    "No one. It's just..."

    "I think you'll be a great Coordinator. You'd be way better than any of those lame Coordinators out there," Anya said in a haughty tone. To hear such an arrogant proclamation from someone so young... Alena looked down at her sister with a brow raised before giggling lightly. Anya looked up at her sister in question before giggling as well. Alena pulled her sister in for a one-armed hug.

    "Thanks, Anya. Okay. If you believe in me, I'll do it. I'll go on a journey," Alena smiled.

    Anya pulled away from her sister as if she'd burned her. Alena frowned confusedly. "I don't want you to leave me. I have to go to gross Rustboro City alone!"

    "Dad will be with you-"

    "But, I'll miss you," Anya frowned. Just like that, a little light bulb went off in her head. "Let me go with you!"

    "What!?" Alena balked.

    Anya was grinning widely now. She grabbed her sister's hands frantically as a fantasy played out in her mind. "It'll be great! We can stay together and travel all over together. We don't have to go to Rustboro. I can even get to see new designs and styles from all over the Hoenn region. Contests have some really pretty Pokémon and-" Anya rushed.

    "Anya, stop. You can't just... I mean it sounds nice... What would Dad say? And besides-" Alena tried to complete a sentence, but she could barely complete a thought. Anya's eyes widened before she suddenly rushed from the room while shouting out for their father. "Anya, wait!" Alena shouted and followed after her. Alena found Anya at their father's side giving him a rushed explanation for why she absolutely had to go with Alena and that she would behave and do her best and-

    "You both want to go on a journey together?" Isaac asked his eldest daughter, not acknowledging Anya's frantic nods. Just moments ago, Alena hadn't wanted to go anywhere. He could see it all over her face. But if letting Anya follow her meant getting Alena out of the house... "That sounds like a good idea," Isaac smiled.

    Alena felt her jaw drop just as Anya cheered. "Thank you, Dad! This is the best thing ever! I have to pack!" Anya squealed and quickly rushed back up to her room with a 1000 megawatt grin on her small, round face.

    "Are you okay with this, Alena?" Isaac asked. He didn't want to force her into doing something she didn't want. Alena was a quiet girl who would rather suffer in silence if it meant that her family was happy. Isaac was done with allowing his daughter to sacrifice her happiness for their own.

    "I... I am, Dad," Alena smiled easily. Having Anya around might make things easier. The thought of heading out on her own had scared her deeply, but maybe having Anya around would make the change much more bearable. Alena would need Anya. "But, what about you?"

    "Don't worry about me. I'll get some help from somewhere else. With you kids gone, I might be able to sleep in and eat all the junk food you won't let me eat," Isaac remarked with a cheeky grin. Alena rolled her eyes with a small smile. "Go, Alena. I'll still be here when you get back. Well... not here here. But, you know what I mean."

    "Yeah, Dad. Okay. We'll go. I'll do my best," Alena smiled.

    From her place pressed against the wall of the stairwell, Anya grinned happily. She had been slightly worried that Alena wouldn't want to take her with her. But she had just told Dad that she would. Anya quietly ascended the stairs up to her room before shutting the door quietly behind her. She looked around her pink room before quickly dashing into her closet. She needed to get a bag so she could pack. But what would she pack? Anya eyed all her shoes before looking up at her many dresses, blouses, and skirts. Her eyes glanced down at the pink, Cleffa-shaped backpack in her hands. "I'm gonna need a bigger bag..." she mused.


    Today was the day she would be heading to the Pokémon Center to pick her first Pokémon from Nurse Joy (Anya insisted on coming along to help her decide). Alena had spent the past few days frequenting the Lilycove Department Store with her family, purchasing the necessities for her journey. Closing up her black, high-capacity bag pack, she rested it down on the floor next to her desk. It was perfectly packed and ready to go for tomorrow. Alena made a mental note to check Anya's bag to make sure she had only packed the essentials.

    "Alena, are you ready to go yet? Your Pokémon is waiting!" Anya reminded her sister in a loud voice from downstairs.

    "I'm coming!" Alena replied loudly before dashing out of her room and down the stairs. As the day was drawing nearer, she found herself feeling more and more excited about her upcoming journey. Anya had been just as excited as she, their excitement bouncing off of each other. "Ready," Alena smiled at her sister and father who were waiting for her.

    "Then let's go," Anya said and grabbed her sister's hand before pulling her away. Isaac locked the front door after them while following the girls at a much slower pace. The girls ran ahead of him meanwhile excitedly chattering about which Pokémon Alena would choose. Isaac was happy to see his children so happy. He pushed away his sadness at the thought of them leaving meanwhile convincing himself that this was good for his family. When he had finally caught up to them at the Center, Alena was staring down at the three Pokémon before her with great consideration. Anya was crouched before them with a frown.

    "Don't you have any cuter Pokémon?" Anya asked shamelessly. Isaac sighed and shot Nurse Joy an apologetic look, but the Nurse only smiled brightly in return. Isaac could see that the Mudkip had been disheartened by her words, Torchic had snubbed her angrily, while the Treecko hadn't bothered to acknowledge her. The green Pokémon was turned off to the side with its slim arms folded before it.

    "I think they all look very cute," Nurse Joy replied.

    Alena looked down at the different Pokémon with a frown. She didn't want to pick a Pokémon that wouldn't get along with Anya. Mudkip looked ready to break down in tears, Torchic looked about ready to peck Anya in a blazing fury, but Treecko hadn't reacted at all. "I know which one I want. I choose Treecko," Alena smiled down at the reptilian Pokémon. Treecko offered her a sideways glance before looking away in disinterest almost as if he didn't care if he had gotten picked or not.

    "What!? Why? It's the least cute out of all of them! At least the Torchic is kinda cute," Anya huffed and folded her arms.

    "It's not about cuteness," Alena reminded Anya before crouching down before her new Pokémon. Treecko offered her another sideways glance before deciding to look her in the eye.

    "But you want to be a Top Coordinator! How can you do that without cute Pokémon?" Anya rebutted. Alena brushed her off before smiling softly at Treecko. Treecko stared at her for several more seconds before nodding once and looking away again.

    "Seems a bit... cold," Isaac remarked. "But if you're sure..."

    "I'm positive," Alena smiled.


    The next morning, Isaac was sleeping soundly in his bed, wrapped under his sheets and comforter. He was having a pleasant dream about nothing in particular. His creatively random dream was cut short by a frantic cry of "Dad! Wake up!". Snapping up at once, Isaac looked around him in panic for whatever it was. The voice had belonged to Alena. What was wrong with her?

    "Come on, Dad. We're ready to go," Alena grinned at him before dashing out of his room. He could hear her descending the stairs loudly and groaned. The sun was barely up. Just as he flopped backwards onto his pillow, he heard Alena's voice call out "Dad!" from downstairs.

    "Alright! I'm coming," Isaac finished in a grumble. He couldn't understand how his daughter was always up before the sun. Couldn't she have waited just a few more hours? A jaw splitting yawn escaped Isaac as he touched down at the bottom of the stairs. Alena was bouncing around happily with her large backpack on her back while Anya struggled to stay awake next to her. Alena was wearing a black flannel shirt with a white tank underneath, dark skinny jeans, and black and white Converse. Isaac rearranged Anya's new Cleffable backpack to stop it from slipping off her shoulders completely. Anya was wearing a bright pink, sleeveless dress with a thin white belt around the middle and matching, white flats. A bright pink ribbon kept her long red hair in check. "You girls have everything you need?"


    "We'd still have everything in three hours. Why did we have to get up so early?"

    "Early bird gets the Wurmple, Anya. Right Dad?" Alena smiled brightly.

    "Sure thing, sweetheart. You two be safe. Alright? Call your Dad and make sure to win all those Contests," Isaac smiled fondly and pulled Alena into a hug. He offered an arm for the sleepy Anya and she quickly found her place in the embrace. "Take care of your sister."

    "I will."

    "I will."

    Isaac laughed loudly at his girls before pulling away from them. "See you later, Dad. I already made you breakfast. It's in the microwave. And there are some leftovers in the fridge. Love you, Dad!" Alena reminded and dashed towards the door.

    "Bye, Dad! Love you!" Anya called out and shut the door behind them. With the sound of the front door slamming behind them, Isaac felt a sudden weight on his heart. The house felt empty, quiet, and colder. Isaac sighed lowly before moving to flop down on the old couch. He had to remind himself that this was for the best. "Boy do I miss you, Sabine..."

    Accompanied by her little sister and new Pokémon, Treecko, Alena sets off on her first Pokémon journey with the goal of Top Coordinator in sight. What new experiences and obstacles will she face?

    To be continued...
  2. Mewtwo

    Mewtwo Camper

    Apr 6, 2015
    A few spelling errors, but otherwise not too bad for a first chapter. Pretty well written overall, but not really my style. Keep up the good work!
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