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In The Shade (VW Randomized Nuzlocke)

Discussion in 'Other Pokémon Games' started by HuntressWizard, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. HuntressWizard

    Oct 16, 2016

    Hello Lake Valor! I'm kicking off my career here with an ongoing nuzlocke run of mine called In The Shade, of a hack known as Volt White. Except...it's randomized. This run is actually a continuation of an earlier nuzlocke run I did, of randomized Diamond; however, that one is posted on a different website, and I'm not sure if linking it would be considered advertising or not, so I'm not risking it. :3 Regardless, everything shall be explained with time. I have several parts written already, so updates will be fairly swift until my buffer runs out.

    Let's do this.

    1. If a Pokémon faints, it's dead.

    2. Only capture the first Pokémon in each area.
    2a. Areas that are split and have different encounters (for example, Pinwheel Forest outside and inside) count as separate areas.
    2b. Gift Pokémon count for the catch in that area.
    2c. Shiny clause is active. Shinies may be used regardless of when they are caught.
    2d. Legendaries may not be used.
    2e. Revive as many fossils as you want (I promise this rule isn't as broken as it sounds).

    3. The starter may not leave the party for any reason. If the starter dies, the run is failed.

    Zero, or Why We Leave - here


    "There's an east wind coming, Watson."


    Huntress? What's wrong?

    Sir...I came as fast...as I could...

    Breathe, dear. Take a moment to compose yourself. And you do not have to kneel, you know.

    S-Sorry sir. Force of habit. I...I had a dream.

    A dream?

    Yessir. In my dream, I was inside an underground castle.


    There was a coronation ceremony taking place. Dozens of men and women, clad in long cloaks, whispered among themselves of the future king. They fell silent when a man entered, holding a gilded crown on a pillow.


    The man ignored the crowd as they bowed: he kept his eyes on the throne in front of him, stopping to stand just to the left of it and spoke to the crowd of their future king.


    Once he had finished speaking, a boy entered.


    This boy, only barely a man by human standards, was not at all like the other humans I have encountered.


    In my dream, I understood he harbored a deep hatred for his species. This came from listening to awful stories of abuse by humans from those creatures they call Pokémon.


    The boy knew his destiny was to free all his friends from human tyranny, and make the world a better place for it.


    He reached the throne and turned to face the crowd.


    The man placed the gilded crown on his head. All bowed before their new king.


    Sir, by all accounts it was a joyous occasion. And I can see no reason to disapprove of a cause so noble. So why do I feel so uneasy?

    I feared this might happen...I must admit, I had hoped one of the older hunters might be chosen, but if it must be you...

    Chosen for what, sir?

    The Silver Forest is dying, Huntress.

    What!? S-Sir! But, I thought the trees here were immortal? And what does my dream have to do with this?

    They are, as long as their source of strength remains untouched. The man you speak of, he has stolen that lifeblood. He is using it to manipulate the hearts of all those in his world, including the boy king. He wishes to rule his world, and he has taken what is rightfully ours as a means to that end. He sees only raw strength, but without that power the forest loses its ability to contain those which we guard.

    ...sir. What would you have me do?

    Go there. Find the man and the boy and take the power back.

    I swear on my life, I will return the forest's blood.

    Good. The man holds most of the power still, but he has imbued a small amount in the boy. No doubt to stop us trying to get it back. Kill them both if you have to, but you must not fail. Understood?


    One more thing.


    Do you recall how your presence created havoc amongst the wildlife in that world?


    It will happen again. Do try and be careful, dear.

    Always, sir.

    Good luck. Do not fail, young one.

    Quote source: ACD's "His Last Bow".

    If you're confused, that's normal. If you can't read either text color, let me know and I'll change it. See you tomorrow!
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  2. Salad

    Salad School Kid

    Oct 16, 2016
    I'm glad to see you're posting here now <3
    I love your beginning! So mysteeeeerious~
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