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Insects Called The Human Race

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Madaraki, Sep 12, 2013.

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  1. Madaraki

    Madaraki Poké Maniac

    Apr 12, 2013
    Everyone knows how it went. For a time, the world and its affairs were the purview of humanity. Anything other than human was the subject of superstition and legend at best, hunts and inquisitions at worst.

    It was during the second world war that heroes emerged in the public eye, beings -human and not- using their talents for the greater good and refusing to operate in hiding any longer. They made celebrities of themselves for the alternatives were far worse.

    Seemingly fitting with Newton's Law however, with the rise of the superhero came the supervillain; beings that lacked selfless attributes as much as their law-upholding enemies possessed them.

    And following to a logical conclusion; the anti-heroes, the traitors, every possible allegiance humanity itself possessed came to be reflected in the metahuman community. The imagery of human warfare had become far less black and white, and the metahumans followed suit.

    Conflicts that had once been confined to super-hero vs super-villain or occasionally infighting among the super-villains changed and spread to fights between fellow heroes and eventually; metahumans vs. humans. Superbeings fought in armed conflict alongside their human counterparts/ and in time, their ties became just as tangled with each other and the rest of the Earth's inhabitants.

    New laws were proposed; guidelines and codes for the superheroes to follow to clearly define once more just who was "good" and who was "bad" were debated and discussed among both metahumans and humans alike.

    The entire debate changed however, when on one Christmas Eve, a single being of immense power took control of Earth's entire nuclear arsenal...and fired every single missile. In his mind; neither side would back down in the growing human vs metahuman debate; the humans' laws were ludicrous and the super-conflicts would more than likely lead to a third world war. In the warhead-controller's mind, both sides were headed for Armageddon, and the Earth might as well be spared the long and painful road to ruin.

    What would have been the end of the world was a unifying moment; as every hero, villain, vigilante, and mercenary pooled their powers and resources. Alongside human defenses, nuclear annihilation was prevented.

    Today, in a world existing after the moment known as "Zero Hour", public metahuman activity is outlawed. Vigilante activity is not tolerated.

    Officially anyway.

    Between a scant few with powers and law enforcement, there is an uneasy peace. While some police and soldiers remember "the good old days" when one with a cape might fly before them, many humans have not forgotten that it was a metahuman who first took control of the nukes, and many metahumans have not forgotten that before Zero Hour, humanity was on the verge of forcing them into what amounted to indentured servitude. Nonetheless, neither side wants to see another cataclsymic event, and the mind behind Zero Hour is presumed to be at large and presently the most wanted criminal in the world...

    That's right everypeople, it's a superhero RP!

    Though you could play a supervillain if you want.

    So; are you a hero? Are you part of a team? Are you a villain? Do you belong to an organization of some sort? Or are you just some wanker who happens to be able to make wood explode just by looking at it?

    • Balance a bit. Some characters are fanatically powerful (the Martian Manhunter), but let's not overdo it.
    • If your character's a villain, he or she may NOT be the being behind "Zero Hour".
    • No auto-hitting. Even if your character has some sort of super-speed, you can only describe them raining blows at the other character. It's up to the other guy's controller to decide if and how the punches hit.
    • Similarly, don't be coming out of a fight without a scratch. Even a speedster has to make physical contact with someone at some point in a fight, and in that instant, they're open.
    • I know the overview mentions "metahumans" a lot, but aliens are fine too. If your character is an alien from another world however, I'll ask that you provide a small background on their species in the profile.
    • BE SPECIFIC IN THE POWER DESCRIPTIONS. Seriously. Nothing bugs me more in a super's profile than someone stating simply that their character "can use black magic" as their power.
    • Some characters' powers evolve/change over time. I'm fine with that, but either mention in your character's profile that they're learning/training to master such an ability, or build up the power change in the story. Don't have your character randomly get hit with an energy beam out of nowhere and suddenly acquire the ability to shoot fire from their nostrils.
    • And I suppose it's obvious; but do a good job with posting? I'm not going to ask for five pages, but no chatspeak, and no dinky four-line posts.
    Additionally; there will be three factions set up at the start. Your character can fill one of the open slots in any of these factions, or be a solo agent.

    For those of you using more than one character, they can't be on the same faction (unless it's the Overcity). In short; you can't put two characters on the Rogues or two characters on the Hellions

    The Rogues --- Available Slots: 1
    A name given to this quartet of characters by the media, official heroes, etc. The Rogues are an underground organization that has their own set of objectives and methods. Sometimes they're heroes. Other times they make the evening news and not in a good way.

    Current Members

    The Overcity ---Available Slots: Any number
    A cluster of villains formed less out of a unifying sense of purpose than a sense of necessity. "If the heroes can band together, so can we". Their headquarters is a cloaked aerial warship known as the Skyscourge.
    Current Members

    Hobo Boe

    AND A' NOW:

    PROFILE SKELETON (Post them here)

    [u]Basic Information[/u]
    [b]Name:[/b] Your character's name/identity
    [b]Alias:[/b] Your character's hero name
    [b]Age:[/b] Derp
    [b]Date of Birth:[/b] Day/Month only. If I try to tie this into any specific year it'll just get messy.
    [b]Gender:[/b] Male? Female? ... Haku?
    [b]Occupation:[/b] What does your character do for a living anyway? (If your character is a member of a faction, say so here.)
    [b]Alignment:[/b] Good? Evil? Neutral? Trekkie?
    [u]Physical Information[/u]
    [b]Height:[/b] Herp
    [b]Weight:[/b] Ferp
    [b]Eye Color:[/b] Say "red" and I will pound you. (Not really.)
    [b]Hair Color:[/b] If your character has hair that is.
    [b]Notable Features:[/b] Your character have blue skin? Fur? Scales?
    [b]Clothes/Attire:[/b] Unless your character walks around in nothing but a barrel, which would admittedly be rather amusing.
    [u]Powers and Abilities[/u]
    [*]Any other power?
    [*]C'mon, nobody's immune to everything.
    [u]Personal Information[/u]
    [b]Positive Quality:[/b] What's your character good at?
    [b]Negative Quality:[/b] What's your character...not so good at?
    [b]Personality:[/b] What's your character like?
    [b]Bio/Background:[/b] Your character's past. Also if your character's an alien, this is where you post the species background and whatnot. Post "Muffin Button" at the very top of your character's profile to show that you've read everything here. :)

    The first post will go up, but the RP itself won't start until I think we have enough peoples for it. Admission's going to be rather lenient/relaxed for now.
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  2. Madaraki

    Madaraki Poké Maniac

    Apr 12, 2013
    Last Night.

    There are several types of heroes.

    There are the luxury heroes. They live in mansions, towers, even fortresses. If the building isn't automated, the group more than likely has its own hired staff. Oh, and because of the security, their families often live with them. Sometimes the team's even gone the stupid route and revealed their identities to the public.

    The wind whipped through the darkened alley, driving loose newspapers into the air with faint rustling noises. The night was cloudless and the moon overhead illuminated the space between two brick buildings as a lone figure made his way between two office buildings. His boots splashed through puddles left from a storm the night before and he looked up at the sky, allowing himself a faint smile at the pleasant weather. It was warm, even for June.

    There are the middle class heroes. People in this group live in their own houses or apartments and generally keep to themselves. Identities kept secret until marriage.

    Silver eyes caught the moonlight and a man of less than decent intent who had been on the verge of entering the alley stared at them and sized his target up a second time. Shaking his head and muttering a curse, he moved on.

    Vigilantes. Base of operations mobile, no family, and friends are better described as "acquaintances".

    He stopped at the entrance to the alley, closing his eyes and feeling a faint tingle pulse through his entire body. Around him, streetlights flickered and the electric bus stop sign blinked. The ticket machine shut down entirely. Downtown was almost completely asleep.

    Problem with the first group? They're too open. Honestly, The Hellions" live in a giant H-shaped tower...

    Well, let's just say that locating it and aiming a nuke at the thing would not be a problem in the least.

    Stepping back into the alley, he turned to a specific spot on the paneled concrete wall. The moonlight revealed what he was looking for; a bit of graffiti that police and street cleaners had never had any luck removing; a circle roughly the size of an outstretched hand. Pushing it with force sufficient to move a parked car, he heard a click and felt the wall give and start to slide into the ground.

    The second group's a bit safer. It's harder to find a hero if you don't know who they are or where they live. Still, they have their own issues. How do you explain it when a guest stumbles across your body armor and cape?

    The rectangular section of wall froze with a rusting screech. Looking around to make sure no one had noticed, he grimaced. A second, more powerful pulse seemed to ripple out and downward from his body. Machinery sparked and engines began to hum and crackle with life. The wall continued to lower with a faint hum.

    Vigilantes? They're a complete tossup. The addition of mobility and the lack of liability can be helpful, but you're also completely on your own, and the prices for keeping a gas tank full are insane. To make it in this area, you need a few things; genius, money, and ridiculous amounts of training.

    There's a reason Batman always gets out of the toughest situations, and it's not just because "he's the good guy in a comic book".

    The wall seizing up hadn't been unexpected. The entire thing was cobbled together and no one in their group was exactly a genius mechanic. Still, there was the fact that it had stopped from lack of power, and the generators had been fully charged that morning. Someone had been at the computer a bit too long.

    Us? We took a bit of all three.

    He stepped quickly over the lowered wall, the rough scraping of his boots on pavement changing to a clanging noise as he moved onto a metal walkway that sloped downwards. Behind him, a timer clicked and the wall slid back into place as if no one had ever been in the alleyway outside.

    All the benefits and none of the risks.

    Red lights flickered on, lighting the hallway with their crimson glow as he continued deeper into the hideaway. Below the metal floor plating, wires ran from a pair of engines bolted to the inner walls towards a second door. Unlike the well-concealed first entrance, this door stood out as a mishmash of what seemed to be every kind of high-security vault entrance in existence.

    Keying in his personal identification number caused a small panel on the door to slide up, revealing a glowing blue pad. Slapping his hand on it, he breathed a sigh of relief when it beeped and a small speaker rotated out from another recessed section of the door.


    There was another beep before microphone, identification pad, and keypad all slid back into their respective panels and the door clicked and swung open. True, three identification methods could be a hassle sometimes, but one could never be too careful.

    It was a large parlor-like chamber with walls that appeared to be carved from a glassy rock and furnishings that had been procured from every furniture store within fifty miles. It all clashed and looked like it had been designed by a colorblind kleptomaniac, but one of the group had flatly refused to use boxes and crates and had in the end, told his conscience to shut up for a day. His mind had not been well eased when it had been pointed out that the police would more than likely never visit and thus never notice anyway.

    A thin line of electricity snaked out from his hand and a wall-mounted television flickered on. That particular form of entertainment had actually been required legally. The furniture had required one abbreviation of conscience, and the computers had been "acquired" without knowledge, but the television was going to be one step too far.

    Reward money had been more than enough to cover that particular cost.

    "Another attack was made on the Titansgate Bridge today and was fortunately stopped by a currently unknown superhuman. Several witnesses on site had cameras but were unable to identify their benefactor."

    He raised an eyebrow, watching the shaky footage captured by a cell phone camera. he recognized the villain; an eight foot tall mass of body armor that seemed to constantly exude a bluish mist from its chilled surface. The camera shook as the armor stomped forward, preparing to punch one of the bridge supports.

    Something else shook the bridge then, causing the armor to stop in its tracks and turn just in time for a bluish-grey fist to clang off its chin and send it stumbling back. The fist's owner - a wild-haired, caped figure, pulled back as if anticipating an immediate retaliation. The armor recovered and swung around to a defensive stance, blocking the next punch and grabbing its attacker's other hand. Even as he swung however, a tail wrapped around one of his arms and sent them both stumbling; the armor nearly tumbling over the guardrail.

    Watching the fight, Eryth frowned. Whoever the hero was, he wasn't human. The tail, shape of the head, and the fact that he was nearly as tall as the living armor confirmed that. The quality of the footage was shaky, but from the way the "cape" moved-

    On the screen, armor and attacker charged, locking fists.

    It was clearly what the unidentified being had wanted as massive wings suddenly spread and beat the air, lifting both him and the armor into the air; slowly at first but gradually gaining speed before the camera shook again and went dark.

    "The whereabouts of this hero are unknown, however the armor now identified as "Coldfront" was found partially conscious and embedded in a sphere of ice half a mile in diameter..."

    Reaching over the side of the couch to where a stack of folders stood precariously, he picked up the top file. It was a stuffed folder with the word "UNKNOWNS" scrawled across it in black marker. Rifling through its contents, he found a single sheet of paper in the back. It was a printed photograph that had clearly been taken at night; showing a massive winged silhouette. He didn't need to glance back at the television to confirm his suspicions.

    Instead, he picked up an empty folder and shoved the photograph into it. Pulling a sheet of paper from a notebook lying on the couch next to him, he began scribbling several notes onto it.

    "Draconic in nature, strength class unknown. Can both match Coldfront in combat and lift him into the air via flight. High invulnerability and flight also confirmed." he muttered, his voice a low growl. Closing the new file, he dropped it and the folder of unknowns back onto the stack.

    There had been talk of getting a set of cabinets to better organize his list of superhumans in the Cocytus Island area, but it was currently another unfulfilled project.

    Rising from the couch, Eryth made his way over to a circular table crowded with three computers and their respective tangle of wires and cords. Clicking through a maze of folders and system dead-ends, he eventually came to a set of files under the group's database on superhumans and copied everything he'd written on the paper into the computer before backing out of the system and locking it again.

    Looking up from the screen, he glanced at an alcove behind the computers. It was filled with a circular elevator shaft whose indicator light was currently green; indicating vacancy. The elevator had been the riskiest part of the hideaway's construction; running up through the office building whose occupants remained unaware of the four superbeings living beneath their foundations.

    "Draconic..." he repeated.

    The appearance of a new hero bore some investigation and empathy being what it was in the world, locating him was not going to be Eryth's job.
  3. Madaraki

    Madaraki Poké Maniac

    Apr 12, 2013

    Ten Minutes Until Now

    He'd lost them. Good.

    Escaping unwanted attention in the Cocytus Island area was usually an easy feat: Slip into a friend's getaway car, slide into an alleyway and run, duck into a storefront; the possibilities were endless.

    Unfortunately, these options and the others were also viable only if you happened to be of average height, average build, and appeared humanoid. At seven feet, half a ton, and looking more like he'd stepped out of a fantasy novel, Magnus had spent the last hour doing his best to avoid the police. True, they probably didn't want to arrest him -he'd done nothing wrong- but the way things were between humans and...He paused.

    He didn't quite like the term "metahuman", "mutate" sounded vaguely derogatory, and "dragon" just didn't fit anymore. He doubted there were any left anyway. The way things were between those with extraordinary powers and the...He shook his head. "Normal" felt wrong, "non-powered people" sounded clinical, and-


    Groaning, Magnus turned to look down the far end of the cluttered alleyway. He'd ducked into it as it was one of the widest of its kind he'd found, and crouched behind a stack of boxes and crates that looked too clean to have been there for long. Thank heaven for morning deliveries. He was patient, and waiting somewhere relatively quiet had seemed a good idea while the police continued searching the rest of the area. Eventually when they were beyond his range of hearing, he'd planned to take to the rooftops and find somewhere a tad quieter.

    Of course now, the cop had ruined all of that. The dragon-man looked at the officer. He seemed at least a full size too small for his uniform, and of all things he was pointing a gun at him. The fool did not witness the Titansgate Bridge Battle. He thought, coming up with a name on the spot.

    Magnus stood, his three-clawed hands flexing as he straightened to his full height and looked down at the policeman with an expression he hoped was somewhere between pity and amusement.

    Apparently the cop had decided the expression said "I'm going to eat you" instead of "Please don't do anything foolish" and fired. The first shot pinged off the dragon's bare chest. The second, aimed higher, glanced off his cheek. The third shot -more by luck than skill- ricocheted off a green eye. He sighed and reached out quickly, sticking one of his claws into the gun's barrel.

    "While I hope force does not become necessary, I do believe you may wish to save your ammunition for any possible situation where your weapon will actually be capable of affecting your target." He said calmly.

    That was when he realized the officer hadn't stopped firing out of a realized sense of futility. He had stopped firing because something even more alarming than a seven foot tall humanoid dragon had appeared.

    Magnus followed the terrified man's gaze, turned, and felt his jaw drop.


    Five Minutes Until Now

    Eryth had to admit, fate had a funny way of handling things. It had been too late for him -or anyone else on the Rogues- to begin a hunt for the towering dragon-man last night, and they'd all turned in. Of course they had all planned to head out the following morning before the trail grew too cold.

    He'd been up before the others and had turned the cameras on before even grabbing a bite to eat. By then, one of the Rogues' contacts had delivered the supply boxes to the designated spot in the alley. The group might have been going in and out more frequently today, and having a barricade of sorts to help obstruct the view from the street would have been a help.

    And as if fate had decided to render all the preparation unnecessary, the mystery dragon had shown up on his own. Even in the secrecy of the hideout, the wolfdemon suppressed a shiver. Eryth had known he'd be big, based solely on the fact that he'd been able to match Coldfront in a contest of strength without really seeming to try. Seeing him up close however, he was nervous. The creature in the camera's view looked like he was capable of bringing down a skyscraper with his bare hands, and as he watched, some idiot cop began attempting to intimidate him by brandishing a firearm.

    Nervousness gave way to some amusement as the first three shots ricocheted harmlessly off the creature.

    Amusement gave way to bewilderment as every alarm in the hideout began blaring. Whirling away from the viewing station, Eryth slammed the intercom lever that was wired to the personal quarters of the other Rogues.

    "Out here, now!" He barked. "Aerial klaxons are going off! This one's big!"

    The camera's viewscreen showed both officer and dragon turning to look....

    Skyward, Fifteen Minutes Until Now

    There are medals awarded for valor. There are medals awarded for service. There are medals awarded posthumously, and those generally aren't appreciated by recipients.

    For obvious reasons.

    The best kind of medals are the ones you give yourself.

    Marauder, or Cap'n Marauder as she preferred to be addressed, had many self-awarded medals, and she was immensely proud of them. Finishing a quick polish on an award she'd given herself for winning a ballroom competition in England, she placed the circular piece of silver back on a board above her bed. That had been a particularly fun occasion. She'd entered without registering and without a dance partner, crippled the competition, and strolled off with the cash prize.

    After today though, she was going to have to give herself a particularly big medal. The Overcity Council had selected her to command a massive strike on Cocytus Island. In addition to a splinter group known as The Rogues being based there, there had been reports of metahumans gathering on the island in recent weeks.

    Just the previous night, one of the Overcity's chief enforcers by the name of Coldfront had been defeated in single combat and was now sealed in a gigantic chunk of ice. To make matters worse, the frigid temperatures he himself constantly generated were making it impossible to free him in any timely fashion.

    And so the Overcity had decided to reduce Cocytus Island to a smoldering ruin. Target the bridges connecting the island city to the surrounding mainland, hit the centers of law enforcement, and dispatch individual agents to find eliminate any pockets of resistance. It was simple enough.

    Marauder strolled away from her bed. It was on the upper deck of her spacious quarters; a spherical chamber with a full lower level and a crescent-shaped upper deck. The lower level was taken up by books, charts, and an immense globe in the center of the room crossed by a gold lattice with multiple needles along the spindly lengths of zig-zagging wire. Each needle had a glowing red dot at its tip that could be moved to designate any location on the planet. Right now, the longest needle with a uniquely violet dot at its tip was hovering across the United States towards its target.

    She rounded the globe and exited the archaic chamber, walking down a short corridor that connected her spacious personal quarters to the bridge of her airship; the Skyscourge. Along the way, she passed various crewmembers, some normal soldiers contracted by the Overcity, and some metahumans with useful capabilities and a knowledge of how the technology aboard the ship worked.

    As she passed her crew, the Captain's mismatched feet alternated in a pleasant clack-tink! as she walked. A few of the crew recruited specifically for this mission cast a curious eye in her direction at the sound. She noticed, but didn't complain. She was used to the reaction. Her captain's coat billowed behind her as she moved at a brisk pace towards the metal plate door to the bridge. As she approached, a crewman standing nearby leaped to attention and quickly spun the wheel.

    He accidentally sealed the door shut.

    Marauder stopped, blinking two of her three eyes in his direction. The third eye was covered by an eyepatch.

    For a moment, there was silence. Everyone in the hallway had heard her stop and now they were staring awkwardly at the captain.

    The silence was broken by a nervous gulp.

    One Minute Until Now

    In reality, the captain's quarters were only the second most impressive room on the Skyscourge. The bridge was a sight that took the breath of many away the first, second, and third times they saw it. It was supported by a fan-shaped ribcage of metal that held it over the flight deck of the airship. Entirely spherical in shape, it had multiple levels with a multitude of stations ranging from engine operation to communication monitoring, to -everyone's favorite- automated weapon controls.

    The central station located on a dais above the rest however, was the Captain's Seat. The entire dais could rotate, allowing the captain to turn and address any of the crew on the upper levels of the bridge. An ornate metal command chair was in the center of the platform, and for the moment, it was empty.

    Standing to the left of the chair was a man of roughly six feet in height. He was clothed almost entirely in black robes save for a gleaming silver chestplate and matching gauntlets. His face was concealed by a similarly metallic mask. It was comprised of enough hinged and jointed plates to allow the wearer to form a range of facial expressions, though each and every one was heavily distorted. His imposing visage combined with a power set that always left hushed whispers in its wake was what had earned him the status of First Mate. Known to only a few however, was the fact that he was also one of the few members of the Overcity who could calm Marauder down without resorting to intimidation.

    At that moment, the door behind him slammed open with a sickening crash. Marauder came hop-skip-sprinting through, holding a heavily bruised young man in both hands. Skidding, she heaved with all her strength and threw the hapless soon-to-be-ex crewmember towards the railing. He hit the interior edge awkwardly, flopped, and sailed roughly over the side of the ship with a pitiful wail.

    Breathing heavily, Marauder spun about, clasped her hands behind her back, and grinned at the First Mate, who snapped to attention. Throwing a salute, he called out in a rough voice "Captain on the bridge!"

    "At ease." She breathed. "Had to deal with an unintentional mutiny for a moment there. No' a thing to worry about now at any rate. How're we?"

    "We've just reached the coordinates." The Mate answered, mask shifting to a wicked grin. "We are directly over Cocytus Island and we are ready to de-cloak and fire."

    "Then let's get tae this!" Marauder laughed, settling back into her chair and keying a set of controls unique entirely to her station. The vessel immediately began to de-cloak.

    At that moment, above Cocytus Island, the immense skyship appeared over City Hall. People looked up in horror, a police officer forgot the seven foot tall problem in front of him, a dragon-man looked up in bewilderment, and every alarm in The Rogues' hideout began blaring.

    "Marauder tae all stations." She said, her grin widening even further. "Be ready for a' wee bit of fightin'."

    The cannons on the ship began to fire.
  4. Banshee

    Banshee Pokémon Professor

    Gregg the Egg
    (Odd Egg)
    Level 3
    Dec 5, 2012
    It was odd being an escapee from a dangerous experiment that quite possibly could have ended her very own life. The side-effects of the life-threatening situation had left a rather notable appearance on the young lass. As she no longer appeared, human; trying to fit in with the rest of the folk became a long and difficult process. This being that whatever humanity feared, they often treated it with a violent and aggressive manner. Attacking or alienating the being without really trying to figure it out. After all, an unsolved mystery seemed to be a dangerous mystery. So in short, growing up was quite hard for Taiko. Despite her flawed appearance, she never really felt too isolated. This was due to her parents support, she felt that this "curse" was actually a "gift." One of which could quite possibly become helpful in the future. That is, until she learned how to master it.

    "Alright, kid." A deep thick city accent boomed in Taiko's headphones. His voice was strong and certain when he spoke. "Now this area is rather tricky. Ya gotta be careful as to where ya step. Alright?"

    "Right." Taiko said as she crouched below a large metal flatbed that was hooked onto the backside of a truck. A small robotic camera hovered behind her. When she glanced upwards she could notice that there were large cylinder pipes that rested comfortably on top of it. Perhaps they were being used as a form of drainage system that the town was hoping to install at some point. However, it seemed that the plan was being placed at a bitter stop, as the pipes appeared to have gathered quite a bit of dust.

    The area surrounding Taiko was a large construction site that was blocked off from the public. However, what was going on within the area was unknown to everyone. It caused a lot of questions to be raised and Boe wanted to find out. The maine reason being, that there had been some strange activity being sighted around the area. He figured that he could send Taiko out to investigate the situation, as well as practice her abilities furthermore. He had faith in her as he had trained her since the day she escaped from that dastardly prison. The two had become quite a team. The daring and adventurous Taiko and the brilliant inventor who seemed to be quite good with navigation.

    Boe's thick accent filled her headphones once again as he spoke. "Now I need you to keep your eyes and ears open for anything that seems outta place. I may have this little camera keepin' an eye on ya, but it ain't givin' me the whole picture. I want ya to go over to that building, but use your surroundings as a way to sneak over. Just don't strut over there cuz you'll just be wanting to get shot at."

    "Yep." She rolled her eyes as Boe lectured her about not being simple to spot. It was obvious that she was in a dangerous situation and that she needed to be careful. It'd be stupid and ridiculous to just strut over and knock on the door of a place that was supposed to have danger within it.

    Boe had silenced himself and Taiko removed one of the headphones out of her ear. She tucked the earbud in her shirt as she crouched down low, once more. Slowly she skittered her way across the deserted area and over to a nearby dump truck. She scooted herself behind the massive tire and peeked out once again. No one was in the area and it began to seem rather odd, to her.

    "Wow..." She spoke to herself very lowly. A whisper. Her gaze scanned the area and there was still no one in sight. Not even any odd movement. But despite the looks, it began to give her unwanted and undesirable chills down her back.

    Taiko skittered behind the truck and made her way over to the building. Expecting the door to be locked, she decided to check it anyways. Her hand pulled the handle, quietly and the door seemed to open without a fight. She tilted her head to the side as she noticed how easy it all seems to be. Far too easy. As she took a step, that's when she heard a sudden click behind her.

    "You don't belong here, Freak." The man said as he held his revolver in front of him. "Now why don't you make it easy for me, and turn your pretty little head towards me. This is so I can see your face before you die."

    "Play along for a moment." Boe said. His voice now cautious. "I cannot believe that this guy managed to get past me! I think I need to invent a better camera."

    "Nice to think of that right now, Boe." Taiko mumbled.

    "What was that?" The man edged his gun closer to Taiko. His hand began to shake nervously. As if he was beginning to doubt himself on protecting whatever secrets lay within the area.

    Taiko slowly turned towards him. "You know... It's not very nice to talk to people with a gun pointed at them. People may get the wrong idea." Despite her fearing for her life, she managed to talk with a hint of humor in it. Trying to cover her fear of being shot and dying. Never returning to her loving parents.

    "D-Don't lecture me!" the man hissed as he edged the rattling gun, once again. "Now you have anything to say before I shoot?"

    "I didn't know I was in a motion picture." She joked.

    The man lowered his gun as he cocked his head to the side. Her words had confused him. "Wait. What?"

    Just before he could react, Taiko took the little camera robot and chucked it at the man's face. The metal ball-like robot smashed into his face, forcing the man to lose his balance and fall over. His gun went off and a bullet smacked into a glass, shattering it all over the area. This alerted other people in the construction site as an alarm began to go off.

    "Oh sharks." Taiko said as she glanced at the broken window. She could see a rotating red light, illuminating the dark room in a circular pattern. The sounds of people talking and rasp footsteps could be heard from within the doorway.

    "I think it's high-time that ya get yourself out of there. We'll have to investigate at another time. I am parked outside the site entrance, just jump into the back of the van and I'll drive us outta here." Boe said a bit bitterly.

    Taiko saw one man trying to make his way out of the door. Instead of just leaving it open and making a run for it, she grabbed the handle and slammed it on him. The thick door smashed into the guy, knocking him over and causing an obstacle for the others to try and get around. With that, Taiko took off in a sprint, running towards her exit. She could hear shouting and fun fire behind her.

    "You know..." She said as she ran. "If they had arrows and one shot me in the leg, I am going to make that reference to you."

    "Still light-hearted in a dire situation. You're one crazy kid, ya know that?" Boe said.

    "What else can I say? Negative Nancy's usually die anyways. Here! I'll make it better for you." She hopped over a bunch of barrels. As she did, she made her tail swat at them which caused them to fall and roll back. The barrels took out a couple of the criminals, chasing after the small dragon kid. "I'm going to get shot and you're going to have to explain to my parents as to how I died. Is that better?"

    "Your humor is hilarious." Boe replied.

    "Well it wouldn't be called humor if it wasn't funny!" She laughed as she dove to the side. A bullet buzzed right past her ear. Taiko made a quick roll and stopped before the exit. Glancing upwards, she noticed that the door was chained shut. Locking her inside the site. "Ugh. Guess I'm either going to have to fly out of here or explode it."

    "I'd suggest flying but you'll be shot like a duck fleeing from a hunter during duck season." His voice began to sound a bit weary about the situation.

    "We've got you now!" Shouted one of the criminals as he and his posse stood behind Taiko. All of them were holding their weapons at her, aimed right at her head. A clear head shot!

    Taiko turned and held her hands up. She leaned against the wall and faced the men that were about to end her life. "You sure do!"

    "Shut it! We're not going to let you escape."

    She opened her mouth, as if making herself look like she was yawning. Acting like the situation was dull and unexciting for her. A deadly situation was always dull, was it not? This caused a few of the criminals twitch their finger on the trigger of their gun as they thought her attitude was odd. "STOP YAWNING! You're going to regret it!"

    When she had enough air in her lungs she gave them a brief smirk. "C'est la vie~" Before they knew it, she exhaled with force. This caused her to create a booming sound that she sent, blasting towards them. A force of invisible energy soared through the air and collided with the men. This sent them flying a few feet and knocking all of them onto their backs. Scattering them about.

    Taiko took this as a chance to escape. Turning away, she opened her wings and began to fly. Just enough to where she was over the top of the door, then she lowered herself. Unfortunately, flying was something she was terrible at. And her landing resulted in her tumbling into a nearby fire hydrant. She collided with it and looked at the door.

    A hand reached out and grabbed her arm. Tugging her to her feet and tossing her into the back of a van. When she realized who had done it, the van started up and began to drive off. It was Boe! She scrambled up while making sure she didn't knock any equipment over and moved herself to the passenger seat. The girl flopped down in the seat and strapped the belt around her. She glanced to him while wearing a frown. "I failed the mission, didn't I?"

    "A little bit. But it ain't nothin' to where I'm gonna scold you for. At least you're alive and not bleedin' on my new carpet." The fairly husky man waved his hand to her as his eyes were attached to the road. "Though ya shoutin' like that, certainly got the dogs barkin'. I bet we're gonna be on the television..."

    The thought of being on the news didn't sound appealing to Taiko at all. She already stood out from the crowd. So there was no need to be publicized anymore than she already was. The last thing she needed was a villainous organization to take note of her existence and try to either convert or destroy her. She shuttered at the thought and looked outside. To her dismay, she saw some cameramen video taping everything. "Ugh. They're like fleas. Everywhere you look there's someone with a darn camera..."
  5. bubbie

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    Dec 30, 2012
    Odilia woke up to the clamor of an alarm, to her great annoyance. She muttered a curse under her breath and sat up, throwing her heavy tangle of white dreads over her shoulders. Pushing herself out of bed, she caught a rare glimpse of her dark-skinned face in the mirror above her dresser, her eyes bright and lined by unnatural looking vines. She dressed simply as Eryth's voice boomed over the speakers. She sneered. The machines and electronics in this place were always very troubling to her, noisy and always giving off unsettling energy. She picked up the skull she used as a mask - monstrous, with sharp teeth and branching horns, on which she had painted designs much like the vines implanted on her face. Hiding her face behind the skull where only her green eyes would show to the others, she stepped out into the main room, ready to confront whatever had disturbed her. Being in this mash up group was useful in its own right, but often at times like this, she questioned her decision. The alarm blared deafeningly in her ears and in her still half-asleep state, it was more annoying than - ahem - alarming.

    She was the first to reach Eryth's side and looked up at the screen and felt her annoyance was away into a mix of fear, anger and a bit of excitement as adrenaline pumped into her veins. The dragon-man they had been planning to go after became a secondary concern. The Marauder was not something that she was expecting to deal with. Especially right on their own doorstep. Here in the city, her abilities were damn near useless and the thought made her heart pound in her throat. She was glad her fear was hidden behind a mask.

    She turned her gaze over to her teammate, wondering what sort of course he would plan to take. If it were up to her, she would duck out and escape to her barn and leave these people to their fates, but her conscience got the better of her. As much as she despised most of humanity, they were also a part of this earth, they had simply lost their way.
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    "The firing's begun." the First Mate said with some appreciation. We'll continue the barrage for another minute. If that hasn't drawn out our mystery attacker, we'll start sending in people and see how they do."

    "I dinnae want them rioting." Marauder said. "A good party's all well an' fine, but yon Council people have us on a mission right now. T'would not do for this ta turn intae a lastin' situation. The last thing we need are oot-a-state hero-types showin' up."

    "Captain?" A technician said. He was shaking slightly and looked as though he'd developed a case of thrownofftheshipaphobia. Marauder simply raised an eyebrow in his direction. She normally wasn't given to fits of rage, but the inability to open a door earlier had been particularly vexing. "We've got a possible hit." He said. "Scanners detected weapons fire at a construction site about a minute ago. We narrowed one of the scanning arrays to focus and see if a super was involved, and well..."

    He motioned to his screen. The Captain keyed a button on her command chair and brought the technician's screen up in a holographic display in front of her. She studied it with interest for a moment and keyed the display off.

    "The identity isn't verified, but the genescan showed a 99% chance of draconic capabilities similar to those witnessed in the battle with-"

    Marauder cut him off, standing.

    "Punishment should fit th' crime, nae? Send Enforcer 002." She said. "If this is our quarry, he should'nae have any trouble wi' him."

    The word was passed instantly, and seconds later, she watched as "Enforcer 002" walked out from below decks onto the main level of the Skyscourge. She grinned. There was no water at the construction site, and 002 didn't chill the air around him. The meddling fool had only defeated 001 with trickery earlier, and while 002 had no energy emitting capabilities like Coldfront or 003, he was by far the quickest and most agile of the robotic enforcer trio.

    She watched as he declined a parachute or even a jetpack and easily vaulted off the edge of the ship, plummeting out of sight.

    Then again, he was also the most eccentric.

    The thought of being on the news didn't sound appealing to Taiko at all. She already stood out from the crowd. So there was no need to be publicized anymore than she already was. The last thing she needed was a villainous organization to take note of her existence and try to either convert or destroy her. She shuttered at the thought and looked outside. To her dismay, she saw some cameramen video taping everything. "Ugh. They're like fleas. Everywhere you look there's someone with a darn camera..."

    Before either of them could call out or yell at any of the photographers however, there was a whooping noise and a ringing crash. Something plowed through a camerman from above and crushed its way into the pavement with such force that entire chunks of the road cracked apart and twisted upwards, forming a wall of concrete around the point of impact. The dust hadn't even begun to clear behind the van when something sprang from the crater. It vaulted off the roof of the van, leaving a large hand-shaped dent as it did so and came down on a car ahead of them and crushing its trunk and rear end into scrap. There was a ringing tap as a diamond-ended walking stick swung out and rapped the van's grill sharply.

    The walking stick was held in a metal structure whose complex and intricate construction only just resembled a human hand. The figure holding it was no less imposing. His height was clearly above average, and the stovepipe top hat he wore only added to his imposing visage. Clad in dark slacks with shiny black snakeskin shoes, the robot's only other concession to human dress was the hat and a bright blue tie immaculately fitted about its neck. His entire upper body was a tangled maze of pistons, wiring connections and diagnostic lights encased in a metal ribcage-like structure that fitted over the entire torso area. The head seemed to be the one area where its creator had foregone the construction of anything futuristic looking and instead turned to the macabre. It was a metallic skull with the lower jaw missing and replaced by a filter-like apparatus that was fixed in a permanent frown beneath a pair of red eyes that glared out from behind a set of protective lenses.

    Sliding plates along the rib area seemed to expand as if it were breathing.

    And then it spoke.


    It paused for a moment before tipping its hat to a somewhat more rakish angle that threatened to topple the finery. When it spoke again, the bellowing tone remained, but an aristocratic accent had been affected.


    Back at the Rogues' Hideaway, Eryth glanced up sharply at the blip that was now shown exiting the Skyscourge It fell too fast to be even a human body, and no sooner did it hit the ground than it leaped away. In the same instant, he realized that the dragon-man outside had also taken flight. He'd been right on their doorstep and they'd lost him.

    "That's going to be an issue..." he muttered, turning to Skullcap. Hyper X wasn't awake yet, but given the amount of sound he threw around on a daily basis, the wolfdemon wasn't surprised at the persistent slumber of their third member. "Your call." He said. "Do you want to try and find our hulking friend from outside, or go find out what that thing was that Marauder's ship dropped?"
  7. Banshee

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    Taiko and Boe hardly had time to react to the sudden appearance of the fast moving object. As the matter of fact, Taiko had just blinked when a distinct hallow sound came from the roof. Something had either; landed on it, fell on it, or hit it. Either way, she really hoped it wouldn't pull the "Hollywood" stunt and rip apart the roof and reach down to them.

    As this was happening, Boe was trying his hardest to dodge any debris in his path. He skimmed against the sides of parked cars and ran over potholes that seemed to have formed from whatever was causing the commotion. His mind was racing as well as, what remains, his heart. Boe's hands clenched tighter onto the wheel of the van, leaving indents of his fingers in it. "You sure ticked them off, Taiko. What in the world did'ja do to them? Bother them on their coffee break?!"

    Taiko turned back to Boe, trying to respond to his sarcastic comment. But as she did, she witnessed the creature landing on top of a car in front of them. Whatever it was, it did not look friendly in the slightest. "WATCH OUT!" She dove behind the passenger seat as the robot smashed a walking stick into the van's grill. It made the van jerk to a halt, sending Taiko colliding into the backside of the seat and Boe head-butting the wheel. Lucky for him, a majority of his skull was replaced with metal. So it didn't really hurt him all that badly. Though he did get upset that his old van is finally put out of its misery. He watched in awe as the smoke billowed out from the vents as the old engine made loud and obnoxious squealing sounds. His baby was trashed and it left him heart broken.

    Taiko rubbed the front side of her head as she rose from behind the seat. She looked past the wheel and through the cracked windshield. She stared into the face of the robotic creature that stood before them. She bit her lip, worried about what it was going to do next. "Boe, I think we're in a lot of trouble."

    "Ya...think?" Boe's voice squeaked as his face expression continued to hold his utter and complete shock. Dismay and disbelief still held its place in his mind. It was almost as if he were in shock.

    After the robot spoke in it's rather interesting voice, Taiko slowly glanced over to Boe. Unfortunately, her teammate was still in his state of shock and wasn't going to be of any use. She knew he was going to stay this way for a little while. Especially since his beloved van was trashed so easily. It has been thrown into lakes, bashed by large ram-like creatures, shot with guns and lasers, rolled down a steep mountain and still survived boulders smashing into it. And yet, a single swing of a walking stick, made the thing croak. Just like that. Taiko knew he wasn't going to let this one go for a while.

    "What is it talking about?" She asked out loud. Taiko somewhat hoped that Boe would respond to this. Unfortunately for her, he did not. So, she scooted up to the passenger door and tried to open it. Maybe if she talked to it, it wouldn't kill her? One could only hope. But as she tried to open the door, it remained locked and closed. She pulled the lock button up and tried again. Once more, the door refused to open. "OH COME ON!" She leaned back and kicked out at the door. After a couple of good kicks, she forced the door to open up. "I'm going out and talking to this guy. Have fun staring at its remarkable beauty." She hopped out of the van and turned to the robot.

    It sure seemed quite angry. This made Taiko freeze up a little bit. She took a deep breath as it spoke out again. If she was going to be killed, she might as well try to do something about it. "What in the world are you talking about!?" Those were the first words that shot out from her mouth. "We were trying to investigate a problem and you come along and smash up my cool ride!" She points to the broken van. The front axel gave out as the front of the van collapsed to the floor and the bumper came tumbling outwards, towards the robot. Some fancy ride it was.

    "And I sure as hell am not going to die." She clenched her jaw tightly as her hands became fists. Her tail swished back and forth behind her, showing off her aggravation with what had just happened. Normally she'd make a joke out of this situation, cheer herself up. But right now, she was quite furious and didn't even want to bother with trying to be calm and collected. "You also owe him a new ride, Bud."

    Boe finally got out of the damaged van. Shaking and wobbling as he walked. He held onto the side of the van. His barrel-like body was much too heavy for his numb legs. "My baby is dead!" He sobbed as he petted the side of his van. Boe was obviously more upset over his ride rather than worried about being killed by a giant robot. The door gave out and fell to the ground, as a response to his affection towards it.

    Taiko stood in front of Boe and glared at the robot. "Boe, you better get out of here. You're out of shape to get into a fight, if this guy starts one."

    "And you're too weak... An-An-And young!" He finally snapped back at her.

    She smirked. "I'm not a human child anymore." She looked back at the robot with fiery determination in her eyes. Boe stumbled over to the side, trying to get out of the direct path. To him, it seemed like the robot had a bone to pick with Taiko and not him.

    Taiko continued. "I'd love to settle this in a more civil way. But if you insist on trying to kill me. Then I have no other choice than to accept this as a challenge." Taiko pulled her hands up in front of her, she stood in a fighting stance. Her feet was placed firmly onto the ground as her eyes remain fixed on the enemy before her. "I'm not going to just give up and die. I have too much I want to fight for. I'm sure you understand."
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    Odilia watched the mayhem unfolding on the screen before her with concern. She wasn't concerned with their dragon friend at the moment, not with the Marauder right above them. The best course of action seemed to deal with the immediate threat before going after loose threads.

    "Let's see if we can find out what the ship dropped. Seems like more of a pressing matter than the dragon. Marauder's never got anything good up her sleeves, I don't see this being any exception." She folded her arms over her chest and turned her back to the television, her skull-covered face aimed towards her partner. The initial surge of fear was gone, and her eyes shone with determined rage behind her mask. "It's possible they might even end up being in the same area, we've been victim to such dumb luck in the past." She plucked her backpack - full of tinctures, antidotes, poisons, and other herbs - from a chair where it had been discarded and slid her knife into her belt. Shouldering her bag, she headed for the door, trusting Eryth would be close behind.

    After making short work of the menagerie of safety precautions that protected their little shelter from the outside world, Odilia slunk into the street, blinking as her eyes adjusted from the dim fluorescence to the natural light of the sun. As she headed towards the scene of the crash, she took the time to gather the few plants scattered throughout the streets - sad looking saplings in planters, brave weeds growing through the cracks in the sidewalk, hardy shrubs guarding door-fronts. Using her control over plants, they seemed to crawl forth from the soil and entwined themselves around her like armor. If she was going into battle, she was going to go properly armed.
  9. Madaraki

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    "Guess it's hunting either way." Eryth said, shrugging as he got up from his seat in front of the monitors. Shoving one of his old books aside, he straightened his jacket and made his way out after Skullcap. Up the walkway, to the door, through the door, and out.

    She was getting better with security procedures. He knew full well that she found them aggravating and more than a little annoying, but those procedures had so far kept the two of them from having to stay on the run from law enforcement. Unlike the mysterious dragon-man, they hadn't found any real favor with the media recently or any time in the past year.

    Not that a brief moment of favor was going to last. Ever since the Zero Hour event, law enforcement had become increasingly persistent in tracking down anyone who displayed even the slightest superhuman ability.

    And the Overcity's current bombardment of the city wasn't helping.

    By the time the young Wolfdemon finished securing his own passcodes and caught up, Skullcap had already "armored up" as some would say it. About them on the sidewalk were several deep cracks and dents that very much resembled footprints made by some massive three-clawed beast.

    Of course, those marks were nothing compared to the small craters left by the blasts being fired down from the airship. Before he could point the direction the thing from the Skyscourge had jumped in, an energy bolt from above slammed into the pavement nearby. Raising one arm, Eryth let the ash and fragments ping off his coat and arm. He had little cause to worry about Odilia. If her armoring was as good as it usually was, any shards kicked up were bouncing off.

    "There's too much fire to guess from here," he growled, looking up. "Thankfully that thing's barely moved and we should be able to pinpoint the direction it jumped in soon enough."

    Even as he spoke, several smaller objects rocketed away from the airship and curved off in various directions. Despite the barrage from the Skyscourge, the smaller scout ships seemed more concerned with hunting than attacking.

    "If I had to venture a guess, I'd say that everyone's looking for the same character right about now."

    Smoke from the energy blasts, clouds of ash from an impact crater, and roiling slick from a beaten van all congealed in a putrid mist about the battlefield that had formed rapidly between the three combatants.

    Or that noble picture was how Locus perceived it. he had made his triumphant entrance, delivering a prompt and sharp rap to the vehicle of the Overcity's enemies. He was all the same rather surprised it had broken down from the tap. Alas, that mine strength should prove so severely overmatching! He processed. Twirling the walking stick, he aimed the diamind-tipped end at Taiko as she approached and returned the challenge.


    And yet she approaches with caution...

    Stomping forward, he slammed one heel down into the road, cracking a shard of pavement loose and sending it twirling into the air. Timing his strike and movements precisely, he swung his walking stick and with a ringing CLACK sent the asphalt lump flying at Taiko like an oversized baseball.
  10. Banshee

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    Flying at her with intense speed, was a giant piece of asphalt. It wasn't every day that a massive creature with the overwhelming strength of a giant came across her path and issued a challenge. This was surely something quite unordinary. Taiko watched as the flying rock flew at her. Her mind was in a jumble as to whether or not she should move out of the way or try to blast it with her sound-hoping to make it shatter in the process. Though, finding the second option a little unlikely due to her lack of training, she went with the other.

    Using her wings for extra movement, Taiko forced her weight into throwing her to the side. She barrel rolled in the air and landed softly on her feet. The one thing she was skilled with, since her drastic change, was her flight skill. It was the first thing she wanted to get good at, since the change. Well damn. She thought to herself. This guy was totally too tough for her. I think I need more training... But I probably won't get that option if I stand here looking stupid. She inhaled as much air as she could and waited a few seconds. Here we go!

    As Taiko exhaled, she forced out a screaming energy. "RAAAH!!!" A shout, blasted through the air. The booming energy caused cars to roll out of the way and mailboxes fall to their doom. Trees shook violently as smaller debris flew through the air in a fury. The screaming energy was aimed right at the legs of her enemy. If she could at least knock the legs out, she could possibly gain the upper hand.

    Boe on the other hand, flailed and skittered away from the asphalt smashing into the ground beside him. "MY POOR BABY!" He cried as the van got knocked over and smashed. It was like someone stole a child from him. His heart was broken.

    Normally Boe would sit back and bark orders and ideas to Taiko. On a normal circumstance, he wouldn't even think about fighting someone that was out of their league. And normally, he was quite calm about things happening. Drastic or not. But when it came to smashing his baby van, he was quite protective of it. Seeing it being smashed to pieces, really turned on some vital anger points. He turned to the enemy. He opened his mouth.

    And ran.

    "Wh-What?!" Taiko said as she saw her team mate run off without her. "Where are you going?! Y-You're going to let me battle this thing all by my lonesome!?" She couldn't believe the hobo. He was going to turn tail and run! She gritted her teeth and focused her attention back on the giant before her. A part of her was screaming at her, Run away! You're stupid for fighting this thing! But her stubbornness was preventing her legs to obey to her sub conscious.

    She inhaled once more and sent out another screaming blast. "GO AWAY!" She screamed.

    As for Boe, he wasn't just running away. He was actually backing off, getting into the perfect position to start his own battle. Close combating was not in his comfort zone. So hiding in a distance and trying to pinpoint the enemy's weak points was the best solution!

    As Boe stood there, he popped open his chest cavity and pulled out a rifle. Holding it up to his eye-level, he looked through the scope. He zeroed in on the enemy and searched for possible weak points. Okay buddy. You've got to have some weak spot somewhere..."
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