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Into the Black: Character and Ship Profiles

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Steamlined, Dec 4, 2014.

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  1. Steamlined

    Steamlined Jack of all trades

    Sep 20, 2014
    Into the Black
    Character and Ship Profiles
    Roleplay thread can be found here
    This is the Character and Ship profile thread for "Into the Black". Be sure to post Characters here, and refer to this thread if you need to refresh your memory on a certain character.

    1. No Mary Sues - This should be obvious. You cannot have a Ship or Character that would be considered "Overpowered"
    2. Character Limitations - You are allowed to control 2 ships at any one time (If one is destroyed, you can have another), and 4 important characters. (Generic crew members can be used if necessary for large ships)
    3. Fit with the theme - The story is set in an unknown sector of space! You can have pretty much any kind of character you want (As long as it's not too over-the-top).

    Character Forms
    This is the form used for Characters. Post all your desired Characters in one single post, and edit it if necessary.
    Name: The name of your character. Be creative!
    Age: Doesn't need to be in years, of course.
    Gender: Male, Female, or Other (Perhaps your Character is genderless?)
    Species: What species is your character? Be creative here too! (Evil aliens? Robots? Up to you! But don't go over-the-top!)
    Specialization: Is your character a Pilot? An Engineer? A Diplomat? Specify here!
    Armaments: Does your character carry some form of self-defense? Specify here!
    Appearance: Give a description of your character's appearance here. You can be as detailed as you want!
    Miscellaneous: Any important notes for your character? Leave them here!

    Ship Forms
    This is the form used for Ships. Post all your desired ships in a single post alongside your characters, and edit if necessary. If a ship is destroyed, you can claim another.
    Ship Name: The name or designation of your Ship. Again, be creative!
    Armaments: What sort of weapons does your ship have? Perhaps it doesn't have any?
    Notable Systems: Does your Ship have Shields? Does it have a cloak? Onboard AIs? Be creative, but don't use anything considered "Overpowered"!
    Appearance: Give a description of your ship's appearance here, as best you can. You can use an image if you want.
    Size: Give an approximate size. The size of a small fighter? Or a huge Battlecruiser?
    Miscellaneous: Any important notes for your ship? (Does it have no gravity generation? Does it not have life support on board? Is it run by an AI?) Leave them here!

    Once you've posted here, then you can jump right in to the Roleplay! Have fun!
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  2. Wiso Altred

    Wiso Altred Dragon Tamer

    Level 6
    Nov 6, 2014
    Name: Mkk't Buggu't
    Age: Middle aged
    Gender: Male
    Species: An Allien from system T'ol
    Specialization: Captian of Fleet 45 of the Aliens Search and destroy squad going to the other side
    Armaments: Always has a Nira Impulse in his pocket(a wepon that shoots plasma orb thingies)
    Appearance: He has a well built Body a Semi Trianglar Head and he has green skin Feet have a hoof shaped end
    Miscellaneous: Can use telkenises but not on very heavy objects such as ships or astroids cannot be affected by words and is a good marksmen


    Ship Name: Voidx
    Armaments: has M6 Raccon(wepon tech level 9 power 120 is a laser)it has 2 wepons attached
    Notable Systems: Me'al (booster that has 200% effect) A clak that can only last for 300sec and needs 40000secs to recharge and has a OK shield that can be pentrated easily
    Appearance: it is shaped like a orignal fighting USA jet but with longer wings and higher handling
    Miscellaneous: Has 120 Carge hold 0 turrnets 2 wepons supports only Alien life forms it is run by An AI and a back up Operator and has one of the best armors in the galaxy
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  3. Steamlined

    Steamlined Jack of all trades

    Sep 20, 2014
    Name: Harley Turner
    Age: Middle-aged, early 30s.
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Specialization: Jack-of-all-trades, but Master of none - Running the ship by himself means he needs to be decent with all the systems.
    Armaments: One small Pistol, which fires a simple blue beam, capable of anything from shocks to severe burns - A force to be reckoned with.
    Appearance: Medium, Brown hair, with Brown eyes. Caucasian skin tone. Average body tone, not very muscular. Wears brown jacket over plain white shirt, and beige trousers. (Usually)
    Miscellaneous: He's lived on his own on his ship, the Hummingbird, for a long time, and can sometimes be eccentric. Sometimes known to become reckless, but often prefers the more tactiaclly sound option.

    Name: JH-74 Personal Droid
    Age: 12 Years operational life.
    Gender: Genderless, Male personality.
    Species: Humanoid Robot / AI.
    Specialization: Capable of flying if necessary, more useful as mechanic. Is a very good chef.
    Armaments: One Arm-mounted stunning firearm, incapable of killing, but easily capable of incapacitating. Only used if completely necessary.
    Appearance: Humanoid shape. Made from Silver coloured plating, but showing signs of wear. Wears clothes with similar stylistic sense to Harley.
    Miscellaneous: The AI within the robotic body has grown accustomed to it's owner. It displays much of the same personality of its owner, but is actually better at social skills than Harley. Has a limited battery life of around 1 week nonstop use, and can Charge off of the Hummingbird.

    Ship Name: XR-01 "Hummingbird"
    Armaments: Dual rapid-fire "Bluebird" laser cannons - not powerful, but they fire a lot, so can cause a lot of damage. SIngle missile bay capable of storing 4 proton missiles, which cause much damage, but are hard to manufacture.
    Notable Systems: Equipped with shields that aren't the strongest. Uses Gravity-Diffusion system, so the ship can perform manuevers without invoking G-Forces on the crew.
    Appearance: It has a large, aerodynamic body, with a cockpit at the front nose. It has traditional Fixed-wings for Atmospheric flight, and two plasma engines on either wing. Also has one larger engine on the back. Tail has Rudder and Elevators like normal Aircraft.
    Size: About the size of a small house, capable of housing 5 people comfortably, or 10 people maximum, any more and the Life Support can't sustain it.
    Miscellaneous: Fitted with a Shipboard computer that responds to voice commands, and can perform Self-diagnostics.
  4. Weedle Enthusiast

    Weedle Enthusiast Resident Weedle Enthusiast

    Best Boi
    Level 1
    Oct 29, 2014
    Crown of ValorDome Fossil ★★★
    Name: Doesn't have one of his own. They're a bit of a hermit, never had a use for a name and has always been alone.
    Age: 30 revolutions of a certain comet, that's how they kept track.
    Gender: Genderless, or at least undetermined even by themself.
    Species: During the times they've talked to themself, they have identified themself as an Aasgeier.
    Specialization: Scavenging and tinkering. Doesnt exactly have a ship or planet. Just travels around scavenging for metal.
    Weapons: Has self-made, albeit crude, tools and a poorly made gun. All it is capable of is an annoying sting that distracts things long enough for them to get away. Useless against those with pain tolerance or those who will keep chase even with annoying/dustracting pains. Otherwise, nothing.
    Appearance: Covered in small scars from failed creations, scaly limbs that seem to do same thing, 7 of them. Not much notable features outside of those except insect/humanoid body
    Misc: Doesnt breathe, allowing them to survive in the vacuum of space, and the ability to move around without help. As they don't have a planet, not used to gravity.

    Ship: Does not own one, nor do they want/need one.
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