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Is This Really Goodbye?

Discussion in 'Art Corner' started by MoonlightEve, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. MoonlightEve

    MoonlightEve Black Belt

    Dec 25, 2012
    The squeal to "Reunion?".

    The darkness..... The soul drifted in the night sky. Shadowy tears fell from the spirit's eyes. I don't want to leave.... Slowly, the shadowy spirit turned into an Umbreon. The Umbreon looked down at her home town and at the small group she left behind. Her silvery tears dropped from her eyes, only to vanish into the darkness of the night. The Umbreon watched as the Squirtle, her son, had reacted to seeing her dead body. She saw everyone's reactions, even the Glaceon's. The Glaceon, Meghdad, the one she loved more then anything in the world. It was his reaction that made her the saddest.

    As her spirit floated above the town, something tugged at the back of her mind. Something stirred at the back of her mind as she looked at the Glaceon, but her attention quickly turned to the human. Before she could do anything the human pulled the trigger and was gone. The Umbreon looked around, only to see the human's spirit float into the sky. The Umbreon felt an over whelming sadness over come her. The human had been her best friend and trainer sense she could remember. Her tears continued to cascaded down her ghostly face like a waterfall.

    Then the stirring feeling came back. The Umbreon swished her ghostly head about. The stirring.... Something told the ghostly Umbreon to go back into the forest. It was the last place.... The Umbreon's eyes widen as the stirring started to fade. Now she knew what the feeling was, but started to panic when it started to fade. She floated toward the forest and toward a special place that, as far as she knew, she was the only one who knew about it.

    The spirit came to small hollow. A small creak twisted and churn in the hollow. The Willow tree that covered the top of the hollow, keep it save and warm and the gentle smell of berries and flowers filled the air. It was the perfect place to hide someone or, in this case, someTHING. Toward the back of the grassy hollow, in a small little leafy nest, lay an egg. The Umbreon spirit floated toward the egg. A soft, yet sad smile on the Umbreon's ghostly face.

    The Umbreon floated next to the egg and laid her ghostly paw on the egg. The egg was beautiful non the less. The soft brown on the egg looked so fluffy, while the black tip was just as fluffy. Tears spilled from the Umbreon's ghostly blue eyes. She knew now that the stirring feeling she was feeling was that of the egg. The color in the egg was dulling by the second and the Umbreon's heart, if she still had a heart for that matter, was darkening by the second.

    Don't die.... The Umbreon panicked as she tried to do something, but a ghost can only do so much. Soon the warmth from the egg was ebbing away from it and the Umbreon really started to worry. She didn't want the little egg to die, but she had no idea what to do. So swished her ghostly head around as she tried to think of something, but she was to late. The egg's colors was almost gone and the warmth from the egg was replaced my cold.

    The Umbreon's face turned horrified. How could she have let this happen? The Umbreon lowered her ghostly body to the ground, layed her paws and ghostly head on the egg as she cried. "Do not cry...." The soothing voice spoke from above. The Umbreon, with tear filled eyes, looked around, but say no one. "You can still save the life within...." The voice was so gentle and soothing. It reminded the Umbreon of the Glaceon's voice and the affected it had on her.

    The Umbreon's ghostly face turned to a determined face as the voice spoke once more, "Give your spirit and the fire shall burn strong...." The Umbreon was confused, but the voice had stopped speaking. Which meant it wanted the Umbreon to find the answer. The Umbreon looked at the egg. The once beautiful, vibrant colors were gone and the once soothing warmth was now cold. Looking at the egg, the ghostly Umbreon's head was filled with memories. Memories of her past and of the present.

    Soon the Umbreon knew what she had to do. She placed her ghostly paws on the egg. Slowly the warmth of the egg started to return. The Umbreon's blue eyes glowed slightly. Don't die little one....The colors of the egg started to return and the ghostly Umbreon was starting to vanish. The egg had been returned to life and the Umbreon only had a few more moments before she would vanish, so she floated away from the hollow.

    When she got back to the group, the Glaceon was trying to comfort the Squirtle, though the Umbreon could tell he was breaking down too. She floated to the two males. "Life shall burn forever...." The Umbreon land on the ground with a soft tap. The Glaceon and Squirtle looked up and started to cry even harder as they hugged the Umbreon. The dark type was so happy, but already her body was starting to vanish into the darkness.

    The Squirtle jumped up and down as he asked if his mommy was alright. The Umbreon nodded and nuzzled her son. The Umbreon looked up at the Glaceon. The ice type stepped forward alittle as he stared in disbelieve. The Umbreon stepped in toward the Glaceon. The soft smile on her face was gentle and calming, but went away when she kissed the Glaceon. The ice type was shocked at first, but soon accepted the kiss and returned it.

    When the Umbreon pulled away the Glaceon looked at her with shock. The Umbreon's body was almost completely gone and the Umbreon's face still held that soft smiled, though tears cascaded down her cheeks. The Glaceon stared in horror as the voice filled the Umbreon's ears, "The fire shall be born anew...." The Umbreon bowed her head as the rest of her body vanished into the night. The Glaceon and Squirtle looked around for the Umbreon as they called her name, but they would never see the Umbreon again. At least, not in that form they wouldn't.

    In the back of the hollow, the egg twitched alittle. A soft wind blew the leaves of the Willow tree into the hollow. A single silvery tear fell from the heavens and landed on the egg. The hollow was filled with a bright light. The darkness around the hollow brighten with the sudden light, but returned to bitch black when the light vanished.

    In the back of the hollow, in the little nest where the egg once layed, a baby Eevee sniffled. The soft brown fur of the Eevee moved slightly in the wind. The dark black tips of the Eevee's tail, ears, feet and nose, was as bark as an Umbreon's fur. The wind picked up and the smell of berries and flowers got stronger as the wind picked the smell up and dropped it off in town. The little Eevee whined slightly as the yells from the Glaceon and Squirtle rang in it's tiny ears. Silvery tears streamed down the little ones face.

    The Eevee stirred as the voices got closer. Soon the Glaceon came into the hollow and the little Eevee started to cry. The ice type was taken off guard, but rushed over to the babies side. The little Eevee turned and whined slightly. The Glaceon nuzzled the small Eevee, seeing the tears, but gasped when the little Eevee opened her eyes. Soft, gentle blue eyes. Thats all the Glaceon saw and tears filled his eyes. He now knew what happen to the Umbreon.

    She'd given her own spirit to the small Eevee so it could live. He nuzzled the small normal type gentle as he voice comforted the little Eevee and tears cascaded down his cheeks, "Welcome, my little Banafrit." The little Eevee mewed softly at her new name. As the Squirtle and others entered the hollow, the voice spoke, "The fire shall burn strong and the lost life shall live anew...." The Willow tree whistled in the wind and the soft lullaby of nature filled the hollow as the smell of berries and flowers once again filled the air.

    The small Eevee looked around at the group of Pokémon. A great joy filled her little heart, but she didn't know why. The only thing the small normal type knew, was that she would safe with these Pokémon and....

    I'll always be with you guys.... The Glaceon looked at the small Eevee and smiled softly. 'Luna's always going to be with us. Even in death and her own rebirth....'
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  2. Nortuen

    Nortuen School Kid

    Dec 25, 2012
    You're such an excellent writer, Eve! Make sure you don't quit it, 'kay? 'Cause it'd be such a waste. Awesome work! :')
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