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Ivogami Plans

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by LassusVulpes, Oct 7, 2022.

  1. LassusVulpes

    LassusVulpes Eclipse Holder

    (Giratina (Origin))
    Level 55
    Sep 2, 2017
    Cooler Gary Oak ★★★★★
    Ivogami Plans-

    I've been working on Ivogami for a few months now. And I feel as though I need to write down my plans of the world and story. Along with things to change.

    The name of the story, as in the canonical sense of the universe. The world would legit just mean "Lucky Idiots" but I don't feel like it really sparks anything without knowing this. The world has it's own made up language and slang, but not everyone would know it. So that's why I feel Ivogami just doesn't work.

    Some characters design. I feel as though some are rudimentary and bland too stereotypical.

    I need to flush out how Eclipse dives will work, as right now it's just go to a destroyed alteration, and deal with the core.

    What's to come and why it's taking so long-

    While I've been working on plotting and writing ideas down. I need to balance out the ins and outs. Sure I can make the perfect worlds, but what if there's nothing to see in those worlds? It's like Witcher 3 graphics, but with sonic boom gameplay *pre patch* I want to balance out the worlds and characters. In Ivogami they don't go to planets, they go to alterstars. Which is like a vortex / weak fusion of what could be called a "planet" However one is not formed by materials, instead fueled and shaped by the creatures habiting the alterstar giving their energy. It's why the bigger Alterstars have massive and strong creatures aboard. But those Alterstars would be unbalanced due to one creature having too much power. It would alter around that one eclipsal making the smaller ones weak.

    To break an Alterstar you must destroy the Eclipsal(s) that power it. I should mention, an Eclipsal is the creatures released from when the sun and the moon merged causing the galactic fallback. I know, makes no sense. but just fantasy. Upon the start of the Galactic fallback the Eclipsal form from the dark shadows of the worlds and universe. Some grow stronger due to gaining power from the sun and moon. The sun fuels them while the moon gives them shape and alters their waves.

    I want to build my characters best I can, for these Alterstars. Now heres the thing, I don't know if I should keep the idea of an Alterstar, or if I should change it's name / premise.

    The world-

    The world of Ivogami is one of destruction, isolation, and triumph. The world was cast aside in the Universal Fallback where things became nothing. The world of Ivogami was ripped apart like sand on a steel mesh. Only the rocks remain, and very few survive. Those become the Ecliptites. An organization to close the Alterstars before they grow to strong and break their only remaining home and hope. They've learnt that normal weapons aren't effective on the Eclipsal Armors and need to make new weapons to handle the hardened carapace of moon stone. Fragments of the Eclipse float around a common meal source for Eclipsal. Some fragments are very plentiful and fuel the large Eclipsals. But can also fuel the weapons to destory them.

    Creatures- The Alterstars will have diverse ecosystems and creatures, made of the Eclipsal that form it. A world full of sea life Eclipsal will have a murky and wet climate. Where a dragon Eclipsal will have a flourishing valley of death. Some creatures will grow long talons to claw around the altered alterstars of large Eclipsals.

    I want to make panels for more serious / comedic parts of the story. And that's what's taking me a bit to plan out. As it's a new medium to me. I don't know if they'll be common or not, But i'm enjoying making them.

    I'll add more to this over time, but for right now this is as much as I wish to release
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