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Izaga, a fake-region and world building thread several years in the making.

Discussion in 'Creative Zone' started by ZedKalEios, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. ZedKalEios

    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Mar 31, 2014
    I Z A G A

    Introductory Lore
    In the ancient past, the Izaga Region was created from little by the Isle Creation Duo, Izagi and Izami, and populated by many of their children; the Yomi Trio, Kyotsuka, Ohirasu, and Hayasusa; the Orochi Solo, Oronagi; and many others, including Ohirasu's sacred guardian wolf, Eromi.

    When Oronagi stirred up chaos in his drunken campaigns and finally wounded Ohirasu, Hayasusa took it upon himself to carve the land apart and trap the snake Kami and those who followed him away from the rest of Izaga.

    The pain of Hayasusa's vengeful decision saw Izagi and Izami enter into conflict over the justness of his actions and in the end, when no agreement could be met, they broke apart and settled into the divided continent until their spirits merged into the land.

    In anguish over his actions, Hayasusa deemed himself unworthy of walking among his siblings and lessors, and repeated his crime upon the north-western shores, condemning himself to eternal exile the same as Oronagi.

    Ohirasu, unable to endure the regret caused by such a small wound to her form, sealed herself away within a western cave, where awaited her banished guardian wolf, and Eromi melted into the mountains surrounding his mistress, ever-watchful again.

    Kyotsuka fled far to the south, secluding herself beneath the deepest lake imaginable.

    With these Kami forgotten about in the intervening centuries, man arrived on distant ships and the wings of pokémon, and so, the legacy of Izagi and Izami were lost to fragmented myth.

    Little remained to remind of those who came before... until their gradual resurrection at the hands of the Cult of Izaya.

    Map and Locations

    The Izaga Region is distinct in that as a result of ancient history it is divided into Eastern and Western domains, each with their own respective Professor and their own respective Gym Leaders united under the command of the Izaga League heralded out of Drakonwomb Island in between, where the final two Gym Leaders may be found at top and bottom.

    1. New Ihlysian; the largest city situated upon Western Izaga, it is home to Professor Aspen and many revived fossil species. Gym Leader Iris Alexandria recently constructed her Gym there to study beside the fairy specialist and her love-interest, Alchemist Ein.
    2. Mieru City; a city-wide museum to the history of Izaga, Ashido, Sandaia even further south, and with smaller sections toward the other known regions. It has been maintained by the Alexandria family for generations.
    3. Massugu City; a border city supplying the Erom Range and Erom Village with electricity and water purification via underground piping and cables.
    4. Erom Range | Erom Village; a small mountain range set deep into the ground, about which a diminutive set of ponds act as a focal point to the north-east. Legends indicate it is shaped after the body of the guardian Kami, Eromi, the wolf of Ohirasu herself. The relatively secluded Erom Village is located at the far end, installed deep into a maze of underground caverns, but hardy trees with deep roots can be found on many levels. Old tales are kept alive in oral tradition and reenacted on certain holidays. Gym Leader Rhuarc runs his Gym out of the heart of this isolated domain. The Phoenix Champion, Shujaku Ryoga, has adopted it as a secondary-home outside of his native Sandaia Region.
    5. Fisher's King Creekland; another primitive village and host to the Master Fisher competition every few months. Retired-Champion Amegai Oumi and the Oumi clan originate here.
    6. Karden District | Aorden Town; a mountain range shaped like a twisted heart. It trembles and sends tremors throughout it whenever a thunderstorm approaches, rumbling even the Fishbone Lakes nearby. It is the resting place of Izami's body, where she sank into the terrain after separating from Izagi thousands of years ago. Set in the offshoots of the Karden District, Aorden Town hosts experimental seismic activity programs that were later put to use in Uchuushinzou across the Southern border. The Swordsman, Aldrich Augustas, runs his team vigorously against the tremors to hone their reflexes.
    7. Southern Drakonwomb Island; a jungle requiring HM Cut to carve a path through the imported Carnivine and Victrebell waiting for unsuspecting trainers. It is home to the crazed Gym Leader Nathaniel Woods.
    8. Hakurori City; a great city besieged beneath constant winter from the nearby frozen lake, from which it takes its name. Professor Rachel Oleander holds her laboratory near the Eastern Corner, far away from prying eyes. Fire type species roam the city streets keeping the lamps burning and making sure that no one succumbs to the cold. Gym Leader Kiyo Inari resides upon the East-Southern city border.
    9. South Rink Town; a cyclist-centered town where amateurs and pros alike can stop and exchange tips, conduct battles, and heal up after a long, hard ride. Tourists are welcome to place bids or even participate in a race for a cheap fee, and time trial records are stored here. Amateurs tend to start here and head up and back in revolving cycles until they can attain the stamina to complete a full Rink Tour.
    10. West Rink Town; a friendly community of speed-manics. Cyclists compete to complete the Rink Tour in as quick a pace as possible, and Rink Races are held every Wednesday of the year. Cyclist Amber is the reigning Rink Tour Master.
    11. North Rink City; the last stop on the Rink Tour depending on the accepted route. It is notoriously exhausting to ride through and tourists are expected to travel by foot along elevated walkways.
    12. Senbai City; situated on the edge of a small range of hills and the Altonimbi Lake, Senbai City is a cultural refuge for the outcasts of the Sandaian region. Gym Leader Manda Rin runs his Gym here.
    13. Ennounoou Mountains | Ennou City; a steep set of spires and pillars of stone jutting into the sky. The city of Ennou was founded there by isolationists from the early human settlements to arrive in Izaga, developing into a sprawling city. Ennou City is connected together across the yawning chasm by great rope and stone bridges. Despite its old-timey feel, modern science has installed many amenities and luxuries beneath the surface. Some have called it a brother-city to Erom Village in this regard.
    14. Northern Drakonwomb Island; passage across the Ennou Bridge leads up from Shadow Dance Valley, where Gym Leader Sabata Santos resides. Dark-types favor the location.
    15. Izaga League; home to the Five Heralds, the leaders of the Izaga League, the Elite Four and Champion. Ferocious dragon- and wyvern-type species dominate the surrounding subterranean North and South Victory Road, from which the island takes its name. Oronagi was once trapped parallel to the underground domain by Hayasusa.
    16. Port Thulhurai; a heavy fortified town upon rocky shores, it is the only known dock available to those willing to sail to Thulhurai Island. It is forbidden for regular trainers and tourists to visit and requires League approval.
    17. Alcove of Knowledge; a reserved section of the great museum and library pertaining to dangerous subjects and artifacts. It is safeguarded by the Librarian, Nicholas Noah, and his assistants.
    18. Elysian Fields; a strange plain where a curious serenity becalms those who enter it.
    19. Thulhurai Island; the island that Hayasusa carved from the North-Eastern flank of Izaga and took as his refuge and exile. It can only be docked at between certain days of the month, and in certain months of the year due to ferocious sea currents and natural storms. Two tiny ponds teeming with trapped Relicanth are just one of the many small sites of disaster following the Attenborough Experiments twenty years ago. The International League has placed a ban on regular trainer access due to the danger present, which the Izaga League enforces.
    20. Fishbone Lakes; three lakes pressed closely together on the edge of Western Izaga. It is said that many ancient oceanic fossils may be discovered here as a result of the land and sea shifting over the eons.
    21. Pillars of Ohirasu; situated deep under the surface of the Erom Range, practically within the sea, this winding cavern is filled with thermal vents said to be the weeping rage of Ohirasu herself. Fire type species are naturally drawn to the humid environment, and members of the Flame Eromite clan dwell here.
    22. Hakurorrim Lake; a vast frozen lake situated on Eastern Izaga to the South-East. It has been confirmed to be the source of the permanent winter enshrining Hakurori City by Professor Oleander and the Inari Tribe, with many believing that the third member of the Yomi Trio dwells beneath the enduring frost.
    23. Altonimbi Lake; a warm pool where cold-blooded species nest.
    24. Tsuraigan Lake; an angular lake just beneath the Ennounoou Mountain range. It is here that Izagi sank into the terrain, and where legend speaks of as the point where he looks out from his tormented dreams.
    25. Uzushio Lake; a large whirlpool landlocked in the upper corner of Drakonwomb Island. Beneath its surface Oronagi slumbers fitfully, and in a small, forgotten alcove long since concealed by the rain waters that formed the Lake, natural reserves of alcohol once known as the Well of Inebriation await.
    26. Prehistoric Ponds; the watering hole for the ancient species brought back into the modern age by Johnathan Attenborough. Two Relicaiou have evolved to defend their children against the savagery of the Nidhrunch and Seuveranno population, an ongoing observation by the Eye In The Sky satellite attuned to the island twenty-four hours a day per International League mandate.
    27. The Road of Amegai; the standing position of then-Champion Amegai Oumi against the Ashido Militant Forces twenty years ago, where he raised tsunamis to destroy the rebellious uprising and later marched across the fragile border to establish the Gates of Amegai as a penalty and guard tower. It is notoriously difficult to traverse, requiring permission of the standing Champion, and members of the Oumi Clan still police the path.

    History and Major Events

    • Izagi, Izami, and Amenushi fall from the heavens to the great southern seas.
    • Emerging from their cocoon, they three combine their spirit, their will, and their fortitude and give rise to a vast, barren plane. With soil underfoot the Stardust Trio begin to fertilize the land with the seeds of their imagination, and soon the children of Izagi and Izami, Hayasusa, Ohirasu, Kyotsuka and Oronagi arise. They are dubbed the Kami, and at Ohirasu's bidding another companion arises in the form of a guardian wolf, Eromi.
    • Alongside these five, from Amenushi's insights a new generation of children, dubbed the Asura, are born. Chief among them is Valankor, and from the afterbirth of the twelve come a thirteenth unintentionally in the form of Goliant.
    • For long years the Stardust Trio and the Kami and Asura co-habit and explore the world about them, shaping it as they proceed. The first species from other regions begin to arrive as their migrating paths intersect where the newly risen land now rests.
    • Under Izagi and Izami's care the foreign population begins to change to forms suited to the hostile environment.
    • Goliant begins to hunt and feast unconditionally upon these softer creatures, encouraging the Kami and Asura to rally together and drive her deep south and beneath the surface where she may be sealed ere she devours the entire domain and turn her sights upon them next.
    • Disturbed at the actions which produced Goliant and by the hunger she possessed, Amenushi begins to consider the act of creation and manipulation of life to be a mistake.
    • His attempts to convince Izagi and Izami to cease their continuance and assist in exterminating the creatures of the land fails and, in time, leads him to call the Asura back to his side in order to go to war.
    • Izagi and Izami call back their own children and prepare to face their father. Valankor defects at this time and assists them, and under his insight craft vessels to weaken Amenushi's spirit should he come forward directly.
    • The War of the Twenty Deities begins and ends within a year, in which the Kami emerge victorious. The tortured land is sundered but for tenacious strips along a set of horizontal craters, allowing the ocean to flood in and fill the gaps, dividing North from South. To the South the Asura are banished, to dwell amidst the ruins where Goliant dwells.
    • Amenushi's rage and combative prowess are siphoned away into the twin-vessels Regiryu and Regiken upon trespassing into the North, and weakened spiritually Amenushi retreats. Hereafter his power fades and he becomes the first to drift out of a physical form and slumber within the land itself.
    • Gradually the Asura share in their father's fate but for Valankor, who remains a shadow observing the Kami. It is Valankor who introduces Oronagi to the Well of Inebriation, ultimately spurring Oronagi to act out upon the jealousies of his heart at the love shared by the Incarnations, Hayasusa, Ohirasu, and Kyotsuka.
    • With the mending of the land well underway and the restoration of life, Ohirasu grows weary of Eromi's constant presence at her side and exiles the wolf so that she may adore in the attention of these softer creatures they had sheltered in the War.
    • Thus without her faithful companion, Oronagi slips amidst the others and harms Ohirasu. In response Hayasusa once more intervenes and carves out the land by himself, having matured in strength, and repeats the act that once required twenty to accomplish, permanently sealing Oronagi alone and dividing East from West in the North.
    • Izagi and Izami argue over the merits of this act and come to an irreconcilable indecision. Izagi remains in the East while Izami flees to the West, taking with her Ohirasu.
    • In time Izami's spirit fades from her flesh into the land, as does Izagi's.
    • Their children retreat in sorrow and heartbreak to the most distant parts of the West and East from one another save Eromi, who remains loyal to his mistress even in her abjection.
    • Alone but for the weak creatures who have now taken to the broken land for home, Valankor assumes rule over the devoid domain before ultimately taking to slumber as all the rest.

    • Across the centuries more species migrate and establish themselves, while others have naturally evolved and dwell across all of East, West, and South.
    • Several hundred years ago the first ships of man sail deep enough south to reach the bifurcated region. With them come tamed Meep. Tentative colonies settle while others carry onward ever deeper south and west, some to reach what would one day be known as Ashido. Those who settle to Ashido are joined by flyers and sailors from even-farther away Sandaia, and the settling of the South begins.
    • Valankor awakens from his slumber to discover the advancement of species. He begins to study them in secrecy to see what he may exploit for his own entertainment.
    • Unknown exact date, Valankor begins turning sinful men across the South into Onigumo for his own petty satisfaction.
    • Three hundred years ago man has established a firm rule over what they have come to call Izaga, after the fragments of the deities society that have endured eons of weather and decay... and the occasional whispering of Valankor.
    • Those who settle to Ashido are strangely resistant to cultural trade and little contact passes between the two regions across the treacherous paths, while some small trade remains along sailing routes.
    • Two hundred years ago the Heraldry System of selecting rulers evolves into the current day format within Izaga. Many towns and cities have developed, as well as a diverse split of races, with some preferring the simplicity and seclusion of the mountains, others the lakesides and grasslands, and still more the frozen tundra.
    • One hundred years ago all of Izaga has been charted and settled but for Thulhurai Island. Izaga and Ashido acknowledge one another as separate Leagues with the boundary being the broken region gap.

    • Fifty years ago, Professor Linden accepts Dalin Aspen and Rachel Oleander as his aides. The brilliant children are often contrasts of one another and devoted to different means of studying.
    • Thirty years ago Professors' Aspen and Oleander officially succeed Linden for West and East Izaga respectively.
    • Their relationship falls apart, and Professor Oleander begins her reclusive retreat from the world in Hakurori City to search for answers amidst the largely unknown ancient civilization documented by the first settlers, while Professor Aspen turns to unearthing even more fossils and becoming the most prominent fossil archaelogist of his era.
    • Twenty-four years ago the first Rink Tour commences, drawing attention from cyclists the world over and helping establish the annual event.
    • Twenty-one years ago the rich and eccentric researcher, Johnathon Attenborough, begins experimenting with the local fossil-related species and attempting to replicate the research of Professor Aspen without his approval. Having successfully resurrected several ancient species, the Attenborough Experiments run wild and out of control and all humans involved in the affair are killed.
    • Twenty years ago Ashido declares war. The Izaga League Heralds answer the Ashido Militant Force under the orders of Champion Amegai Oumi.
    • Within several months the Heralds destroy all opposition and Champion Amegai begins the process of submission and reformation across Ashido, opening him up to the vast cultural differences between the two sister-regions.
    • Eighteen years ago Soryu Shiratori, Aldrich Augustas, Shujaku Ryoga, Ein Eldin, Mitchel Shire, and a handful of other trainers selected by the Heraldry System begin to train amongst themselves for the sake of becoming the next Elite Four and Champion. They call themselves the Champlings and conduct exceptional combat trials.
    • Unknown exact date, Valankor becomes attracted to the research being done by Professor Oleander and her aide, Sabata Santos, which would ultimately lead to the creation of the artificial Arceus instruments, Photon and Shadow Plate.
    • Ten years ago Izaya Tenryou breaches the regional gap outside of Champion Amegai's measures and arrives in utter secrecy into Izaga, beginning his campaign to learn the secrets of the forgotten Kami. He has already laid claims to Regiryu and Regiken for his own as of this time and finds a way to persuade Professor Oleander to assist him without the knowledge of her aide.
    • Several years ago, Valankor comes to work with Sabata Santos in order to further the awakening of the sleeping Kami. During this time the first officially recognized Shadow species, Kageon, is developed. This research would later be leaked by Professor Oleander to the International scientific community and hijacked by researchers behind the Orre Revolt and XD Incident.
    • Within six years ago, Soryu Shiratori completes the Izaga Conference and emerges as the next Champion.
    • Three years ago, Izaya Tenryou returns to Ashido to collect his allies and bring forth the secret Cult of Izaya to assist him. Oronagi is retrieved from the sunken cavern beneath Uzushio Lake, incensing Hayasusa enough to waken beneath Thulhurai Island. Scouts sent to infiltrate the Erom Range work out the locations of reverence from the people of Erom Village, unearthing slumbering Eromi and Ohirasu. Beneath Hakurorrim Lake, Gym Leader Kikyo Inari assists in the resurrection of Kyotsuka.
    • Two and a half years ago, Izagi and Izami are woken at last. The ravages o their slumber and heartache have warped their physical forms into demonic creatures, and their bitterness allows them to be easily swayed by Paladin Izaya into confronting each other. Their children reluctantly take sides in the feud.
    • The Heralds struggle to contain the violence and secure the sanctity of life.
    • At some point Champion Soryu tracks down and confronts Paladin Izaya, and under the intense psychic battle, Izaya is taken by Valankor to become yet another Onigumo.
    • Valankor dismantles the secret seals upon Regiryu and Regiken that have held back Amenushi's spirit for eons, rendering the golems inert.
    • Without their figurehead and leader, the remaining members of the Cult of Izaya begin to fray, mentally and physically, and are arrested to await trial.
    • At last the Heralds convince Izagi and Izami to cease fighting. During this period, Valankor is discovered to be the culprit behind the ancient disagreement and cut down once and for all by Hayasusa's sacred sword.
    • Two years ago Izagi and Izami have begun to heal from their wounds and work together to repair the land. Izaga is restored to the pre-awakening state.
    • Sabata Santos and Rachel Oleander are tried by the Izaga League. Sabata is found innocent of intentional harm while Professor Oleander bitterly surrenders and accepts her hand in the death and destruction.
    • Her secondary apprentice-turned-Gym Leader, Kikyo Inari, and distant Rhuarc are likewise tried and found innocent of intentional harm.
    • Six months ago the Kami have settled into reluctant lives of reverence among the people. Izagi and Izami have reunited as husband and wife and regained the ability to heal species at a touch.
  2. ZedKalEios

    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Mar 31, 2014
    Izaga Region 'Dex
    001 -- Techibuto.
    Iron Beetle Fakemon.
    Ability: Iron Soul/Intimidate.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 4' 4''.
    Weight: 150 lbs.
    Description: Born with a flexible iron chrysalis in place, the budding blade-tips extending from their wrists are their only known methods of attack, and so Techibuto have been observed sharpening their weaponry like the Samurai of Sandaia on discarded Rhyhorn scales. When their legs toughen up a Techibuto can propel itself around at great speed.
    002 -- Tetsubuto.
    Iron Beetle Fakemon.
    Type: Bug/Steel.
    Ability: Iron Soul/Intimidate.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 5' 9''.
    Weight: 200 lbs.
    Description: The toughening helmet which shields their cranium are often utilized for Skull Bash contests amidst adolescents. When two Tetsubuto who are nearest to evolution clash they put to use the lengthening sickles on either arm in whirlwind skirmishes to establish dominance, and as a result of the mind-numbing screech which goes up their clashing can be heard from a mile away. They must find tougher sharpening stones from Rhydon to treat their misshapen sickles in the aftermath.
    003 -- Tekkubuto.
    Iron Beetle Fakemon.
    Type: Bug/Steel.
    Ability: Iron Soul/Intimidate.
    Stage: Stage 2.
    Height: 6' 5''.
    Weight: 230 lbs.
    Description: Upon immediate evolution, a Tekkubuto will be soft and pliable as it was following hatching as a Techibuto. It takes tremendous reserves of energy to harden its body again and to attain a balance of springy-legs and wind-milling arms, but when the process has completed a Tekkubuto is comparable to a Hitmonlee in terms of flexibility, speed, and strength. They grind their scythes on active Rhyperior as a means of initiating training in the mainlands, and those that endure this brutal sharpening process are truly terrors to behold in combat.

    004-- Plesame.
    Magma Plesiosaur Fakemon.
    Type: Dragon/Rock
    Ability: Flash Fire.
    Stage: Basic
    Height: 3' 2''.
    Weight: 90lbs.
    Description: Plesame roamed in the subterranean magma vaults beneath ancient Izaga and other nearby regions. They competed with Slugma for molten rock and soil as nutrients and would not be above snacking on any of the rival pokémon that drifted too close. It is believed that Plesame's lack of fully developed tail or fore-fins lead to the extinction of most of the species over time, as sudden volcanic flows during eruptions would jettison any caught in the wake to the surface. Very few fossils have been found of their evolution's below ground. They were resurrected in the modern day by Professor Aspen.
    005-- Pleoga.
    Lava Plesiosaur Fakemon.
    Type: Dragon/Rock
    Ability: Flash Fire/Rock Head.
    Stage: Stage 1
    Height: 5' 4''.
    Weight: 249lbs.
    Description: Studies have indicated that Pleoga evolved near the end of the life-cycle of Plesame as a species. Those who survived the shock of the surface often floundered feebly back into the flow to little avail, and were forced to eke out a living hunting for Magcargo up until their time of death.
    006-- Plesoguma.
    Magma Plesiosaur Fakemon.
    Type: Dragon/Rock
    Ability: Flash Fire/Rock Head.
    Stage: Stage 2
    Height: 8' 4''.
    Weight: 551lbs.
    Description: It is hotly debated among fossil specialists whether Plesoguma were numbered in the dozens or fewer in the ancient world. Since being revived in modern times, all indications show that they are adept at skimming the ocean waves and diving for extended periods of time, hypothesized to stem from a purely dragon-type origin before of thousands of years fossilizing underground left genetic flaws as a dual dragon/rock type species following revitalization.

    007-- Koricub.
    Arctic Cub Fakemon.
    Type: Ice/Fighting.
    Ability: Blistering Tundra.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 3' 3''.
    Weight: 65 lbs.
    Description: Dwelling in arctic conditions during the previous ice age, many Koricub learned to walk on their hind legs from studying Tyrogue hunting Mamoswine, and as a result developed their own imitation of martial arts to survive. A pack of Koricub working together could wrangle snorting Piloswine into submission, while their evolution's would go on to hunt the weightier choice of specimen. When the sun set they tended to lay together to conserve heat.
    008-- Koricorve.
    Arctic Wolfe Fakemon.
    Type: Ice/Fighting.
    Ability: Blistering Tundra.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 4' 1''.
    Weight: 198 lbs.
    Description: All of the muscles strengthened during their youth lead to Koricorve returning to all fours for chasing down prey at blistering speeds. A single swipe of a Koricorve's paw can pack as much of a punch as a modern day Hitmonchan, and it is believed that this, in conjunction with their natural urge to run, lead to the species roaming in wider and wider circles to hunt until they eventually cracked the icy grounds underfoot and were left to drift toward more tropical seas. It is not uncommon for divers around Alolan peninsulas to stumble across the remnants of a Koricorve skull today. A few starving Koricorve migrated as far as the Seafoam Islands during the last ice age where it is believed that they grew strong again on Seel and Dewgong packs sunbathing on the shoreline.
    009-- Koricursa.
    Arctic Fighting Bear Fakemon.
    Type: Ice/Fighting.
    Ability: Blistering Tundra/Thick Fat.
    Stage: Stage 2
    Height: 5' 9''.
    Weight: 461 lbs.
    Description: Koricursa went extinct world-wide around the same point that Mamoswine died off. Since being revived in the modern day Koricursa are known to be ferocious hunters and efficient swimmers. Whether it be on land stalking Meese on their own or in the sea hunting Lapras, a Koricursa is adept at tracking its prey and bringing them down with one terrifying swipe of the paw, and they have been known to chase off others of their own kind, including younger Koricorve and Koricub. To help curb their natural ferocity and strength, Professor Oleander developed inhibitor bracelets to be worn on all four limbs.

    010-- Nidoran ♀.
    012--Nidoran ♂.
    014-- Nidoliege.
    Refined Poison-point Fakemon.
    Type: Poison/Dark.
    Ability: Sicilian Dosage.
    Stage: Stage 2.
    Height: 5' 5''.
    Weight: 109 lbs.
    Description: A shrewd assistant who steps in to assist Nidoking and Nidoqueen, most Nidoliege are in actuality working to establish dominance over the local pack. The refined poisons that are brewed are specified to match up with each new pack that a Nidoliege incorporates itself into, and given their increased wit and cunning, Nidoliege are rarely confronted by disgruntled deposed-of rulers. They have been shown to brew a hormone-mutating poison for their own usage in order to better match the ideals of the Nidoking or Nidoqueen they intend to seduce and be rid of afterward. In habitats lacking a ruler, they are quick to gain control over the pack on their own.

    015-- Zubat.
    Dragon-blooded Bat Fakemon.
    Type: Poison/Dragon.
    Ability: Gluttony/Intimidate
    Stage: Stage 2.
    Height: 6' 6''.
    Weight: 246.1 lbs.
    Description: After years of drinking dragon blood, a Golbat may evolve into a Morbat. These terrifying apex predators have been known to draw blood from a stone, and not even Steel-type species are immune to their ferocious, serrated fangs. Fortunately for most who might encounter these dreadful flyers, they have been observed favoring only nights with a full moon to do their hunting, and then they will drink until their scaly belly is fit to burst. If you hear a sinister rasp on the air on such a night, seek immediate shelter.

    Deep Sea Stone Fakemon.
    Type: Water/Rock.
    Ability: Sturdy.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 31' 9''.
    Weight: 495 lbs.
    Description: First hypothesized in Johto as the 'crystal Onix', Imunix were discovered years later between Hoenn and Izaga around hydro-thermal vents, having accidentally bored down into a magma pot and been launched up into the ocean floor by the resultant eruption. Their glossy coated form has been at once smoothed and made even deadlier with jutting obsidian by turns. In a clash between pressurized Imunix and simple Steelix, the potent edge goes to the former, but the latter is the better defender.

    020-- Cubone.
    021-- Marowak.
    022-- Culkor.
    Cubone Father Fakemon.
    Type: Fighting/Dark.
    Ability: Battle Armor
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 5' 2''.
    Weight: 196 lbs.
    Description: Many native tales describe the despair that drives a young Cubone to pry it's mother's skull from her dead form and the anguish it endures until evolution into a Marowak. Yet none seem to ever describe Cubone's father, the Culkor, also known as the Bone Daddy species. Culkor are absolutely vicious predators who abandon their mate as soon as an egg is laid, and will not refrain from devouring her if she continues to follow. Their favorite sport is savaging other species and plucking victory totems from the aftermath to add to their adornment. Ancient cave paintings indicate that Culkor hunted humans just as horrifically as other species long ago, and it was only the domestication and partnership of Flying-types that protected the fledgling tribes from extinction.

    023-- Scyler.
    Sickle-tip Mantis Fakemon
    Type: Bug
    Ability: Swarm/Steadfast.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 3' 5''.
    Weight: 45 lbs.
    Description: Much like Techibuto, Scyler have only small blade-like protrusions instead of the great sickles of a Scyther. They follow their evolution around to learn how to hunt, and when a Scyler is deemed mature enough it is sent out on its own and forbidden from returning to the pack until it evolves into a Scyther or dies.
    024-- Scyther.
    025-- Scycha.
    Super Psychic Mantis Fakemon.
    Type: Bug/Psychic
    Ability: Swarm/Steadfast
    Stage: Stage 2
    Height: 6' 1''.
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Description: Whenever a Scyther enters the Elysian Fields, the red-wrath that has been known to come upon their species from time to time is greatly amplified. Over time the flux of wroth coupled with the environment induces a mutation in a Scyther's genome that will enable evolution into a Scycha, after which they are cured of their bad temperament for life. Scycha have been known to wave off insults that would have sent a Scyther into a blind rage and tend to ignore challenges from trainers alike unless they sense a benefit from responding, in which a Scycha can manifest terrible psychic attacks.

    026-- Gojirakarp.
    Ancient Magikarp Fakemon.
    Type: Water.
    Ability: Intimidate.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 15' 4''.
    Weight: 355 lbs.
    Description: A ferocious ancient-species brought back to life in the modern day by reverse-engineering Magikarp and Gyarados DNA samples. It savages any other sea-life to enter into its turf and will go so far as to hunt down mates and offspring of the offender for hundreds of nautical miles. It is the first known creature to use the Arceus Plates as a limiter rather than an enhancement, raising the question of what their race did long ago to incur divine wrath.
    027-- Magikarp.
    028-- Gyarados.

    029-- Eevee.
    030-- Vaporeon.
    031-- Jolteon.
    032-- Flareon.
    033-- Jimeneon.
    Stone Eeveelution Fakemon.
    Type: Rock.
    Ability: Reconstitute.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 2' 2''.
    Weight: 121 lbs.
    Description: Jimeneon are a resilient species and very laid-back in temperament. If a limb weakens from battle damage or simple every-day deterioration and cracks off, they will bring it back to their trainer and then go out in search of similar stones to shape to their liking. Once a new limb is readied they will bond to the new pieces over a week. It is thought that their ability to mend themselves leads to an incredibly long vitality, and dating analysis has proven that some Jimeneon date back to the Edo period.
    034-- Senseon.
    Warrior Eeveelution Fakemon.
    Type: Fighting.
    Ability: Limber.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 2' 8''.
    Weight: 55 lbs.
    Description: Adept at reading the 'chi', more often mistakenly referred to as 'aura' of other beings, Senseon lives up to its name by sensing the movements an opponent is about to make and stealing the kinetic energy away for themselves. By storing this energy inside of their springy limbs, they can deliver knock-out blows from any angle.
    035-- Grieveon.
    Haunted Eeveelution Fakemon.
    Type: Ghost.
    Ability: Cursed Body.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 2' 4''.
    Weight: 47 lbs.
    Description: Thought to be the guardians of graveyards in olden days, Grieveon are steadfast and loyal spirits who cling to their masters even in death. They will stay true so long as the children and grandchildren of their master live, but after three generations, even their will can resist the call of the void no longer. The famous Portrait of Mourning held in a Kalos museum is said to depict an ancient king and his Grieveon reunited in death as they had been in life.
    036-- Espeon.
    037-- Umbreon.
    038-- Paladeon.
    Mail-clad Eeveelution Fakemon.
    Type: Steel.
    Ability: Battle Armor/Heatproof.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 3' 1''.
    Weight: 152 lbs.
    Description: The scarlet plumage adorning its brow is said to be reminiscent of the banners carried into battle by warriors of olde. Shortly after evolution, a Paladeon's iron flesh is still soft and malleable, the only period in which it's trainer may - with great care and attention - craft additional plating and minerals into their Paladeon's body. Legend recounts tales of the Golden Paladeon, whose hide bore sparkling plates impervious to the traditional weaponry of the age and served the King of Wales with utmost loyalty a thousand years ago. They were especially sought after by experienced squires seeking to ascend to Knighthood, who would lay a bet upon their Paladeon against their Knight's Rapidash in rounds of jousting. If the squire's Paladeon succeeded, it earned their master fame and freedom in which to rise, where if it was otherwise, they only incurred another year of servitude. Despite only a rare handful of their race obtaining the Heatproof ability upon evolution, most works of art from the Renaissance-era still depict them locked into bitter fiery combat with Charizard, Salamence and even Druddigon.
    039-- Erdeon.
    Ground Eeveelution Fakemon.
    Type: Ground.
    Ability:Sand Stream.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 2' 9''.
    Weight: 70 lbs.
    Description: Unlike their counterparts Jimeneon, Erdeon are soft as silk sands. They regularly disintegrate under even so much as a strong wind and can only maintain a solid state of being when dampened by rain or bathing, at which point their muddy consistency increases defense at the cost of speed. Legends tell of an army of pet Erdeon serving the estranged Emperor Min of Sandaia that were caught in an inferno and permanently hardened like stone, only to be buried with him when the Emperor died of heartbreak not long after.
    040-- Leafeon.
    041-- Glaceon.
    042-- 036-- Ryuveon.
    Dragon Eeveelution Fakemon.
    Type: Dragon
    Ability: Multiscale.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 3' 4''.
    Weight: 81 lbs.
    Description : First sighted in the misty skies of a far-away land, Ryuveon were often mistaken for other Dragon-types given their origin from the simple Eevee, and their existence has largely been glossed over until recent times. Once it became known, Ryuveon rocketed to fame among Dragon Tamers and fanatics alike, but with its uncertain evolutionary requirements, few are those who have been successful in replicating the process for themselves.
    043-- Sylveon.
    044-- Kageon.
    Shadow Eeveelution Fakemon.
    Type: Shadow.
    Ability: Doppelganger.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 3' 1''.
    Weight: 60 lbs.
    Description: Developed alongside the technology stolen for the XD Incident in remote Orre several years ago, Kageon is the first artificially-induced eeveelution and the first Shadow-type species to function properly. While they tend to be moodier than the average counterpart, their ability to dip into the shadows and emerge far away has made them greatly popular among the Ninja Clans, and they are an attentive, proud species.
    045-- Hikareon.
    Light Eeveelution Fakemon.
    Type: Light.
    Ability: Mirage Step.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 3' 2''.
    Weight: 32 lbs.
    Description: Where there is shadow, there will also be light. Produced from the Photon Plate following the success of the Shadow Plate Project under Professor Oleander's care, Hikareon are breathtaking and aloof creatures that take a very firm hand to guide. They prefer to conserve their energy and then release it in explosive bursts of light and destruction when upset or taught to obey commands.

    046-- Porygon.
    047-- Porygon-Q.
    Scrambled Packet Fakemon.
    Type: Normal/Rock.
    Ability: Levitate/Trace.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 3' 4''.
    Weight: 140.4 lbs.
    Description: A Porygon that became caught on a rock-mining server during a thunderstorm, its electronic signal was blasted apart into data packets by an electro-magnetic-pulse that same night. After reconciling its information again it was compromised by the damaged server and became unrecognizable under its original state. Porygon-Q's mind is unable to process high-streams of information at any one time, but it makes up for the lowered throughput by being more resilient to electronic maelstroms and establishing thick firewalls and minefields that would stall a contingent of Porygon-2.

    048-- Dunsparce.
    049-- Hirusparce.
    Watching Snake Fakemon
    Type: Fairy/Dragon.
    Ability: Dreamer.
    Stage: Stage 1
    Height: 8' 11''.
    Weight: 156 lbs.
    Description: Old-world cultures worshiped Dunsparce as a sleeping deity. The awakened creature only appears under rare and mysterious circumstances once in a hundred years, becoming Hirusparce temporarily. As such there are little concrete facts to go off of, and efforts to induce a permanent evolution have proven tedious dead-ends. A lost legend speaks of the day when all Dunsparce will awaken at once to drive away the encroachment of the midnight sun, as calculated by Regitec.

    050-- Houndour.
    051-- Houndoom.
    052-- Houndades.
    Hell-hound Fakemon.
    Type: Dark/Fire.
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Stage: Stage 2
    Height: 6' 4''.
    Weight: 306 lbs.
    Description: Found almost exclusively in the wild around volcanic regions where Terra Shards can be unearthed, Houndades are an extremely proud species who resist all efforts to tame them. Only those who have been reared since pups will concede a measure of obedience on the part of a trainer. From the moment of evolution the calcium deposits that had ceased formation as a Houndoom reactivate, leading to an increased mass of exo-skeletal armor. If this calcium is not trimmed and countered by trainer care on a regular basis over the first six months, the mass will continue to develop and completely surround a Houndades' body-- in the wild they will clash and gnaw to reduce unwanted bulk. Some callous trainers have been known to allow for such rampart growth while carving only enough to enable continued movement and feeding, presenting a truly haunting appearance.

    053-- Shroomish.
    054-- Breloom.
    055-- Mushrodo.
    Burning Mushroom Fakemon.
    Type: Grass/Fire.
    Ability: Effect Spore/Flash Fire.
    Stage: Stage 2.
    Height: 6' 2''.
    Weight: 145.6 lbs.
    Description: Mushrodo spit fire that is closer to acid than to flame, and with their deadly precision are not to be reckoned with shy of due protection. They thrive amidst humid, jungle-like terrain and are stubborn enough to take on any who crosses their path, including human Samurai, for which they make excellent retainer species when finally brought to heel.

    056-- Koalite.
    Charcoal Fakemon.
    Type: Fire.
    Ability: White Smoke
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 3' 5 1/2''.
    Weight: 210 lbs.
    Description: The charcoal shell covering Koalite's back is always smouldering on the inside, sending out plumes of pale smoke from any cracks. If it smoulders without an exit point for a long period of time the shell will eventually explode. Soldiers of the Ashido Militant Rebellion were known for deploying such powder-keg Koalites to the front-lines. In peaceful times, Koalite docilely follow Torkoal around in search of coal to consume for food, but if a predator threatens them, Koalite is more than able to launch itself around in short bursts of speed like a battering ram.
    057-- Torkoal.
    058-- Torphite.
    Charcoal Tortoise Fakemon.
    Type: Fire.
    Burning Spirit/White Smoke
    Stage: Stage 2.
    Height: 9' 8''.
    Weight: 995.2 lbs.
    Description: A theory goes that ancient Torphite came from the stars and were responsible for the KT Catastrophe that wiped out many ancient pokémon species long ago. The incredibly dense shell that they retreat into and which emits enough natural oxidization to survive for hours at a time even underwater proved that a Torphite launched into the upper reaches of the thermosphere by the Mossdeep Space Center can not only survive re-entry but can deliver a devastating strike equivalent to an atomic bomb upon crashing into the ocean. The flames expelled from the craters in a Torphite's shell can reach over 4000 degrees celsius.

    059-- Relicanth.
    060-- Relicaiou.
    Longevity King Fakemon.
    Type: Water/Rock.
    Ability: Sturdy/Intimidate.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 6' 3''.
    Weight: 440 lbs.
    Description: Long hypothesized for the occasional Abyssal Tableau recovered from Unova's Abyssal Ruins, which depicted schools of Relicanth surrounded by an uncertain species with a colossal stone skull, Relicaiou were eventually confirmed upon bringing relics from the Ruins into contact with Relicanth. It's immense head is capable of battering through solid steel cages, and the jagged teeth cast in a perpetual grin can easily grind down all but the most resilient of ancient or modern scales. While capable of swimming on it's four enlarged and hardy fins, it must compensate for the weight of it's skull when it travels for any serious distance, and the fifth fin emerging from it's back as well as the stone-fins at the ends of it's face serve as stabilizers to keep it from tipping over.

    061-- Drifloon.
    062-- Drifblim.
    063-- Drifberg.
    Zeppelin Fakemon.
    Type: Ghost/Flying.
    Ability: Unburden/Flare Boost.
    Stage: Stage 2.
    Height: 8' 2''.
    Weight: 159.9 lbs.
    Description: These large zeppelin-like spirits can play host to a handful of people at a time and fly high into the stratosphere. They were all the rage eighty years ago until a rogue Drifberg carrying rich Unovan merchants caught afire out of spite and fell out of the sky, killing its passengers. Since then Drifberg have gone out of style and very few are ever seen today except for in museums and historical documentaries.

    064-- Riolu.
    065-- Lucario.
    066-- Lucabys.
    Judgment Fakemon.
    Type: Fighting/Dark.
    Ability: Steadfast.
    Stage: Stage 2.
    Height: 9' 2''.
    Weight: 209 lbs.
    Description: Worshiped in elder days and distant regions as a type of warrior-god of the shadows, Lucabys wielded considerable fame and power over the known world. The Aural-scepter they carried allowed them to view the deeds in life of every human around them, casting judgment, and further still to banish those irredeemable into the Torn World as punishment. In time their race matured enough to understand what such power could do, and in a unanimous decision, they retreated to the fringes of human history and fell out of favor and memory until all that remained of their legacy was myth and the statues buried deep beneath the sands around the world. In the modern day, revised accounts speak of them as the watchers of monsters and men alike. When they find a being burdened by a tainted Aura, they gather together to make a decision; continue watching and waiting, or banish them. Much to the dismay of modern history, they have tended to react with caution and reserve for the sanctity of life more often than not.

    067-- Carnimbra.
    Nimble Dark-dwelling Fakemon.
    Type: Grass/Dark.
    Ability: Overgrow.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 1' 3''.
    Weight: 4.8 lbs.
    Description: Bred to adapt to the environment of Drakonwomb Island, the first Carnimbra were discovered lurking around larger Carnivine packs. They favor darkness and will dart away from the light to lay down roots and gather nutrients, be it on the ground, on the walls, or even on the ceiling, where their tiny vines can capture unwitting prey.
    068-- Carnivine.

    069-- Cottonee.
    070-- Whimsicott.
    071-- Dryaduvet.
    Disguised Cotton Fakemon.
    : Grass/Fairy.
    Ability: Growth/Chlorophyll.
    Stage: Stage 2.
    Height: 5' 8''.
    Weight: 71.2 lbs.
    Description: Free-spirited and childlike, Dryaduvet like to run around in forested areas and play games with passersby. When they find lost or lonely travelers they offer to guide them back to civilization, and will offer the fluff of their bodies on cold winter nights. It is believed that if more Dryaduvet lived in Kalos, the advent of Phantump and Trevenant would rarely have arisen.

    072-- Pawniard.
    074-- Queensaff.
    Regal Staff Fakemon.
    Type: Dark/Fairy.
    Ability: Defiant.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 5' 4''.
    Weight: 134.8 lbs.
    Description: Queensaff were first discovered in an abandoned castle in the Scottish highlands twenty years ago, directing hosts of Pawniard and Bisharp against opposing Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir and Gallade. No one knows where this intense rivalry stems from, but it is known to be the catalyst for enabling female Pawniard into evolution over time.
    075-- Dukatana.
    Regal Sword Fakemon.
    Type: Dark/Fairy.
    Ability: Defiant.
    Stage: Stage 2.
    Height: 6' 1''.
    Weight: 179.2 lbs.
    Description: Dukatana have been found to only evolve from Bisharp who have triumphed over Gallade after many years of rivalry. Research has shown that shared DNA from the continual skirmishes wove into Bisharp's own genetic coding and altered it as if by magic. They are a reserved species holding back a berseker's fury.

    076-- Meep.
    Tiny Moose Fakemon.
    Type: Normal.
    Ability: Hustle.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 3' 1''.
    Weight: 45 lbs.
    Description:Meep have been hunted across the great icy planes for hundreds of years. It is believed that early settlers to the Izaga region carried docile Meep with them by the dozen. These small moose like to graze in the Elysian Fields to escape predators, and some Scycha go so far as to shepard them; though if this is for the benefit of the Meep or for the maturing Scylar practicing their stalking technique is still under great debate.
    077-- Meese.
    Angry Moose Fakemon.
    Type: Fighting.
    Ability: Intimidate.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 7' 7''.
    Weight: 551 lbs.
    Description: Man learned long ago to hunt Meese only when food was scarce or they had the benefit of an Arcanine for aid. An enraged Meese is capable of bowling down great pine trees with a single crack of its head and the magnificent rack of horns. As with Koricursa, their ferocity was restrained with inhibitor bands to reduce attacks on roaming trainers around Hakurori City.

    078-- Adament.
    Male Chlorophyl Fakemon.
    Type: Rock/Grass.
    Ability: Sap Sipper.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 7' 3''.
    Weight: 479 lbs.
    Description: Despite it's seemingly mossy exterior, Adament is almost ninety-nine percent solid rock beneath, and the upper torso and chest is particularly dense with pigmented plates to confuse predators. A slow vine creeping through its core and occasionally breaking through to the surface allows for the nutrients it has collected during slumber to manifest in fresh camouflage even in winter months. When an Adament requires rest, they will seek out dense forests to nest in and then hunker down for a period of up to thirty years at a time, during which their root-like toes will sink into the ground and allow the vine to dig deeply into the earth and drink freely. Up to three acres can go missing when particularly low on nutrients, and on occasion the vine will even dig into the roots of other trees or rival Adament to consume them from the inside out, thus destroying competing foliage and leaving nothing but decay by the time they awaken.
    079-- Event.
    Female Chlorophyl Fakemon.
    Type: Grass/Rock.
    Ability: Limber/Sap Sipper.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 3' 7''.
    Weight: 82 lbs.
    Description: There is no doubt that Event is a diminutive species, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in flexible agility and ferocity. A single Event is capable of chasing off a nest of Ekans, who tend to favor the swampland's where they rest for weeks at a time. As with most shrubbery and plant life, it takes nutrition from what sunlight it can find, and when otherwise Event will stab one tiny, sharp foot into a wedge in another tree and leach out their collective energy, leaving nothing but a withered husk behind. Like their mossy counterpart, Adament, Event has longed to be reunited despite the vast oceanic trench separating Eastern Izaga and Western Izaga. Now that humanity has bridged the continental gap, the two species have been able to find one another at long last and rekindle their symbiotic relationship.

    080-- Apsna.
    Gold-plated Snake Fakemon.
    Type: Ground.
    Ability: Battle Armor.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 2' 6''.
    Weight: 195 lbs.
    Description: Believed to be native to the Aenkagi desert region of distant Sandaia, these bejeweled and preciously-armored serpents have been found all across the world guarding ancient ruins and the tombs of dead kings. The gem upon their crown has been found to reflect both the current mood and to act as a homing beacon for any of its brethren nearby, and when hordes of Apsna gather, an Apska soon emerges to drive away thieves and treasure hunters alike. When infuriated their bite is as strong as a Granbull's.
    081-- Apska.
    Gold-plated King Snake Fakemon.
    Type: Ground/Poison.
    Ability: Battle Armor.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 7' 2''.
    Weight: 452 lbs.
    Description: Wherever you find its pre-evolution, Apsna, you will surely find a lone Apska stationed somewhere nearby, oft times buried in the sands at rest with only the jeweled crown peaking up to lure foolish treasure hunters to their doom. Despite its bulk, an Apska can strike in 0.5 seconds, head-bashing the victim to disorient them and then sinking its fangs deep. The poison gestating in its sacks have been found to dissolve dragon scales, let alone human flesh and bone.

    082-- Kit'ten.
    Divine Cub Fakemon.
    Type: Fire
    Ability: Flash Fire.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 2' 8''.
    Weight: 41 lbs.
    Description: If you ever feel like you are being watched when you visit a temple, check around for these clever creatures posing as statues. Kit'ten have been used as guardians and loyal servants to monks for centuries, viewed as divinely appointed figures for their golden crowns and bracelets around each paw. Their seemingly mellow and coy personalities hide the raging fire within, which explodes from their fur when confronting thieves. They have an intense rivalry with Nickit.
    083-- Kursima.
    Divine Lion Fakemon.
    Type: Fire.
    Ability: Flame Body.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 7' 9''.
    Weight: 405 lbs.
    Description: Those suffering from the effects of a Ninetales curse should always seek out a Kursima, whose sacred bell will siphon the debilitating effects and store the cursed energy inside to unleash upon hostile invaders. When incensed, Kursima's flaming pelt erupts, giving it the appearance of an avenging demon.

    084-- Cerygret.
    Kingfisher Fakemon.
    Type: Water/Flying.
    Ability: Keen Eye/Hydration.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 0' 6''.
    Weight: 1.3 lbs.
    Description: Found exclusively among the Fish Bone Lakes of Izaga, Cerygret and its evolution are the pride and joy of the Oumi clan. These diminutive birds are said to control the waves when they flap their wings, and can dive beneath the stilled surface to strike at Magikarp in the deeps in one smooth motion.
    085-- Ardegret.
    Great Kingfisher Fakemon.
    Type: Water/Flying.
    Ability: Keen Eye/Hydration.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 3' 6''.
    Weight: 6.8 lbs.
    Description: If Cerygret can control waves, then Ardegret have mastered them. A flock of Ardegret flapping together can bestir a typhoon-- or quell one. They are as at home on dry land stalking after large prey as wading into the lakes and beneath the sea to find their meals.

    086-- Dynabyte.
    Implosive Shark Fakemon.
    Type: Electric/Poison.
    Ability: Volt Absorb/Poison Touch.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 2' 1''.
    Weight: 54.9 lbs.
    Description: First found during raids by the International Police upon widespread pharma labs dabbling in illegal productions, Dynabyte consume materials that are too hazardous to be dumped underground or left unattended for long, and when full conveniently metabolize the waste in a series of internal bursts. The dubious grin on a Dynabite's face belies the ticking time-bomb inside.
    087-- Glycegulp.
    Exploding Shark Fakemon.
    Type: Electric.
    Ability: Poison Absorb.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 4' 8''.
    Weight: 229.6 lbs.
    Description: Capable of consuming the entire toxic spillover from a small city every day, Glycegulp are used around reactor facilities to keep excess Grimer and Muk populations under control, and have been known to devour the Poison-types when production is slow. Over the course of a day Glycegulp will pause to vent the built up energy in controlled explosive bursts of electricity, producing the equivalent of 1.21 gigawatts every hour.

    088-- Fwlchore.
    Sword in the Stone Fakemon.
    Type: Rock/Steel.
    Ability: Levitate.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 3' 9''.
    Weight: 230 lbs.
    Description: Said to have inhabited the far distant Celtic lands during the Dark Ages, a mischievous Mismagius laid King Ur's and all his knights swords into a hundred lake-side boulders while they slept, unintentionally awakening the race of Fwlchore. In the long centuries since many a man, woman, and child has tried to pry those magically enchanted swords free to no avail. Only by bathing in the water of its homeland again will a Fwlchore relinquish the blade in its noggin, and only after their trainer has earned its respect.
    089-- Caladmore.
    Sword from the Stone Fakemon.
    Type: Steel.
    Ability: Rock Head/Light Metal.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 5' 9''.
    Weight: 439.4 lbs.
    Description: After centuries of time the sword in its head left mineral deposits throughout Fwlchore's stony flesh, which activated upon the sword's removal and immediate evolution into Caladmore. Considered by some to be an interpretation of the dullahan myth for the head is solid whilst the body hollow, Caladmore are loyal knights and retainers for their trainers, and when paired with Doublade or Aegislash, they make truly impressive pairs. A recent renascence fair has begun reenacting tales from the Welsh kingdoms using such pairings with the addition of Paladeon, Escavalier, and Druddigon to great amusement.

    090-- Kotsuba.
    Bone Horse Fakemon.
    Type: Ghost.
    Ability: Lethality.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 6' 6''.
    Weight: 114 lbs.
    Description: In the Feudal Era, these carrion-lords were drawn to the battlefields of Samurai, where they feasted upon the flesh of the dead and cleaned their bones for the Miko and Monks to bury afterward. It is thought that this process preserved the soul of the individual while it lasted, granting many the chance to make amends and beg forgiveness for their sins and failings before they were ferried into the afterlife upon Kotsuba's back.

    091-- Seuverdax.
    Fake Dragon Fakemon.
    Type: Rock/Dragon.
    Ability: Levitate.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 5' 6''.
    Weight: 289 lbs.
    Description: Though they can not fly great distances despite their underdeveloped wings, they can hop about very easily in leaps and bounds comparable to an Olympic long-jumper, and are adept at using warm currents to glide from treetop to treetop. A series of terrible accidents on Thulhurai Island twenty years ago condemned the species to public scrutiny and hatred following the failed attempts of the eccentric multimillionaire and fossil resurrection specialist Johnathan Attenborough to run an exhibition park featuring his over-bred and ill-tempered population. The vicious storms and currents surrounding the island prevented rescuers from intervening for nearly a month after the hordes of Seuverdax broke free and began hunting the development crew eagerly. Henceforth, only trainers that have been approved by the Izaga League locally and the International League globally are permitted to attempt the capture of Seuverdax, let alone their horrific evolution.
    092-- Seuveranno.
    Savage Dragon Fakemon.
    Type: Rock/Dragon.
    Ability: Intimidate.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 9' 6''.
    Weight: 496.2 lbs.
    Description: These monstrous dragons have an intelligence that borders on maliciousness and cruelty. They lay traps for unsuspecting prey and go on rampages to drive their victims into prepared areas. When Nidhlong were introduced by scientists, Seuveranno finally met its match in ferocity and has since been observed finding ways to overcome the Nidhrunch and Nidhlong populations.

    093-- Nidhrunch.
    Stalking Tyrant Fakemon.
    Type: Dragon/Steel.
    Ability: Strong Jaw.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 4' 8''.
    Weight: 278 lbs.
    Description: Nidhrunch co-existed with Tyrunt on many ancient continents and were in constant clash for prey. As such they ingested iron meteorites and developed plating across their bodies. They are capable of exhibiting biting force in excess of Sharpedo, Garchomp, or Relicaiou combined. The tufts of mane coming from around the head are a rivaling crown meant to intimidate prey. Since being resurrected upon Thulhurai Island, they have taken to hunting the Seuverdax population with gusto.
    094-- Nidhlong.
    Artificial Tyrant Fakemon.
    Type: Dragon.
    Ability: Strong Jaw.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 9' 8''.
    Weight: 556 lbs.
    Description: Scientists looked at Nidhrunch and thought to improve upon its ferocity. As Nidhrunch was already at the end of its natural evolution cycle much like Aerodactyl, its DNA was taken apart and revised with the properties from the Arceus Plates. It shed the bulky Steel-typing and was given front limbs, a lighter, longer body, and a hunger for other species. Some have compared the resultant creature, dubbed "Nidhlong", an abomination. Others praised the advancement in gene manipulation. Only a handful were ever produced before the International League shut down the research project, but the mutations have since bred true in offspring; more Nidhrunch are evolving on their own into Nidhlong.

    095-- Rimefang.
    Dagger-toothed Feline Fakemon.
    Type: Ice.
    Ability: Snow Cloak.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 2' 3''.
    Weight: 129.9 lbs.
    Description: Co-existing with Mamoswine tens of thousands of years ago, Rimefang are short, densely compacted predators who use jutting teeth made out of temporary frost to penetrate their prey's thick, furry hide. These artificial fangs then break off and evaporate, leaving the prey with fresh wounds, and by repeating this tactic, the prey soon loses too much blood to resist. Since being resurrected in modern times, an obedience collar produced by Professor Oleander ensures they do not run amok in Hakurori City.
    096-- Sumisaber.
    Saber-toothed Feline Fakemon.
    Type: Ice.
    Ability: Snow Cloak.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 3' 9''.
    Weight: 251.6 lbs.
    Description: Sporting vast fangs and wicked claws of solid ice, Sumisaber delivered the killing blows that their pack of Rimefang were unable to, and thus were apex predators during their natural lifetimes. Modern Sumisaber have incorporated the obedience collar into their form during evolution, proving incredibly loyal to their masters yet threatening toward others, as evidenced by the dark hoarfrost that grows around their neck when they are preparing to hunt.

    097-- Larvanite.
    Crawling Crystal-eater Fakemon.
    Type: Bug/Dragon.
    Ability: Rough Skin/Swarm.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 2' 8''.
    Weight: 158.6 lbs.
    Description: Newly hatched Larvanite have no crystalline coating to defend themselves, and being blind at birth they typically fall prey to Carnimbra who are lithe enough to snatch the vulnerable dragons and flee. As Larvanite mature they seek out the gemstones dotting the ceiling and walls of South Primary Victory Road to chew on and ingest, gradually toughening their maw and scales with the minerals.
    098-- Chrysanite.
    Protected Crystal-eater Fakemon.
    Type: Bug/Dragon.
    Ability: Shell Armor.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 3' 11''.
    Weight: 301.2 lbs.
    Description: Having eaten enough serandite gems, Chrysanite are covered in a gleaming chrysalis and hang in place to digest. During this period they never move from where they have evolved, but the chrysalis will open to allow its dexterous and deadly tongue to dart out and snatch up any other species around it-- be they Carnimbra, young Larvanite, or a trainer's unwitting flying type.
    099-- Petranite.
    Petrifying Crystal-eater Fakemon.
    Type: Bug/Dragon.
    Ability: Rough Skin.
    Stage: Stage 2.
    Height: 6' 6''.
    Weight: 390 lbs.
    Description: Petranite are terrifying creatures. Having emerged from their chrysalis at last, they camouflage themselves with their wings and scales and lay in wait for unsuspecting prey to approach. Then they flash their petrifying gaze and paralyze the prey, leaving it fully aware when Petranite approaches to devour them alive. They are kept under control by the barrier erected around trainer-oriented paths, but caution should still be observed should one approach their open territory.

    100-- Azdaggr.
    Ceremonial Knife Fakemon.
    Type: Fairy/Dark.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 1' 1''.
    Weight: 1.6 lbs.
    Description: Wielded in terrifying old world ceremonies, which some experts believe were partly influenced by Azdaggr's own appetite, they are chiefly found in ruins. Many an unsuspecting Archaeologist has lost their life when they carelessly unearth an Azdaggr and cut themselves upon its serrated edges.
    101-- Mayamask.
    Ceremonial Mask Fakemon.
    Type: Fairy/Dark.
    Stage: Stage 1.
    Height: 1' 8''.
    Weight: 6.1 lbs.
    Description: After an Azdaggr has consumed enough blood, it will evolve into this grim mask and drink the blood of anyone who unwittingly puts it on with the hidden feelers along its underside. It won't stop until the victim has been completely drained, and then it lurks in the shadows until fresh prey comes along. There have been reports of Mayamask wearing a host until it can arrive in a better environment to feed, which is believed to tie back into the ancient myth of the vampire.

    102-- Regitec.
    Seeing Statue Fakemon.
    Type: Psychic.
    Ability: Forewarn.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 6' 7''.
    Weight: 329 lbs.
    Description: Built by an old-world tribe to host their imagination, Regitec became their computation device and assisted in astronomical calculations. It went silent one day and refused to respond no matter what the people asked or threatened. Regitec was eventually sealed up inside of a forgotten tomb as punishment for betraying the people's desires and there it waits to this day for an awful scenario to follow out the path of a long-ago prediction.

    103-- Goliant.
    Light-devouring Spider Fakemon
    Type: Bug/Dark.
    Ability: Great Hunger.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 7' 5''.
    Weight: 358.1 lbs.
    Description: An eldritch spider that roamed the original Izaga-Ashido region following Izagi, Izami, and Amenushi's creation process, Goliant hunted down any who trespassed into her designated domain and devoured the life-force they bore to fuel her own, until being driven back by the Kami and Asura to the hollows deep underground where she waits to this day. Miners working on the stabilization system for the Uchuushinzou Mountain Range accidentally unearthed Goliant's ancient lair and were forced to retreat when she awoke with a terrible hunger.

    104-- Eromi.
    Burnished Guardian Fakemon.
    Type: Fire/Flying.
    Ability: Flash Fire.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 5' 9''.
    Weight: 150.9 lbs.
    Description: Ohirasu's companion and guardian, Eromi soared through the skies and ran with the Northern Wind across the land to chase off threats. It is believed that Ohirasu grew weary of Eromi's fierce defense and sent the great wolf away so as to open more admirers to her beauty, and thus shunned, Eromi was absent to defend her from Oronagi's foolish ire.

    105-- Oronagi.
    Snake Kami Fakemon.
    Type: Poison/Fighting.
    Ability: Sake Influence.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 9' 3''.
    Weight: 390 lbs.
    Description: A snake that assumed the guise of a god and tormented the land long ago. Oft times drunk and volatile, Oronagi finally assaulted the sun goddess Ohirasu, drawing Hayasusa's bitter wrath down upon the entire dominion it had roamed. Drakonwomb Island was carved out of the center of the region and established the decisive split into Eastern Izaga and Western Izaga, leaving Oronagi all to its lonesome self across the intervening years until it drank itself into eternal slumber.

    106-- Kyotsuka.
    Frost Incarnate Fakemon.
    Type: Ice/Ghost.
    Ability: Divinity Abyss.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 4' 3''.
    Weight: 94.6 lbs.
    Description: Revered in ancient days as the Kami of Silent Snow, Kyotsuka spent much of her time alone but for other spirits who sought her comforting presence. With the lustrous Yasakani-no-Magatama in her hands all the spirit world was laid bare before her sight, and her command over ice grew in magnitude to match the energy siphoned from that otherworldly plane. Following the end of the War of the Twenty Deities, and Oronagi's separation, she fled to Hakurorrim Lake and dove down to the bottom, allowing her power to run wildly and freeze the lake- and her tortured spirit- whole.
    107-- Ohirasu.
    Fire Incarnate Fakemon.
    Type: Fire.
    Ability: Divinity Eruption.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 4' 6''.
    Weight: 121.4 lbs.
    Description: Revered in ancient times as the Kami of Burning Flames, Ohirasu prided herself on her prowess and glowed as brilliant as the sun itself at her best, as owed to the sacred mirror shards weaved into her garb. It is believed that these shards are what lured Oronagi to her along with all the rest of her admirers. She is considered second in strength amidst her brethren only after factoring in Hayasusa's great sword, elsewise her command of fire cannot be matched when her mood is firm. When the land was broken and her family splintered apart, she sought solace with her wolf Eromi in the land where her mother's spirit laid, Western Izaga and the Erom Mountains.
    108-- Hayasusa.
    Lightning Incarnate Fakemon.
    Type: Electric.
    Ability: Divinity Storm.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 7' 2''.
    Weight: 201 lbs.
    Description: Revered in ancient Izaga as the Kami of Absolute Lightning, Hayasusa protected his sisters, Ohirasu the sun goddess and Kyotsuka the moon goddess fiercely from the drunken rampages of their distant brother, Oronagi. The great golden wheel hovering behind his back is said to bristle with sparkling electrons at but a single touch of his hand, allowing instant command of any known electric-type attack. He fought the sword-and-tankard of Oronagi using a blade forged of chain-lightning, the Ame-no-Habakiri, which was later reproduced on an unrelenting scale to carve the Izaga region in twain and permanently exile Oronagi from the rest of their family. It is said that when the anguish of his parents reached its apex and they sealed themselves into the splintered land, Hayasusa felt immense guilt and departed for the farthest edge of Eastern Izaga to carve a new island for self-exile.

    109-- Izami.
    Isle Creation Fakemon.
    Type: Water/Psychic.
    Ability: Separation of the Heart.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 11' 10''.
    Weight: 660.6 lbs.
    Description: By entwining the fingers of her left hand into her husbands right, the wheel at her back will become infused with the nature of creation, and allow for miracles to be brought forth. New pokémon are born from their unity, or old ones reincarnated into new eggs, while wounds presented before them are sealed and injury regenerated from.
    110-- Izagi.
    Isle Creation Fakemon.
    Type: Water/Psychic.
    Ability: Rebirth.
    Stage: Basic.
    Height: 11' 9''.
    Weight: 678.3 lbs.
    Description: Balancing in mid-air in a pose of peace, Izagi is bound by ropes and blindfolds to hide the scars of the Sundering Sorrows long ago. The draconic wrath which once filled his spirit remains in the azure scales worn like talisman. By entwining the fingers of his right hand into his wife's left, the wheel emerging from his shoulders with glow with the light of creation.

    Izaga League and trainers of note, including Gym Leaders, will follow later, in part because I still have more revision work to do on their backstories. I also feel bad enough about separating the map and historical events from the fakedex section and I don't want to spam.
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    Ooh, a fanregion!

    I haven't read through the whole thing yet but this is looking really good so far! I love the idea of splitting it up like that, it basically makes it two regions in one!
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    Thank you, I first started working on Izaga around 2012 or so, and only recently in the last year have I sat down to go over what should be kept and what should be revised or else removed. Quite a few matters have been cleaned up and cleared up, while others still remain; the coming Gym Leaders are my biggest hurdle right now, and they are spread out two to each regional divide, and two to the island in the center.

    Izaga League
    For two centuries the people of the Izaga Region have recognized the Heraldry System, a tradition in which those who are currently appointed to the positions of Elite Four and Champion scout out and begin to train their own replacements for the day when they ultimately choose to retire. Such was found to be a more efficient methodology than hoping to stumble upon a skilled challenger and trusting that their mental and physical capacity would suffice to govern over the splintered region and keep the peace with their unruly neighbors to the south.

    As such, trainers coming from afar who believed themselves capable of defeating and dethroning the present Elite Four and Champion have always been denied the typical succession rites, instead instead being awarded a monetary sum and an honorary title without the associated duties.

    Eventually, as war erupted between Izaga and Ashido twenty years ago, the Champion of the day, Amegai Oumi, suspended the Heraldry System in order to guide the Izaga League through the coming combat. The handful of trainers at that time who were best placed as the next in line to become Heralds were left to their own devices and eventually began to train amongst themselves, and when at last the current Heralds were free to resume guiding their charges, these 'Champlings' as they had begun to refer to themselves as requested a tournament-style competition to determine who from their lot would be allowed to compete for the available Herald positions, as two of that old guard had died during the closing days of the Ashido Militant Rebellion and subsequent reformation process.

    Thus the modern day Izaga Conference co-exists alongside the Heraldry System to reduce the number of challengers who may attempt to prove themselves as worthy. Any who have demonstrated the skill of obtaining at least six badges may compete within an Izaga Conference and, ultimately, test themselves against the Heralds if victorious, although in most cases they will still only receive prestige and riches

    In very rare cases, those who win the Izaga Conference and defeat the Heralds may be accepted to the Heraldry System and the list of prospective replacements.

    The physical location of the Izaga League can be found in the middle of Drakonwomb Island and is accessible via Primary North and Primary South Victory Road, permitting trainers of Eastern and Western Izaga access as per the Gym Challenge and Conference requirements.

    Additional paths run alongside and over the League headquarters via elevated and monitored pathways, allowing for trainers and tourists seeking to travel between the splintered region to do so without falling afoul of the feral species present or the assortment of elite battlers and trials surrounding Primary Victory Road.

    Gym Challenge
    Given the unusual methodology behind the Heraldry System, would-be Champions and Elite Four were not required to defeat Gym Leaders and obtain Gym Badges in order to be considered for succession.

    Due to this Izaga has been home to many Gyms built and maintained by public figures instead of League-contracted employees, requiring that all of the associated upkeep and maintenance fall upon the respective individuals and their families to cover until closure, and as such very few have remained in operation into the modern day.

    In recent years, however, the Izaga League has finally come around to the view that Gyms are an integral part of any region and officiated that six Gyms be officially established for the purpose of competing within the Izaga Conference, be they built fresh or repurposed from the existing citizenry.
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    Gojirakarp? Gojirakarp??? I have got to see this thing! Does it evolve into Magikarp? Skips straight to Gyarados? I am so intrigued!

    A question, looking through your dex, I see some weird tendencies. For one thing, a lot of Pokémon seem to drop their secondary type entirely when they evolve, at least if ascending Pokédex numbers indicate ascending evolution (#086-#087, #093-#094), which is something that I don't remember ever happening at all in canon Pokémon. Are you trying to make a statement with this, like it's something you'd like to see in official Pokémon?

    And also I like the ideas for those last two more unique Eeveelutions, as well as the names for every single one of this family. Only time will tell if Gamefreak will catch up with you.
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    Firstly, thank you. Gojirakarp is what I imagined an ancient species of Magikarp was before it became such a pitiful creature in modern days. The fierceness of Gyarados had to come from somewhere, so I thought to create something that represented that terrible power but in a body shaped more toward a blend of the two. The sprite I had created around four or five years ago no longer fits with what I would like to do for the design, but you can see it here.

    I plan to redesign it from another angle, pose, overall shape, features, but try to keep it roughly around the same size.

    It is meant to evolve(or devolve, as such) when equipped with the Splash Plate, as a way of tying some lore in that Gojirakarp's persona was so destructive that it eventually evoked the wrath of Arceus and was cursed into being Magikarp, but Magikarp finally realized its power again when it evolved into Gyarados.

    Yes, numbers that are next to one another(they are clustered together for related species and spaced out properly in the spoilerd descriptions beneath the spritedex) are meant to indicate ascending or side-evolution's.

    With some entries, it boils down to a lore perspective. In others I just wanted to change up their types to better fit the evolution as I saw it(so for example, Carnimbra, #67, has a secondary Dark type because it adapted to its environment and basically eats vulnerable creatures alive, though since I did modify Dunsparce to be a Fairy here I could probably modify Carnivine to retain the Dark typing and just make it an Izaga Form).

    In others entries like as Dynabite and Glycegulp it was more a matter of that I couldn't figure out how to retain the Poison theme, as originally both of those slots were meant to stay Electric/Poison.

    With Nidhrunch and Nidhlong, the Steel typing is dropped because I was making a loose reference to Jurassic World, and just as the researchers in that film made their star dinosaur from the best of several traits, the scientists here created Nidhlong from tinkering with Nidhrunch and granted an evolution that had been missing.

    Thank you, I'm quite pleased you like them.
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    Alright, I have to certify this as incredibly cool!! The origin story is clearly based on Japanese mythology, right? That's pretty rad! And some of those Pokémon designs are scary! Most do look 'old' or fossilised in some sense, I assume that was the aim? Anyways, I haven't read it all through, but I'll be sure to do that and get back here with more commentary. In the meanwhile, keep it up, it's great work <3.
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    Thank you, and yes, I based the majority of the story around Japanese mythology with the occasional reference toward others(for example, J.R.R. Tolkien's mythology in Goliant, Adament, Event, and Valankor). I still have to redesign the legendaries to fit that better than my initial concept art for them from several years ago, however.

    I was not aiming for them to necessarily all come across as older or fossilized, beyond really the starter lines and the fossil related species, but considering how few sprites I've completed and subsequently kept I can see what you mean about that. I look forward to hearing your other thoughts as you continue reading, and thank you again.

    I'd hoped to have revised the first two Gym Leader's histories by now but, as with much of the Izaga region(and Ashido, later Sandaia, and most recently Spartoi...) a lot of information has to be rebuilt from the ground up as I finalize matters from a thousand little notes jotted down.

    For the moment I'll put their basic info up.

    Gym Leaders

    Western Izaga
    Art pending.
    Role: Izaga Region Gym Leader, 'the History-keeping Trainer'.
    Age: Twenty-six.
    Location: Esoteric Gym, New Ihlysian.
    Badge Given: Esoteric Badge.
    Element Theme: Fairy.

    Art pending.
    Role: Izaga Region Gym Leader, 'the Permeable-stone Trainer'.
    Age: Fifty-seven.
    Location: Patience Gym, Erom Village.
    Badge Given: Patience Badge.
    Element Theme: Ground.

    Eastern Izaga
    Art pending.
    Role: Izaga Region Gym Leader, 'the Serpent-whisperer Trainer'.
    Age: Thirty-five.
    Location: Tolerance Gym, Senbai City.
    Badge Given: Tolerance Badge.
    Element Theme: Poison.

    Art pending.
    Role: Izaga Region Gym Leader, 'the Spirit-binding Trainer'.
    Age: Uncertain.
    Location: Finality Gym, Hakurori City.
    Badge Given: Finality Badge.
    Element Theme: Ghost/Ice.

    Drakonwomb Island
    Art pending.
    Role: Izaga Region Gym Leader, 'the Shadow-shaping Trainer'.
    Age: Thirty-four.
    Location: Yami Gym, Shadow Dance Valley.
    Badge Given: Yami Badge.
    Element Theme: Dark/Shadow.

    Art pending.
    Role: Izaga Region Gym Leader, 'the Deep-root Trainer'.
    Age: Uncertain.
    Location: Overgrowth Gym, Cavern of Petrification.
    Badge Given: Overgrowth Badge.
    Element Theme: Grass.

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