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Jey's idea dump

Discussion in 'LV Fan Region: Meroi' started by Jeydis, Feb 18, 2021.

  1. Jeydis

    Jeydis Deep down in Underfity

    Level 11
    Aug 11, 2017
    Poké Ball ★Trainer Card - Cave Theme
    Figured I should get these written down to get opinions and simply to not forget honestly. Feel free to make your own thread with your own ideas. I don't intend for them to all get into the game or anything, I just want to use this opportunity get get some ideas out.

    Pokémon ideas:
    - Electric/Fighting that can stun or revive people with its large, paddle like hands (Makuhita alternate?)
    - Water snake that uses the sounds its scales make when rubbed together to summon rain. (Water starter concept, could work for any water type really)
    - Electric/Ground porcupine that digs itself into the ground during stormy nights and lets its large spikes act like lightning rods, recharging it's energy for a long while.
    - Steel type that is based on axe heads in some way. Steel/Water axe shark? Not perfect for the region but it could work.
    - Opossum Pokémon: Dark, Ghost, normal etc. Perhaps psychic with its brood? Would probably need other themes mixed in to make it a bit more interesting.
    - Firenewt that evolved into a Firebellied toad. Water/Fire would suit them, I think a lava lamp motif would work really well with the black blotches moving around under the skin.
    - Mothman Ghost/Normal type. Very monochrome except for its red, flashing eyes. When light shines upon them their eyes reflect back brightly, like the red eye effect on old cameras.
    - Velvet worm Bug/Normal: Takes inspiration from crafts, spits clue and has scissor like jaws that are handy for cutting material
    - A Pokémon based on the Fisher Constellation myth (http://temagami.nativeweb.org/tale-fisher.html). Not sure on typing, perhaps Fire? Bringer of summer and being based on a group of stars. Its tail would be shaped like an arrow or have arrow-head like barbs it could shoot out. This Pokémon would be notorious for breaking other Pokémon out of traps in the olden days and being quite hard to pin down/capture.
    - Steel/Fighting snowplow moose

    - Trainer class: Lumberjack/Lumberjill (mid level "upgrade" to hikers. Use steel, grass and fighting types.
    - Barrel rider: Seen near the rivers and rapids with a barrel around their waist, bit manic but really enthusiastic. Uses Water and flying Pokémon to rescue them once their stunt is done. Maybe a healer 'mon as well like a chansey.

    - Giant Pokémon island: Hey we have islands and its probably one of the best classic episodes of the show so why not. I would imagine these could be late game Pokémon boosted totem style (could not be caught just set up as a challenge for late game). Or they could be actual machines used as EV training or something.
    - "Niagara Falls": I mean its a really well known place in both canada and the US and it has a pretty iconic look. The caves behind the falls would make for a great gym/dungeon.
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    #1 Feb 18, 2021
    Last edited: May 10, 2022
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