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Journey To Greatness

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Uber-Dan, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

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    Jan 2, 2013
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    Journey To Greatness Pt. 1

    Ref: http://fav.me/d73qdhg I recommend keeping it in a separate tab and using ctrl+f to look for an unfamiliar character. Described characters either don't have a ref there or the chapter was made before making the ref. Scroll down to 'HUMANS" for the characters in this, Daniel is under "PEGASI" since both forms are the same character in different dimentions. Don't worry, none of the ponies there will be in the story, I'm just too lazy to have seprate ref lists.

    "Huh? Where am I?" I thought.

    I was in what seemed like a hi tech office. In front of me was a tall young man. He had light colored skin, and short, brown hair. He wore a black shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.

    "So, you actually managed to make it here, too bad it's all for nothing." said the man.

    "What do you mean?" I asked.

    "I'm the most powerful trainer in the world, with my leadership Team Rocket will rule Kanto again, then the world will be ours." said the man.

    "I won't let you do that." I said.

    "Ha, you think you can stop me? Let's go then." said the man.

    The man gripped a Pokéball and threw it. As it opened a bright lighted engulfed the area.

    "What`s that light?" I asked.

    I looked around and found myself in my bed, it was just a dream. My name is Ditzy, some people say I can be a little derpy. I'm in my pjs right now but I usually wear a grey t-shirt, a blue jean skirt and my favorite running shoes.

    "Today is the day I get my first Pokémon" I shouted.

    "Come get breakfast first." shouted my mom from downstairs.

    After eating breakfast I left my home in Cherrygrove city and headed to New Bark Town. I know I have to keep away from the tall grass to avoid wild Pokémon. Once I get my own I'll be fine. For now I just need to jump down the ledges in the right spots.

    "Someone really needs to make a road or something." I thought as I jumped down ledges.

    I was going along smooth, the jumps weren't as bad as I thought they would be. I got careless and jumped off the wrong pot and found myself in tall grass.

    "This is bad." I thought.

    I knew if a wild Pokémon attacked I would be helpless. I was almost out of the grass when something blocked my way. It was a Rattata.

    "Shoo, go away." I said.

    It didn't work. The Rattata advanced upon me. I was worried, it looked like it was over.

    "Braviary, use Fly." yelled a male voice.

    I watched as the Braviary flew up and came down on the Rattata, KOing it in one hit.

    "Braviary, return." said the male voice.

    I looked up on the ledge and seen a tall man, like the one in my dream. He jumped down to me.

    "Are you ok?" asked the man.

    "I am now, thank you." I said.

    "Let's get out of this grass." said the man.

    The man led me out of the grass and to New Bark Town.

    "Thank you again." I said.

    "It's no problem." said the man.

    "What's your name?" I asked.

    "Ah, how rude of me. My name's Daniel. And you are?" asked Daniel.

    "My name's Ditzy." I answered.

    "It's nice to meet you. I must get going though. Maybe I;ll see you on your journey." said Daniel.

    "How did you know?" I asked.

    Dan smiled.

    "Why else would you risk being attacked by the Pokémon to come here." said Daniel.

    Daniel had a good point. He sent out Braviary and they flew away. Someday I'll have Pokémon that will be as dependable as that. For now I must be getting to the lab so I can get my first Pokémon. I eagerly walked in.

    "Hello, you must be Ditzy." said Prof. Elm.

    "Yes I am." I said.

    The professor led me to a table where there were three Pokeballs.

    "You can pick one, choose carefully." said Elm.

    I already thought about this.

    "I pick Chikorita." I said.

    The professor handed me the Pokéball. I decided to name her Wilow.

    "Thank you." I said.

    "Good luck." said Prof. Elm.

    I was excited, my first Pokémon. I left the town and ventured into the tall grass. It didn't take long to find a wild Pokémon, another Rattata. I threw the Pokéball.

    "Go Wilow." I shouted.

    "Chikorita." said Wilow.

    On my command, Wilow growled at the Rattata. It responded my tackling Wilow. I ordered Wilow to tackle back and she did. The Rattata recovered and tackled Wilow again. I ordered Wilow to tackle again and the Rattata fainted.

    "Great work Wilow." I said.

    "Chikorita." shouted Wilow.

    I recalled Wilow. Pokeballs seemed like the safest place for Pokémon. Perhaps that's why they don't object to them. "I decided to go home and show Wilow to my mom.

    "She's so cute." said my mom.

    "Not as cute as me I bet." said a voice.

    Standing right beside me was mom's Eevee, Kimiko. I don't know why but she can talk unlike other Pokémon.

    "Hi there Kimiko." I said.

    Kimiko walked up to Wilow.

    "I'll admit she's almost as cute as me." said Kimiko.

    "Chikorita." said Wilow.

    Looks like they are getting along." said mom.

    "Hey Ditzy, you're going on your Pokémon journey right?" asked Kimiko.

    "Yeah, why?" I asked.

    "That means you'll be gone for a long time right?" asked Kimiko.

    "Yes, but I'll be back eventually." I said.

    "Can I come with you?" asked Kimiko.

    "Dear, Kimiko never been on a journey before. It would really make her happy to come with you." said mom.

    "But you'll be lonely." I said.

    "Not true, I have our friends in town and besides, I can always contact you with my Pokegear." said mom.

    Ok, you can come Kimiko." I said.

    Knowing that Kimiko hasn't been in her Pokéball in years I decided she'll be walking beside me.

    "Bye mom, I'll see you when I become the champion." I said.

    I left on my journey, I don't know what I'll encounter but there's only one way to find that out. Violet City, here I come.

    End of Pt. 1
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  2. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

    Rayquaza Egg
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    Typo, "I decided to show Wilow to my mom." should have read, "I decided to go home and show Wilow to my mom."

    Sorry about that.
  3. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

    Rayquaza Egg
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    Journey To Greatness Pt. 2

    Alright, with Wilow in her Pokéball and Kimiko by my side I set out to route 30. Before i could exit Cherrygrove City I was confronted by a dumb looking trainer. He wore a red muscle shirt, jean shorts, and running shoes.

    "Wazzup, the name's Steve and I'm the coolest trainer around." said Steve.

    "Um, that's nice and all but I want to get going." I said.

    "Hey, don't blow me off, let me show you my cool battle skills." said Steve.

    "Sounds fun." I said.

    Steve threw a Pokéball.

    "Alright, go Yolo." said Steve.

    Yolo turned out to be a Cyndaquil. I threw a Pokéball and out came Wilow.

    "You're going to take on a fire type with a grass type?" asked Kimiko.

    "Uh, my bad?" I said.

    "Yolo, use tackle." said Steve.

    Yolo tackled Wilow.

    "Wilow, use tackle." I said.

    Wilow tackled Yolo. The two exchanged blows until Yolo fainted.

    "OMG, you are such a cheat." said Steve.

    "I didn't cheat." I said.

    Steve just waved his arm and walked past me.

    "Am I the only one that thinks that guy need to be slapped, I mean who names any Pokémon Yolo?" said Kimiko.

    "I don't know." I said.

    After that weird encounter I walked to Route 30. I heard someone names Mr. Pokémon lived on this route. From what I hear he knows a capable trainer when he sees one so I think I will visit him.

    "Hey, I think we should visit Mr. Pokémon." I said.

    Before Kimiko could answer I heard a cry. Behind me was a wild Pidgey.

    "Let me handle this." said Kimiko.

    "Ok." I said.

    Pidgey tackled Kimiko whom retaliated with a tackle of her own. The Pidgey then used gust to send a burst of wind at Kimiko.

    "Wait, wait, wait. If you catch this you should name it butts. Butts used gust, hilarious am I right?" said Kimiko.

    "Huh?" I said.

    I didn't understand this.

    "What I mean is, never mind." said Kimiko.

    Kimiko used tackle again on my order and the Pidgey fainted.

    "Catch it." said Kimiko.

    "I can't, fainted Pokémon are off limits." I said.

    "Tell me you are joking." said Kimiko.

    I wasn't, for some reason fainted Pokémon are to be left alone according to the law.

    "Awww..." said Kimiko.

    We continued along the rut a bit until we came across a small house.

    "This must be the place." I said.

    We walked in. The man inside turned to us.

    "This isn't Mr. Pokemons house." said the man.

    "How did you know we were looking for Mr. Pokémon?" I asked.

    "Trainers come here by mistake all the time." said the man.

    "Sorry." I said.

    "It's ok." said the man.

    We left the house. That was embarrassing.

    "Nice one." said Kimiko.

    Gee, thanks.

    "Um, why are we visiting Mr. Pokeman again?" Asked Kimiko.

    "It's Mr. Pokémon and because he knows a capable trainer when he sees one." I said.

    "That's Prof. Oak. You are such a derpy." said Kimiko.

    Oh. Wait then that means we embarrassed ourselves for nothing.

    "Let's go to Violent City." I said.

    "Violet City." said Kimiko.

    Ok then. Violet City it is. But as we went along there was a dead end.

    "A dead end." I said.

    "Ditzy, just walk around that small tree." said Kimiko.

    "No, I can't do that." I said.

    "But, there's plenty of room." said Kimiko.

    "But the tree." I said.

    "But there's room. Forget it, just go through the tall grass." said Kimiko.

    Kimiko led me through the tall grass, so it's not a dead end after all. Then a wild Metapod appeared.

    "Go Wilow." I said.

    "Chikorita." said Wilow.

    Metapod used harden.

    "Oh oh oh, it uses harden so catch it and name it pe... actually no, don't." said Kimiko.

    "What are you talking about?" I asked.

    We watched as Wilow tackled Metapod and it hardened, each time raising it's defense.

    One hour later.

    "Why are they still at it.?" asked Kimiko.

    "Chi gasp chi gasp." said Wilow.

    "Just run from it, otherwise we will be here all day." said Kimiko.

    I tried to run but I failed.

    "Did... did you just fail to run from a Metapod?" asked Kimiko.

    "It's too fast." I said.

    "Oh for the love of, switch me in." said Kimiko.

    I recalled Wilow.

    "Now run." said Kimiko.

    I tried to run and this time I got away easily.

    "Why was that easier?" I asked.

    "My ability is Run Away." I said.

    "But how does that help? It was me, not you running away." I said.

    "Good question." said Kimiko.

    We continued along to Violet City where the first badge is. The gym leader will be tough but we can do it.

    End of Pt. 2
  4. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

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    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    Journey To Greatness Pt. 3

    Violet City, home of a gym, the Bellsprout Tower and a Pokémon school. I'm here for the gym and it's badge.

    "Why can't I challenge the leader?" I asked.

    "Because you aren't ready yet." said the gym guy.

    "But I want to challenge him." I said.

    The gym leader walks up to us.

    "If you really think you can take us I have no choice but to accept your challenge." said Falkner.

    We took opposite sides of the battle field.

    "Go Pidgey." said Falkner.

    "Go Wilow." I said.

    "Chicorita." said Wilow.

    "Pidgey use gust." said Falkner.

    The gust hit Wilow hard. She didn't have much strength left.

    "Finish it with quick attack." said Falkner.

    Sure enough Wilow fainted from the attack. I recalled her.

    "My turn." said Kimiko.

    "Kimiko use tackle." I said.

    "Pidgey use gust." said Falkner.

    Like Wilow before her, Kimiko was hit hard but not as hard.

    "Finish it off with Quick Attack." said Falkner.

    Kimiko fainted from the attack. I was announced as the loser. I just don't know what went wrong. I ran to the Pokémon Center to get Wilow and Kimiko healed.

    "We hope to see you again." said the nurse.

    "Wait, are you saying you want my Pokémon to get hurt again like that?" I asked.

    "Ha ha no, what I'm saying is I hope you come here if your Pokémon get injured again." said the nurse.

    "Oh, sorry."I said.

    "It's ok, I get it a lot. I guess I should word it a little differently." said the nurse.

    "You think?" said Kimiko.

    "Have you trained at the Bellsprout Tower?" asked the nurse.

    "No, I haven't." I answered.

    "I highly recommended doing so, it will help a lot." said the nurse.

    "Thank you, I will." I said.

    I decided to travel to this tower, it was not far from the Pokémon Center. I entered the tower to find some sages training.

    "Um, is this the place I can train?" I asked.

    A sage turned to me.

    "Yes child, get to the top and you will get a reward from the elder." said a sage.

    "Alright, thank you." I said.

    "Wait." said another sage.

    I waited. The sage handed me a Pokéball.

    "I can tell you are a caring trainer, I want you to have this Togepi." said the sage.

    "Thank you very much." I said.

    "It has a nickname, Cupid." said the sage.

    "Interesting nickname." said Kimiko.

    "Oh, your Eevee talks." said the sage.

    "Yeah, I've been talking my whole life. Not sure why I'm gifted like this but hey." said Kimiko.

    "Amazing." said the sage.

    I went up the stairs, another sage came up to me.

    "So you seek to train, very well let's go." said the sage.

    The sage threw a Pokéball and a Bellsprout came out.

    "Bellsprout." said the Bellsprout.

    I threw a Pokéball.

    "Go Cupid." I said.

    "Togepi." said Cupid.

    "Bellsprout, use vine whip." said the sage.

    Bellsprout whipped Cupid hard.

    "Cupid, use Extrasensory." I said.

    Cupid used an odd psychic power and knocked out the Bellsprout in a single hit. The sage recalled Bellsprout.

    "Well done child, you may proceed." said the sage.

    "Quick question, how do you know what attacks we know?" asked Kimiko.

    "I just know. Can't really explain it but it's like I have a list of my Pokémon's attacks and other info in a menu." I said.

    (Writers note: Ditzy is referring to the summery screen and battle display in the Pokémon games.)

    "I'm not even going to ask, let's keep moving." said Kimiko.

    I did so, until I came across another sage.

    "No matter how hard we battle, the tower will stand tall." said the sage.

    I guess that was a challenge to a battle because the sage sent out another Bellsprout.

    "Go Wilow." I said.

    "Chicorita." said Wilow.

    "Wilow, use tackle." I said.

    "Bellsprout, use vine whip." said the sage.

    Bellsprout whipped Wilow but it didn't seem to do much damage, Wilow tackle hit Bellsprouts hard.

    "Tackle again." I said.

    Wilow tackled the Bellsprout again and it fainted.

    "Well done child, proceed." said the sage.

    I did and came across what seemed like a hallway. I walked down it and saw an older sage and a young trainer.

    "Well done young lady, you are worthy of this HM." said the older sage.

    "Thank you elder." said the young trainer.

    The young trainer turned around and walked to me.

    "Hello, are you going to battle the elder?" asked the young trainer.

    "Yes I am. My name's Ditzy." I said.

    "Nice to meet you, I'm Christina." said the young trainer.

    "And I'm Kimiko." said Kimiko.

    Christina gasped and picked up Kimiko.

    "Oh my gawd, a taking Eevee. I love Eevee, my whole team is the evolved forms of Eevee. I had to leave one out because of the dumb six Pokémon limit. I heard there was a new Eeveelution discovered in another region, isn't that exciting." said Christina.

    Kimiko was clearly loving the attention.

    "Um, can I have my Eevee back?" I asked.

    "Oh, terribly sorry dear, anyway I'll see you around." said Christina.

    Christina put Kimiko down and left.

    "Well, time to battle the elder." I said.

    End of Pt. 3
  5. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

    Rayquaza Egg
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    Journey To Greatness Pt. 4

    I walked up to the elder.

    "Um, excuse me." I said.

    "I assume you are here to battle me." said the elder.

    "Yes I am." I said.

    "Very well, let's begin. Go Hoothoot." said the elder.

    The elder threw a Pokéball and Hoothoot came out.

    "Hoothoot." said Hoothoot.

    "Go Cupid."I said.

    I threw a Pokéball and Cupid came out.

    "Togepi." said Cupid.

    "Hoothoot, use peck." said the elder.

    Hoothoot pecked Cupid.

    "Cupid use Extrasensory." I said.

    Hoothoot was hit with the psychic power.

    "Hoothoot, use Hypnosis." said the elder.

    Hoothoots hypnosis made Cupid fall asleep.

    "Wake up Cupid." I said.

    "It's no good, you need to switch or wait it out." said Kimiko.

    I decided to switch, I called Cupid back.

    "Kimiko, get in there." I said.

    "Good choice there." said Kimiko.

    Kimiko leaped into the battle field.

    "Kimiko, use Quick Attack." I said.

    Kimiko struck Hoothoot with a super fast tackle. This caused Hoothoot to faint. The Elder recalled Hoothoot.

    "Go Bellsprout." said the Elder.

    The Elder threw a Pokéball and Bellsprout came out.

    "Bellsprout." said Bellsprout.

    "Another one? What is with you people and Bellsprout?" asked Kimiko.

    "There is a reason this place is called the Bellsprout Tower young Eevee." said the Elder.

    "Yeah, I figured that out." said Kimiko.

    "Kimiko, use Quick Attack." I said.

    Kimiko quickly struck Bellsprout.

    "Hit her with your vine whip." said the elder.

    Bellsprout hit Kimiko with vine whip.

    "Is that the best you got?" asked Kimiko.

    "Focus Kimiko and use quick attack again." I said.

    Kimiko struck Bellsprout again and it fainted.

    "Is that it?" asked Kimiko.

    "Yes, you have won." said the elder.

    (Writers note, the elder here has 2 Bellsprouts in the games but I'm tried of Bellsprout.)

    "Alright." I shouted.

    "Now, her's your reward, Flash." said the elder.

    "Hey, minor present and besides, that's sick." said Kimiko.

    "Oh, and what is so sick about giving your trainer the techical machine, Flash young Eevee?" asked the elder.

    "Oh I thought, um never mind." said Kimiko.

    The elder handed me the TM for Flash.

    "Use it and you can light up dark caves." said the elder.

    "Thank you." I said.

    I left the tower, let's see who can use Flash. Wilow and Cupid it seems, I decided to teach it to Wilow. It was a simple process, I let Wilow out of her ball, placed the TM on her forehead and she learned the move.

    "Chicorita." said Wilow.

    Now for the gym leader. I made my way to the gym.

    "Hey, I'm here for a rematch." I said.

    "My fathers bird Pokémon will win again. Go Pidgey." said Falkner.

    "Pidgey." said Pidgey.

    "Go Kimiko." I said.

    "Ha, this won't take long." said Kimiko.

    "Kimiko, use Quick Attack." I said.

    Kimiko struck Pidgey fast.

    "Pidgey, use Gust." said Falkner.

    Pidgeys gust hit Kimiko but she endured it better than before.

    "Kimiko, Bite." I said.

    Kimiko bit Pidgey and it fainted. Falkner recalled Pidgey and sent out Pidgeotto.

    "Go Pidgeotto." said Falkner.

    "Pidgeotto." said Pidgeotto.

    It looks tough.

    "Kimiko, use bite again." I said.

    Kimiko bite Pidgeotto.

    "Pidgeotto, use gust." said Falkner.

    Pidgeottos gust was a lot stringer than Pidgeys gust. Kimiko fainted from the hit. I recalled her and sent out Cupid.

    "Go Cupid." I said.

    "Togepi." said Cupid.

    "Pidgeotto use gust." said Falkner.

    Pidgeottos gust hit Cupid hard but she hung on.

    "Cupid, use Extrasensory." I said.

    Cupids attack hit Pidgeotto and it flinched.

    "Extrasensory again." I said.

    Cupid used Extrasensory again while Pidgeotto was still flinching. It nailed it's weak point and Pidgeotto fainted. Falkner recalled it.

    (Writers note: Making a Pokémon flinch has nothing to do with nailing it's weak spot, a critical hit is random. Ditzy got really lucky in this battle.)

    "Well done. As proof of your victory here's your Zephyr badge." said Falkner.

    With my first badge in my hands I set off from they gym. I headed to the Pokémon Center to rest. Tomorrow I will be going through route 32 and Union Cave.

    End of Pt. 4
  6. Uber-Dan

    Uber-Dan PKMN Breeder

    Rayquaza Egg
    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 2, 2013
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    Journey to Greatness Pt. 5

    After resting at the Pokémon Center, I was more determined than ever before, my new badge has boosted my confidence. I left Violet city and headed to route 32. As I walked another trainer bumped into me.

    "Humph, watch where you are going girl." said the trainer.

    This trainer seemed odd, she was wearing a purple jacket with yellow stars on it, underneath the cape was a blue shirt and blue skirt.

    "Hey, you bumped into her." said Kimiko.

    "How dare you speak to Sarah like that. Do you know who Sarah is?" said the trainer.

    "Never heard of you." I said.

    "You must be really behind. I am the great and powerful Sarah, world famous magician, and worlds greatest trainer." said Sarah.

    "That's a load of Tauros, everyone knows the title of worlds greatest trainer belongs to Red." said Kimiko.

    "That Red kid holds the title, but I am greater. Mark my words I will become the champion, then I will defeat that pathetic Red." said Sarah.

    "You are really full of yourself." I said.

    "Humph, why don't you battle Sarah so Sarah can show you how great Sarah is." said Sarah.

    "Bring it on." I said.

    "Go Totem." said Sarah.

    Totem was a Natu.

    "Get him Kimiko." I said.

    "Got it." said Kimiko.

    "Peck it Totem." said Sarah.

    "Bite it." I said.

    Totem pecked Kimiko. Kimiko then bite Totem, this seemed to inflict a ton of damage.

    "Gr... Totem, peck it." said Sarah.

    "Bite it again." I said.

    Totem pecked Kimiko again and Kimiko bite Totem again, knocking it out. Sarah recalled Totem.

    "Luckily for you, the Unown in those ruins tired out my other Pokémon, I would have won easily other wise." said Sarah.

    "Sure, considering I had so much trouble fighting that Natu." said Kimiko.

    Sarah raised her hand, as she did so Kimiko was lifted off her feet.

    "What are you doing?" I demanded.

    Sarah ignored me.

    "Listen little fluff ball, don't ever insult the great and powerful Sarah." said Sarah.

    Sarah lowered her hand causing Kimiko to drop to the ground. Sarah walked away.

    "Are you ok Kimiko?" I asked.

    "Yeah. That Sarah is full of herself." said Kimiko.

    That's an understatement and a half. I continued down route 32 and came across a fork in the road.

    "Ok, do we go through the tall grass of along the pier?" I asked.

    "Pier." said Kimiko.

    We walked down the pier, passing some fishermen. One stopped us.

    "Hey, I haven't got a bite all day. Battle me to pass the time ok?" said the Fisherman.

    "Ok." I said.

    The fisherman sent out Magicarp. I sent out Wilow.

    "Wilow, Razor Leaf." I said.

    Wilow shot razor sharp leaves at the Magicarp, knocking it out in one hit..

    The fisherman withdrew Magicarp and sent out another Magicarp.

    "Wilow, Razor Leaf again." I said.

    Wilow once again shot razor sharp leaves at Magicarp, knocking it out instantly.

    The fisherman withdrew Magicarp and sent out another Magicarp. One by one, Wilow took out Magicarp until the Fisherman ran out.

    "You beat be in a battle but I'm the better fisherman." said the fisherman.

    "All you catch is Magicarp, you are probably the worst fisherman." said Kimiko.

    "Well, nothing else bites." said the fisherman.

    "Get a better rod." said Kimiko.

    "How about I kick you into the water." said the fisherman.

    I decided it was best to simply continue. We reached the end of the pier.

    "That was a short pier." I said.

    "Yep, not much there." said Kimiko.

    I looked ahead and seen a mountain and a Pokémon Center. I deiced to go to the Pokémon Center to rest.

    "Hi nurse, mind if I rest here?" I asked.

    "Sure, that's what we are here for." said the nurse.

    We sat down at at a table.

    "Well." said Kimiko.

    "Well what?" I asked.

    "How do you like being a trainer?" asked Kimiko.

    "It can be hard at times, scary too." I said.

    "Well, you've done great so far." said Kimiko.

    "I've made mistakes." I said.

    "Everyone make mistakes, want to hear something your mom did?" asked Kimiko.

    "Sure." I said.

    "Don't tell her I said this. When she was walking in a route with me, a wild Pokémon showed up. Instead of fighting it, she threw the berries we picked at it in hopes to scare it away." said Kimiko.

    "Did it work?" I asked.

    "No, the Pokémon ate them all so I had to fight it. Then we had to pick more berries to replace the ones eaten. What I'm trying to say is, everybody makes mistakes. We need to learn from them." said Kimiko.

    I felt like laughing, how could anyone do that? We got up and left the Pokémon Center, saying bye to the nurse on the way out.

    "Union Cave, I wonder why it's called that." said Kimiko.

    "Maybe it's because it connects Violet City and Azalea Town." I said.

    "Perhaps, the name suggests there are more exits though." said Kimiko.

    "Either way, let's go through. I want my second badge." I said.

    "That's the spirit." said Kimiko.

    We walked in the Union Cave, not 5 steps in a wild Zubat appeared. I sent out Cupid.

    "Cupid, use Extrasensory." I said.

    Cupids Extrasensory knocked out the Zubat in a single hit. Another Zubat appeared shortly after that which was also knocked out in a single hit. As we went through I had Cupid knock out many Zubats. Eventually we reached the exit.

    "Finally." said Kimiko.

    Kimiko ran outside, I ran after her.

    "What was that about?" I asked.

    "Finally, no more Zubats." said Kimiko.

    "It wasn't so bad." I said.

    "We must have encounters like a million Zubats." said Kimiko.

    "No, we encountered like twenty of them." I said.

    "Zubats everywhere." said Kimiko.

    What a drama queen." I said.

    End of Pt. 5
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    Journey To Greatness Pt. 6

    (Writers note: From now on I'm replacing the word 'said' to improve my writing.)

    We arrived at Azalea Town and rested at the Pokémon Center.

    "I never want to see another Zubat again." grunted Kimiko.

    "There was only like 20 we encountered." I stated.

    "It felt like a million." barked Kimiko.

    I wasn't going to argue with Kimiko anymore, we didn't encounter that many Zubats, sure they were annoying but it wasn't so bad. Cupid took them all out in a single hit each after all.

    "Buy some repel." demanded Kimiko.

    "Fine." I grunted.

    We walked out of the Pokémon Center and into the Pokemart.

    "Hello, what can I get for you ma'am?" asked the clerk.

    "I would like ten repel." I stated.

    "That will be three thousand five hundred poke dollars." stated the clerk.

    "What?" I stated.

    "Something wrong?" asked the clerk.

    "No, um better make it five repels." I responded.

    "Ok, that will be one thousand seven hundred and fifty poke dollars." stated the clerk.

    I paid for the repel, being a Pokémon trainer isn't cheap. We walked outside and I looked at Kimiko.

    "Happy?" I asked.

    "You should have bought more." replied Kimiko.

    "Not at that price." I insisted.

    Kimiko sighed.

    "Are you going to catch more Pokémon or will it just be us three?" asked Kimiko.

    "I will, I'm just waiting for the right Pokémon to come along." I stated.

    Kimiko opened her mouth to respond but our attention turned at a man screaming.

    "Those Team Rocket grunts are at it again. They're cutting off Slowpoke tails again." thundered the man.

    "Hey, yelling about it won't help, let wait for a traveling trainer to take care of them, it worked before." replied another man.

    "I think that's our cue." stated Kimiko.

    I nodded, walked to the Slowpoke Well and climbed down. As soon as I touched the floor and man in all black cloths with a red 'R' on his shirt ran to me, I heard about that uniform he's a Team Rocket grunt.

    "What do you think you are doing?" yelled the Rocket grunt.

    "Hey Team Lamers, stop with the cutting tails." demanded Kimiko.

    "It's Rocket and no way, these tails were a huge profit the last time we tried to take over, we're doing it again. If you want to stop us then you have to battle us." replied the Rocket grunt.

    "Fine by me. Go Cupid." I stated.

    "Go Zubat." ordered the Rocket grunt.

    "That's it, I'm out of here." fumed Kimiko.

    Kimiko climbed the ladder out of the Slowpoke Well.

    "Get back here." I ordered.

    "Hey, the battle." snapped the Rocket grunt.

    "Oh right, Cupid use extrasensory." I ordered.

    The Zubat was knocked out in a single hit like all other Zubats I fought.

    "You messed with the wrong people." stated the Rocket grunt.

    As I walked through the well I fought more grunts, each simple had a Zubat, I'm starting to dislike Zubats as much as Kimiko. I saw the last Grunt and challenged him.

    "Go Cupid." I ordered.

    "Go Koffing." ordered the Rocked grunt.

    "Finally, something different." I stated.

    "Koffing, tackle." ordered the Rocket Grunt.

    "Cupid, extrasensory." I ordered.

    Cupids attack hot Koffing hard but didn't knock it out. Koffings tackle hit Cupid.

    "Extrasensory again." I ordered.

    This time Koffing was knocked out.

    "Why you little brat." sneered the Rocket grunt.

    Kimiko ran to me.

    "Kimiko? What made you come back?" I asked.

    I heard there was something other than a Zubat so I came back in case you needed me." replied Kimiko.

    One if the grunts I defeated ran to the grunt I just defeated.

    "She's here." trembled the Rocket grunt.

    I turned around to see a female trainer, she wore a black shirt with a vertical yellow line on the top half connected to a yellow circle on the bottom half and red circles on the shoulders, blue jeans, and black shoes. She had long black hair, light colored skin, and yellw eyes.

    "A-Alexis D-Doeman." stuttered a Rocket grunt.

    (Writers note, Alexis Doeman belongs to Anime-MLP on DA. Character is used with permission.)

    "I went to the Ilex Forest to get a progress report and I find you in here? I had to walk here all the way here because I would attract too much attention riding my Pokémon." snapped Alexis.

    "We were cutting Slowpoke tails to get some funding." stuttered a Rocket grunt.

    "I told you already that out leader has all the funding we need." snapped Alexis.

    Alexis put her hand on her forehead and sighed.

    "Do you even have a progress report?" asked Alexis.

    "We were unable to track down Celebi and this meddling trainer beat us all." stated a Rocket grunt.

    Alexis turned to me.

    "So, this trainer defeated you all. Maybe if you used Pokémon other than Zubat you might actually win battles." stated Alexis.

    "And be less annoying." added Kimiko.

    The Rocket grunts were shocked by Kimiko talking. Alexis on the other hand seemed to not be shocked at all.

    "Like my grunts have stated, I am Alexis Doeman, second in command of the New Team Rocket. Mark my words little girl, there will be consequences if you ever get in my way." stated Alexis.

    "Oh yeah, I beat all your grunts so let's battle." I demanded.

    "Foolish girl, I am second in command because of my power. Mere grunts are flies compared to me." stated Alexis.

    "What's a fly?" asked Kimiko.

    "Besides, I have more important things to do right now. Grunts, follow me." stated Alexis.

    Alexis lead the grunts out and after a few moments I made my way out and to the Pokémon Center to rest. That Alexis, something about her scares me.

    End of Pt. 6
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    Journey To Greatness Pt. 7

    It's another new day and another badge awaits. Before setting off I had some breakfast with my Pokémon.

    "Well, another gym battle today, you nervous?" asked Kimiko.

    "Not at all, I got the last one." I replied.

    "That was the easiest gym, I hear this one is harder. Each one is harder than the last." stated Kimiko.

    "Is it just a coincidence the we will be going in order or is it set up that way?" I asked.

    "Good question, I don't know." replied Kimiko.

    I decided to call mom, it's been a couple days. I pushed a couple buttons on my Pokégear and I called her.

    "Hey mom." I stated.

    "Hi dear, how's your journey going?" asked mom.

    "Great, I already have a badge and I'm about to get another one." I stated.

    "I'm doing good too mom." stated Kimiko.

    Kimiko thinks my mom is her mom too?

    "That's great, good luck. I have to go now, a couple guests are arriving so bye dear." stated mom.

    "Bye mom." I stated.

    "Bye mom, come on sis we have a badge to earn." stated Kimiko.

    I hung up the Pokégear phone and departed for the gym, it wasn't far. I went inside the gym.

    "Hey gym leader, I'm here for a badge." I stated.

    A young person came out from behind a big tree in the middle of the building.

    "Hi there, the name's Bugsy. Don't underestimate bug Pokémon, they're tougher than they look." stated Bugsy.

    "How is that tree growing in the middle of a building?" I asked.

    "Gym secret." answered Bugsy.

    "Question, are you a boy or are you a girl?" asked Kimiko.

    "Oh my, the Eevee talked." stated Bugsy.

    "Oh my, the human talked." stated Kimiko.

    All three of us shared a good laugh.

    "Seriously though, boy or girl?" asked Kimiko.

    "I think it's obvious." stated Bugsy.

    "Yeah, how could you not tell?" I asked.

    "Anyway, let's get started." stated Bugsy.

    We took our sides of the battle field. Bugsy sent out a Metapod and I sent out Cupid.

    "Cupid, extrasensory." I ordered.

    "Tackle it." Ordered Bugsy.

    Cupids extrasensory hit Metapod hard but it recovered and tackled Cupid.

    "One more time." I ordered.

    "Tackle again." ordered Bugsy.

    This time Cupids attack knocked out Metapod. Bugsy recalled it and sent out Scyther.

    "Careful, Scyther is fast and strong. Don't let it rack up hits with it's fury cutter." warned Kimiko.

    "Scyther, hit it with fury cutter." ordered Bugsy.

    "Cupid, extrasensory again." I ordered.

    Scythers fury cutter hit Cupid hard and Cupids extrasensory hit hard as well.

    "Fury cutter again." ordered Bugsy.

    Scythers fury cutter hit even harder and Cupid fainted.

    I recalled Cupid and sent Kimiko into the battle.

    "Kimiko, quick attack." I ordered.

    "Another fury cutter." ordered Bugsy.

    Kimiko struck Scyther before it could move, Scyther countered with the fury cutter hitting Kimiko really hard.

    "Ouch, I better finish it now." stated Kimiko

    Without command Kimiko used quick attach again knocking out the Scyther.

    Bugsy recalled Scyther and sent out Kakuna.

    "Kimiko, use bite." I ordered.

    "Kakuna us poison sting." ordered Bugsy.

    Kimiko bite Kakuna hard and was hit by the poison sting which poisoned Kimiko.

    "This poison hurts big time." stated Kimiko.

    I recalled Kimiko and sent out Wilow.

    "Wilow, use tackle." I ordered.

    Wilow tackled Kakuna and knocked it out, I was declared the winner.

    "Nice battle kid, here's your badge." stated Bugsy.

    Bugsy handed me the Insect Badge. I now have two badges, only six more to go. I thanked Bugsy and left the gym. I rushed to the Pokémon Center to heal my Pokémon and to rest. After getting my Pokémon back I sat down with Kimiko.

    "Another badge, it was an short but intense battle." I stated.

    "Yeah but if it lasted even just a little longer we would have lost. Fury Cutter gets stronger each time it hits." stated Kimiko.

    "Yeah, I could tell." I stated.

    "I don't even know how I managed to hang on after that one hit, I just couldn't fall you know." stated Kimiko.

    "Getting discouraged?" asked Kimiko.

    I shook my head.

    "Nope, not at all." I answered.

    "Good answer." replied Kimiko.

    I opened mu Pokegears map and checked where I should go next.

    "Well, we need to go though the Ilex forest and after that it's a stone throw to Goldenrod City." I stated.

    "Ilex forest, more things to poison me." stated Kimiko.

    "Well, we'll need to be careful." I stated.

    Kimiko took a deep breath. She seemed worried.

    "Was it that bad?" I asked.

    "It felt like my life was being drained." stated Kimiko.

    "We will get through safely, I'll make sure of it." I stated

    End of Pt. 7
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    Journey to Greatness Pt. 8

    After resting at the Pokémon Center we started toward the Ilex Forest. We were stopped however by a coupe trainers, one was Christina and the other was Daniel.

    "Christina, it's nice to see you again, and Daniel, it's been a while." I stated.

    "You've grown fast, already two badges." stated Daniel.

    "How did you know i had two badges?" I asked.

    "My gym battle was held off for a bit because Bugsy was beaten by a trainer that matches your description." stated Daniel.

    "Daniel is such an amazing trainer, he defeated Bugsy in less than a minute with only one Pokémon, his Leavanny." stated Christina.

    "His what?" I asked.

    "It's a Pokémon from the Unova region. All of my Pokémon are from Unova." stated Daniel.

    "How did you do Christina?" I asked.

    "Good, Scorch, my Flareon, and Frostbite, my Glaceon, beat her or him, I'm not sure." stated Christina.

    "You guys have such cool Pokémon." I stated.

    "You will too someday." stated Christina.

    "You know, now that we are all here, why don't Ditzy and Christina battle?" suggested Daniel.

    "That's a great idea." stated Christina.

    "Ok but I only have three Pokémon." I stated.

    "That's alright, I'll only use three of mine at the most." stated Christina.

    We took our spots and sent out our Pokémon. I sent out Cupid while Christina sent out her Jolteon.

    "Arc, thunder shock." ordered Christina.

    "Cupid, extrasensory." I ordered.

    Arcs thunder shock hit Cupid hard paralysing it, Cupid manages to hit Arc with her extrasensory.

    "Arc, finish it with another thunder shock." ordered Christina.

    Arcs thunder shock hit Cupid, knocking her out. I recalled her and sent out Kimiko.

    "Kimiko, quick attack." I ordered.

    "Arc, thunder shock." ordered Christina.

    Kimiko struck Arc quickly but was then hit by thunder shock.

    "Darn, that smarts." stated Kimiko.

    "Arc, finish it with thunder shock." ordered Christina.

    Sure enough Kimiko was knocked out by the thunder shock. I recalled her and sent out Wilow.

    "Arc, use pin missile." ordered Christina.

    "Wilow, razor leaf." I ordered.

    Arcs thunder shock hit Wilow but not as hard. Wilows razor leaf finally knocked out Arc. Suddenly Wilow turned white and began to glow brightly.

    "What's going on?" I asked.

    "Your Chikorita is evolving." answered Christina.

    Wilow began to change shape, it then stopped glowing and emerged from the white light as a Bayleaf.

    "So that's Pokémon evolution." I stated.

    Wilow, now a Bayleaf looked ready for battle. Christina sent out Vaporeon.

    "Wilow, razor leaf." I ordered.

    "Tsunami, aura beam." ordered Christina.

    Wilows razor leaf hit Tsunami hard but was hit very hard by aura beam knocking her out.

    "Not bad." stated Christina.

    "It took three of my Pokémon to knock out just one of yours." I stated.

    "Indeed but Eeveelutions, that is Eevees evolved forms, are very powerful. Your Pokémon aren't even fully evolved and as such, no where their full strength." stated Daniel.

    "So what you are saying is that when my Pokémon are fully evolved than I would stand a chance against Christina?" I asked.

    "That's correct." stated Christina.

    "Well, it's been fun everybody but I have to get going." stated Daniel.

    "Wait, there's something I have to say." I stated.

    "What is it?" asked Christina.

    I told them about what happened in the Slowpoke Well.

    "I heard rumours about New Team Rocket. Apparently they don't steal Pokémon anymore, nor do they engage in unethical practises, though there appears to be rouges within the group." stated Daniel.

    "It's strange really. It's like they're a completely different team." stated Christina.

    Daniel and Christina entered the Ilex Forest, and I walked to the Pokémon Center where I rested, healed my Pokémon and sent out Kimiko. We then set off to the Ilex Forest.

    "It's pretty spooky in here." I stated.

    "The darkness caused by the trees blocking the sun has that effect it seems." stated Kimiko.

    "Yeah, let's be careful." I stated.

    "We should always be careful Ditzy." stated Kimiko.

    After walking a bit I came across what looked like a shrine. It was very old looking though still very sturdy.

    "This is pretty cool." I stated.

    Kimiko didn't respond.

    "This is pretty cool." I repeated

    Kimiko still didn't respond, I looked over and discovered why. Kimiko was missing. How could that have happened?

    "Kimiko?" I called.

    No answer. I was worried, why isn't Kimiko here with me? Did I leave her behind? Did she run away? I began my search, I battled many wild Pokémon but there was no sign of Kimiko.

    'Kimiko, where are you?" I called.

    "Are you looking for someone?" asked a voice.

    I turned to see a young man.

    "My Eevee is missing?" I stated.

    "I seen an Eevee near the exit to Goldenrod City." stated the man.

    "Which way is that?" I asked.

    The man points.

    "That way. Before you go, I teach Pokémon how to use headbutt, want some of yours to learn?" asked the man.

    "Yes please." I answered.

    It didn't take long, headbutt was easy to master for both Wilow and Cupid.

    "How much do I owe you?" I asked.

    "Nothing, I enjoy teaching Pokémon how to use headbutt." answered the man.

    With a final good bye I walked in the direction the man pointed. One at the exit I seen Kimiko and ran to her. I noticed she had been hurt.

    "Kimiko, what on earth happened?" I asked.

    "I'll tall you later, for now I really need to rest." replied Kimiko.

    As Kimiko started to walk I noticed she was tired and weak so i carried her in my arms. After emerging from the forest it was a five minute walk to Goldenrod City. My first stop was the Pokémon Center to rest and find out what happened to Kimiko.

    End of Pt. 8
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    Journey to Greatness Pt. 9

    After resting in the Pokémon Center in Goldenrod City, I asked Kimiko what happened.

    "Well, it's a long story." replied Kimiko.

    "Could you give me the short version?" I asked.

    "Very well. I was grabbed by a couple kidnappers. I resisted until I learned that I wasn't the first so I pretended to resist but allowed myself to be captured to discover where the others were being kept, there were several Pokémon there to make sure none of the kidnapped Pokémon would escape. After getting all of the kidnapped Pokémon together I organized a massive attack and we showed the kidnappers what's what. I then ran looking for you, wound up at the exit and you showed up." explained Kimiko.

    "That's pretty brave and amazing of you." I complimented.

    We shared a big hug with each other. This adventure has made Kimiko not only stronger but smarter as well.

    "Anyway, have you thought about what to evolve me into?" asked Kimiko.

    "Not really, I know you have eight different evolved forms." I answered.

    "Um Ditzy? I have seven evolved forms, not eight." pointed out Kimiko.

    "I guess you haven't heard. In the Kelos region a professor discovered an Eeveelution called Sylveon." I pointed out.

    "Where did you hear that?" asked Kimiko.

    "I read it on the internet." I answered.

    "Oh yeah, that information super highway thing that can be used to access all the information known to mankind but is instead used to look at pictures of Skittys and getting into arguments with strangers." said Kimiko.

    "Yeah. Anyway I don't know what I'll evolve you into yet but someday I will evolve you." I stated.

    Kimiko nodded. Even if I wanted to evolve her now I couldn't. I have no evolution stones, I doubt her happiness is high enough, there is no ice rock or moss rock in Jhoto, and I have no idea how to evolve her into Sylveon.

    "Before we go to the gym we should check out the city." I suggested.

    "Good idea." replied Kimiko.

    We first checked out the department store next door to the Pokémon centre.

    "This place is huge, there are so many floors and so many items available here." I stated.

    "Let's stock up, this is the only place like this in Jhoto." suggested Kimiko.

    I agreed. With the money I had I bought some super potions and some great balls. We then explored a little more and found a bike shop.

    "This bike looks really nice." I stated.

    "It costs one million dollars and i can't run behind you when you ride it and there's no way I'm staying in my Pokéball all the time." complained Kimiko.

    "But couldn't we get a free one with a bike voucher?" I asked.

    "A bike voucher? You're saying we can get a million dollar bike for free with a simple voucher? Seems legit." stated Kimiko.

    "I guess you're right." I said.

    We explored some more and found the underground.

    "An underground market huh? Let's see if there's any sales." I suggested.

    "There's only a single shop open, let's check it out." suggested Kimiko.

    I walked up to the shop keeper.

    "Hello young miss, this is the Pokémon salon. I'm the younger and less experienced of the salon brothers, I can groom one of your Pokémon for only three hundred pokedollars." stated the salon guy.

    "What do you think Kimiko? Want to be groomed?" I asked.

    "Sounds like fun." answered Kimiko.

    I payed and put Kimiko on the table. After a few minutes Kimiko was looking pretty spiffy.

    "How do you feel?" I asked.

    "I feel very happy." answered Kimiko.

    "That must have been one nice grooming session." I stated.

    "I'm not as good as my brother though." claimed the salon guy.

    "Well you clearly did a fantastic job there." I stated.

    "Thank you." replied the salon guy.

    We then decided to check out the radio tower. Before we went in Kimiko looked at me.

    "Why are we here again?" asked Kimiko.

    "I think they give away radio expansion cards here." I answered.

    "Ditzy, that was a limited time only offer which expired a long time ago." stated Kimiko.

    "Oh. Well I guess we don't have a reason to be here then." I guessed.

    We walked around and found the Game Corner.

    "Oh, this looks fun." I stated.

    I went inside and found it's a small room with a large table in the middle. There was a man sitting on the other side.

    "Hello miss. Care to play Voltorb Flip?" asked the man.

    "Never heard of it." I replied.

    The man explained how to play, it sounds pretty simple. Just flip cards. I sat down and played a few games. I won't go into detail but I'll say this, I suck at Voltorb Flip. Kimiko tried it and won a couple games but that's it.

    "This is hard." I stated.

    "You just need to keep trying young miss." stated the man.

    "We kind of suck though." I pointed out.

    "If it was easy it wouldn't be fun." explained the man.

    Ugh, there's hard and then there is ridiculous. I really don't like Voltorb Flip and I can tell Kimiko doesn't either.

    "Well, it's been fun but we need to get going." I said.

    Later at the Pokémon Center. Kimiko and myself had a nice chat.

    "That department store was nice." I stated.

    "You really spent a lot of money there." Kimiko pointed out.

    "I know but we needed those supplies." I pointed out.

    "I liked the salon, it's really nice." stated Kimiko.

    "Yeah, you looked like you were really happy about it." I pointed out.

    "I was, it really felt good." responded Kimiko.

    "I'm glad it did." I stated.

    "Excuse me?" asked a young trainer.

    I looked at the trainer, she has medium length shaggy brown hair pulled into a ponytail, green eyes, glasses with black frames, and she's a little shorter.

    "Can I help you?" I asked.

    "I was wondering if you were up for a battle?" asked the trainer.

    "We may as well, it's not like we battled at all in this chapter, I mean day." suggested Kimiko.

    "That's true but let's take this outside." I said.

    "Thanks, my name is Mack." stated the trainer.

    (Writers note, Mack is a guest appearance from smokegirl667 on DA. She helped with some character names.)

    "I'm Ditzy." I stated.

    We walked outside and prepared to battle. I sent Kimiko to the battle and Mack sent out Eletrike.

    "What's that?" I asked.

    "Eletrike, it's found in the Hoenn region. I'm touring here in Jhoto." answered Mack.

    Kimiko struck Eletrike with quick attack.

    Eletrike hits Kimiko with discharge.

    "Am I the only one here that finds it odd that there is a move called discharge.?" asked Kimiko.

    "I don't find it odd, do you?" asked Mack.

    I shook my head. I didn't find it odd at all.

    Kimiko tacked Eletrike.

    Eletrike bite Kimiko. Kimiko bit Eletrike back, knocking it out.

    "Good work Eletrike." stated Mack.

    It was getting late so we went inside the Pokémon Center and called it a day.

    End of Pt. 9.
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    Journey to Greatness Pt. 10

    The next day I was determined to challenge the gym leader for my third badge. I woke up and started breakfast.

    "Ready to get a gym badge?" I asked.

    "I'll be ready after I eat." answered Kimiko.

    After breakfast I went outside. I walked the the gym and went inside.

    "Hello?" I called out.

    "Greetings trainer. I assume you came for a badge?" asked a the woman in the back.

    "Yeah, are you the gym leader?" I asked.

    "That I am, the name's Whitney." replied Whitney.

    "My name's Ditzy." I stated.

    "And I'm Kimiko." Added Kimiko.

    We took our sides of the battle field. I sent out Kimiko and Whitney sent out Clefairy.

    Kimiko tackled Clefairy. Clefairy countered with double slap.

    Kimiko bite Clefairy knocking it out. Whitney recalled Clefairy.

    "Nice one nut my Miltank won't be so easy." stated Whitney.

    Whitney sent out Miltank.

    Miltank used roll out on Kimiko knocking her out.

    I recalled Kimiko and sent out Wilow.

    Miltank used roll out Wilow. Wilow waved her leaf and flung sleep power on Miltank.

    Miltank is fast asleep. Wilow flunk razor sharp leaves at Miltank. Wilow kept doing this until Miltank woke up.

    Miltank stomped Wilow. Wilow flung razor sharp leaves at Miltank knocking her out.

    "Yeah, I won." I shouted.

    "You dumb meanie." shouted Whitney.

    (Writers note: Bonus points if you read that in Fluttershys voice.)

    Whitney began to cry. What a drama queen.

    "Excuse me but I believe I need a badge." I pointed out.

    Whitney ignored me. I was getting impatient with her. I sent out Wilow again.

    "Wilow, use growl." I ordered.

    Wilows growl got her attention.

    "Oh sorry about that. After losing I just need a good cry." said Whitney.

    Whitney gave me the Plain Badge. This makes three badges. After a trip to the Pokémon Center I sat down with Kimiko.

    "How did the rest of the battle go?" asked Kimiko.

    "I had Wilow put the Miltank to sleep and it was easy after that." I answered.

    "That easy? I keep hearing about how that Miltank is invincible because of that roll out attack." said Kimiko.

    "It's only tough if it's allowed to get a good combo, like with Bugsys Scythers fury cutter." I pointed out.

    "Yeah, it's really funny how some people exaggerate it." laughed Kimiko.

    (Writers note: Seriously though, put it to sleep or use the Machop you can get in a trade and it's easy.)

    "Well, we better get going." I suggested.

    "Yeah, there is not enough here for an entire chapter, I mean it's still morning." replied Kimiko.

    We set out north with out goal being Ecruteak City. Before we get there I decided to check out the National Park. Walking inside I looked around. It's absolutely beautiful. I walked into some grass and a wild Butterfree appeared.

    I sent out Cupid. Butterfree used confusion. Cupid used extrasensory.

    Butterfree used poison powder but it missed. Cupid used extrasensory knocking out the Butterfree.

    I walked around the park for a while, it's peaceful and serene. I felt really good here. I was approached by a lass.

    "Excuse me, could you battle my adorable Pokémon?" asked the lass.

    "Sure." I answered.

    I sent out Wilow. The lass sent out Oddish.

    Oddish used absorb. Wilow used tackle.

    Oddish used absorb. Wilow used tackle knocking the Oddish out.

    The lass sent out Cubone. Wilow used absorb. Cubone used headbutt.

    Wilow used absorb knocking the Cubone out.

    "That was too easy." I though to myself.

    "You won, looks like I need to train more." said the lass.

    "Good luck with that." I stated.

    I left the park to travel to Ecruteak City. Along the way I passed an odd looking tree. I dismissed it.

    "There's the city." exclaimed Kimiko.

    I can see the city in the distance. I started walking to it when a wild Stantler appeared.

    I sent out Kimiko. Stantler used tackle. Kimiko bite Stantler.

    Stantler used hypnoses but missed. Kimiko used quick attack on Stantler.

    Stantler fled...

    "Darn it all." I exclaimed.

    Trying to forget about that incident I walked along and a wild Vulpix appeared.

    I sent out Cupid. Cupid used extrasensory. Vulpix used ember.

    Cupid used extrasensory, critical hit, knocking out the Vulpix.

    "Ditzy! You need to catch some Pokémon. We only have half a team here." pointed out Kimiko.

    "Sorry, I'll catch something." I said.

    Sure enough another wild Vulpix appeared. This one was strange looking, it was shiny and was yellow.

    I sent out Kimiko. Kimiko bite Vulpix. Vulpix used ember.

    I tossed a great ball at the Vulpix. Shake... shake... shake... pause... click. I caught the strange looking Vulpix. I named it Kiba.

    "Ditzy... do you have any idea how rare that is?" asked Kimiko.

    "No, I don't. We seen two Vulpix already, but they are usually red and this one is yellow." I replied.

    "It's yellow because it's a shiny Pokémon. Those are really rare. Only one in eight thousand one hundred ninety two Pokémon are shiny Pokémon." explained Kimiko.

    Proud of my catch I looked onward to Ecruteak City. My next badge awaits.

    End of Pt. 10.
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    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★
    Journey To Greatness Pt. 11

    After arriving in Ecruteak City I healed my Pokémon at the Pokémon Canter. After resting for a bit and admiring my recent capture, Christina walked in and looked around looking a bit panicked.

    "Ditzy? Do you know where Daniel... never mind, there's no time." said Christina.

    "What's wrong?" I asked.

    "There's trouble, some New Team Rocket grunts are near the Burnt Tower, Alexis is with them." answered Christina.

    "Lead the way." ordered Kimiko.

    Christina lead us north of the Pokémon Center and sure enough Alexis was with a large group of grunts.

    "Wait, you said you can't find Daniel right? I thought he travelled with you." I said.

    "No, we travel separately, we just happened to all meet up back in Azalea Town.." pointed out Christina.

    "Well, I did beat a bunch of those grunts before we met up at Azalea Town." I pointed out.

    "I know, it was the talk of the town. Probably still is. Azalea Town is pretty isolated with the only entrances being the Ilex Forest and Union Cave and all." pointed out Christina.

    "Uh girls, shouldn't we be stopping whatever it is they are doing?" asked Kimiko.

    We nodded and marched right up to them. A bunch of grunts turned and started walking to us but Alexis stopped them.

    "Don't waste your time, we all know they will easily defeat your hoard of Zubats." ordered Alexis.

    Alexis waked to us.

    "So, I assume you are going to stop our plans here." said Alexis.

    "That's right." I replied.

    "Oh please, there's nothing you can do to stop us from getting our hands on Entei, Raikou and Suicune." stated Alexis.

    "We'll see about that, we'll take you on a a double battle." exclaimed Christina.

    "Remember Ditzy, because there are two of us we can only use three Pokémon each." pointed out Kimiko.

    I nodded and we took our places to battle.

    Alexis sent out Espeon and Umbreon. Christina sent out her Jolteon, Arc. I sent out Wilow.

    Arc used shadow ball on Espeon, Espeon used Psychic on Wilow, Umbreon used reflect, Wilow used razor leaf on Espeon and Umbreon.

    Arc used shadow ball on Espeon knocking it out, Umbreon used light screen, Wilow used razor leaf on Umbreon.

    Alexis sent out Poochyena. Arc used double kick on Umbreon, Umbreon used bite on Wilow, Wilow used razor leaf on Umbreon and Poochyena, Poochyena used bite on Wilow knocking it out.

    I sent out Kiba. Arc used pin missile on Umbreon, Umbreon used bite on Arc, Kiba used ember on Umbreon, Poochyena used bite on Arc knocking it out.

    Christina sent out her Vaporeon, Tsunami. Tsunami used Hydro Pump on Umbreon knocking it out, Kiba used Ember on Poochyena, Poochyena used bite on Kiba.

    Alexis sent out Absol. Absol used night slash on Tsunami, Tsunami used hydro pump on Absol but missed, Kiba used ember on Poochyena knocking it out.

    Alexis sent out Charizard. Alexis used her mega ring and Charizards Charizardite X to Mega Evolve Charazard into Mega Charicard X. Mega Charizard X used focus blast on Tsunami knocking it out, Absol used night slash on Kiba knocking it out.

    Christina sent out her Espeon, Tenshi. I sent out Cupid. Mega Chaizard X used heat wave on Tenshi and Cupid knocking them both out.

    "I'll admit I underestimated you both but it seems the two of you teamed up are no match for me. Get going you lot and don't ever interfere again." exclaimed Alexis.

    We ran back to the Pokémon Canter and healed our Pokémon.

    "What was that?" I asked.

    "What you seen is Mega Evolution. I don't know much about it but after a Pokémon Mega Evolves it becomes much stronger. To mega evolve there are three things needed, a mega ring, the right mega stone, and a strong bond between trainer and Pokémon." explained Christina.

    "How do we defeat a Mega Evolved Pokémon?" I asked.

    "I'm not sure, all I know is that they are extremely powerful. Most information about them can be found in Kalos. By the time we go there and back their plans could be finished and we won't stand a chance." explained Christina.

    "What are their plans anyway?" I asked.

    "All I know is that it involves legendary Pokémon." answered Christina.

    "Which one or ones?" I asked.

    "Until today I wasn't sure but now I know Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are among the legends they seek." answered Christina.

    Wow. This was too much. I need to get stronger in order to take them on. I figured my best bet is to keep getting badges since that makes my Pokémon stronger and stronger.

    "I need to look into some things. See you around. Good luck against Morty in the gym." said Christina.

    I walked over to the gym and walked inside.

    "Hello?" I called out.

    "Good of you to come my name is Morty and... wait, I seen you battling that high ranking rocket member earlier." greeted Morty.

    "Yeah, she really beat me and my friend there." I said.

    "Those people seek the legendary Pokémon i have revered for a long time. What could they want with them?" said Morty.

    "We're half way through the third page, can we get this battle on?" asked Kimiko.

    "A talking Eevee, in all my experiences I have never imagined that an Eevee could talk. What is this page she is referring to though?" pondered Morty.

    "She refers to a lot of things I don't understand, a few days ago she was talking about chapters. Maybe she thinks we're in a book or some story being written on a computer." I said.

    "So are we going to battle?" asked Kimiko.

    We took our spots in the room and began the battle.

    Morty sent out Gastly. I sent out Cupid.

    Gastly used hypnoses but missed. Cupid used extra sensory.

    Gastly used curse to put a curse on Cupid knocking itself out.

    Morty sent out Haunter. Haunter used hypnoses but missed. Cupid used extrasensory. Cupid was hurt by the curse.

    Haunter used hypnoses on Cupid putting it to sleep. Cupid was hurt by the curse.

    I used an awakening on Cupid waking it up. Haunter used dream eater but it had no effect. Cupid was hurt by the curse.

    Haunter used hypnoses but missed. Cupid used extrasensory knocking Haunter out. Cupid was hurt by the curse knocking it out.

    Morty sent out another Haunter. I sent out Kiba.

    Haunter used shadow ball. Kiba used ember.

    Haunter used shadow ball. Kiba used ember burning Haunter. Haunter was hurt by the burn.

    Haunter used shadow ball knocking out Kiba.

    I sent out Kimiko. Haunter used hypnoses but missed. Kimiko used bite knocking Haunter out.

    Morty sent out Gengar. Gengar used curse to put a curse on Kimiko. Kimiko used bite on Gengar

    Gengar used sucker punch. Kimiko used bit landing a critical hit.

    Gengar used sucker punch. Kimiko used bite knocking Gengar out.

    "I didn't think I would lose to you." said Morty.

    I got the Fog badge, four down and four to go. Of course I had a lot of luck in that battle. I walked back to the Pokémon Center to heal my Pokémon and to rest for the night.

    End of Pt. 11
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    Journey To Greatness Pt. 12

    After resting for the night and having breakfast, Kimiko turned to me.

    "Well Ditzy, we're halfway through our journey, how does it feel?" asked Kimiko.

    "We're already halfway?" I exclaimed.

    "Yep, we have four badges out of eight. I may be a Pokémon but I do know basic math." pointed out Kimiko.

    "Wow, it feels surreal to be honest. Though, I don't have a full team yet." I replied.

    "Anyway, I checked the Town Map on the wall and it won't be long before we need to catch a water type Pokémon to surf along the ocean." explained Kimiko.

    "A water type Pokémon? Hmm... we should probably check by the water for one." I pointed out.

    "The closes water source would be to the east of town." pointed out Kimiko.

    "Alright, we'll go there." I exclaimed.

    The walk there was a short one. Once there I walked up to the lake, there was no way across it for now. It also dawned upon me that I have no way to fish a Pokémon out of the water. Kimiko however came prepared, she dipped her tail in the water and sat perfectly still.

    "Good thinking." I complimented.

    "Shush, you'll scare the water Pokémon." snapped Kimiko.

    Kimiko sat there perfectly still, not a single movement nor a single sound. After what seemed like hours something tugged on Kimikos tail and she whipped it on shore, it was a Goldeen. Since Kimiko was already out I sent her to battle it.

    Kimiko used headbutt. Goldeen used horn attack.

    Kimiko used bite, it landed a critical hit knocking out the Goldeen.

    "Let's try that again." I suggested.

    Still damaged from the horn attack, Kimiko once again dipped her tail in the water to try to fish up another Pokémon. Once again something tugged on Kimikos tail and she whipped it right on shore, it was a Staryu. I sent out Kimiko to battle it.

    Kimiko used headbutt. Staryu used water gun.

    Kimiko used bite. Staryu used water gun.

    I threw a great ball. Shake... shake... shake... pause... click. I caught Staryu. I named it Torrent.

    "Alright, remember this, we need to keep an eye out for a fire stone and a water stone for Kiba and Torrent so they can evolve." pointed out Kimiko.

    After a quick healing I left Ecruteak City through the west exit, or at least that was the plan until Sara came from behind me.

    "There you are, Sara was hoping she would find you." said Sara.

    "You're that magician I defeated before. What do you want?" I asked.

    "Sara only lost because her Pokémon were weakened by the Unown. As for what Sara want, Sara wants a rematch." exclaimed Sara.

    "Alright, I'll battle you again." I said.

    Sara sent out Colbalt, her Beldum. I sent out Kiba. Kiba used ember. Colbalt used take down, it was damaged be recoil.

    Kiba used ember, burning Colbalt. Colbalt used take down, it was damaged by recoil.

    Kiba used ember, knocking out Colbalt.

    Sara sent out Presto, her Kadabra. Presto used confusion, knocking out Kiba.

    I sent out Wilow. Presto used confusion. Wilow used razor leaf.

    Presto used confusion. Wilow used razor leaf, knocking out Presto.

    Sara sent out Totem, her Natu. Wilow used body slam, paralysing Totem Totem was fully paralysed.

    Wilow used body slam, knocking out Totem

    Sara sent out Kumatora, her Kirlia. Kumatora used psychic. Wilow used razor leaf.

    Kumatora used psychic, knocking out Wilow.

    I sent out Kimiko. Kimiko used bite knocking out Kumatora.

    Sara sent out Puddin, her Ditto.

    Puddins impostor ability imminently transformed it into Kimiko. Puddin used headbutt. Kimiko used headbutt.

    Puddin used sand attack. Kimiko used headbutt.

    Puddin used bite. Kimiko flinched.

    Puddin used bite. Kimiko used headbutt knocking out Puddin.

    Sara sent out Gladiator, her other Kirlia. Kimiko used bite. Gladiator flinched.

    Kimiko used bite, knocking out Gladiator.

    "Yeah, I won again." I exclaimed.

    "You only beat Sara because Sara toke it easy on you." claimed Sara.

    Suddenly, Kimiko began to evolve. Kimiko evolved into Espeon.

    "Wow, you evolved. Kimiko, can you still talk?" I asked.

    "Espeon." answered Kimiko.

    "Oh, it was inevitable I guess. I love you the same Kimiko." I explained.

    "Good, I was hoping for that." replied Kimiko.

    "Hey, you were messing with me there." I playfully complained.

    "Sara will take her leave." interrupted Sara.

    After a quick healing at the Pokémon Center I left Ecruteak City for real this time. Route 38 is a nice straightforward route, or at least it would be if it weren't for the fences around the place. Navigating around them looks easy though. Still, I wonder why those are there to begin with, oh well.

    "So, we have 5 Pokémon. Any ideas as to what to catch next?" asked Kimiko.

    "I have no idea." I answered.

    "Well, you should try to catch something." suggested Kimiko.

    "I will, I just want to find the right Pokémon for the team." I explained.

    I walked through the tall grass, battling a couple sailors along the way. No biggie really. As I walked a wild Magnemite appeared. I sent out Cupid.

    Cupid used extrasensory. Magnemite used thunder shock.

    Cupid used metronome. Cupids metronome became fire blast, knocking out Magnemite.

    "Well, that didn't go well." I pointed out.

    "Yeah, let's not rely on that move to catch Pokémon." suggested Kimiko.

    "I agree." I replied.

    Walking some more I came across Route 39. This time, it's really a straight forward path. I was stopped by a lady.

    "Excuse me girl, would you like to battle my darling Pokémon?" asked the lady.

    "Sure, I'm always up to a challenge." I replied.

    The lady sent out Meowth. I sent out Cupid.

    Meowth used scratch. Cupid used extra sensory.

    Meowth used bite. Cupid flinched.

    Meowth used bite. Cupid used metronome. Cupids metronome became karate chop, knocking out Meowth.

    "My precious Meowth looks adorable even when fainted." said the lady.

    Suddenly Cupid began to evolve. Cupid evolved into Togekiss.

    "Two evolutions in one chapter, I'm liking this." commented Kimiko.

    "Um, what do you mean by chapter?" I asked.

    "Oh, um, never mind." replied Kimiko.

    I was confused by Kimiko but I pushed it to the back of my mind. Olivine City is next along with the fifth gym.

    End of Pr. 12
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    Journey To Greatness Pt. 13

    After arriving at Olivine City I healed my Pokémon and went to the gym to challenge the leader, at least that was the plan but Christina was there.

    "Hey Ditzy, I know this is sudden but want to battle again?" asked Christina.

    "Sure." I replied.

    "Hang on a sec, Olivine is a port town right? There are lots of trainers so let's have a double battle with somebody." suggested Kimiko.

    "Good idea, plus chances are they will have Pokémon from other regions means a unique experience. Maybe one of them will have a Sylveon, then they can tell me how to get one." squeed Christina.

    We walked to the boat house and some trainers cane out, a couple of the stopped at the entrance while the others fanned out. One of the remaining trainers had black, lustrous hair, brown eyes and wore pink lipstick wearing a pale pink dress with black polka dots and pink high heel shoes. The other trainer had simple plain cloths. Both were female.

    "Excuse me? I was wondering if you both would like to battle?" asked Christina.

    "Sure, I'm Mia by the way." answered the first trainer.

    "Sounds great, I'm Sissy by the way." answered the short trainer.

    (Writers note: Mia and Sissy are guest character belonging to @thegalleryofeve and @sissysonikku respectively.)

    "Let's battle then." I exclaimed.

    I sent out Wilow. Christina sent out Scorch, her Flareon. Mia sent out Audino. Sissy sent out Cinccino.

    Audino used light screen. Scorch used fire blast on Cinccino. Cinccino used tail slap on Wilow. Wilow used razor leaf on both foes.

    Audino used heal pulse on Cinccino. Scorch used fire fang on Audino. Cinccino used tail slap on Wilow. Wilow used reflect.

    Audino used secret power on Scorch. Scorch used fire fang on Audino. Cinccino used tail slap on Scorch. Wilow used body slam on Audino knocking it out.

    Scorch use fire fang on Cinccino. Cinccino used tail slap on Scorch. Wilow used razor leaf on Cinccino knocking it out.

    What? Wilow is evolving. Wilow evolved into Meganium.

    "We won." I exclaimed.

    "That was a good battle." said Christina.

    "Indeed, that was intense." said Mia.

    "We make a pretty good team Mia." said Sissy.

    "Wilow evolved and I got to see the false prophet in battle." exclaimed Kimiko.

    "That what now?" I asked.

    "It's well, never mind." replied Kimiko.

    I went to the Pokémon Center to heal Wilow and I spoke with Christina while I was there.

    "Any luck finding out how to evolve Eevee into Sylveon?" I asked.

    "Oh that? I learned how to a while ago, I need to go to Kalos to do that but I want to stop Team Rocket before I do. Who ever revived them has made them potentially more dangerous than before." answered Chrisina.

    "They weren't interested in legendary Pokémon before?" I asked.

    "Just Mew and Mewtwo but now it seems their new boss wants all the legendary Pokémon. Ditzy, I can't stress enough the disastrous consequences that would occur if they succeed. Remember our loss against Alexis? I heard a rumor that she has a legendary Pokémon that's even stronger than that Mega Charizard X that wiped the floor with us." explained Christina.

    "How can somebody defeat a legendary Pokémon?" asked Kimiko.

    "With great difficulty, they are ancient beings after all. Some of them shaped the world as we know it." explained Christina.

    "Shaped the world? Like create it?" I asked.

    "Yes, some the legends of Sinnoh created the world and some of the Hoenn legends shaped the world into continents and oceans." explained Christina.

    "And now Team Rockets new leader wants them all. I can see why they are so dangerous now." I added.

    "What do we do?" asked Kimiko.

    "Ditzy, take this HM Surf, cross the ocean, battle the gym leader in Cianwood City, see if Lugia in the Whirl Islands is ok, and come back here. You need to get stronger." explained Christina.

    "SHE needs to get stronger? You mean her Pokémon need to get stronger." complained Kimiko.

    "While you and her other Pokémon do need to get stronger, Ditzy needs to become a better trainer to train you better and help you get stronger. Pokémon draw strength from their trainers confidence and skill as much as battle experience." explained Christina.

    I nodded, determined to take on Team Rocket. I accepted the HM, thanked Christina and turned to leave only to bump into a maid coming in.

    "Oh my, I'm sorry miss." said the maid.

    "It's my fault, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. Anyway, my name's Ditzy, Ditzy Tran and you are?" I replied.

    "Meggy, Meggy Maid." replied the maid.

    "Your last name is Maid?" asked Kimiko.

    "That Espeon talked, I never seen a talking Pokémon before and... oh my, I'm late, I'm sorry I need to heal and go now, my boyfriend is waiting for me." said Meggy.

    Meggy went to the nurse to heal her Pokémon when Christina spoke to her.

    "Sorry to intrude, I couldn't help but overhear. I was wondering, is your boyfriend a trainer from Unova named Daniel? Black hair shirt and shoes, blue pants?" asked Christina.

    "Yes, how did you know?"asked Meggy.

    "I met him shortly after he arrived in Jhoto, we battled, I lost of course, and we talked. From what I heard from Daniel, you are a very wonderful person." answered Christina.

    "He he, you must be Christina then. He mentioned you love the Eeveelutions." said Meggy.

    "Yes, they are the cutest, most adorable, loving, just the BEST Pokémon EVER!" exclaimed Christina.

    "Well, I myself have a couple Eeveelutions myself. A Flareon and a Glaceon." said Meggy.

    "That's wonderful and... Ditzy, don't you know it's rude to listen in on other peoples conversations?" said Christina.

    "Sorry, it was interesting and... wait, you did it to me and Meggy earlier." I complained.

    "Fair enough." admitted Christina.

    I chuckled and decided to leave them alone, I have a mission and I won't fail. I taught Torrent Surf using the HM and set off to the beach west of Olivine City. Once there I sent out Torrent in the water and got on it's back. Kimiko hopped on my shoulder, nearly sending me into the water.

    "Ouch, get off Kimiko, you're too heavy at sixty pounds." I complained.

    "Fifty-eight pounds." corrected Kimiko.

    "You're still too heavy." I pointed out.

    "In the Pokéball right?" asked Kimiko.

    "Yeah, I'll let you out the second we arrive." I replied.

    The ride was uneventful, some swimmers challenged me to battles. I sent out Kimiko against the Tentacruels and won easily. How she battled in the middle of the ocean without standing on anything was beyond me. I seen the Whirl Islands but the whirl pools prevented me from going inside. As to my word I let Kimiko out as I got on the beach.

    "Finally, I don't like being in that Pokéball you know." complained Kimiko.

    "Sorry, I got here as fast as I could." I said.

    "While i was in my Pokéball I began to think about out 6th party member and I remembered there is a Safari Zone here in Cianwood City. Ditzy, we should catch something powerful there." suggested Kimiko.

    "But we need to get the badge and check on Lugia as soon as possible." I pointed out.

    "I know, what if I took Wilow with me and we'll catch something there for you." suggested Kimiko.

    "That will eave me with Cupid, Kiba and Torrent. Do you think I can win with just them?" I asked.

    "Yes, remember to believe in yourself and your Pokémon. Don't worry about me ok, I'll be fine." replied Kimiko.

    "Ok, remember we already have a psychic type, and grass type, a normal/flying type, a fire type, and a water type so get something that isn't already those types." I said.

    With that, Kimiko and Wilow left for the Safari Zone and I prepared. The gym leader better be ready.

    End of Pt. 13
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    Journey To Greatness Pt. 14

    Walking in the gym I looked around, it was a pretty basic set up with boulders around. The gym leader was at the back of the room so I walked up to him and challenged him to a battle, learning his name is Chuck.

    "Whahahah, do you think you can take on somebody as strong as me little girl?" asked Chuck.

    "No offense but that really doesn't matter in a Pokémon battle." I remarked.

    "That's true I guess, let's battle." said Chuck.

    "Wait a second, there is no way you could have just learned that." I exclaimed.

    "What are you talking about girl?" asked Chuck.

    "I bet you say that to every single challenger. Those that truly understand Pokémon battles will see right through that but those that won't flee in terror. So, all in all it's your way of testing challengers isn't it Chuck? Also, my name is Ditzy not girl." I exclaimed.

    "Whahahahah you got me there Ditzy. Yeah you got that right there. You're the first person to figure that out. Come on, let's battle." said Chuck.

    Chuck sent out Primape. I sent out Torrent.

    Primape used Rock Slide. Torrent used Bubble Beam.

    Primape tightened it focus. Torrent used Bubble Beam causing Primate to lose it's focus and flinch.

    Primape used Rock Slide knocking out Kiba.

    I sent out Cupid. Primape used Rock Slide but missed. Cupid used extrasensory knocking out Primape.

    Chuck sent out Poliwrath. Cupid used extrasensory. Poliwrath flinched.

    Cupid used extrasensory. Poliwrath used hypnosis, putting Cupid to sleep.

    Cupid is fast asleep. Poliwrath used surf.

    Poliwrath tightened it's focus. Cupid is fast asleep. Poliwrath used ficus punch.

    Poliwrath tightened it's focus. Cupid woke up and used extrasensory, knocking out Poliwrath.

    "I won." I exclaimed.

    After getting the gym badge I got a HM Fly from Chucks wife and I healed my Pokémon at the Pokémon Canter. I waited for a bit, after a couple hours Kimiko and Wilow returned with a Safari Ball.

    "Hey girls, did you catch something?" I asked.

    Wilow stood proud. Kimiko sighed.

    "No, we thought we would bring you an empty Safari Ball because it makes so much sense after having them all taken back by the employees. Yes Ditzy, we stole one of these for you. Of course we caught something." sarcastically remarked Kimiko.

    "What's your problem Kimiko? You're not like this." I claimed.

    "I'm sorry, we had a really rough and stressful time getting this Pokémon." apologized Kimiko.

    "What Pokémon is it?" I asked.

    Kimiko opened the Safari Ball and Tauros came out.

    "I decided to nickname is Crash because it likes to crash into things often." said Kimiko.

    "Alright, anyway I got the badge so the only thing left to do is check on Lugia." I said.

    "Question, how are we going to get by those whirlpools, non of us know whirlpool?" asked Kimiko.

    "Excuse me but I couldn't help but over hear. You need to get into Whirl Island?" asked the nurse.

    "Yeah, do you know a way to get a Whirlpool HM?" I asked.

    "Try asking a swimmer for one." suggested the nurse.

    With the nurses advice in my mind I set off to Whirl Island. A nearby swimmer helped me get across a whirlpool and I went inside. Man, this place is huge and dark. I had Wilow use Flash and walked around a bit. Wild Pokémon were plenty in here, luckily I had a lot of supplies on hand. Looking around I can tell this place is a maze, Lugia probably lives here because it's hard to get to it and most trainers will be too tired to catch it, real clever on it's part. Suddenly I looked down a ledge and seen somebody there, it's Meggy.

    "Meggy." I called.

    I must have startled her as she immediately ran after hearing me. I ran after her to try to calm her down only to find myself carefully walking down a path leading to a opening in a cliff. Walking inside I was shocked to find Meggy holding a silver wing in one hand with Lugia in front of her.

    "Meggy." I called.

    "One second please." requested Meggy.

    Meggy pulled out a Master Ball, before I could react she tossed it at Lugia, catching it instantly.

    "What did you just do?" I asked.

    "I caught Lugia for Team Rocket." replied Meggy.

    "What, why?" I asked.

    "I work for them. I also knew that you will interfere with this." replied Meggy.

    "You know it girl." added Kimiko.

    "You're not getting away with Lugia." I stated.

    "Look, we have a good reason for this." claimed Meggy.

    "I don't want to hear it. Release Lugia right now." I ordered.

    "I made it clear, no." said Meggy.

    I realize then that I needed to battle her for Lugia.

    I sent out Cupid and Torrent. Meggy sent out Furret and Pikachu.

    Furret used sucker punch on Cupid. Pikachu used thunder bolt on Torrent. Torrent used water gun on Furret. Cupid used metronome, metronome became earthquake which knocked out Torrent, Furret, and Pikachu.

    I sent out Kiba. Meggy sent out Flareon and Glaceon. Cupid used extrasensory on Flareon. Glaceon used ice beam on Cupid knocking it out. Flareon used bite on Kiba. Kiba used extrasensory on Flareon knocking it out.

    I sent out Crash. Meggy sent out Audino. Crash used zen headbutt on Audino. Glaceon used water pulse on Kiba knocking it out. Audino used secret power on Crash.

    I sent out Wilow. Crash used headbutt on Audino. Glaceon used ice beam on Wilow, freezing it solid. Wilow is frozen solid. Audino flinched.

    Crash used headbutt on Audino knocking it out. Glaceon used ice beam on Wilow knocking it out.

    I sent out Kimiko. Meggy sent out Lugia. Kimiko used shadow ball on Lugia. Crash used headbutt on Glaceon knocking it out. Lugia used hydro pump on Crash.

    Kimiko used shadow ball on Lugia. Crash used pursuit on Lugia. Lugia used aero blast on Crash knocking it out.

    Kimiko used shadow ball on Lugia knocking it out.

    "You lost, release Lugia now." I ordered.

    " I said before, no." said Meggy.

    "You don't have a choice. I have Kimiko here, you have nothing." I pointed out.

    "I'm sorry but I can't. It's for the best. Farewell for now Ditzy." said Meggy.

    Before I could do anything Meggy pulled out an escape rope, spun around, and disappeared.

    "What just happened?" I asked.

    "Meggy used some escape rope." answered Kimiko.

    "But she just spun around and vanished. How does that work?" I asked.

    "Beats me but it's best of we made our own way out of here." said Kimiko.

    Agreeing we made our way out of the cave. I flew on Cupid and got back to Olivine City. No, I don't know how I was able to fly on a fainted Pokémon, everything is just so confusing these days. Meeting with Christina I explained everything.

    "This isn't good. There is hope however. You defeated a legendary Pokémon, that's a huge achievement." said Christina.

    "Yeah but they have Lugia now." I said.

    "I know. Listen, I've been training too and I think we can take Alexis now." said Christina.

    "Are you sure? She has a mega and a legendary. Plus who knows how much training she did." I pointed out.

    "Last I checked she is still at Burned Tower trying to find out how to get Entei, Raikou, and Suicune." said Christina.

    "Let's go then. I'll have Cupid fly us there." I said.

    "Before we do, could you send out your Pokémon?" requested Christina.

    I sent out my Pokémon and Christina looked at them.

    "I can evolve your Vulpix, Staryu and Togetic with these stones if you would like me to." said Christina.

    "I would appreciate that." I said.

    Using a fire stone, a water stone, and a shiny stone Christina evolved Kiba, Torrent, and Cupid into a Ninetales, Starmie, and Togekiss.

    "Thank you." I said.

    End of Pt. 14
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    Journey To Greatness Pt. 15

    Ref: fav.me/d73qdhg I recommend keeping it in a separate tab and using ctrl+f to look for an unfamiliar character. Described characters either don't have a ref there or the chapter was made before making the ref.

    Christina, Kimiko, and myself walked all the way to Ecruteak City. Before that I decided to battle the Olivine gym leader. It was an uneventful match with Kiba and Torrent dominating the battle. Upon getting there we noticed Alexis nor the grunts were outside.

    "They probably went inside. Listen, this is the Burned Tower so it can be dangerous ok." said Christina.

    "How is it dangerous?" I asked.

    "Let me guess, if we go inside some creepy high pitched music will play and we will be tempted to kill ourselves because of it?" guessed Kimiko.

    "No, that's not it at all." replied Christina.

    "Ok then, oh, if we go inside a corpse of a human that was buried alive will pop up and challenge us to a battle and if we lose he'll drag us underground and eat us?" guessed Kimiko.

    "What?! No, not at all." replied Christina.

    "I know, if we go inside we'll be trapped and our Pokémon will be replaced by Unown that spell creepy messages and then we'll battle Red and his Pikachu using half a shiny Celebi?" guessed Kimiko.

    "Kimiko, where in Jhoto are you getting those ideas?" I asked.

    "Just random thoughts." answered Kimiko.

    "Ahem, the reason this place can be dangerous is because this placed was destroyed by a fire and some places in the floor are weak." explained Christina.

    "Oh, that makes sense." said Kimiko.

    We walked inside and as we got in the door a familiar voice was heard from outside.

    "Sara finds it rather reckless to go in without Sara." said Sara.

    "I remember you. You're that magician I defeated in a battle a few days ago." said Christina.

    "Hmph, Sara took it easy on you." claimed Sara.

    We rolled our eyes.

    "Sara is feeling generous and Sara will help you defeat Team Rocket in here." said Sara.

    "We could use the help." I said.

    "Good choice, Sara know there are several grunts in there. Sara will take them out while you weaken that Alexis enough for Sara to finish her team off." said Sara.

    Walking inside we went into the bottom floor and seen Alexis. She was surrounded by a group of grunts and the legendary trio was severally weakened. They were surrounded by a large wall that was put up by Team Rocket so they can't escape. I walked to the wall, Sara battled the grunts and we got access inside.

    "So you came back, I don't have time for you." said Alexis.

    "Well we're here to stop you." I said.

    "We'll team up again to defeat you this time." exclaimed Christina.

    "Sara has the canon fodder here handled. Go and weaken her so Sara can finish the job." said Sara.

    "Seriously? You want a rematch? Fine, I'll thrash you lot again." said Alexis.

    I sent out Kimiko. Christina sent out Arc. Alexis sent out Espeon and Umbreon.

    Arc used shadow ball on Espeon. Espeon used shadow ball on Kimiko. Kimiko used shadow ball on Espeon, knocking it out. Umbreon used light screen.

    Alexis sent out Poochyena. Arc used thunderbolt on Poochyena. Kimiko used headbutt on Umbreon. Umbreon used reflect. Poochyena used bite on Kimiko, knocking it out.

    I sent out Kiba. Arc used thunderbolt on Umbreon. Kiba used flamethrower on Poochyena, knocking it out. Umbreon used toxic on Arc, badly poisoning it. Arc took damage from the poison

    Alexis sent out Absol. Arc used thunderbolt on Umbreon, knocking it out. Absol used night slash on Arc, landing a critical hit. Kiba used flamethrower on Absol. Arc fainted from poison.

    Christina sent out Tsunami. Alexis sent out Charizard. Charizard mega evolved into Mega Charizard X. Mega Charizard X used dragon claw on Tsunami. Absol used night slash on Kiba. Kiba used flamethrower on Absol, knocking it out. Tsunami used ice beam on Mega Charizard X.

    Alexis sent out Rayquaza which is shiny. Mega Charizard X used dragon claw on Tsunami, knocking it out. Kiba used ectrasensory on Rayquaza. Rayquaza flinched.

    Christina sent out Tenshi, her Espeon. Mega Charizard X used dragon claw on Kiba, knocking it out. Tenshi used Dazzling Gleam on Mega Charizard X, knocking it out. Rayquaza used outrage on Tenshi, knocking it out.

    Christina has used three Pokémon so she can't send out anymore. I sent out Torrent. Rayquqza used outrage on Torrent and became confused. Torrent used ice beam on Rayquaza.

    Rayquaza hurt itself in it's confusion. Torrent used ice beam on Rayquaza, knocking it out.

    "We did it!" I cheered.

    "That was too intense." added Christina.

    "Who's the best? We are the best." cheered Kimiko.

    Much to our shock, Alexis started laughing.

    "What gives, we kicked your butt and you have to release those legendary Pokémon." snapped Kimiko.

    "Oh really? Look behind me." said Alexis.

    "Mother of Arceus, they are gone." exclaimed Chrisina.

    "Did they run away?" I asked.

    "No, while you were preoccupied battling me, my grunts caught them and took off with them. In fact had you payed attention you would see only the three of us are here, the both of you and myself. I'll admit my loss here wasn't planned but I promise I won't underestimate you again." explained Alexis.

    "You actually did it, Sara is actually surprised." said Sara.

    "Wait, you were battling them. How did they sneak by you?" asked Kiniko.

    "I... I mean, Sara... let them because..." muttered Sara.

    "There were too many for you after all wasn't there?" asked Christina.

    "Yes... some acted as a diversion and I couldn't keep track of them all." muttered Sara.

    "Did Sara just use I instead of her own name?" asked Kimiko.

    "Sara did, got a problem?" Snapped Sara.

    "Maybe she only does tat when humble in defeat" I thought.

    "Well, I'm getting back to my leader." stated Alexis.

    Before I could object Alexis tossed a smoke bomb and got away.

    "This is bad, they have four legendary Pokémon already not counting Rayquaza." said Christina.

    "Yeah, them getting the legendary dogs is a major set back I imagine." I said.

    "Um, they are the legendary cats, not the legendary dogs silly." said Christina.

    "You both are really stupid, they are the legendary beasts." said Sara.

    "I thought they were the legendary gerbils." said Kimiko.

    "Gerbils? Seriously, you could have come up with something better than that." said Sara.

    "They are cats." argued Christina.

    "No, they are dogs." I argued.

    "Sara says they are beasts." argued Sara.

    "Cats." exclaimed Christina.

    "Dogs." I exclaimed.

    "Beasts." exclaimed Sara.

    Suddenly a blast of telekinetic energy exploded between us and snapped us out of things.

    "Look, arguing won't help solve things ok? Steamed Kimiko.

    We all nodded in agreement.

    "Anyway, how many more are in Jhoto?" I asked.

    "There are two left, Ho-oh and Celebi." explained Christina.

    "We better find their base and get their leader." I said.

    "Sara is way ahead of you." said Sara.

    "You know where the base is?" I asked.

    "Better yet, Sara defeated him and brought him in. He's in jail now." bragged Sara.

    "All we have to do then is release the legendary Pokémon and take in the remaining grunts." said Christina.

    "How did you know who he is?" I asked.

    "Easy, Sara has heard he has a Samurott and a combination of said Pokémon not being found anywhere in Jhoto and the fact that, according to the records of trainers coming in, he has the only Samurott that came on in the past year shows he's the guilty man." said Sara.

    "You know, we both grew a lot recently. We defeated Rayquqza, a legendary Pokémon that tamed the creators of land and sea." said Christina.

    With a renewed determination we set off to the jail to force Team Rocket into a third disbandment.

    End of Pt. 15
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    Journey To Greatness Pt.16

    Once at the jail we were denied access.

    "What do you think you are doing? Sara was the one that caught him." demanded Sara.

    "We know but we can't risk somebody helping the captured leader escape." replied the cop.

    "Why you little stupid runt." growled Sara.

    I grabbed her and pulled her back before she did something to get us arrested.

    "I'm sorry about my friend there." I apologized.

    "Sara is not your friend." huffed Sara.

    "Whatever, anyway did he say anything abut a base or something?" I asked.

    "No, but I remember in the old days they had a base in the basement of a shop in Mahogany Town." replied the cop.

    "Wouldn't the shop keeper notice if a large group of people were entering her basement?" asked Kimiko.

    "The shop is constantly being opened and closed. Not much business so different people have set up there and left after some time." replied the cop.

    "Well then, we'll get going." I said.

    "Wait, you're not going after them are you?" asked the cop.

    "Of course not." I lied.

    After leaving, we went to Mt. Mortar and laughed.

    "He actually thought we weren't going there." I laughed.

    "Police forces aren't the brightest bulbs are they?" remarked Christina.

    (Writers note: when I say the above I'm referring to the police in the Pokémon universe ONLY. They have been shown to be unable to stand up to criminals and generally have low leveled Pokémon and only one or two of them. Not only that but they all use the same Pokémon. The point is, Pokémon police are dumb, real Police are not dumb. Sorry if the characters statements offended you.)

    "Well said writers note, well said." remarked Kimiko.

    "Pardon Kimiko?" I asked.

    "Never mind, let's go check that place out." replied Kimiko.

    Mahogany Town is a rather short walk from Mt. Mortar so we arrived in less than an hour.

    "Hey, isn't there a gym in this town?" I asked.

    "Yes but let's hold off on it for now. Dealing with the current situation is far more important." answered Christina.

    "Plus Sara hears the gym leader some sort of old veteran trainer, having been with his Pokémon since he was born. No problem for Sara to handle but you both will need to get stronger." added Sara.

    We found the shop and sure enough, it seems the shop has been closed. One would think a lock would be used but the door is open so we went inside.

    "Hello?" I asked.

    "Did you seriously just say hello? If the bad guys are in here they will be alerted to our presence." snapped Sara.

    "Snapping would draw attention too you know." whispered Christina.

    "Can we just advance this mission and go in? Yeah, I actually said something without breaking the 4th wall. oh wait, damn it." suggested Kimiko.

    "Your Espeon is crazy, I love it." cheered Christina.

    While we were bantering on, I noticed Sara slipping downstairs and I followed her with Christina behind me.

    "Sara is actually surprised you managed to stop arguing long enough to follow Sara." said Sara.

    "You were the one arguing." I said.

    "Enough, all of you." snapped Kimiko.

    "I though I heard something." said a voice.

    Turning to the source we seen a rocket grunt.

    "Now you done it." sneered Sara.

    "Me? What about you?" I snapped.

    "Not the time girls." said Christina.

    "It's just a singe rocket grunt, how bad could it be?" asked Kimiko.

    "You're in our base kids, there are plenty of us in here." said the grunt.

    With a loud whistle the grunt summoned dozens of grunts.

    "Pst, Ditzy. We'll battle them, you sneak by ok?" said Christina.

    "Let me through." said a familiar voice.

    It was Alexis, after beating her before she seemed less scary.

    "So, you found this place I see. Let me guess, your plan is to battle me, get the info you need and crush us once and for all right?" said Alexis.

    "Damn straight." said Kimiko.

    "Listen grunts, take out those two, this one is mine." said Alexis.

    "Hey, I was there too you know, I helped defeat you." pointed out Christina.

    "I interfered with them before so that might be why." I guessed.

    I sent out Wilow. Alexis sent out Poochyena.

    Wilow used seed bomb, knocking out Poochyena.

    Alexis sent out Espeon. Espeon used psychic. Wilow used seed bomb.

    Espeon used psychic, knocking out Wilow.

    I sent out Cupid. Cupid used air slash knocking out Espeon.

    Alexis sent out Umbreon. Cupid used air slash. Umbreon flinched.

    Cupid used air slash. Umbreon used reflect.

    Cupid used air slash. Umbreon used light screen.

    Cupid used air slash knocking out Umbreon.

    Alexis sent out Absol. Absol used night slash knocking out Cupid.

    I sent out Kiba. Kiba used flamethrower. Absol used night slash.

    Kiba used flame thrower knocking out Absol. Reflect wore off.

    Alexis sent out Charizard. She then mega evolved it into Mega Charizard X. Charizard used outrage knocking out Kiba. Light screen wore off.

    I sent out Crash. It's intimate cut Charizards attack in half. Charizard used outrage. Crash used earthquake.

    Charizard used outrage, knocking out Crash and confusing itself.

    I sent out Kimiko. Charizard hit itself in it's confusion and knocked itself out.

    Alexis sent out Rayquaza. Rayquaza used giga impact, knocking out Kimiko.

    I sent out Torrent. Rayquaza had to recharge. Torrent used ice beam.

    Rayquaza used giga impact, knocking out Torrent.

    "No, how could this happen?" I asked.

    A bunch of grunts cheered.

    "Your interference in our affairs is over. Good bye." said Alexis.

    "Don't you dare hurt them." said a familiar voice.

    I was shocked to learn the source, it was Daniel. He was accompanied by Meggy.

    "It's been a while hasn't it?" said Daniel.

    "What are you doing here?" asked Christina.

    "He's our boss." answered Alexis.

    "But Sara caught that other guy, his Samurott..." muttered Sara.

    "He's innocent, I wasn't caught because I was here for over a year. I swear it was never my intention to frame anybody." said Daniel.

    "I need to know, why are you doing this?" I asked.

    "Think for a bit. Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic, and Team Plasma all have tried to rule the world and nearly destroyed it in the process. Our goal is to stop such teams from sprouting up. We can't rely on child saviors forever. Heck, as we speak there a a group called Team Flare causing trouble in Kalos." explained Daniel.

    "So that's why you need the legendary Pokémon. To stop such teams."I said.

    "Correct." said Daniel.

    "I too always wanted a world where people don't have to worry about such groups. In my aid maid duties I seen the effects of such evil organizations many times, that's why I joined my boyfriend here." explained Meggy.

    "But, how would this work and why didn't Meggy say anything before?" I asked.

    "Meggy didn't say anything because I asked her not to. As for hot it will work, we will simply have the worlds legendary Pokémon watch over the world. If anybody tries to form a large team they will crush them." explained Daniel.

    "Even if their intentions aren't evil?" I asked.

    "That's unfortunate but necessary to maintain peace. I won't have anymore people victimized by these groups." explained Daniel.

    "Ditzy please, we want to stop the constant pain caused by evil groups. That's all we want to do." pleaded Meggy.

    "I know reviving Team Rocket is extreme but it was the only way. I know what I'm asking is a lot but Ditzy, will you join us?" asked Daniel.

    "Never, there has to be another way besides oppressing the population." I answered.

    "I'm disappointed in you but it can't be helped I guess. You won't find anything here so you may as well leave now." said Daniel.

    "What? You're letting her go?" exclaimed Alexis.

    "Yes, she can't beat you one versus one so she won't come close to beating me. Plus she hasn't found our main base yet." explained Daniel.

    "Where is your main base? We aren't leaving until you tell us." I said.

    "You'll be waiting for a long time." replied Daniel.

    With a flash, they were gone.

    "This place does have warp panels, they must have used them." said Christina.

    "You don't say." replied Sara.

    With nothing else to do here we made our way outside. We had no clue where to look but we knew that we desperately needed to find that main base and fast.

    End of Pt. 16
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    Journey To Greatness Pt. 17

    Not knowing where the main base could probably be we decided to look in various places. First we looked at the Lake of Rage.

    "So, you say there was a red Gyarados here once?" I asked.

    "Yeah, some experiment made a Magicarp retain it's colors after evolving." answered Christina.

    "That sounds cruel. What happened to it?" I asked.

    "Some trainer caught it and from what I hear it's a normal Gyarados apart from the color." answered Christina.

    Sara had went a different way to the lake and I seen her on the other side. We looked around here but found nothing.

    The next place we looked was the Union Cave.

    "I said it before and I'll say it again. I hate Zubat." huffed Kimiko.

    "I said it before and I'll say it again. We didn't run into that many." I pointed out.

    "Sara thinks you re a wimp." said Sara.

    "Wimp? I'll show you who's a wimp, let's battle her Ditzy." said Kimiko.

    "I suppose it can't be helped." I said.

    Sara sent out Totem, her Xatu. I sent out Crash. Crashes intimidate cute Totems attack. Crash used pursuit. Xatu used psychic.

    Crash used pursuit, knocking it out.

    Sara sent out Puddin, her Ditto. Puddins impostor ability caused it to transform into Crash instantly. Crash used headbutt. Puddin used zen headbutt, knocking Crash out.

    I sent out Kiba. Kiba used fire blast knocking Puddin out.

    Sara sent out Kumatora, her Gardevoir. Kumatora used psychic. Kiba used dark pulse.

    Kumatora used psychic knocking out Kiba.

    I sent out Torrent. Kumatora used thunderbolt. Torrent used surf knocking Kumatora out.

    Sara sent out Gladiator, her Gallade. Torrent used surf. Gladiator used night slash knocking Torrent out.

    I sent out Cupid. Cupid used air slash knocking out Gladiator.

    Sara sent out Colbalt, her Metagross. Cupid used flamethrower. Colbalt used rock slide knocking Cupid out.

    I sent out Kimiko. Kimiko used shadow ball knocking out Colbalt.

    Sara sent out Presto, her Alakazam. Sara mega evolved Presto into Mega Alakazam, Presto used shadow ball. Kimiko used shadow ball.

    Presto used shadow ball knocking out Kimiko.

    I sent out Wilow. Presto used psychic. Wilow used seed bomb knocking Presto out.

    "I... I mean Sara must admit defeat." muttered Sara.

    "That's got to be a first, I never thought I'd hear you admit to being beaten legitimately." I said.

    "Rub it in why don't you?" huffed Sara.

    "I didn't mean it like that. You usually make excuses when you lose." I explained.

    "Ha, Sara assures you that it won't happen again." gloated Sara.

    And that's the Sara I have come to know.

    "This is getting us nowhere and now my Pokémon are the only ones that can handle the wild Pokémon in here." said Christina.

    "I agree, it's not like the location is going to just fall out of the sky." I said.

    "Where do we look next?" asked Christina.

    We thought for a bit and then it hit me. Back in Azalea I encountered Team Rocket for the first time. Alexis came from the Ilex forest to fetch the stray members. That means...

    "Ilex Forest." I exclaimed.

    "Why would Team Rocket hide there? Even Sara can think of a better place." mocked Sara.

    I explained what happened back then and how the forest is really thick.

    "Ditzy you are brilliant." said Christina.

    We left the cave, healed our Pokémon, let Kimiko out and flew to Azalea. Entering the Ilex Forest we searched for hours. Looking in every single nook and cranny, eventually we discovered a secret entrance.

    "Good work Kimiko." I said.

    "As usual, Eeveelutions are the best." exclaimed Christina.

    Sara and Christina argued about that. I ignored that and looking into the entrance, this was it. The final battle was upon us. Taking a deep breath I walked inside unsure of what I would find.

    END OF PT. 17
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    Journey To Greatness Pt. 18

    I took a deep breath before entering the base. It was very well concealed but not enough though. This was it, thew final battle was ahead and I won't fail. I'll beat them and I'll save Jhoto.

    "Sara wants you to hurry up and get in." snapped Sara.

    "Sorry, I was thinking." I said.

    "Think later, beat losers now." snapped Sara.

    "Actually Sara we should think about what we are doing while we are in there." said Christina.

    "Or we could plan while outside before going inside." suggested Kimiko.

    We sat down and began planing.

    "Sara will get the boss while you two get whatever grunts come our way." suggested Sara.

    "Because that totally worked before." groaned Kimiko.

    Me and Christina chuckled at this while Sara sneered.

    "It's not like we are defending something." snapped Sara.

    "We are, the entire world." I replied.

    "I think Ditzy here should face the boss. She's shown herself multiple times to be the best trainer among us." suggested Christina.

    "Alright then, no pressure and all." I said.

    "You'll be fine, I'm sure of it." said Christina.

    Walking inside, much to Sara's delight, we fought several grunts, all of whom were weak.

    "That was pathetic." sneered Sara.

    "Were grunts ever threatening?" I asked.

    "Not really but why must they insist on using nothing but Zubats and Ratatas?" asked Kimiko.

    "I have no clue." answered Christina.

    "It's because they aren't as smart as Sara is." bragged Sara.

    I rolled my eyes. As I looked around I couldn't help but feel I've been in here before. Aftr several moments I remembered. It was in a dream. I flashed back.

    "Huh? Where am I?" I thought.

    I was in what seemed like a hi tech office. In front of me was a tall young man. He had light colored skin, and short, brown hair. He wore a black shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.

    "So, you actually managed to make it here, too bad it's all for nothing." said the man.

    "What do you mean?" I asked.

    "I'm the most powerful trainer in the world, with my leadership Team Rocket will rule Kanto again, then the world will be ours." said the man.

    "I won't let you do that." I said.

    "Ha, you think you can stop me? Let's go then." said the man.

    The man gripped a Pokéball and threw it. As it opened a bright lighted engulfed the area.

    "Ditzy, snap out of it." snapped Christina.

    "Huh?" I muttered.

    "Sara isn't surprised you went and day dreamed like that." Sneered Sara.

    "Well, it's just I seen this place in a dream." I pointed out.

    "Probably just a coincidence." said Kimiko.

    "I don't know about that." I said.

    Making our way in we were greeted by non other than Daniel along with Alexis and Meggy.

    "You found us." said Daniel.

    "We did and we are going to take you down." exclaimed Christina.

    "Come here and try to stop us." said Daniel.

    Immediately Christina and Sara teamed up against Meggy and Alexis.

    "My Pokémon will defeat you." I said.

    "I highly doubt that." said Daniel.

    I sent out Kimiko. Daniel sent out Darmanitan.

    Darmanitan used earthquake knocking out Kimiko.

    I sent out Cupid. Darmanitan used rock slide knocking out Cupid.

    I sent out Wilow. Darmanitan used flare blitz knocking out Wilow.

    I sent out Kiba. Darmanitan used earthquake knocking out Kiba.

    I sent out Torrent. Darmanitan used earth quake knocking out Torrent.

    I sent out Crash. Darmanitan used hammer arm knocking out Crash.

    "What just happened?" I asked.

    "Weak, and here I thought you would provide a challenge." bragged Daniel.

    "How is that possible?" I asked.

    "Training and experience. Ditzy, I've been training non stop while exploring Unova. My Pokémon are nearly invincible. It'll take at least a couple more years before you can posy and sort of challenge to me." explained Daniel.

    "Such power, Daniel you didn't hold back the least bit did you?" asked Christina.

    "No, I had to make sure i would win for the sake of the world." replied Daniel.

    "Well Sara noticed quite a bit of damage around." pointed out Sara.

    "We'll fix it later, I'm sure it won't do any harm." said Daniel.

    At that point a frantic grunt came rushing in.

    "Sir, the place is damaged." yelled the Grunt.

    "Yes, I know about that." said Daniel.

    "But sir, a large part of the ceiling has collapsed. And the wall feels warm." said the grunt.

    "Huh?" muttered Daniel.

    Daniel walked to the wall and felt it. He then points to it as his Darmanitan puts a hole in it revealing flames.

    "How did that happen?" asked Daniel.

    "The pure energy from your Darmanitans reckless attacks damaged the fuel lines in the walls. All the earthquakes made the walls weak enough to be exposed to nearby flames." said Kimiko.

    "We need to evacuate." yelled Daniel.

    We all ran to the exit, several grunts made their way out too. I was the last one to get there, I'm just a kid after all. When I almost got there flames were everywhere and suddenly in my horror the ceiling collapsed in front of me, trapping me inside.

    "I'll get you out." yelled Daniel.

    Thinking fast I threw my Pokeballs over the wreaked metal, saving my Pokémon.

    "Hold on Ditzy. Daniel has a Samurott out and it spraying water on the flames, we'll have you out soon." yelled Christina.

    Such an event was too late however, the ceiling above me came down, the last thing I heard alive was everybody yelling on horror. As a spirit I caught a glimpse of the scene that followed.

    "It's my fault." said Daniel.

    "You did what you thought was right." said Christina.

    "Girls, this is a wake up call for me." said Daniel.

    "Sara is confused." said Sara.

    "It seems no matter what my actions always harm another." said Daniel.

    Meggy had embraced Daniel, holding him close.

    "We forgive you, we knew you never meant for this to happen nor could you have predicted this." said Meggy.

    At that point I took my leave, waving good bye one last time...

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