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Journey with Dragons

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Sir Dolan, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. Sir Dolan

    Sir Dolan Youngster

    Sep 11, 2014
    Story Summary: Ixen has been terrified of Pokémon since she was a child. Her friends always talk about starting a Pokémon journey when they finish school, but she is still unsure of her future. That all changes when she finds an egg, and as her journey begins she realises finding that egg wasn't a coincidence.

    Chapter Summary: Ixen's last school year has finally started, and she's not looking forward to it one bit.

    Warnings: Mild violence, some swearing in future chapters, school life during the first few chapters.

    Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon. Only the region and the characters.

    A/N: I've already uploaded this on FanFiction.net, but when I heard about this part of the forum I thought, "Why not post it somewhere else as well?" I'll upload one chapter a day until I'm up to chapter 6 here. If you wanna read the other chapters, they're here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10633276/1/Journey-with-Dragons


    Chapter 1: A new year

    It was a cool September morning as the new Year 8's arrived for their second day of high school. Older students were scattered about the school grounds, chatting with their friends as they waited for the school bell to signal it was time to go to tutor. At the school library entrance, a girl in her final year stood waiting for her friends to arrive.

    Ixen Scarlett was relatively tall and had raven black hair that was tied back in a long plat with two frontal locks also hanging in plats. She was wearing a dark blue blazer with the school symbol on the pocket over a light blue blouse with a green clip-on tie. To finish off the uniform she wore a pair of black trousers with a pair of black shoes. Unlike most of the students in her year, Ixen was not looking forward to finishing school. She often heard her classmates talk about going on a Pokémon journey or going to college to study Pokémon. It seemed like everything revolved around Pokémon, and that's what made Ixen anxious about leaving school.

    She was terrified of Pokémon.

    "Hey Ixen." Said teenager looked up to see her friends Hannah and Vince had finally turned up.

    "Hey," Ixen greeted with a smile, "what took you guys so long?"

    "Vince was hounded by a bunch of Year 8's who didn't know the way to their tutor room," Hannah explained with narrowed eyes. "I swear those girls were only hounding him for his attention."

    "Is that jealousy I hear, Hannah?" Vince taunted.

    "In your dreams," she snapped. Ixen couldn't help but laugh.

    Hannah Wood and Vince Clarkson were Ixen's closest friends. Hannah was a thin girl and had chocolate brown eyes with honey blonde hair that was tied up in high pigtails. Vince was slightly taller than Ixen and had messy brown hair with deep green eyes that captivated a lot of girls. Both were wearing the same school uniform, but with different coloured ties.

    Vince sighed and leaned back on one of the library windows. "Just one more year left, and then we can leave."

    "It's not even a year if you think about study leave," Ixen said, grinning.

    "I have a bad feeling none of us are really going to revise during that time, though," Hannah laughed before a more wistful expression took over as she took in her surroundings. "I'm gonna miss this place when I leave for my journey."

    "Same," Vince said with a smile that matched Hannah's expression. "I can't wait to start my journey."

    Ixen began to grow a little antsy at the topic of conversation. Hannah seemed to sense her discomfort and made an attempt to comfort her.

    "Hey, just imagine all three of us travelling around the Daar region!" Hannah exclaimed with excitement, hoping the energy would lift Ixen's spirits.

    It didn't work. "There's no point in me travelling with you guys if I'm scared of Pokémon."

    "You don't have to travel with us." Hannah was about to scold Vince for being rude and blunt, but the brunette smiled at Ixen and spoke before she had the chance to. "You could go and study something at college, or even get a job."

    "That's the problem," Ixen said exasperatedly, "there's nothing that doesn't involve Pokémon."

    Before Hannah or Vince could say anything, the bell rang for tutor time. Ixen, Hannah and Vince were in different houses, so they had different tutors. After saying goodbye, the three headed in different directions to their tutor rooms. Ixen headed into the main building and made her way through the very familiar corridors of the school to her tutor room. Her tutor was based in an English room in the quad. The quad was a large, open, square-shaped structure with a garden full with flowers and plants. Around it was a path that led into the classrooms. Ixen finally arrived at her tutor room and found that her tutor had already gone in.

    She entered and saw sitting at one of the large tables was a group of Year 8's who all looked nervous. Ixen didn't blame them. Their first lesson was replaced with spending an hour in tutor to sort out timetables and spending time getting to know the new members of the tutor. Soon enough the bell rang, signaling the end of the first period and the start of the second.

    Ixen was relieved to see she had Geography first. She, Hannah and Vince had chosen it as their secondary option for their GCSE's if they didn't get their first option. In the end the trio didn't get into their first option and took Geography together.
    She tried to ignore all of the work that was posted up on the displays. Most of them contained some form of the topic Pokémon, and looking at them only made Ixen think and worry more about the future. The summer holidays had kept her mind away from dwelling too much about it, but now she was back at school, she couldn't get away from it. Aspiring trainers can only become a Pokémon trainer after completing their education at the academic age of 16. If students don't want to start a journey, they can get a job or study at college. So far it looked like one of the latter two were going to be Ixen's only options.

    "Ixen!" She flinched at the sudden shout before looking at Hannah. She had almost walked past their classroom. "What's wrong?"

    "N-nothing," Ixen lied, "I was just thinking about something."

    "Worrying about what you're doing after you graduate more like," Vince said with his arms crossed.

    "I can't help it," Ixen said. "You guys know what you want to do in your life. I have no idea what I want to do."

    "You don't have to decide now, you know," Hannah said softly. "Anything could come up during this year."

    "Yeah, you never know what will happen," Vince grinned. "You may even want to start a journey at the last minute."

    Their conversation was cut short when the Geography teacher opened his door and allowed the students to file into his room. Displays of regions and geographical sites were posted all over the classroom, the tables were organised into six pairs of two so a maximum of four students could sit around them at one time. The teacher allowed them to find their own seats as it was their final year of Geography. The trio immediately dived for one of the back tables and managed to nab the one closest to the window. The lesson started as though they hadn't just come back from summer break and soon they were learning about the volcano in Hoenn.

    Five minutes before the end of the lesson the teacher finally brought up what most of the students had been hoping for. Including Hannah, Vince and even Ixen.

    "It's about the camping trip to Blevik Forest next month," he said as he rustled through some papers on his desk. "Those of you who had given back their letter and paid before the summer holidays, you are definitely in. There are just a few of you who haven't given back your letters yet. I will expect those forms to be in by next week."

    The bell rang and the class made their way out to break. The trio then had English and Maths that were followed by lunchtime. Hannah often got distracted by having a funny note contest with one of their other classmates to see who could make who laugh the most without getting caught by the teacher. Most of the time Vince would successfully keep on task, but as soon as he and Ixen heard the onslaught of giggles from Hannah, he'd immediately have to see what she was up to. Ixen was a lot like Vince in lessons. Most of the time she would keep on task, but when she'd grow bored, she would turn to the back of her book and start writing a little story to keep herself occupied. These activities would often get the trio, and other students, into trouble for disrupting the lesson even when Ixen would sometimes have no part in it. Sometimes.

    By lunchtime Hannah had already received one detention. Something she wasn't happy about.

    "I really hate that old bat," she growled as they were sitting on the school field to eat their lunch. "I mean, did that really deserve a detention?"

    "You did send notes to everyone in the class to tell them all to make a Pokémon noise half way through the lesson," Vince said in a way that suggested Hannah deserved it.

    Ixen giggled at the memory. "You have to admit, it was pretty funny."

    Oh, it had been hilarious to most of their classmates. As soon as they had sat down in their Maths lesson, Hannah had started writing a single note for every table in the room. She had discreetly managed to get the notes to the other students without their Maths teacher, Mrs Andrews, even suspecting anything, so she had a right shock when her students suddenly started making Pokémon noises halfway through the lesson. Ixen had even joined in and made a few Pikachu noises.

    When Mrs Andrews had managed to get her students to shut up, she had given them a large rant about 'acting mature' and 'it's only a few months away from your exams'. That wasn't exactly true. Their exams were in the summer and it had only just become autumn. When Hannah tried to point this out, their teacher immediately blamed her for the disruption - mainly because Mrs Andrews knew what Hannah was like - and promptly gave her a lunchtime detention.

    "You guys know how boring her lessons are," Hannah complained. "I was doing all of us a favour by making it more interesting."

    Ixen and Vince rolled their eyes and continued to eat their lunch. A few minutes later Hannah was rummaging around in her bag for something with a smirk on her face. Ixen immediately knew she was up to something and called her out on in.

    "Hannah, what are you doing?"

    "I'm trying to find something."

    "What are you trying to find, exactly?" Vince asked with a raised eyebrow, but he couldn't deny the look of curiosity in his eyes.

    Hannah's smirk transformed into a fully fledged grin. "This."

    Ixen's turquoise eyes widened in shock while amazement took over Vince's face. In Hannah's hand was a red and white sphere capsule with a black rim, finished off with a white button in the middle. She pressed the button in the middle and it expanded in size.

    "H-Hannah...please tell me there isn't a Pokémon in there..." Ixen somewhat pleaded with growing fear.
    Thankfully, Hannah should her head. "Nah, you know I'm not allowed to carry around a Pokémon. Besides, I wouldn't do that to you."

    Youths under the age of 16 who aren't an official Pokémon trainer are allowed a Pokémon as a pet, but they're not allowed to carry them around in Poké Balls nor participate in battles.

    "Why do you have a Poké Ball, then?" Vince asked as he looked around to make sure there wasn't a teacher around.

    "It's for the camping trip," Hannah told them. "I managed to buy this with my birthday money. The shop owner didn't even know I wasn't a trainer. When we go on the camping trip, I'm going to catch a Pokémon for my journey."

    "There's more to catching a Pokémon than throwing a Poké Ball at it," Ixen said, a little calmer after knowing the capsule was empty.

    "I know that," the blonde almost snapped, "that's why I'm going to be careful."

    "That's why you are not doing it," Vince intervened with narrowed eyes.

    "Why?" Hannah demanded.

    "It's dangerous, that's why!" he exclaimed. "Being a Pokémon trainer isn't all fun and games, Hannah. It isn't about throwing a Poké Ball at every Pokémon you see. It can be dangerous sometimes, especially if you anger a Pokémon."

    Hannah was about to say something, but Ixen interjected. "He's right. My sister has told me many stories of about how she's almost gotten hurt by an enraged Pokémon."

    Hannah crossed her arms stubbornly. "I'm doing it, and you can't stop me."

    "What if we tell a teacher?" Ixen suggested with narrowed eyes.

    "You wouldn't!" Hannah gasped. "You can't, they'd take my Poké Ball off of me!"

    Ixen sighed and looked down at the grass. "You right, of course I wouldn't. But it's dangerous without your own Pokémon."

    "That's why I need to catch a Pokémon when we go to Blevik Forest. Please, can I please trust you two to not say anything?"

    Ixen and Vince exchanged worried glances before giving their answer.

    "You shouldn't need to ask us," Vince said in a slightly defeated tone. "We're just looking out for you, that's all."

    "We promise we won't say anything," Ixen said and Hannah smiled with relief.

    "Thank you!"

    Ixen watched as Hannah put the Poké Ball back in her bag. I won't say anything, but that doesn't mean I'll stop from trying to persuade you otherwise.


    Later that night Ixen was sitting at her desk smiling at her laptop. She had been in a Skype call with her sister for the last hour. Jasmine looked a lot like her. She had black hair that was shoulder length and was parted so it slightly covered her right eye. She wore a pair of thin, red, rectangular glasses, and behind the spectacles were a pair of sky blue eyes.

    "How long have you been in the Hoenn region?" Ixen asked.

    "I've been here for a couple of days," Jasmine said, her voice ringing out of the laptop's speakers. "It's amazing here. The weather is incredible."

    "We were learning about Hoenn's volcano in Geography today."

    "Learning about it in a classroom isn't like meeting the real thing."

    "Have you seen it already?" Ixen asked with surprise.

    "Not yet, I'm going to see it tomorrow," Jasmine replied. "Anyway, how was your first day back?"

    Ixen's smile faltered for a moment. "It was...interesting."

    "Really? Did Hannah get you into any trouble?"

    "She got the entire class to make Pokémon noises halfway through a Maths lesson." Her older sister laughed at that. "She ended up getting a detention for it."

    "I'm not surprised." Jasmine's face on the monitor frowned. "What's the matter, Ixen?"

    "Nothing's the matter," she lied.

    "I know when something isn't right. It's written all over your face."

    Ixen sighed and told her. "I'm just worried, no, terrified about graduating. I have no idea what I'm going to do after school. The thought of going on a journey like yours scares me, and I can't think of any jobs or college courses the doesn't always involve Pokémon at some point. What do I do?"

    "What does your heart tell you?" Jasmine asked.

    "I don't want to be afraid of Pokémon anymore..." Ixen whispered.

    "Maybe you should ask Mum and Dad for a pet." Ixen looked up and stared into the screen at her sister. "No, wait, hear me out. If you want to get over your fear of Pokémon, you should get a Pokémon companion. Something small, obviously. Like a Growlithe or a Rattata? Oh! Or even a bird Pokémon! Like a Pidgey or a Taillow!"

    "I...could ask them," she said as she bit her lip.

    "Ixen, you know you don't have to, right?" Ixen frowned at that. "It's your life. No one else's. Live it how you want. Don't take orders from anybody."

    Ixen couldn't help but laugh. "Is that what you told Mum and Dad when they tried to convince you to go to college?"

    "Maybe," Jasmine said with a grin.

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  2. Sir Dolan

    Sir Dolan Youngster

    Sep 11, 2014
    Chapter 2: Camping trip

    A month after the school term started, Ixen, Hannah and Vince were getting off of the school coach, buzzing with excitement. They were at the entrance of Blevik Forest, lining up at the side of the coach to get their bags and rucksacks out of the luggage compartment of the vehicle. As Ixen shouldered her rucksack, wincing at the weight, she stared up at the tall mountain known as Mt. Dara. It was a tall mountain that was directly in the centre of the Daar region and held a lot of interesting tales that probably weren't true. Blevik Forest was one of the three bases of Mt. Dara that was frequently visited.

    Ixen smiled and breathed in the forest air. She loved the outdoors. She loved walking through the fields and up hills, and taking in the scenery of the countryside. Her experience was often disrupted when a Pokémon got too close. She hated giving in to her fear.

    "It's amazing..." Hannah breathed when she stood next to Ixen. Her eyes were firmly at Mt. Dara. "Look at that mountain! Think about how many Pokémon live up there! Do you think they'll let us hike up there?"

    "Do you even know how hard it is to hike up Mt. Dara?" Vince asked incredulously. "The Pokémon who live up there are so protective of their territory they attack anyone who tries to get to the top."

    "Maybe they're protecting something else besides their territory?" Ixen suggested.

    "I'm so excited now!" Hannah exclaimed with a grin. "When I'm a Pokémon trainer I'm so going up that mountain."

    "Good luck with that," Vince mumbled under his breath before grinning when Hannah gave him a jab.

    As September had passed by and the camping trip grew closer, Hannah had grown more excited about catching a Pokémon. Many times Ixen and Vince had tried to convince her to ditch the idea, but Hannah was one of those people who made a decision and stuck by it. This made Ixen and Vince nervous as well as excited when it came to the day of the camping trip. Hannah had even shown them her Poké Ball before they got on the coach.

    "Hello all!" a male voice suddenly called, gaining the attention of both students and teachers. The man was tall and had dark hair. He appeared to have a cheery smile as he came down the forest path to greet the three Geography classes. "My name is Zachary Dixon, but you can all call me Mr Dixon. Welcome to the Blevik Forest Campsite."

    "Thank you for having us, Mr Dixon," Mr Tucker, the Head of Geography, said as he shook the man's hand.

    "No, no, thank you for choosing us," Mr Dixon said, "I've heard a lot about Waterwick High School. Great school, good exam results. It's always nice to see youngsters take an interest in the geographical side of nature. What's a better way than to camp in it? Some of them might even learn some tips to get by as a Pokémon trainer."

    Ixen narrowed her eyes and looked down at the ground, finding some blades of grass extremely interesting. She wondered when Pokémon would be brought into it.

    "Does that mean we'll be seeing some Pokémon?" a student asked after raising their hand.

    Mr Dixon chuckled and nodded. "Of course! This forest is full to the brim with Pokémon. You might even see a few trainers coming into camp here."

    Ixen grew edgy while Hannah almost began to bounce with excitement. Vince on the other hand just wanted to get to camping already.

    "Now remember everyone," Mr Tucker called out to students, "we're not here for fun and games. We're here to study the ecosystems of the woodland. We'll make up the groups when we get to the campsite. Mr Dixon, lead the way."

    "Of course," he said with a smile, "who knows what we'll see?"

    As Mr Dixon lead them into the forest, Ixen was doing her best relax and enjoy the trip instead of worrying about whether a Pokémon was about to attack her. Hannah and Vince were the complete opposite. They were trying their best to spot a Pokémon and often tried to get Ixen to join in with them. In the end Ixen settled for searching for odd plants and flowers as Mr Dixon went on about a herd of Sawsbuck and Deerling that lived in the forest. There was a sudden burst of laughter at the back of the group, and when Ixen and Vince turned around they noticed Hannah wasn't with them, but instead at the back causing a bunch of ruckus. Ixen wasn't surprised Hannah had gotten a little bored.

    That's when something caught her eye among the noise. Lying on the ground in the grass was a light blue scale. It was pretty, and it gleamed in the sun. Ixen picked it up and examined it, finding that it was pretty tough, but also smooth. The length of the scale took up three quarters of her palm.

    "What's that, Ixen?" Vince asked when he finally saw it.

    "It's a scale of some kind," she replied as she turned it over.

    "Mind if I take a look?" Ixen and Vince looked up to see Mr Dixon looking at the scale with curiosity. Ixen handed it to him and the man took a good look at it. "It's a dragon scale."

    Most of the students were now interested in the strange scale. Hannah gasped with delight. "You mean the rare item Dragon Scale?"

    Mr Dixon shook his head. "No, not that kind of dragon scale. This is the kind of scale that comes off of a Dragon type Pokémon when they get an injury. This scale looks like it's come from a Salamence."

    "A-a Salamence...?" Ixen's eyes widened in horror.

    "Yep." The camp owner handed the scale back to Ixen. "Dragon Pokémon often make their home up in Mt. Dara. It's not unusual to find their scales around the forest. Especially if they've been fighting for mates. Let's continue our walk!"

    Ixen stared up at Mt. Dara, feeling less excited and more apprehensive. Dragon type Pokémon were one of the main Pokémon she feared besides Poison and Ghost types. She looked down at the light blue scale in her hand and decided she was going to throw it away, but when she swung her arm to throw her hand didn't release the object. Hannah and Vince watched her worriedly and Ixen just sighed. She didn't know why her hand wouldn't release the scale, but for now she tried not to dwell on it as she stuffed the scale in her hoodie pocket.

    "I thought you were going to chuck it," Hannah said as they continued the walk to the campsite.

    "I was going to, but my hand wouldn't let me."

    "Are you worried about Mt. Dara?" Vince asked, concern evident in his voice. "I mean, we both know how you aren't too fond of Dragon Pokémon."

    That's a bit of an understatement, Ixen thought. "As long as they don't visit the camp, I'll be fine."

    "I'm a little afraid of Dragon Pokémon as well," Hannah admitted. "I mean, they're pretty intimidating if you think about it."

    "They're powerful, though," Vince said thoughtfully. "I might try to catch one on my journey."

    "Good luck with that," Ixen and Hannah said in unison.
    When everybody arrived at camp the students were given a bit of time to have a break to rest and take in their surroundings. The campsite was a large clear area that had markings that showed where tents were meant to be set up. The trio briefly wondered why there were no tents before coming to a realisation: they had to put them up. After a few minutes, the teachers got the students up and working. What was supposed to take half an hour at the most became an hour and a half as everyone kept messing up. As Ixen, Hannah and Vince were raising the tent, Hannah's hand slipped and their tent lost its shape, falling into a mess. By the time everyone had pitched their tents all of the teachers were annoyed and eager to actually start the tasks that brought them there in the first place.

    The three Geography groups were split into ten smaller groups. Vince was put into a different group from Ixen and Hannah, and despite trying to convince someone from the girls' group to swap with him, they were off in different directions in the wood. During the time of learning about the trees and the ecosystem of Blevik Forest, Ixen was extremely nervous and edgy. Every time someone exclaimed that they saw a Pokémon, Ixen would flinch and hide next to Hannah. Luckily, every time that person shouted, the Pokémon was scared away before it could do any 'damage' to Ixen.
    The groups swapped locations and studied different parts of the forest all day long. They only stopped for lunch, having a picnic in the forest, and for short breaks to let the students unwind before working again. By the time they were finished the sun was setting over the forest and everyone was boiling in their fleeces, coats and hoodies despite the chilly October air. Hannah sighed with relief when she saw the campsite.

    "Oh, thank Helix we're back," she sighed with relief. "I was seriously afraid the teachers were gonna make us work all night."

    The thought of working all night in the forest sent chills down Ixen's spine.

    Soon enough all of the groups had returned. When Ixen and Hannah asked Vince about his time in the forest, he told them about a Pidgeotto that swooped down and stole Mr Tucker's clipboard. Hannah was howling with laughter when Vince told them how Mr Tucker tried to get it back.

    By half eight everyone was sitting around the giant campfire roasting marshmallows and telling spooky stories. Even the teachers were relaxing.

    At some point Mr Dixon stood up and everyone went quiet after a moment of chatter. "I have a story of my own to tell. Now, it isn't a scary story or a spooky folklore, but a tale of legends. Does anyone know why Dragon Pokémon live up on Mt. Dara?"

    "Because it's secluded," a kid with ginger hair said.

    "That's right!" Mr Dixon exclaimed. "It's secluded and it's hard to reach. Even the most skilled of hikers have a tough time climbing up there even without the Pokémon making it difficult. Dragon Pokémon are rare, but they are powerful, and they know they're safe up there. That's where the tale begins. You see, back in the old days there was a large group of travellers called 'The Daralexi'. They had the ability to understand and speak to Dragon type Pokémon both with emotion and language. This ability was passed down by blood. They could command any Dragon Pokémon to do anything they'd want, but they respected their right to freedom. They protected all Dragon Pokémon with their lives.

    "One day the travelling group visited the Daar region to see Mt. Dara. They had heard that a large population of Dragon Pokémon lived there and they wanted to see if it was true. They wanted to know that there was a safe, secluded place for them to live. So three skilled explorers set off to hike Mt. Dara and get to the summit. They met many Pokémon on the way up to the summit, not just Dragon types, and passed them with ease. When they finally got to the top they saw three stone stands, all carved in with three different Pokémon who looked similar and different at the same time. On these three stands were three flutes; one flute was red, one was blue, and one was yellow. In front of these three stands was a large stone door that seemed to lead to nowhere as there was no structure behind it. The Daralexi explorers realised they had to play the flutes for something to happen, so with the permission of the Dragons, they played the flutes and the door opened."

    Mr Dixon paused for a dramatic effect, but Hannah had to let her curiosity get the better of her. "What happened when the door opened?"

    The man sighed, but smiled and continued. "Great power was released, and greedy men wanted it. The Daralexi explorers realised their mistake and sealed the door shut with the flutes before sealing the flutes away in three hidden chambers."

    "Does anybody know where the chambers are?" a girl asked.

    "Of course they wouldn't," Vince chided, "they're hidden."

    "Quite, the chambers are hidden. No one knows if they and the flutes truly exist. No one knows if the doorway on the summit of Mt. Dara even exists."

    "What happened to the Daralexi?" Ixen asked.

    "Ah, during the fight to seal away the flutes, many of them lost their lives," Mr Dixon said.

    "Only a few survived, but supposedly stayed in the Daar region. That's how the region and Mt. Dara got their names, from the Daralexi. I assume if they did exist, they bred into the local villages around the region, and their blood has simply thinned over time. There haven't been any reports of people being able to speak to Dragon Pokémon like they could."

    A mass of murmurs broke out around the campfire and the teachers hushed them all. Mr Tucker smiled at the camp owner. "Thank you for that interesting tale, Mr Dixon."

    "It was my pleasure," Mr Dixon said with a smile before returning to his seat.

    They stayed around the campfire for a couple more hours before everyone started drifting off to their tents. Vince was staying in a tent with two of their other classmates while Ixen and Hannah had a tent of their own. The three sat in their tent for about half an hour before Vince had to leave. As he got up Ixen spoke.

    "Why do you two want to go on a Pokémon journey?"

    "That's simple," Hannah said proudly, "I want to become a Pokémon Master. I want to become the Champion of the Daar region."

    Vince rolled his eyes. "Because that isn't cliché."

    "Shut up, it's my dream, okay? Why do you want to become a Pokémon trainer?"

    "I want to travel around the world," he told them with a strangely light smile. "My parents never got to travel, so I want to do it for them and tell them everything I find, see and learn."

    "So you're travelling for your parents?" Hannah asked incredulously.

    "They're both valid reasons," Ixen said and both of her friends looked at her. She smiled warmly at them. "Try your best, okay?"

    Hannah and Vince glance at each other before grinning at Ixen. "We will."

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