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Kibbeh's Ruby Randomlocke [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by Kibbeh, May 22, 2015.

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  1. Kibbeh

    Kibbeh ☆ Star Warrior ☆

    Apr 15, 2015
    NOTE: This is linked to both Hydra's Emerald Randomlocke and is a sequel to my LeafGreen Randomlocke. For full understanding, please read the LeafGreen randomlocke first. Hydra's is optional, but recommended, as he's pretty cool.

    Praise for Kibbeh's Randomlockes!

    "Oh and on a side note, I love the alternative personalities you give each of your team members. I think that's really entertaining and neat! :)" -Bloom
    "A little cheesy" -Jawsome
    "Can't wait to see more" -HiddenLore
    "7.8 out of 10 too much awesome" -IGN

    Now let's get to the rules!

    1. Must catch the first Pokémon found on a route.
    2. If a Pokémon faints, it's dead. Forever.

    1. Kibbeh's Poison Clause: If a Pokémon dies of poison outside of battle, it does not count.
    2. Dragon Rage, etc Clause: If a Pokémon has near as much hp as, say, Dragon Rage does and dies, it doesn't count. I.e. if a Pokémon of mine had around 40 hp and died to dragon rage, it won't count, as that's a bit cheap. Same goes with other moves with a set damage, which I don't know the names of.
    3. Dupes Clause: If I find a Pokémon for my encounter and I've already had one before, then I get to try til I find something I haven't caught before.
    4. Shiny Clause: If I find a shiny Pokémon, all rules go out of effect, and I am allowed to catch it. If a Pokémon dies in an attempt to catch a shiny, it also will not count.
    5. Kibbeh's Grinding Clause: If a Pokémon dies whilst grinding, I won't count it, because I get lazy while I grind and would most likely kill most of my Pokémon by accident.

    Let's get started now!

    Episode 1: What the Heck?
    Kibbeh hadn't been seen for a few years, and neither had her Pokémon. No one had cared, not even her mother, who had just assumed she was on another journey. Where is she now? Wait... are we going to do this this early? Alright then...

    3 years ago...
    Jacqueline: Ugh! That little pest ruined us!
    Grunt: Yeah! We need revenge... but how?
    Jacqueline: Well, with my mind, and the help of another's, we will truly stop Kibbeh now. Maxie! Get in here!
    Maxie: Yes? What do you need from me, anyway, Giovanni?
    Jacqueline: I need your help. It'll benefit you, too, as this kid is a crime-fighting machine.
    Maxie: What do you want me to do?
    Jacqueline: With our brilliant minds, we shall build a machine. This machine is going to delete all her Pokémon, and completely erase her from everyone's mind!
    Maxie: Genius! Now, let's do this.

    5 months later...

    Jacqueline: Wow, it's amazing. Now, let's do this thing! *activates*

    Back in Pallet Town...

    Murrica: Yawn... Morning, guys.
    Vivi: Morning! Hey... does anyone else feel weird? It's probably just me being sleepy still, but I dunno...
    Murrica: It's not just you, I don't think... My arm is kinda see-through... Is yours too?
    Vivi: Yeah... Hey! Your hand is gone! And where's Pegasus?
    Murrica: She was here just a second ago...
    Vivi: I dunno, something's up. Where's Kibbeh?
    Murrica: She was asleep... Huh.
    Vivi: Maybe we should investigate... hey, Murrica? No! He's gone too! Huh, seems like I'm gonna disappear too... *poof*
    Jacqueline: Ah, we have a nice view of it with the cameras we installed into her room last week. Seems they're all gone! Our plan worked!
    Maxie: Wait... you installed cameras? Holy crap, you're a stalker!
    Jacqueline: No, they're only for this purpose.
    Maxie: Okay, good. Well, now we can take over the world!
    Jacqueline: Great! Celebratory tea?
    Maxie: Certainly!

    3 years later...

    Yawn... Where am I? Uhm... who are you?
    ???: Howdy, kid! I'm the Professor!
    Professor Oak? Oh, dear gosh, you have to help me! I dunno where we are...
    Birch: No, I'm Professor Birch!
    Professor Who-now? Uh, I don't know you. Where am I? What year is it?
    Birch: You don't know? Jeez, kid, what's wrong with your parents?
    What? We live in Pallet Town, and this is not Pallet Town!
    Birch: Silly girl, stop with your little delusions! You used to live in Johto, and now you're moving to Hoenn! It's also 2018! Duh!
    Huh? No, no, no, there seems to be a mistake. ...it couldn't have been three years either...
    Birch: Wow, maybe I should check your health... What's your name? Are you a boy or a girl?
    I'm Kibbeh, and I'm a girl.
    Birch: You probably are having a huge delusion, as your memory seems good enough. Now stop screwing with me and tell me the truth! You live in Johto, and you are moving to Hoenn!
    No I'm not! I live in Pallet Town, and I'm the champion of Kanto!
    Birch: What? You don't even have a Pokémon, Kibbeh! How could you be the champion?
    No, my Pokémon are right... wait... where are they? Murrica? Vivi? Pegasus?
    Birch: You have horrible naming skills, jeez. Anyway, you're here now. Maybe once you get out of that dingy truck you'll remember!

    [​IMG] What? Mom, what's going on? And what's with your looks? I don't know you! Stranger danger!
    Mom: Sweetie, stop with that. I swear, if I have to send you to a therapist...
    Therapist?! I'm mentally healthy, for Arceus's sake!
    Mom: No, you've been delusional your whole life, I keep telling you that. I guess you're having one of your outbursts now... The doctor told me to watch out for those...
    Mom: Honey...
    Well some mother you are, calling your daughter a delusional freak.
    [​IMG] Mom: It's padded with a steel door for our protection.
    You're a lunatic!

    [​IMG] Dad? I don't have a father!
    Mom: Honey, stop it. Now go watch TV like a good girl.
    I can't wait to get out of this place...

    [​IMG] Mom, your timing skills are terrible.
    Mom: Don't talk to your mother like that. Now give the neighbors these cookies, okay, sweetie?
    Finally, some fresh air. Time to go.

    [​IMG] Good, maybe he'll understand what's going on.
    ???'s Mother: Huh? Alrighty then...

    [​IMG] Where else could he be? Are you really unsure if your son is in the house? That's bad parenting.

    [​IMG] Hi. Can you listen to me, please?
    Brendan: Okay, what's up?
    Well, my mother and the Professor are calling me a delusional psychopath, all my Pokémon are gone, and I'm supposed to live in Pallet Town. You've gotta help me...
    Brendan: Alright, if you say it's true, I believe you! You seem normal enough.
    Oh, good, someone who believes me...
    Brendan: I can catch you a Pokémon if you want!
    Great, that's exactly what I need!
    Brendan: Oh shoot, sorry, I gotta go. I forgot I need to do some fieldwork with my father. I mean... the Professor.
    Your father's the one who thinks I'm a freak?
    Brendan: Yeah, I tried to tell him that the family is most likely normal, but he didn't believe me. Anyway, see you later! Bye!

    [​IMG] Birch: Mina? Is that you? Help me out here!
    No, it's me, the 'psycho'? Remember?
    Birch: Oh my! Who let you out of your room?
    I went to deliver cookies to the house that apparently YOU live in.
    Birch: Ugh... this one time you can help me. Go take a Pokémon, and hurry up!
    Can do!


    Well, I'm gonna go with Togetic.
    Togetic: Hiiii!
    Hey! You seem nice enough.
    Togetic: Yeah! Same to you!

    [​IMG] Uh, you're welcome. Can you trust me now?
    Birch: Not really, but a little bit I guess... Baby steps! Soon you'll awaken into reality.
    Wha? Good gosh...
    Birch: I guess you could have that Togetic to keep your spirits up. He'll be your guide.
    Um, thanks. Anyway, welcome to the team, Confetti!
    Confetti: Hi! I'll help you on your way to becoming a civilized human bei--
    Shhh! I'll explain everything later!
    Confetti: Ooookay?

    [​IMG] Your moveset is kinda risky. Hopefully you'll learn a new move soon. Anyway, let's go out. I'll explain everything.
    Confetti: 'Kay, explain.
    Well, basically I'm supposed to be the champion of Kanto, but instead I'm here for some reason, and everyone thinks I'm a freak.
    Confetti: Okay then! I'll help you!
    Thanks. Oh, hey, Brendan!

    [​IMG] But I'm the champion of Kanto... I know what being a trainer is about.
    Brendan: Oh, right... sorry!

    [​IMG] Alrighty, let's do this!
    Brendan: Wow, you are pretty good!

    [​IMG] With a level five Pokémon? Odd.

    [​IMG] Woo! For the first route we get...

    [​IMG] Darn.
    Confetti: Sorry...
    It's fine! On this route we get...

    [​IMG] Wow! A Kadabra! And it has a really good STAB move!
    Sydney: Greetings... your luck seems to be pretty terrible, Kibbeh...
    Confetti: Awww...
    Well, this is running a bit long, so I think I'm gonna wrap it up for now, sorry. A next episode will be coming soon! Very soon!
    Sydney: Yes... I predict it will be very good, so come back next time... Goodbye...
    Confetti: Bye-bye!

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  2. Jawsome

    Apr 22, 2015
    What I think of it: Nice! I like it so far but, I felt like it could've been tied in some other way, like maybe you wanted a challenge or, the Hoenn Champion was evil and you had to beat him but besides that I like it.
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  3. HiddenLore

    Time Master
    (Dialga Egg)
    Level 36
    Mar 25, 2014
    Crown of ValorPoké Ball ★Root Fossil ★★★Beedrillite ★★★★GS Ball ★★★★★
    Hooray! more has arrived. can't wait to see what happens to her now that her Pokémon are gone.
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  4. Kibbeh

    Kibbeh ☆ Star Warrior ☆

    Apr 15, 2015
    Woo! Thanks for the support! It's time for another episode! Sorry that it's so long... ;-;
    In the Rocket Laboratory...
    Jacqueline: Progress report!
    Maxie: Everything is going swimmingly. I will be able to encounter her today due to her mother making her go to a therapist, which is me. There I can crush her confidence and convince her that she is helpless to get back and change the future. All that good stuff.
    Jacqueline: Great. After this, we're going to rule the world, right?
    Maxie: Yup. We can also revive Groudon, and we can control its power.
    Jacqueline: Well, good luck. I'll see you tonight, I guess.
    Mom, do I have to do this?
    Mom: Yes, sweetie, we need to help you get your head straight.
    Mom, I keep telling you, I'm okay!
    Mom: We've already paid! You're going!
    Therapist: Hello, Kibbeh. Delilah, could you go sit in the other room?
    Mom: Alright. Have fun, sweetie!
    Sure. Mr. Therapist, can we just sit here? We don't need to talk. I'm mentally stable, unlike what my mother says...
    Therapist: No. This was decided by your mother. You can't do anything to change it, just like the future. Fate has been decided already, and there is already a specific path decided. You can't change it.
    What? Of course I can change the future!
    Therapist: Excuse me? I don't believe you're the therapist here. I'm the smart one, and you're just a dumb child.
    Why did my mother hire you?! You're the worst therapist ever!
    Therapist: I was the cheapest and closest therapist. Now stop whining and let me cure you of your delusions! Let me do this or face the consequences!
    Uh... I gotta run! Bye!

    ....phew. We got away.
    Sydney: That guy was odd. Very odd indeed... Anyway, welcome back to another episode of the nuzlocke...
    Confetti: A what-now?
    Shh! Wait, how do you know what that is?
    Sydney: I'm very smart. I am knowledgable in many things, including pop culture.
    Well, okay, but don't speak about it around Confetti.
    Sydney: Alright, but... if I die, I am alright, so don't worry about it.
    Okay. Let's start!

    [​IMG] Yay! A new member! Despite having Signal Beam, Birdman is a poison type.
    Birdman: Ey yo, wassup my homies. I'm da best rapper in Johto, I tell ya. I'm also travelin' to Hoenn for a while ta give the peeps the great rap they want.
    Confetti: Hi! I prefer the song Happy Birthday, but rap is cool too!
    Birdman: Whateva', that's cool, kid. Buy my CD!
    Sydney: CD? We all use the internet now. I recommend getting a VEVO channel on youtube.
    Birdman: Alright, I'll have ta take that into consideration. Girl, you look fine today, I must say.
    Sydney: Hey, it's your Hoenn dad. He's a gym leader, by the way.
    Oh, really? Okay. Hey, dad!

    [​IMG] Yeah. Listen, dad, I just need to tell you something real qui--

    [​IMG] I'm the Kanto champion, I can get to a town on my own!
    Birdman: Whoa, really? Do you know if they like rap music?
    Not really. They prefer pop.
    Birdman: I'm gonna have to do some different styles of music... thanks for the info.
    Sydney: Y'know, you don't really seem suited to be a rapper. I mean, you're so small. Most rappers are big and tough, you know?
    Birdman: Whatever!
    Dad: Honey, stop with that already. It's annoying, and you sound full of yourself. Now go help poor Wally catch a Pokémon.
    Fine. Humph.
    Wally: H-hi... are you really the champion of Kanto?
    Yeah, but I'm here because... well, it's a long story.
    Wally: I have time... I'd love to hear your story, Ms. Champion!
    Well, I've been sent to Hoenn, my parents are different and think I'm an unstable psychopath, and all my Pokémon are gone.
    Confetti: Yeah!
    Wally: Interesting... Alright, seems good. Now, let's catch a Pokémon... Oh wow, I caught a Ralts!

    [​IMG] Good job.
    Wally: Thanks so much, Kibbeh! Now, I gotta go, 'cause I have to go to Verdanturf with my family.
    Oh, bye... Well, time for the next encounter!

    [​IMG] Woo! Welcome to the team, Doc!
    Doc: Kibbeh?
    You know my name?
    Doc: Yeah! I was in your last journey, but you never used me... I changed my name to Doc, 'cause I'm a doctor, and it fits, too. Anyway, I'll help you out!
    Oh thank goodness, a familiar face! Am I glad to see you!
    Doc: Your diagnosis is that you are feeling exceptionally happy to see me... Let's do this!
    Confetti: Hiii! Welcome, welcome, welcome! We're glad to have you here! Yay!
    Sydney: Hey.
    Well, in Petalburg Woods, we killed our encounter, which was a Sableye. I lost the footage of it. ...hey, who's that?

    [​IMG] Yes I do! Wait... what? Uhh, yeah, I do.
    Sydney: Is that offensive or what? I mean, having courage is a good thing...
    Dunno. Let's beat him!
    Alrighty, for this route we get...

    [​IMG] A Seel! I felt I should give him a pun name. Despite having Mega Punch, he is a Psychic type.
    Ziploc: Where's my mom? Where is she? I can't find her anywhere!
    Okay, okay! What's your mother's name?
    Ziploc: Her name is, uh, Diana... why?
    Oh my Arceus.
    Ziploc: What? What's wrong?
    Sydney: She died a long time ago.
    Doc: What the heck are you doing? That's not the way to announce that to a kid, or really anyone!
    Ziploc: No, she's not! I saw her a few days ago... she just disappeared...
    Whaaaa? Uh, let's go. Maybe we'll see your mom later.

    [​IMG] Oh no.
    Confetti: Ummm... we can do this, right? W-we've got this! Just gotta keep a smile on my face!

    [​IMG] No... no! NOOOOOOOO!
    Confetti: Owee... dying hurts! Bye-bye, Kibbeh! I believe in you guys!
    Sydney: Well that sucks.
    Doc: Oooh... I can't treat that... sorry, Kibbeh.
    Ziploc: No... this can't be! We can take her back to a Poke Center, right? Can't we?
    Sydney: No. It's too bad, it can't be helped now. He's dead, and that's tha--
    Doc: Shut up already! You're ruining this kid's psychology!
    Ziploc: N-no... I can handle it! I'm a big kid!
    Sydney: Seems you can't, though, little man.

    [​IMG] Bye Confetti... you were pretty flipping awesome.

    [​IMG] This is not a legitimate death, let me explain why. Dragon Rage is what killed Sydney, and I have a dragon rage clause, so er... Yay for Sydney.
    Sydney: Woo, cheating death! I've done it all!

    [​IMG] Turns out Doc was holding the TM for ice beam! How convenient!
    Doc: I carried it with me in case someone happened to catch me. Hurrah!
    Anyway, here's the rest of the team!

    [​IMG] He still hasn't learned a psychic move yet... *sigh*
    Ziploc: Don't worry! Soon I'm gonna be powerful just like my mom!
    Sydney: But we all know what happened to her...
    Doc: You're so heartless, Sydney!

    [​IMG] Birdman: Yo, I learned a Poison type move, y'happy?
    Woulda preferred sludge bomb, but this is fine too I guess...
    Birdman: Good. Great, even! We're going to Rustboro, baby!
    No, we've just been grinding, so we're there already. We're on the route where we caught...

    [​IMG] Robin: Hello.
    Ziploc: Wow... she's pretty!
    Doc: Gee, you're fabulous!
    Birdman: Ey, girl, lemme tell ya somethin'. Girl, you're pretty, and powerful too. If I was to choose a Pokémon, well, I'd choose you. My rhymes are slick, and I spit the fire. You're cool and quick, and a lady I admire. So be my honey, my sweet love. With your powerful wings, you fly, a graceful dove.
    Robin: Aw, you're so sweet... We can be girlfriend and boyfriend, and see how it works out.
    Birdman: You're as nice as you are strong... thank you so much.
    Ahem, we still have other people.
    Sydney: Yeah, so shut up with the mushy stuff. It's gross to watch.

    [​IMG] Sydney: Yeah, I'm pretty awesome, as you can see.

    [​IMG] And last but certainly not least, Doc!

    [​IMG] What's with all the Dragon Rage? Anyway, doesn't count, as it was death by Dragon Rage.
    Doc: Take that, you puny dragon thing! You shan't kill thee today!

    [​IMG] Woo! First gym down, seven to go!

    [​IMG] Why do I find this line somewhat funny?
    Sydney: Because you're weird.
    Doc: Burrrrn! Wait, who's side are you on, exactly?
    Sydney: Kibbeh's. I just like criticizing people.

    [​IMG] Jeez, this guy's obsessed with his Peeko.
    Sydney: What the heck is a Peeko anyway?!
    Doc: Uh... meh, let's get it back I guess.

    [​IMG] Yay, we beat him.

    [​IMG] Yeah, you should fire this guy. He kinda sucks at his job.

    [​IMG] Oh good! What do I get? A TM? A Pokémon? A Master Ball? Oh, the possibilities!

    [​IMG] ...or I could get something completely useless. Well, let's go, guys.

    [​IMG] Oh, hey, Brendan! I can't catch that many Pokémon... I'm doing a nuzlocke...
    Brendan: Oh, that sucks. Well, I know you can do it.
    Soooo since we're here, are you gonna fight me or something?
    Brendan: Nah, I'll pass this time. See ya later!

    [​IMG] Oh really? Well, let's see! I bet it's a new Vine or something... Those dang things get popular so fast, even if they aren't funny...

    [​IMG] What?! Uh, is that hypnosis or something?
    Random Boy: Yeah! It's very neat! Come in, come in...
    Uh, I'm gonna pass. Bye!
    Random Boy: What, do you have something better?

    [​IMG] Sounds correct to me.
    Birdman: BURRRRRN!
    Robin: You'd better have a burn heal for that, kid.

    [​IMG] Yup.
    Sydney: Why did they include the word 'nitwit' anyway? Children would definitely abuse that, like Kibbeh here just has.
    What? I'm a teenager!
    Sydney: Okay then.

    [​IMG] Yes. Definitely yes.

    [​IMG] That's not something to be proud of. Anyway, in Dewford City, with a rod I got from some guy, we got...

    [​IMG] Look, I'm not going crazy, let me explain. I don't know why, but when I came back to keep playing, this happened. Doc was also holding one of my TMs for some reason. I have no idea what happened!
    Sydney: Yeah, 'cause you were going crazy and didn't remember.
    Doc: You don't seem to be going insane or anything... How odd...

    [​IMG] No, Birdman!
    Robin: Hon! No! No... I loved him...
    Sydney: You only knew him for a couple days!
    Robin: And those days were the best days of my life... you wouldn't know what it's like to love, since you're such a jerk.
    Sydney: Shut up! Good gosh, you guys just never shut up!
    Guys, don't argue, please... Let's get a member in Granite Cave!

    [​IMG] Welcome to the team, Dixie!
    Dixie: Where am I? Are you that person who runs the shop in Slateport?
    No. In the route right outside of Granite Cave, we...

    [​IMG] Run out of pokeballs. I had to kill it... ;-;

    Okay so I went back to petalburg to buy some stuff, and found a guy asking for my profile. Here's what I've got.

    [​IMG] Seems good enough.
    Guy: What made you important yesterday?
    I don't know, actually. Whatever.

    [​IMG] Accidentally replaced Fire Punch with Blaze Kick... It's not that bad, I guess. Certainly could've been worse!
    Dixie: I learned flash! I stuck a flashlight in my ear a long time ago, and now I can light up the caves with my hair! It's like a lamp!
    Robin: Uh... good for you... Oh, it's Gym Leader time.

    [​IMG] You're cool, Cooltrainer Jimmy, but not as cool as me!

    [​IMG] Woo.

    [​IMG] Hi, Steven! Here's your letter or whatever. Let's go to slateport!

    [​IMG] Yay for soda!
    Sydney: It's 'pop'.
    Doc: It's 'soda'.
    Ziploc: No, it looks like it's both...

    [​IMG] In the route on the way to slateport (or slateport city itself? I dunno), we killed the smeargle.
    YYYKk: I'm so sorry! Please forgive me! Please! Please!
    Jeez, I forgive you! o3o

    Anyway, we're gonna end it off this time, sorry. Bye bye!
    Sydney: See ya.
    Dixie: Wait, where are we going?
    Robin: Bye.
    Doc: G'bye!
    Ziploc: Byeeee!
    YYYKk: Uh, bye...
  5. HiddenLore

    Time Master
    (Dialga Egg)
    Level 36
    Mar 25, 2014
    Crown of ValorPoké Ball ★Root Fossil ★★★Beedrillite ★★★★GS Ball ★★★★★
    Poor birdman and Confetti. Yeah I was kind of sad in the remakes where they changed it, and now you can't put silly stuff in. I always told the dewford people that magikarp parties were hip and happening.
  6. Kibbeh

    Kibbeh ☆ Star Warrior ☆

    Apr 15, 2015
    Yeah, the highlight of Dewford for me was always seeing what it generated for what was hip and happening. It was such a small thing but it was really funny. I had looked forward to that in ORAS, but was sad to see that they changed it. :c
  7. Jawsome

    Apr 22, 2015
    T_TNuuuuu confetti and birdman!!!! So far I like it but bas news, my PC now has a virus in it so I can't view this as much. Either way good job!
  8. Jawsome

    Apr 22, 2015
    Oh god emoties broke again
  9. Kibbeh

    Kibbeh ☆ Star Warrior ☆

    Apr 15, 2015
    Okay, I'm gonna try and make this episode a bit shorter. x3
    Jacqueline: How did the appointment go?
    Maxie: She ran away... she doesn't seem convinced. Ah well, with her Pokémon gone, I can take her down now.
    Jacqueline: Why did you let her get away?! Alright, just don't mess this encounter up.
    Maxie: She's a child, she's nimble. I'm not exactly a gold medal runner. Alright, well I've got to go to make sure I'm on time. See you.
    Hello, and welcome back! Last time we ended off kinda abrupt, but we beat Roxanne and Brawly!
    Sydney: Yeah, great pacing, Kibbeh. You're totally doing better than your last one.
    You're so rude... Oh, hey, we're at Slateport! What's that commotion over there, though?
    Lady: Oh dear, oh dear! There's been a break-in at the museum! You have to help us!
    Robin: Don't worry, lady, we shall help you!
    Uh, sure. Let's go! Captain Stern is here too, so that's killing two birds with one stone!


    Sydney: Way to break the fourth wall with that gif, Kibbeh.
    You're already doing that!
    Dixie: Fourth wall? Where? What's it look like?
    Doc: She's referring to the point in which the characters are aware of the fact that they are in a show, and also can address the audience.
    Dixie: Ooo, lemme try! Uh... hi, person! Do you have any ice cream?
    Doc: I, uh, forgot to mention... Don't break the fourth wall! Jeez!
    Robin: Everyone just calm down!
    DARNIT, SYDNEY! *fixes fourth wall* Better. Now that these grunts are finally beaten, let's get outta here... Wait, who's that?
    Maxie: Hello, Kibbeh.
    My therapist?! You're behind this?
    Maxie: Yes, but I'd prefer you call me Maxie. It's time for me to take you down, punk. Wait... shoot! I forgot my Pokémon! Grunt, get them for me!
    Grunt: Uh... you left them at the hideout, which is really far away.
    Maxie: Dangit! You win this time, Kibbeh, but I will have my revenge...
    Hoorah! Let's go to Mauville! In route 110, though I forgot to record it, I found a Shroomish and named him Mario. For now, I'm going to pass on using him.

    [​IMG] Oh, hey, Brendan.
    Brendan: Hey! On your way to Mauville too, huh?
    Yeah. Let's battle this time!
    Brendan: Okay.

    [​IMG] Thanks! We're finally here in Mauville... time to heal, though.

    [​IMG] Uh... okayyy?
    Robin: What kind of name is Giddy?
    Dixie: Uh, a weird one? Duh.
    Ziploc: Er... okay...

    [​IMG] Um, no.

    [​IMG] Yes! I love Marill!

    [​IMG] Yeah...

    [​IMG] One, Two, and Three Island are pretty neat.

    [​IMG] Really?

    [​IMG] Sure...

    [​IMG] What?! This isn't a story!

    [​IMG] Uh, I'm gonna go now...

    [​IMG] Oh hey, Wally!
    Wally: Can you show my father that I'm good enough to challenge the gym myself?
    Sure, but I'm pretty good.
    Sydney: Well you're quite full of yourself.
    Doc: She's the champion of Kanto, of course she's good!
    Sydney: You really believe that? I'm helping her only because I have to. I still think she's a big-headed dope.
    Doc: I'm actually a trusting person!
    Ziploc: I believe her... She knows Diana! She's the champion!
    Robin: I'm indifferent about her. She's okay I guess.
    YYYKk: She's sooo nice... I can't believe she took me in! She's got a heart of gold!
    Sydney: Well, your trust is going to backfire when you guys die, and are then replaced by others who were better than you. I'm going to help her, but I'm pretty sure I'm next to the chopping block.

    [​IMG] Ziploc: Yeah! Let's do this!
    Wally: Wow, you are pretty good...
    Same to you. Go beat that gym! I know you can do it.
    Wally: T-thanks...
    Alright, on this route we found...

    [​IMG] Neat, but I'm gonna pass on raising you.

    [​IMG] OH CRAP! A critical hit too x_x
    Robin: No, no, it's fine... I helped you plenty. I'm alright...
    Sydney: See what I'm telling you guys?
    Doc: It was unavoidable, Sydney...
    Ziploc: She was so nice too...
    Dixie: Oh no...
    YYYKk: She tried her best I guess...
    Well, time to use Mario then! Welcome to the team! We've gotta get you training now...
    Mario: Hah, I was better in the wild, but whatever. Maybe you can convince me you're a great trainer.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] That good enough?
    Mario: Yeah, sure. I'm certainly better than these other sissies.
    Ziploc: But I'm a boy!
    Mario: You need to toughen up. I'll be your tutor, and take you in. Okay?
    Ziploc: Uh, I thought Kibbeh was the tutor who took me in?
    Mario: She's your commander, but I'm your trainer.
    Ziploc: But she's a Pokémon Trainer...
    Mario: Shut up and listen to me, alright?!
    Sydney: Still a better trainer than Kibbeh.
    Doc: Better trainer? Just look at me! And you! You and I are both powerhouses because of Kibbeh!
    Sydney: Meh.
    Doc: Sigh, I guess there's really no convincing you...
    Here's the rest of the team!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Mario: Not too shabby, Ziploc.
    Ziploc: Thanks! You're really powerful, too.
    YYYKk: I learned Drill Peck! Hoorah!
    Sydney: I didn't learn anything good! Although, that makes sense, as Kibbeh's not exactly the best trainer or anything.
    Dixie: Uh... I can explode into fiery flames! That's cool!
    Doc: I don't need to learn anything. I'm alright as I am.
    Now that everyone's all set, let's go fight the gym!

    [​IMG] Scott: Wahaha! I am going to destroy your team! I've heard about you, actually... Time to see what all the hubbub is about!
    Alright... *reks*

    [​IMG] I must say, you did a pretty good job.
    Scott: So that's why everyone's talking about you! Well, I hope you succeed!
    Thanks! Well, we're going to end it off for now... Until next time!
    That night, in a house in Mauville...
    Ziploc: I'm tired, but I can't sleep... I guess I'll go take a stroll outside quick. Hey, what's that sound?
    ???: Again? Stop screwing up, or we'll have to go our separate ways!
    ???: Jacqueline! As villains, we need to stick together!
    Jacqueline: Shh! Someone's going to hear us, Maxie!
    Maxie: Nonsense! Even so, no one knows what we're talking about.
    Jacqueline: Alright, well, I have a plan. Go hang up signs of Kibbeh, showing her as a criminal. Have people return her to us for a large reward. We can't let her succeed!
    Maxie: Right! I'll get an angry mob out, too... What's her crime, though? So we don't seem suspicious?
    Jacqueline: Pokémon killing? She is doing that, actually. Though it's not technically a crime, as she is doing a nuzlocke and cannot prevent it, people don't read the fine print.
    Maxie: Right-o! There'll be a mob in front of her tent by tomorrow morning, I bet!
    Ziploc: Oh my! I've gotta warn Kibbeh!
    Jacqueline: Did you hear something, Maxie?
    Maxie: Yeah. Probably some kid that doesn't understand, though, as it sounds. No problem there.
    Ziploc: Phew... time to go home then. I'll have to tell Kibbeh.

    Hey, can you guys tell me how the nuzlocke is going so far? I keep feeling like it's not as good as the original, but I can't put my finger on what's wrong. Please be honest, I can take criticism, and actually would love it right now. Thanks so much!
  10. HiddenLore

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    Level 36
    Mar 25, 2014
    Crown of ValorPoké Ball ★Root Fossil ★★★Beedrillite ★★★★GS Ball ★★★★★
    Hmm, critiques, I'd have to say one is a serious lack of 'Murica. But more importantly is the fact that it's story line isn't really connected. Does sydney know something nobody else does? How far is Kibbeh willing to go to find her old Pokémon? I think most of it is just trying to get to the meat of the story.
  11. Jawsome

    Apr 22, 2015
    Good ending, that brought back the storyline. But the rest... I dont know why but it just didn't feel right. More hardcore things to do with the plot and plot twists will help bring it back. That's my advice.
  12. Jawsome

    Apr 22, 2015
    Also, can we start destroying the 4th wall?

    *Holds dynamite in hands with flint and steel*
  13. Jawsome

    Apr 22, 2015
    Question... WHERE ARE THE VIDEOS!?
  14. Jawsome

    Apr 22, 2015
  15. Kibbeh

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    Apr 15, 2015
    Taking a bit of a break for now. I've gotten a bit sick of making episodes, because it's been seeming more like work than fun. Making the plot connect has gotten a bit out of hand, and has made this playthrough lose its "Kibbeh Magic", if you get what the heck I'm saying. So yeah, I might come back to this sometime, but for now, new episodes aren't coming. Sorry. :C
  16. HiddenLore

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    Well, Enjoy yourself. It's never fun when play feels like work.
  17. Jawsome

    Apr 22, 2015
    Agreed. But... maybe if you let people SECRETLY give you ideas for the storyline, then it may be it'll become fun again!
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