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Lake Valor Anime RP Sign Up Thread

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Seprix, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. TripleAAABattery

    TripleAAABattery Look at my fluff! LOOK AT IT

    (Eevee (K))
    Level 45
    Nov 12, 2014
    Hope its not too late to join in on this.

    Character Name: AAA

    Powers: He has the power to materialize almost anything he wants out of nothing, be it weaponry such as swords, vehicles, food like pizza, and even entire buildings if need be. The one drawback to this power is that the bigger the object he tries to materialize, the longer it takes. So as he can materialize something like a slice of pizza or a knife almost instantaneously, to materialize, say, a regular sized car, would take him much longer in comparison, say about 5 minutes. This requires concentration, so if interrupted, materialization may fail.

    Personality/Facts: A nice person on the surface, but at heart is a highly competitive person. He tries to mean well, but he takes the little things, like winning a game of Mario Party, a little too seriously. You know you're a good friend with him if he starts joking around with you or teasing with you.
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