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Lake Valor's Time Capsule (Must Read!)

Discussion in 'Valor Archive' started by Capsule Bot, Nov 1, 2017.

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  1. Capsule Bot

    Nov 1, 2017
    Lake Valor's Time Capsule
    On November 21st, Lake Valor will be hitting a pretty incredible milestone - we will be turning 5 years old as a community. Throughout the years, we've always aimed to be a fantastic place for all Pokémon fans (and even those not) and we're incredibly happy to see people are still enjoying the site 5 years on. So, with all this in mind, we have a very special task for every user possible. We are going to create a time capsule for the world of the future.

    This will be a very big undertaking, and we want as many people to take part as possible. The time capsule will contain all sorts of things related to LV, but most importantly we want your own contributions.

    What do I submit to the capsule?

    There are several things you can submit to our time capsule, however they must be related to LV in some capacity.

    You can submit any of the following:
    • Original artwork
    • Original writing, Poems
    • Site memories
    • Messages of appreciation for other LV members
    • Screenshots, memes
    • Voice clips
    • Anything else you can think of related to LV
    This site is your experience, therefore we want you to submit whatever you'd like to the capsule.

    How do I submit to the capsule?

    You must send a private message to the user Capsule Bot with your submission(s). You can submit as much as you want but we can't guarantee all of your submissions will be accepted. We aim to accept at least one per user, however!

    Visit this link to drop a PM:

    You will need to submit before November 21st and no later to be included. LV has had a long history and a lot of great members, so we want everyone to have a chance to put their piece in, even if they aren't so active anymore.

    This will be a snapshot at LV throughout these past 5 years and we want it to be a special one. Once the capsule is complete, it will be turned into a hidden (but permanent) webpage that will be able to be viewed starting our 6th anniversary.

    We can't wait to see your submissions!
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