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LakeValor Mafia!

Discussion in 'Game Corner' started by Prince_Choudhury, Nov 4, 2014.

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  1. Prince_Choudhury

    Nov 2, 2014
    Hey guys! Prince_Choudhury here! Coming at you guys with a new game, Mafia!

    So some of you may have played this game before, but these are the rules:

    1. You will either be Mafia or Town, you will find out in PMs.
    2. There are power roles:
    Doctor- A villager that can stop one person from being killed each night.
    Vigilante- A villager that can kill one person a night.
    Detective- A villager that can investigate a person a night.
    Mafia- They can communicate with eachother and know who eachover are, they can kill one person a night.
    Serial Killer- They are by themself and can kill one person a night.
    Faker: You are sided with Mafia and can claim to be a role to me, then you gain that role's powers and if investigated will appear as that role.
    Cop- You can arrest one person a Night Phase and they won't be able to vote the next day, but, if you arrest another Cop you die.
    Roleblocker- You can stop one persone from doing something a Night Phase.
    Paranoid Gun Owner- If anyone tries to Kill/Protect/Investigate/Arrest/Roleblock you then you kill them.
    Loner- You're like a villager except you have no team and win if you make it to the end of the game.
    3. Only the Mafia can communicate through PMs, no-one else can unless it is to me.
    4. At day you must vote to lynch someone.
    5. At night power roles will be used by PMing me.
    6. If you are lynch/killed at night you can't post here until a new game starts.
    7.You vote like this:
    I vote to lynch (Name here)
    8. You can change your vote.
    9. Day phase is 24 hours and so is night phase.

    If you would like to join. Just put a comment saying that you would like to join. When we get another people, we can start!
  2. LostSpirit

    (Oddish (J))
    Level 21
    Aug 5, 2014
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