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Legacy: Dimensions

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by 7Demented, Aug 10, 2013.

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  1. 7Demented

    7Demented Hex Maniac

    Feb 18, 2013
    Legacy: Dimensions
    The world is yours for the taking...

    Unbeknownst to most people, this plane of existence is not the only one. Many believe that this world is the only inhabitable place in the universe, but they are wrong. Thousands upon millions of alternate universes and new worlds exist; none to the naked eye, but only for those who search. One such plane is called Phaylex, home to the fantastic imagination of countless generations before. The most prominent of the continents is known as Andra, a chain of islands primarily isolated from outside continents. Races of all types co-exist hand in hand, and monsters and creatures add variety to this awe-inspiring plane.

    But those who come to the this world are doomed, trapped for eternity. They cannot escape what is the barrier of space travel, nor can they communicate to the ones lost outside the void. As of recent, wormholes have opened up and sucked up various people, some heroes, some not, and brought them to this small island continent. Overpopulation has become a problem, thus fighting for space has resulted. But there is yet a larger problem at hand, and a higher stake than anyone can imagine...

    Your vision is initially dark, but you soon come to. It appears you have been transported away from your own home. Standing up, you find this place isn't your home. In fact, you can't seem to figure where you are. While in thought, a small man hurries up to you and asks a favor of you: deliver a simple message to the nearby town of Crescent Falls. It sounds easy enough to complete. Despite not knowing the others that surround you, you and your new group decide to forge ahead. Perhaps clues along the way will reveal your reason of coming here.

    Prepare yourself for the times ahead. You will experience hardships and good memories and make enemies and allies. And you just might discover how much the Dimensions are intertwined with one another.

    Good luck, heroes.

    Seawave Town
    The starting point of your adventure. This town was founded as a colony long ago, a marker of a new civilization. Now a town that relies heavily on sea trade with the other islands, the local economy has slowed due to storms that bar ships from docking, but the natives' spirits haven't dropped. Travelers from afar are given a warm welcome here, as they provide the only tourism the island gets.

    Crescent Falls
    A hidden town shrouded by the shadows of the Initra Valley, much of the island's agricultural industry lies here due to its rich soil and hard workers. The town is one of the oldest on the island, and a long history of farmers and civil riots exists within its borders. A recent drought has shut down many farms and caused a shortage of food throughout the continent. Those who remain are rather vicious when it comes to belongings, food, and property nowadays, so it is best to avoid wandering around for too long. Who knows what they can do to felons?

    Regius Town
    The high life capital of Andra. A bustling center of activity, lavish environments scream riches to tourists and a large, hi-tech arena towers above all in the center. A lot of the wealthy families have resided here for generations, creating an atmosphere of lofty elegance and hometown pride. Many can visit the Dominion War Memorial to reminiscence the fallen. Locals of the town are very generous and will give often payment for the oddest of jobs, mostly because they won't do it themselves.

    Nomar Village
    Founded by wandering nomads that seeked permanent residences, this small desert town lies just inside the Morain Desert. Not many attractions are available at the ready, but the residents claim to have insight into the deepest mysteries of life.

    Scientia Town
    Considered to be the intellectual center of this world, the most highly praised academies rests here, providing the best education available. All sorts of trades can learned here, as various extracurricular activities and places of internship take up the rest of the space of the town. Much of the scholars of Andra graduate from here. Travelers are generally welcome and even encouraged to come, but most who live outside the town advise to avoid philosophical discussion with the locals; from what they say, the residents take it very seriously and shun those who dare argue.

    Nexia Village
    The slum for the entire island of Andra. Packed tightly with bums, criminals, and psychos, many are thrown into this hellhole because of money issues or crime. It is hardly visited and maintained even less, leaving the "prisoners" to their own anarchy.

    Divided Ridge
    A hilltop split down the center by rocks, located just west of Crescent Falls. A rogue group of goblins has been spotted hiding in this area stealing from passerbys; travelers are advised to avoid this hilltop.

    Mt. Duvar
    Rising high above all, Mt. Duvar is home to trolls, goblins, and some say a dragon as old as time itself. A once bustling small temple rests atop the peak, however few people visit nowadays, leaving it to disrepair and the lazy janitor.

    Inumai Forest
    With a lush canopy and thick trees, several groups of native wolves lay claim to this expansive forest. Madmen claim even werewolves reside in a safe haven, apparently located in the heart of the place.

    Morain Desert
    A desolate wasteland of sand where scorpions rule the dunes. Nomads typically travel around here; but one must take caution not to alert them, else they may throw you into the endless Pit of Karkas.

    Lake Manafel
    This wide and clear lake is home to a prominent fishing village, established because of a surge of fish within its waters. Recent attacks on the homes, however, have spawned manhunts for the responsible, making the people paranoid of strangers. Some even started rumors about a deep sea monster treads the depths of the water, each one varying its description and motive for the rampage.

    Tatus Caverns
    A winding cave system acting as both a gate and barricade to Nexia Village. Those crazy enough to go through this dark maze will encounter hundreds of bats flying about its dank corridors. Most are docile to intruders, but other species hunt down invaders fiercely, almost as if they were acting on blind instinct alone.

    • Follow all LV Forum rules.
    • No controlling other user's characters.
    • You must have a minimum of six sentences per post!
    • If you cannot post often (or don't plan to [by often I mean at least once per two weeks]), please refrain from joining.
    • Any species is allowed; however, if they are an angel, demon, or dragon, you have to be careful not to make them OP.
    • All profiles must be sent to me via PM for review, then can be placed in the profiles if deemed ready.
    • Only about 2-3 characters can share the same race (i.e. only 2 elves, 3 humans, 3 nekos, etc.)
    • No two characters shared by one user can share a race (i.e. you can't have two elves under your control)
    • Any character from any other RP is allowed to be used as long as they aren't OP or originally an NPC. And by any, I literally mean any. You could bring in a Pokémon, a Gijinka, an animal, or another character. In fact, this is encouraged. There's no need to create whole new characters for this, just bring back some old favorites.
    Profile Skeleton:
    Name: (obvious enough)
    Race: (obvious again)
    Age: (obvious yet again)
    Gender: (yet more obvious)
    Class: (This doesn't have to be specific, this is just here to give others an idea of your character's fighting style. Get creative!)
    Powers: (Only list the major power your character has. If the character is a Pokémon/ Pokémon Gijinka, list their moveset up to five moves.)
    Appearance: (What do they look like? Make sure you list their physical features as well)
    Personality: (What does your character act like?)

    Remember, PM your profiles to me first! I'll place them in the profile thread after review.
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