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Legends of Sovereign Character Profiles and Discussion

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by DragonCrys, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. DragonCrys

    DragonCrys Bug Catcher

    Aug 5, 2016
    This is Roleplay narrated by myself with the interaction of your characters. Please note that this will be a story surrounding your characters as if it was a massive story such as Mass Effect or Dragon Age. It is inspired by those series as well as Anime and Manga like Fairy Tail, SAO and Fullmetal Alchemist. If this interests you, please read the information below BEFORE you create a character

    Follows LV rules
    Follows RP rules
    You can have a total of 3 characters (You and 2 NPCs)

    I will state this once: You are in control of the story not only as an individual, but as a team/party

    I will pick up to 5 people to participate in this story if there are more than 5 that set up characters. If you don't get picked I CAN set up a second thread for you and the others that didn't get picked if I get the permission. No guarantees.

    In a world where magic exists and the possibility to face off giant monsters could be considered common. The world is known as Lyoh and has two moons, a Blue moon known is Lien and the Purple moon known as Lian. The world has existed for thousands of years and a little island has experienced tragedy and heroism for several centuries. Adventuring Clans have been created and disbanded several times and stories of the Legends are told to children of all ages.

    Bal-Savi the Brave Leader who had an abnormal heart and lightning speed.
    Veronica-Rok the Princess who sacrificed her own life for a species that was seen as an ultimate evil.
    Timoth Ragnar the Criminal who found and preserved the old relics and kept them out of the hands of Darkness.
    Jinan Rose the Isolated Monk who destroyed an evil magic of the Underworld planning to consume the entire world.
    Leon Crest the Destined Youth who ended the Corruption Plague freeing the Humans, Elves and Ferals from the Darkness that took hold of them thousands of years ago.

    It has been 200 years since Leon Crest ended the Corruption Plague. Life on the island of Sovereign improved greatly and an age of new technology has begun. Although the biggest evil has been defeated, pirates and criminals continue to exist and the monster outbreaks still happen. Because of this, Adventuring Clans have begun to recruit more frequently. Human, Elves and Ferals have improved their relations as species, but discrimination and racism still exists. Sword and Shield is still seen as the most effective weapon, but small flintlock pistols have replace a few hunters who originally used bows and arrows. The world is changing, and some would say a new Darkness has begun to rise.

    For any some reason you are inside the Green Grass Inn within the capital of Sovereign, Sanctuary. (This is where the story will start)

    Places: Ligaal (Elven Territory), Gieel (Human Territory), Nyst (Feral Territory), Wasteland, Rose Mountains, Ancient's Island, Sovereign (Combined Race Territory), Ylamiri Forest, The Forbidden Forest, Cave of the Ancients
    Ligaal: Originally the national home for Elves, and still is theoretically, it is the largest amount of land, with Nyst in second place. In its center lies the Ylamiri Forest. With two port cities and a burial site for the Second Legend, the territory is very peaceful and is seen as a place full of calm forests and rolling plains. However at one point in Ligaal's history, the territory was split in a civil war with a Drow who separated her race with the rest of the Elven population.
    Rose Mountains
    Ancient's Island
    Ylamiri Forest
    Forbidden Forest
    Cave of the Ancients

    Races: Human, Elf (High, Wood, Dark), Feral (Beast-like)

    Your character(s) can have any number of items, equipment, armor, etc. My only request is that you don't go crazy and make yourself too over powered with your backstory. If you want to be from a faction please make sure you include the faction name and what the faction does and we'll see if we can come to a compromise if change is needed. Other than that, have fun.

    Character Sheet (* = required)

    *Species (Please pick from above):
    Weapons and Equipment (If any):

    An Example:
    *Name: Lyara Isho
    Age: 65 Elven Years (Roughly 300 in Human)
    *Species: Dark Elf
    *Gender: Female
    Faction: Isho Clan (A clan shrouded in mystery and extensive warrior and rogue training for several hundred years. Their First Princess is said to be dedicated to preserving the peace of the island until they die. During Lyara Isho's life time, there were only two elders, Palar Isho a fellow Dark Elf and Jason Yuna Isho, a Human whose family had been with the clan for a couple decades.)
    *Likes: Honesty, Bravery, Companionship, Swords
    *Dislikes: Treachery, Darkness, Racism
    *Strengths: Double the strength of a Human, Mastery of Lightning Blade Swordplay
    *Weaknesses: Impulsive, Short-Tempered
    Weapons and Equipment (If any): Isho Clan Heritage Greatsword, Longsword, Black Cloak, Steel Plate Armor, Ruby Ancient Necklace
    *Appearance: A Dark Elf with nearly pitch black skin and completely pitch black hair that covers her right eye and flows down her back. She normally wears steel plate armor and carries several weapons on her. Her eyes are red like her companion Bal-Savi. Her form is pretty standard, but she does carry quite a bit of muscle.
    *Personality: She's very serious and normally goal oriented. She never likes it when her opponents have the upper hand and normally rushes into fights without thinking about the consequences. She appreciates people like Bal-Savi, who shows leadership and courage. She never lets her allies down and is wiling to give her life if need be.
    *Background: Born as the first Princess of Clan Isho of the 7th Generation, Lyara has been tasked with the job of ensuring the world of Lyoh never falls to Darkness, the responsibility that has been ensured to every First Princess since Isho's existence. To do so, she was trained for 100 years as a warrior and eventually ventured out of Ylamiri Forest with the First Legend, Bal-Savi. From that point on she aided every Legend and eventually lost her life in battle defending Leon Crest. She fought in every Nyst Proving Arena, becoming the first non-Feral to conquer all the arenas. She was said to have eventually mastered the Lightning Speed Technique used by Bal-Savi around the age of 225. She was called the Walking Armory shortly after Bal's death as she became his son's personal bodyguard and walked the streets with enough weapons to make even the bulkiest man fall under the weight.
  2. Megarai111

    Megarai111 Elizabeth 3rd

    Dec 23, 2014
    Ohh, I like this idea! I don't have time right now, but I'll see if I can come up with a character later today.
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  3. Pirate Captain

    Pirate Captain Nightmare Tala

    Level 29
    May 22, 2013
    King's Rock ★★★Love Ball ★★★★★Castelia Cone ★★★Basic Gary Oak ★Darkinum Z ★★★★
    Sounds good
    Can my chara be a pirate? Or elde I can get any ither oc
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