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LF: Shiny 5iv Camerupt!

Discussion in 'Festival Plaza' started by drumzspace55, Nov 17, 2014.

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  1. drumzspace55

    drumzspace55 Youngster

    Nov 16, 2014
    Shiny 5iv (-atk!!!) Modest/Quiet (Quiet Preferred) SolidRock AncientPower Camerupt! I DO NOT CARE IF IT IS KB, And I will not pay extra if it is.

    FT: Shiny HA Modest HP Fire DragonPulse 31/x/31/30/31/30 Sceptile
    Shiny 5iv (-atk) Timid HA BR Greninja
    Shiny 5iv (-atk) Timid CompundEyes BR Vivillon!

    FC: 0946-3005-4202
    IGN: Super
    ​If you have this Camerupt and you are interested in ANY of the aforementioned Pokémon, Please message me with your IGN, FC And the Pokémon you are interested in!
  2. Noctis

    Noctis *this message has been removed*

    Nov 13, 2014
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