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Lone Star Character Profiles

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Juju, Sep 30, 2013.

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  1. Juju

    Juju Psychic

    Jul 9, 2013
    Lone Star Character Profiles:


    No Godmodding

    Be realistic, if you go head to head with a Jugg, equipped with a pistol, you're going to die.

    Perma Death is on, if one of your characters dies, they die.

    AI's can only die if the AI's Master is killed in an explosion or the AI is hacked

    If all four of your characters die, it's game over. You're are no longer in the RP
    Don't control other user's characters
    You don't have un-limited ammo or bottomless clip. If your magazine is out you reload. If you're all out of Ammo, you scavenge bodies to retrieve ammo.

    Make sure you ask the user before using their character

    You can control 2 characters and 2 NPC's (Companion AI's for your character)

    Please read all posts

    Medium Format Role-play must have at least 5 sentences

    No sexual content (I don't care if your characters have a hard core makout thingy, its life)

    You will receive on Battle Point for every mission you complete (You use these to buy new weapons and upgrade armor)

    You can scavenge weapons, ammo and armor parts

    And Have Fun!

    Basic Plot:​

    Humanity, once the universe's biggest, greatest and strongest empire. Now just a mere mouse. 100 hundred years ago, we had the universe. We had gained powerful allies. Until they rose, those dammed creatures, the Daemons. A small artificial species. They caught use by surprise. Taking out multiple strong holds at a time. First Neptune fell, and then Sector 13, the list is too long. Our last planet is our first. Earth. The Budget is low; we are sending young boys into hell, feet first with pistols and only one magazine to spare. From my research, Lone Star is doomed. Unless those damn OADU can prove themselves.... Private, humanity is in your hands. Lone Star depends on you. Win back a planet and we might just win this war.

    You are a private in the 2nd regiment. Aka, OADU, Orbital Ambush Drop Unit. Your only goal is to keep Earth in our damn hands! If those Daemons are in your eyesight, you shoot that insect 'till it pops! You understand me? There is only one mission in this war, well at least for you guys...That mission is to drop into the heart of the battle and take out every damn insect you see! Catch them by surprise, you hear me. Get in your V.3 Power Suit Marine, load your weapons and kick some ass! Commander Sarah Out!​

    Or you're​

    Solider, Humanity is on the brink of extinction...Yes we have the Chosen with use. But they only provide a little help. You are in the 3rd regiment, the FLMF, Front Line Marine Force. Your job is to just be there when we need you. To hold off or attack the Daemons. It's simply Private...Do your job. Suit up and get ready. Commander Rogers Smith out.​


    Age: (Must be over 16)

    Species: [Human or Chosen (Spirit like aliens)]

    Preferred Regiment: (2nd or 3rd)

    Name: (First and Last)

    Weapon: [See starter weapons]



    Information: (Tell me about you)

    Style of Fighting: [Close Quarters, Recon, Hazmat Spec (Use Hazardous Warfare) Heavy, and Default]

    Have you had any training: [Legit training]

    LONE STAR MILATARY AGREEMENT: [We are not responsible for you if you don't listen to orders, if you take a civilian or ally's life we will take yours, you agree to keep all information secret that you receive. And you agree to risk everything for Humanity. (Input yes if you agree)]

    AI FORM​

    Given Name:​






    Daemon Info:

    The Daemons consist of 3 different species variations, Juggs (Bigger and stronger, Standing at 15ft, weigh 700 pounds, equipped with heavy armor, x3 Over-Shields and weapons) Hunters (Non-modified version of Daemons, Stand at 7ft, weigh 175 pounds, Armor varies between classes, same with weapons, and Over-shields) and the Rush (Skinny, quicker, stand at 7ft, weigh 100 pounds, light armor, equipped with over-shields, light weapons, sometimes on vehicles)​
    Identified Daemon Vehicles:​

    Scout bike: Small, quick hover craft, lightly armored, un-armed. Can hold up too: Two Rush, One Hunter and Zero Juggs.

    Ripper: Medium sized vehicle, hover craft, lightly — medium armor, equipped with blades (For Splattering) and one pair of automatic pulse rifles. Can hold up too: Six Rushes, Four Hunters, and One Jugg.

    Hooker: Large vehicle, hover craft, heavy armor, Equipped with blades, two pairs of automatic heavy pulse rifles, sometimes rockets, Equipped with extra seats, Sometimes equipped with anti-air gun. Can hold up too: Ten Rushes, Eight Hunters, and Four Juggs.

    Streamer: Large Vehicle, Flying Ship, Heavy Armor, Equipped with Missiles, 4 sets of Automatic Pulse Rifles, Travel at high speeds, Can hold up to: Two Hunters (Pilot and Co-Pilot)

    Ark: Huge Carrier Vehicle, Flying Ship, Heavy Armor, Equipped with rockets, missiles, 20 sets of Automatic Pulse Machine Turrets, 40 sets of Automatic Pulse Rifles, Also equipped with EMP cannons, Travels at medium speed, Can hold up to whole regiments (Thousands of Daemons)

    Daemon Weapons:​

    Energy Pump: This cannon blasts rockets of plasma at foes, with a capability to take out fifteen to twenty at the most. These are rare though, not often seen. Humanity theorizes that they are difficult to develop.

    Microwave Stream: This pistol supercharges electricity and uses a flamethrower component to toast your enemies quickly. Can also be used as a distraction.

    Electric Saber: This saber is charged with electricity in the hilt, so you must wear protective gloves when it is activated. This electricity is so strong that it can down a man in one strike, with seizure-like effects. Imagine getting stabbed, brutal.

    P-196: The Daemon assault rifle. Controlled weapon, meant for single man use. Fires plasma shots which burn the foe, and uses an electric generator for electricity. Humanity has not figured out where the ammunition comes from, but we assume that the generator converts the electricity into ammo.

    Plasma Striker: Meant for precision. Can be converted from a mid to long range weapon to a full out sniper rifle by adding and removing few components.

    Pulse Blaster: This Daemon rocket launcher propels high velocity missiles like pulses. Once the pulse has hit the target, it sends out blasts of smaller pulses in a 6 foot radius.

    Pulse Scatter: This Shotgun like weapons launches an array of different sized Pulses in a one shot. The weapon launches the pulse in at least 15 different angles, only used for close-quarters.

    Flame 'Nade: A fiery ball of hell.

    Lone Star Ships​

    Quad Bike: Just what it sounds like, a lightly armored quad bike that can hold up to 2 people

    Rhino: An armored vehicle with a machine turret on the back reaches up to 95 miles per hour and can hold 3 people

    Howler: A high-speed small jet that can be used in both space and in the atmosphere, Has 4 machine guns, can only hold one person.

    Carrier: A carrier ship that can hold up to 5 squads, it is heavily armored with 8 machine guns and 2 rocket turrets

    Feet First Into Hell: The OADU space station located just outside of the earth's atmosphere can travel at high speeds when needed but just follows the Dat Rex's trail. Heavily armored, hundreds of guns, missiles, and turrets.

    Dat Rex: The FLMF Station, A huge 10 wheeled tank that holds all Marine units, heavily armored contains hundreds of turrets and cannons. Travels at 50mph.

    The Ape: A Mech recently invented, equipped with missiles and machine guns can travel at 20 mph, heavily armored.

    Lone Star Weapons​

    Dicer: Typical automatic assault rifle. Fires 10 rounds per second, with a moderate accuracy and range.

    Stealth: Long range semi-automatic sniper rifle, very accurate. Fires rounds at a very high velocity, but is only effective at 70 feet or longer.

    Background: The semi-automatic accurate rifle with a range. Single shot, fires one round a second, but powerful.

    Sidekick: A semi-automatic powerful pistol with a close quarters to medium range. Fires one round every two seconds.

    Chaos: The extremely powerful rocket launcher, capable of killing 10 to 15 foes. Fires a rocket every three seconds, semi-automatic.

    Slasher: The standard melee weapon, infused with fiery capabilities. Can heat up to burn the foe on strike, or even spark a fire. Very sharp, easy to stab, slash and dice with this close range weapon

    Bruiser: The Standard edition shotgun, good for hunting ducks and Daemons

    Hawkeye: Chosen Tech Weapon, a super powerful long ranged weapon, if the beam hits any part of the body, the enemy is dead.

    Slicer: Chosen Tech Weapon Assault rifle, automatic, launches laser blades, not accurate, but powerful.

    Min-Slice: Chosen Tech Weapon, semi automatic pistol, more accurate than it's brother, but not as powerful.

    Codename: BOOM: A combination of Chosen and Human tech, capable of creating huge craters. Must be used at foes 75 feet or father away, because of the insane Recoil it creates. Fires giant balls of destruction.

    Frag 'Nade: A standard grenade

    Cripple 'Nade: A Chosen Grenade, Crippling foes instantly then slowly killing them

    Frag Grenade
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  2. Juju

    Juju Psychic

    Jul 9, 2013
    My Character:

    Age: 19

    Species: Human

    Preferred Regiment: 2nd

    Name: Shepard Buck (Kickassaur)

    Appearance: Shepard is a tall built man at the height of 6'4, He always wears his zero suit as he should, which is a dark black leather. He is tan, with Blue eyes, and Dark brown hair. He has multiple tattoos, but his most iconic is his Kickassaur tat. Which starts on his neck and ends on his left palm. The Tattoo is the origin of his nick name. Power suit. He wears a standard mark 1 power suit. It looks like the Standard Mark 1 armor, but Shepard being artistic, carved and stylized his power suit so, it looks like a T-Rex. Teeth border the visor, eyes are on the helemet. He also has tally marks on the left side of his helmet, those tally marks are for every Daemon he has killed with his hands. His Visor has a Blood Red tint. Also his armor has multiple gashes, from hand to hand combat, and burn marks, from skydiving into battle as all OADU do. His armor as quite some wear.

    Pictures for ref.

    Gender: Male

    Information: The Shepard family has been killing Daemons since the war started. With Commander Sarah Shepard being his mom, he has some pressure. Buck is a jerk, and super cocky. But everyone in the 3rd Regiment knows he can. Buck opens up too ladies. He enlisted in every single military school and has failed on each of the final tests. His mother believes that Buck is useless and has pretty much disowned him. Even though Buck failed these tests, he was the best student in the class. He is a skilled commander, pilot, recon solider, and much more. He prefers killing the Daemons in the most amusing way, silent killing them. So Buck became an Assassin. Buck do this day wishes to show his mother that she is wrong. He can be a pilot, squad leader, or Sniper when every he is needed.

    Style of Fighting: Assassin, Other wise nothing but Shotguns and Rocket Launchers

    Weapons: Bruiser, 2 combat knives, Sarge and Tex. And A Machete, Caboose.

    Have you had any training: Yes, a lot, my mom is the commander...

    LONE STAR MILITARY AGREEMENT: [We are not responsible for you if you don't listen to orders, If you take a civillian or ally's life we will take yours, You agree to keep all information secret that you receive. And you agree to risk everything for Humanity. (Hell Yea!)]

    AI FORM:

    Given Name: Jasmine (Auntie J)

    Version: 1.0

    Skills: Auntie J blackout the Daemons visor for short moments so Buck can take them out. She also points out every sniper in a mile radius. And keeps Buck some company with stupid jokes, and what not. (They have some weird tension.)

    Appearance: A hot sexy babe, just how buck wants her too.

    Age: 21
  3. Banshee

    Banshee Pokémon Professor

    Gregg the Egg
    (Odd Egg)
    Level 3
    Dec 5, 2012
    Age: 24

    Species: Human

    Preferred Regiment: 2nd

    Name: Andrei "Jet" Poleski

    Weapon: Slicer, Grenades

    Appearance: Jet is a durable build 6'5" man with long black hair that is pulled back into a pony tail. He has a narrow chin and high cheek bone with slate grey eyes. There is a long scar on his left cheek and a small scar above his right eye, which splits his one eyebrow into two. When not in his armor, he is normally wearing a grey and black camouflage patterned vest and pants. His undershirt is normally black and wears thick leather gloves. He also wears military boots with metal soles. As for his suit, he wears a thick armored power suit. his suit was designed for defense. Being a huge fan with the camouflage design, Jet painted most of his suit with this style. As for his helmet; from the height of his ears to the bottom of the helm, is colored a coal-black color. The top portion of it is also camouflage colored. He's a boring kind of guy, likes the colors black and grey.

    Gender: Male

    Information: Jet grew up in a small camp that was attempting to hide from the opposing enemy. There, his parents had taught him and his sister the basic skills of shooting various weapons. They felt that if they were to be attacked, the two children would know how to defend themselves. He learned how to use intense flame throwing weapons to simple bullet shooting guns, from tossing basic grenades at their enemies to placing fuel on the ground and igniting it. They attempted to teach the two children on how to fight "smart." Unfortunately, once Jet found out how exciting it is to make things explode, he ended up going the somewhat careless and destructive route. Blow up everything in your path first and worry about the rest of the consequences later. Death wasn't something he was ever afraid of. If he died, he died. Case closed.

    Unfortunately, just like his parents saw; the camp was placed under a surprise ambush. Many of the civilians died within the grasp of their enemy. Jet and his sister tried to fend them off for as long as they could. But they ended up getting cornered. Death was standing right before them and all Jet could do was toss a simple grenade which landed on a puddle of fuel that had been spilled during the battle. He and his sister ran for the hills as the grenade exploded, destroying the nearest shacks and enemies with it. Fire loomed over them and reached into the skies.

    Later, Jet found out what became of his parents and vowed that he would find some way to get revenge. His sister wanted to handle things in a different way and then, the two siblings departed from one another. Jet wants to beat his sister on destroying these monsters. Even if he has to blow up every last thing in his path.

    Personality wise, Jet is very destructive in nature. He loves running through areas and just blowing them up. If the weapon can make explosions, there is a very high chance that he will be wanting to use it. Sometimes he can come off as arrogant and cocky, maybe even a bit full of himself. But when it comes to destroying the enemy, he is one determined guy to make sure this happens in one way or another. There are times where he can even get a little sarcastic and laugh at things that probably shouldn't even be laughed at. An odd sense of humor and an odd personality.

    Style of Fighting: A tanker. He's a "Blow stuff up and ask questions later" kind of guy. Enjoys using things that explode.

    Have you had any training: About 4 years of professional training

    LONE STAR MILITARY AGREEMENT: [We are not responsible for you if you don't listen to orders, if you take a civilian or ally's life we will take yours, you agree to keep all information secret that you receive. And you agree to risk everything for Humanity. (Input yes if you agree)] YES



    Given Name: Cyan

    Version: 1.0

    Skills: She has the ability to detect short cuts in areas. Hidden pathways are easily spotted for her and she can give directions to where they are. Cyan is also a bit of Jet's morality. Basically, she can convince him not to destroy things if it jeopardizes their mission or a teammate.

    Appearance: Her straight waist-length black hair has cerulean blue streaks traveling down it. There is a white and black colored aviator hat that sits comfortably on her head. The fur is white while the material is black. Around her neck is a black scarf with a white plaid pattern on it. She has a sleek black body suit with white glowing designs on it.

    Age: 20
  4. Juju

    Juju Psychic

    Jul 9, 2013
  5. DarkLightKnight

    DarkLightKnight Dragon Tamer

    Jul 22, 2013
    I didn't know you made this already! :D

    Age: 18

    Species: Human

    Preferred Regiment: 3rd

    Name: Hailey "Haze" Souma.

    Appearance: Her face always dirt on it somewhere. Her short brown hair frames her face perfectly, and her bangs cover her eyebrows. Has one one green eye, and one brown hair. Always wear hair down. She never really has one outfit, but she always wears a few things. A orange band around her wrist, a necklace with a jade stone, and a red head-band tied around her forehead. (Like in fighting games). Under her right eye, is a thick black spike; her birthmark. 5`11" Her Zero suit is a light orange, and she`ll only wear her hair up when she`s wearing it. From her wrists to her elbows, and from her ankles to her knees, it`s a dark brown. Her Power suit is the same colors as her zero suit, but it covers her head, and the glass she sees through, has a brown tint to it.

    Gender: Female (Tomboy).

    Information: Hailey, and Sebation both lost their parents at a young age; Hailey eight years old. Because of this, she`s hard as steel, but she sometimes soften up. She wants everyone, but Sebation, to call her Haze. Only her brother gets to call her by her real name. She is usually happy, and she`s a good climber, and jumper.

    Style of Fighting: Close Quarters, Default.

    Have you had any training: Yes, martial arts, guns, and driving a tank, and other military vehicles.


    Given Name: Darklight
    Version: 2.0
    Specialty: Translating Daemon language.
    Appearance: Regular-looking AI, but it looks a cloak with a hood, which covers it`s body, and sometimes it`s face.
    Age: 20

    (And second character...)

    Age: 26

    Species: Human

    Preferred Regiment: 3rd

    Name: Sebation Souma.

    Appearance: His skin is tanned, making his green eyes seem to glow. His black hair falls onto his face, some pieces falling onto his forehead. He wears a black button-up shirt, always undone, and it wears it with every outfit. Under his left eye is the same birthmark as Hailey. 6`2" Full white suit, skin-tight, and turtle-neck-like neck to it. The same colors as his Zero suit, but he looks angelic in his power suit.

    Gender: Male.

    Information: Hailey, and Sebation both lost their parents at a young age; Sebation sixteen years old. Because of this, he is very protective of Hailey. She will not let anyone touch his sister. He is happy when she is. He is very slow, and clueless, but he is actually very smart.

    Style of Fighting: Close Quarters, and Default.

    Have you had any training: Yes, but he hates to go into detail of it.


    Given Name: .hack
    Version: 1.0
    Specialty: Hacking computer systems.
    Appearance: As .hack is a older model, it is dirty, and cracked it places. It has the same look as a human, but metal.
    Age: 28
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  6. Juju

    Juju Psychic

    Jul 9, 2013
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