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Fanfiction Long Way to Fall

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by rylek196, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. rylek196

    rylek196 Youngster

    Nov 28, 2018

    Summary: "Be careful when you fight monsters, lest you become one." As Hilbert Warren travels through the Unova region, he will learn the value of these words, as each hardship he endures drives him further down the path into murderous psychopathy... Novelization of Pokémon White. Rated T for language and some content. Cover by Chocolexii on Deviantart.

    A/N: I think it's high time I expanded this story's audience. So, welcome, one and all, to a (preview) of the rewrite of my Pokémon White novelization from FFN! Several things to note if you want to read this on Fanfiction, which I wouldn't recommend, the primary reason being that the early chapters are bad, so if you go on FFN expecting something of this quality early on... you're in for a nasy shock. They were written years ago, and need a ground-up facelift, which is what this is a preview of. If you really want to still read it on FFN, here's the link:
    https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11290473/1/I-Never-Wanted-to-be-the-Hero. One more thing is that I don't endorse much of the stuff I said in the early A/N's. I was more... immature than I really should have been for my age, but I have since whipped myself into shape, and mostly regret what I said. Except the things about Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions and Pokémon Reorchestrated, of course. Those two things do, and always will, suck. Without further ado, here we go.

    Long Way to Fall

    By: Rylek196

    Prologue 1: Forced Evolution
    “Is everything ready?” a man with green hair asked.

    “Yes, sir,” a scientist wearing a lab coat and sitting in front of a control panel answered. “The laser is good to go. We can begin any time.”

    The other scientist sitting next to him was not so confident. “This is insane,” he muttered fearfully. “Once we do this, that thing's gonna evolve, get loose and kill everything. Everything being us.”

    The green-haired man simply pulled a Poké Ball from his belt, and clicked the circular button on its front twice, opening it. In a flash of light, a deadly-looking Pokémon appeared. It was red, humanoid, and just over five feet tall. Its body was clad in armor resembling a samurai mixed with a chess piece, an axe-like blade adorning its head. Wickedly sharp blades were also present on its forearms and stomach.

    The Pokémon took a fighting stance as the offending scientist cowered in fear. "Bisharp, as you will," the green-haired man said. "Night Slash."

    As the Bisharp's forearm blades extended to twice their usual length, the doomed scientist got up out of his chair and ran for the door. Bisharp, however, moved to block his way, grabbing him and slamming him into the wall hard enough to make the man cry out in pain. With a quick motion of one of its arms, it then cut his throat wide open, letting him slide to the floor with a choking gurgle, his blood pooling on the floor.

    The other scientist gave an uninterested grunt as the green-haired man recalled the Bisharp to its Poké Ball. That was Ghetsis for you, the scientist thought. All business, all-committed to his goals, all the time. There was no room for those who were uncertain. And his murder of the scientist demonstrated a fundamental rule of Pokémon: They could not kill each other, but they could very easily kill humans.

    "Shall we... bring it in, sir?" he asked, not giving the corpse a second glance.

    "Yes," Ghetsis replied. "Get someone down here to replace the incompetent, and... have guards posted outside the room with Fighting-types, just in case."

    The scientist nodded, calling someone over the intercom in the lab. Two more workers hurried into the room shortly thereafter, one dragging the body away, while the other sat down behind the control panel, preparing to monitor the energy levels of the Pokémon that was about to be brought into the adjacent room.

    Through a large, thick glass window, they could see a scientist wheel a cart on a track into the room behind the control panel. Thoroughly strapped down to the cart, was a black-and-blue coloured, quadrupedal Dark/Dragon-type known as Zweilous. Zweilous was a very unique Pokémon, to say the least. The middle stage of the Deino line, it could evolve into its final form, the deadly pseudo-legendary called Hydreigon, one of two ways. The first way was getting both of Zweilous's dueling dual heads that often competed over food to like each other, accomplished by raising it to level 64. This would trigger a split personality merge, leading to evolution into Hydreigon.

    However, this approach come with significant downsides, particularly where time and training were concerned. Raising a Zweilous, which were notoriously difficult to handle at the best of times, took many months, and Ghetsis did not have that much time, not now.

    Fortunately, there was another way. This second option was dismissed by experts worldwide as, "insane," "barbaric," and it was something that, "only the most uncaring and utterly inhumane of Trainers would dare do."

    Ghetsis gave an evil smirk, recalling that last quote. What he wouldn't have given to see the look on the face of the fool who said it, Professor Rowan, right now... He would have to snap his neck afterwards, of course, though. Still, in hindsight, it was a massive error in judgment to leave such a crucial part of bis plan to the last minute, but now there was no other choice.

    Once two guards armed with Fighting-types- one of the Deino line's few reliable weaknesses- were posted outside the room the Zweilous was in, Ghetsis gave the order.

    "Fire up the laser. Make sure to keep it steady, and watch for any sign of that thing's energy levels fluctuating."

    "Yes, sir," the first scientist replied, pressing a few buttons on the control panel. The other kept a close eye on the monitor in front of him.

    Through the glass window, a machine attached to the ceiling whirred to life. Various red lights on it powered up, glowing. Slowly, it began to move along its rail until it was about a foot from the Zweilous. The Pokémon thrashed against its restraints, but they were simply too strong.

    "It's energy levels are steady, despite how much it's struggling," the scientist watching the monitor reported.

    "Good," Ghetsis said. "Ready?" At the other scientist's nod, he simply said, "Do it."

    The man flipped a switch, and the machine began to fire a red-hot laser from its tip, leaving a scorch mark in the floor. It moved closer to one of the unfortunate Zweilous's two necks. There was no blood, gore, or anything of the sort as the Hostile Pokémon had a head cut off, nor had anyone expected there to be. Pokémon were unlike any other beings in the universe, comprised of solid energy, and nothing more. This was why they were unable to kill each other, as the energy of their attacks and energy that made up their bodies canceled each other out, preventing fatal damage. Even the fabled Hoenn deities of the land and sea, Groudon and Kyogre, could not kill a measly Caterpie. In fact, as the decapitated head fell to the floor, it dissolved into a white mist.

    "That's all we need to do," Ghetsis said. "Shut it down."

    With the turn of a knob, the laser was powered down. Beginning at the stump on the end of its neck, a white glow began to envelop the Zweilous's body. The glow spread, until it had completely covered the Hostile Pokémon. Its form became larger, more fearsome, more deadly. To the horror of the scientists, the restraints holding the evolving Zweilous down began to snap due to its changing body shape.

    "Sh-should we be worried, sir?" the second scientist asked. Ghetsis just shot him a dark look that said, 'Say one more word and you share your predecessor's fate.' That got the man to quickly shut up. The scientist had good reason to be worried. He had heard of the destructive power of Hydreigon, but had never witnessed it, and he didn't want to.

    He was destined to be disappointed.

    The glow around the Zweilous faded. In its place was the three-headed, six-winged terror known as Hydreigon. A freed, and very, very angry Hydreigon. The Pokémon snarled up at the laser emitter, then flew up the several feet it needed to reach it. It quickly ripped the machine to bits, literally tearing it down and rending the metal. It then, seemingly in an insane fit of pain, began to throw its body around, hitting the walls hard enough to dent them.

    Nervously, the second scientist called the two guards with the Fighting-types over the intercom. "...We could use some help subduing that thing, please."

    Two men entered the cautiously, each throwing out Poke Balls that opened to reveal humanoid Fighting-types: the squat, red-skinned Judo expert called Throh, and the lean, blue-skinned Karate master known as Sawk.

    The rampaging Hydreigon whipped its heads towards the intruders. It let out a roar that Ghetsis and the scientists could hear even behind the pane of thick glass. The Sawk's Trainer gave the first command. "Sawk, use Rock Smash!" he called. The blue Pokémon leaped into action, hitting the crazed Dark/Dragon-type with a pressure-point striking punch. The Hydreigon screamed as it was hit with the super-effective attack, flying across the room and hitting the wall hard. It was far from finished, though. It got right back back up, and swooped, not towards the Sawk, but towards its Trainer.

    Luckily, the Throh's Trainer was there to provide backup. "Seismic Toss, now!"

    Throh intercepted the Hydreigon, grabbing it and tossing it to the floor. Despite being hit with two attacks, the beast was still not down for the count. It got back up yet again, knowing that if it took one more hit, it would faint. When it attacked this time, though, it truly showed its power, unleashing a devastating Dragon Pulse at the Sawk.

    At such close range, the blue Pokémon didn't have a hope in hell of dodging the multi-coloured beam. It was struck hard, and due to Sawk being a glass cannon defensively- that was, it could hit hard, but couldn't take a hit- it went down, condensing back into the energy it was as its Trainer recalled it to its Poké Ball.

    The Hydreigon then turned its attention to the Throh. It used the scant few seconds of shock that came over its Trainer to viciously attack the Judo Pokémon, biting and attacking with savage bloodlust. "Throh!" the Trainer yelled. "Dammit, get out of there!"

    At the sound of the human's voice, the Hydreigon stopped trying to gore the poor Throh, and gathered flames in its maw, launching what looked like a five-pointed star made of fire at him. The man was killed instantly as the Fire Blast made contact, and also turned the sealed room's temperature up several hundred degrees in a second. The Sawk's Trainer shrieked as he was cooked alive. The scientists in the adjoining room were rooted to their seats in fear, but Ghetsis was watching with a perverse sense of awe at what he was witnessing. He smiled to himself. Perfect, he thought.

    Then, without warning, the Hydreigon began to gather yellow energy in front of it, congealing it into a sphere. Ghetsis's smile vanished in a heartbeat. "It's charging up a Focus Blast!" one of the scientists yelled. "Everyone, down!"

    Despite the glass being made to withstand heavy impacts, it was no match for the Hydreigon's sheer power. The pane shattered instantly as the bolt of kinetic energy hit it, sending deadly shrapnel flying at the three men. Ghetsis dove to the floor, but not quite fast enough. Several stray pieces of glass hit his right arm, tearing the sleeve of his lab coat and drawing blood, while one sliced across his eye, blinding it immediately. Unfortunately for him, adrenaline didn't enter his system right away, so the pain was acute.

    The scientist on the left had managed to duck in time and avoid the shards, but the other had not been so lucky. His body was slumped forwards, pierced in dozens of places by razor-sharp glass. The still-living scientist pressed the intercom button on the still functioning control panel and began to yell frantically. "We need backup down here! We need-!" he never finished his sentence, as another Focus Blast turned him into meat juice, sending blood and various bits of guts flying everywhere.

    "Gah..." clutching the bleeding side of his face, Ghetsis stood, pulling out Bisharp's Poké Ball and releasing the Sword Blade Pokémon. "Bisharp... nhhgh... X-Scissor!" The only other weakness of Dark-types was Bug, and X-Scissor was a Bug-type move. The Bisharp ran at the Hydreigon, its arm-blades glowing green and crossed in an 'x' shape, ready to slash, but it was cut down in a heartbeat by another Fire Blast from the insane Dragon-type.

    Ghetsis looked upon the beast with the same sense of awe as before, despite a growing voice in his head telling him he should run for his life. The monster truly was a perfect killing machine, and would have no trouble accomplishing the task he had in mind for it. He heard footsteps out in the hall, moving closer. Apparently the dead scientist's final message had gotten through. He just needed to hold out a little longer...

    The Hydreigon let loose one more Fire Blast right at him. Ghetsis almost dodged the fiery five-pointed star, but it caught him on the arm, setting it ablaze. He screamed in pain, rolling around on the floor, trying to smother the flames. As the monstrous dragon opened its mouth for one final Dragon Pulse, a blue blur came out of nowhere and slammed into the beast. The Hydreigon smashed into the wall on the far side of the room and landed in a heap, at last knocked out. In shock that he was still alive, if wounded and burned, Ghetsis passed out, and everything went black.
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    Nov 26, 2018
    Gardevoirite ★★★★Poké Ball ★
    Great to see this story starting here.
  3. rylek196

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    Nov 28, 2018
    Long Way to Fall

    By: Rylek196

    Prologue 2: The Crowning

    Unknown location, 10:00 PM

    The torches were lit, illuminating the great throne room hall, casting flickering shadows upon the walls.

    The banners that bore the organization's emblem were hung, watchful sentinels over the proceedings. The sages and lesser members were gathered.

    All was ready.

    Holding a small purple pillow upon which a golden crown sat, Ghetsis walked through the hall towards an ornate throne. He had long changed out of his lab coat, now wearing a fancy cloak more suitable for the ceremony that was about to begin- the crowning of the king of Team Plasma.

    "Today!" he announced, "Is a glorious day! After many years, the king is finally ready to bear the honor of the task of Liberation! Liberation of Pokémon from the selfish, disgusting Trainers that abuse and enslave them!" He spat the word 'Trainer' out of his mouth like it was a toxin he had accidentally ingested.

    The six sages, and a large gathering of lesser members of the organization, lining the hall, all cheered. Ghetsis let them have their moment, then held up his hands to silence them. "Bring forth the king!"

    On cue, a young man, clothed in elegant robes fit for royalty, appeared at the end of the hallway. He had tea-green hair, much like Ghetsis himself, but his was much longer and trailed down his back in a bushy ponytail. He was flanked on either side by two women, Anthea and Concordia. The young man slowly, and almost reverently, walked down the carpeted floor towards the throne. Ghetsis moved aside briefly, letting the young man stand in front of the ornate chair.

    Ghetsis held the crown high above his head with both hands, revealing his badly burned right arm. Thankfully, a (less-than-willing) skin donor had prevented the need for amputation, but the wounds were still visible, and permanent.

    As the crown was lowered onto his head, the young man closed his eyes, thinking of his early childhood. He remembered being alone, with no one to raise him save for wild Pokémon. He also remembered how Ghetsis- his father- had found him, and taken him home, taught him of the dangers and selfish abuse Trainers gave to their Pokémon, how important it was to separate them and let Pokémon be free, perfect beings. All of it had led to this day...

    Then, feeling the weight of the crown upon his head, he opened his eyes again, the reminiscing over.

    Cheers of, "Long live the king!" broke out in the hall, while Anthea and Concordia looked on from the sidelines.

    The young man raised his left arm to call for silence once more, opening his mouth to speak. "As king of Team Plasma, I, Natural Harmonia Gropius, swear to lead the world into a new and better age! I will embrace this solemn and and sacred duty wholeheartedly, and liberate Pokémon from Trainers that have abused them for far too long! Humans will no longer cruelly oppress Pokémon! This, I promise on my life!"

    While all this was being said, Ghetsis was doing some recollections of his own. He had been saved by an Accelgor, a lightning-fast Bug-type, owned by a member of his most loyal servants- the Shadow Triad. The mad Hydreigon had been confined to a special Poké Ball that would only open when the central button was clicked three times in rapid succession. He had been warned to never open it until it was time, and to recall the crazed dragon immediately after its task was done. Surgeons had operated on his injured eye, but there was nothing they could do, and it had to be removed. Ghetsis now wore a red monocle of sorts to cover the scar.

    The room in the P2 Laboratory where the Zweilous had forcibly evolved had suffered heavy damage, and as a result, project GENESECT had to be put on hold, at least for two years. Still, these were minor setbacks. Ghetsis allowed to himself to smile. Yes, everything was going as planned...

    A/N: Yeah, short chapter, I know. Next one will be longer. Side note here: Can I mention how posting these chapters here is really, really annoying? Copy-pasting the chapters from the LibreOffice docs to the forum post box screws up the formatting, puts too much space between each paragraph and I have to put them back together... Grr... (Oh, and Wings, if you're reading this, is this what you meant when you said this chapter needed more atmosphere? If so, I aim to please.) :)
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    A/N: Alright, we're in uncharted territory here, folks. This chapter is entirely exclusive to Lake Valor, meaning it is not on FFN (and won't be for literal years), so you guys are the first to see it! You lucky people, you! Sad news, however: This is likely the last post I'll make on this thread until the story is done on FFN, which will take another few years. Basically, if you're wanting an update in this thread to come soon, and you're holding your breath for it... well, don't blame me if you die of asphyxiation before that happens.

    Long Way to Fall

    By: Rylek196

    Chapter 1: Childhood
    Eight years earlier...

    "Five...Four...Three...Two...One... Ready or not, here I come!" six-year-old Hilbert Warren said, turning around and opening his eyes. Like he expected, his two friends, Cheren Weiss and Bianca Kinway, were nowhere to be found. Still, the young boy WAS going to find them. That was the point of hide-and-seek, after all. On top of that, there weren't many places to hide in their small town of Nuvema, and if worst came to worst, he could just ask around, and people would happily rat out Bianca and Cheren for him.

    Smirking at that last thought, he then began scouring along Nuvema's dirt pathways. The rules of the game the three friends (and their parents) had agreed upon was that the interior of any of their own houses was a viable hiding place.

    A tiny hamlet located in the southeastern corner of the Unova region, Nuvema consisted of eight houses, with his, Bianca's, and Cheren's houses in a row of four with one other house facing south, while the other four houses were placed above those in another row facing north. The last building in the town was a combination house and lab for Cedric Juniper and his eighteen-year-old daughter, Aurea, though the pair was rarely around, with Cedric out doing research and Aurea off in college at Castelia City.

    For the next five minutes, Hilbert ran through Nuvema Town, checking the sides of and behind houses, his loose blue T-shirt flapping in the wind. His brown hair was covered by a baseball cap with a half-red, half-white design, with a black Poké Ball insignia on the front. In truth, he knew exactly where Bianca was, but wanted to prolong the game because he found it fun.

    Sure enough, when he looked on the right side of the northeastern-most house, there she was, her back turned to him, her off-white clothing and blonde hair sticking out against the burgundy-red bricks. He smirked again. He could finish this without even needing to chase her, and then she would be 'it' next game.

    With soft footsteps, he crept up behind her, and yelled, "BOO!" in his high-pitched voice. Bianca shrieked and whirled around, but it was too late. Hilbert had already touched her on the shoulder. Now, not only was she 'it' next round, now, she had to help him track down Cheren.

    "Hilbert!" Bianca whined, "Don't do that!" And how do you always find me so fast every time?"

    "It's 'cause you pick the same hiding spot every time, Bianca!" Hilbert said. "That's why I find you so fast. You're very pre... pre..." he trailed off in his speech, trying to find the right word and failing. "Well, you're easy to guess, is all."

    The girl crossed her thin arms, her face falling. "...This means I have to help you find Cheren, right?" She sighed, hating the fact that she was going to have the impossible task of finding Hilbert and Cheren next time. Out of dozens of games, she had never found them without help.

    Hilbert's face, on the other hand, brightened, a smile dimpling his cheeks as he nodded. "Mhm-hm! Now c'mon! Cheren's not gonna catch himself!"

    For the next twenty minutes, they looked all over Nuvema Town, including thoroughly checking their own houses with help from their respective parents. Hilbert knew that Cheren was rather intelligent, and never gave up a game without effort.

    The pair then checked the last place they knew Cheren was allowed to hide as per the rules: His own house. However, even there, they came up empty-handed, and in defeat, they went downstairs to talk to Cheren's parents to get the black-haired boy to give up. Just as they went into the kitchen where the two adults were having lunch, they heard the front door slam. Hilbert and Bianca both exchanged a look, and then raced to the door, throwing it open, catching a glimpse of Cheren running to the left, to the side of the house. Apparently, he planned on switching hiding spots to give them the slip.

    "I'll take one side, you take the other!" Hilbert yelled as he ran in the same direction as Cheren. "We'll cut him off!"

    "Okay!" Bianca said, taking the opposite direction around the house. Cheren soon found himself cornered, but didn't give up, trying to run ahead of him, but Hilbert caught him before he could, giving him a rough shove- far rougher than it needed to be. Cheren nearly faceplanted into the grass, but just managed to put his arms out in front of him to catch himself.

    "Hilbert!" Bianca said in horror, "That was too much!"

    "What?" Hilbert replied with total nonchalance. "He's fine." He helped Cheren to his feet, who started laughing.

    "I... I can't believe you two missed me!" he said between bouts of laughter. "I was hiding in the closet, and y-you didn't even think to check there! Hahahaha!"

    Despite Cheren's joviality, Bianca felt uneasy. There was something about the unnecessary force Hilbert had used (and this wasn't the first time, either), and his total lack of caring about the consequences that bothered her. There was just an air of subtle aggression about him. Nonetheless, she didn't dwell on it, as it was time for the next game.

    Things went predictably. Bianca, for the life of her, couldn't find Hilbert or Cheren, as their methods of hiding were far more crafty, and so she enlisted the help of her neighbors, who pointed her in the right direction. After that, having gotten bored of hide-and-seek, the three children just lay in a circle on their backs, watching the clouds go by. Hilbert had taken off his cap and placed it in the center of them all, not wishing to get grass stains on it by wearing it while laying down. The hat meant a lot to him, having been gifted it by his father shortly before the man had left two years ago.

    "Hey, that cloud looks like a Swablu!" Bianca cried, pointing upwards.

    "Of course it does, Bianca," Cheren sighed. "Swablu have clouds for wings."

    "Oh... Well I knew that!" the blonde girl snapped in a meager effort to defend herself. Deciding to change the subject lest she make herself sound even more foolish, she said, "Hey, speaking of Pokémon, what do think we'll do when we're on our adventures after we get ours?"

    Both Hilbert and Cheren were silent for a moment at that, then Hilbert said, quietly, "I don't know. But just... think about it. We'll be grown up by then, able to explore on our own... It'll be great!" His voice was steadily growing more enthusiastic. "We'll see the all the places Unova has to offer, meet all kinds of people and Pokémon... I can't wait to experience it! We'll get stronger, beat the Gym Leaders... maybe we'll be lucky enough to battle the Elite Four! Maybe even become Champion!"

    Unknown to both Bianca and Hilbert, a ravenous look was growing in Cheren's eyes at Hilbert's words, especially at the 'battle the Elite Four and become Champion' part. The black-haired boy could practically taste the adulation he would receive from that accomplishment. Cheren decided, right there and then, that that was what he wanted to do on his journey when the time came. 'Become the Champion of Unova' would be his ultimate goal.

    "Hey," Hilbert then said, rolling over onto his stomach, resting his head in his palms, "When we're on our Pokémon journeys, let's agree to back each other up when we need it." He extended an arm, his pinkie finger outstretched towards Cheren and Bianca, who were now on their stomachs as well. They both nodded, wrapping their own pinkie fingers around Hilbert's.

    "Promise!" they all said simultaneously.

    That night, before Hilbert was tucked into bed by his mother, Julia, he turned on the small TV in his room, and after a few minutes of flipping through channels, happened upon a live broadcast from the faraway region of Orre, where a Trainer clad in a black trench coat the announcer called Wes was battling an evil-looking man named Evice.

    What followed would haunt the young boy's nightmares for days, but also leave him strangely fascinated in a morbid way. The battle on TV was utterly brutal, with both Wes and Evice's Pokémon fighting savagely. It was clear to even the six-year-old that there was something at stake in this battle. Eventually, Wes was able to win by capturing the terror of Evice's team, a Tyranitar, in an Ultra Ball.

    When his mother came into the room, she started to scold him for staying up so late, but seeing the shellshocked look in her son's eyes, she comforted him, drawing the young boy into her arms to calm him down.

    A few years later, Hilbert would learn the truth behind that battle. Evice was actually the leader of an evil crime syndicate called Cipher, dedicated to the conquest of the world. They preformed unspeakable experiments on Pokémon, turning them into soulless monsters used only to destroy. Wes, by thwarting Cipher, had, in turn, essentially saved the world. Hilbert could only hope his journey never took that path, but a small part of him longed for it, to experience the violence that it would bring. Much as he tried to push that part of himself down, though, he found it never totally went away.
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  5. Wings

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    The two prologues improved a LOT, although it's hard for me to pinpoint why. I will say both felt much more detailed and Ghetsis felt a lot more unsettling. The less-than-willing skin donor? Yikes. Maybe I didn't notice it last time, but I think the addition of less-than-willing really puts into perspective the things Ghetsis will do to get his way. The execution in Prologue 1 was equally eerie and makes him feel intimidating. I'm glad that you kept that in. The first chapter was a nice touch and gives us some insight on Hilbert's childhood with Cheren and Bianca. You wrote the childrens' dialogue very well, and managed to capture the youthful spirit of kids playing hide-and-seek. The characterization of Bianca and Cheren is, as always, spot-on! I love the way Bianca snaps when she doesn't have any other means to defend herself from Cheren's know-it-all remarks, and how Cheren grows ravenous at the thought of power even as a little kid. Great work!!
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    Nov 28, 2018
    A/N: Alright, I lied last time. You all get one more chapter of this before it really does go dormant, mostly because there's exposition and other stuff I really don't want to screw with until the version on FFN is done.

    Long Way to Fall

    By: Rylek196

    Chapter 2: Your First Pokémon!
    Eight years later...

    Time passed as per the will of Dialga from that day, aging and maturing the three children from Nuvema Town. As the sun rose on a mild day in early March, a now-adolescent Hilbert woke from sleep, feeling grumpy because of the nightmare he been visited by the previous night. While there was something cool to be said about being a giant monster, it was significantly less cool when you felt the pain of getting stabbed in the head as said giant monster. Nightmare aside, he did his best to stay positive as he rolled out of bed and walked to shower, a fresh set of clothes in hand. After all, today was a day he had been looking forward to for a long time.

    Just over two weeks before, his mother had sent out an email asking for, received, and filled out a government forum that allowed for him to legally become a Pokémon Trainer. Just a few days after she sent the forum off to the government offices located on Unity Island off the coast of Castelia City, a parcel had arrived at his door that contained both his Trainer Card and a blue Unova League Badge Case. The card came pre-loaded with 3000 Pokedollars, and had a small headshot of himself printed on the back. The case, on the other hand, was to hold any and all Gym Badges he won, assuming he won any to begin with.

    As Hilbert shampooed his hair, he thought about what he would do on his impending journey. His aim was to maybe win a few Badges to start, and go for them all if it worked out. If he was feeling ambitious after succeeding in that goal, he would definitely try challenging the Elite Four.

    Hilbert stepped out of the shower, put on a fresh pair of boxer shorts and a pair of black jeans, and looked at his shirtless form in the mirror. Time had changed him into a handsome, if slimly-built and out-of-shape, young man of fourteen. His hair had grown as he aged, and now spiked up in the back, almost like a crown of horns. His light-brown eyes appraised himself briefly before he decided to weigh himself on the bathroom's scale. The digital display showed 115 pounds as soon as stepped on it. Hilbert wasn't delusional enough to think that excess weight came from muscle.

    Well, if there's one thing this journey will definitely do, it's whip me into shape, he thought jokingly, and then put on a black T-shirt and zipped up his two-toned blue jacket. His mother had bought him a similar, if smaller, one for his twelfth birthday, and he had absolutely fallen in love with the design. Since then, jackets of its type had more-or-less become his signature item of clothing, aside from his hat, of course. He kept it hanging off his bedroom doorknob, and as he picked it up, he was hit with an inexplicable feeling of melancholy thinking about the man who gave him the headwear.

    Dad... where did you go? he thought. A flash of anger tore through him without warning, and he clenched the hat tightly in his fists. Hayden Warren, his father, left him and his mother ten years ago for reasons unknown, even to his mother. Hilbert had barely gotten to know him before he vanished, seemingly into thin air. He didn't hate the man- he never knew him well enough to form an opinion of him- he just hated the fact that he never got the chance to know him.

    The doorbell rang from downstairs, cutting through and dissipating his anger in a heartbeat. He bounded out of his room and down the stairs, but his mother, who was already awake, was faster. She had already opened the door, and was speaking with Professor Juniper, who was standing on the doorstep.

    Behind the Pokémon expert, holding a cardboard box and tapping his foot impatiently, was Cheren. The black-haired boy was dressed in a white T-shirt with a red stripe down the middle, black skinny jeans that contrasted against Hilbert's baggier ones. and a blue jacket somewhat similar to Hilbert's, though his had a higher collar that was adorned with faux Mareep wool, and lacked a hood. He also now wore glasses, as his eyesight had begun to fail him starting at age nine. He pushed the eyewear up on his nose, the lenses glinting in the morning sun. Despite his somewhat nerdy appearance, Cheren actually was in better shape, and had a thicker build, than Hilbert.

    Meanwhile, Julia Warren was just finishing up her conversation with Professor Juniper, who walked back to her lab, Julia doing the same to the kitchen.

    "Finally," Cheren said as he marched into Hilbert's house, closing the door behind him. "I thought they'd never be done talking."

    Hilbert just rolled his eyes at Cheren's rude comment, but then his gaze was drawn to the box Cheren held. "I think I know what's in there," he said, his eyes gleaming with anticipation.

    "And you would correct in that thinking, my friend," Cheren replied, smirking. "What I have here is our future, because in this box are the three Pokémon that will lead us to our destiny! Let's go upstairs and open it right now!"

    Hilbert nodded, following Cheren to the stairs, but was stopped by his mother's voice. "Hang on, you two," she said, having overheard their entire talk. "You haven't had breakfast yet, have you, Hilbert? Come get something to eat. It's scrambled eggs with extra peppers, just the way you like it."

    That got Hilbert's attention, and he actually perked up slightly. "You go ahead, Cheren. Get everything ready. I'm not passing up on this."

    A change seemed to come over Cheren in a millisecond, his expression darkening. "Fine," he said in a low, quiet voice, almost a growl. "But you better not take too long. I've been waiting for this for a long time, and you better not slow me down."

    Hilbert's eyebrows furrowed, his eyes narrowing. "And what do you mean by that?" he said in a challenging tone.

    "Just. Don't. Take. Too. Long." Cheren hissed. With that, he walked up the stairs, and was gone.

    Hilbert gave a frown, moving back to the kitchen, his nostrils picking up the scent of freshly made scrambled eggs.

    "What's gotten into Cheren these days?" his mother asked, turning off the stove.

    Hilbert just shrugged, getting a plate out of a cupboard. "Beats me. I think he's got hopes of beating the Pokémon League. At least that's what he told me. He seems to be taking that goal a little too seriously, though, huh?"

    "Well, I can't fault him for being ambitious," his mother said. "But this is your big day too, and for that..." She walked over holding the frying pan, scooping scrambled eggs filled with diced red and green peppers onto Hilbert's waiting plate. "I made you an extra-large amount." She kissed him on the cheek. "Congratulations on becoming a Trainer, honey."

    "Thanks, Mom."

    Hilbert began to dig into his food, but was barely halfway done eating when Cheren's voice yelled from upstairs, "HILBERT, COME ON! I'M GETTING OLD HERE!"

    "Fuck," Hilbert hissed under his breath, so low his mother couldn't hear it. "Well, so much for breakfast, I guess," he muttered. "Sorry Mom, it seems someone is a little impatient to open that box."

    "Oh, it's fine, sweetheart," his mother said. "Those won't go to waste. I'll just have the rest myself!"

    Hilbert chuckled at her comment, but his expression turned sour as soon as he started going up the stairs. The house he lived in was a small, two-story, two-bedroom two-bathroom arrangement. Just like every other house in Nuvema Town, it was ideal for a small family. His mother had gifted him the master bedroom as soon as he turned ten, explaining the presence of its adjoining bathroom. She had done this, Hilbert suspected, to get away from the memories of her long-gone husband, though she never outright told him the reason for her decision.

    At the top of the stairs and down a hallway was his room, and he stopped in front of the door. An angry Cheren was not high on the list of things he wanted to deal with today, but it appeared unavoidable. "What the hell was that about?" he demanded as he walked into the room. "Would it have killed you to wait a few more minutes? And did you really have to friggin' yell?"

    "Well, yeah, I did. You wouldn't have heard me otherwise. It got you up here, didn't it?" Cheren's face was the definition of smugness.

    "Missing. The. Point. Man," Hilbert said, clearly irritated.

    "Hilbert, come on," Cheren said, putting his hands up in a gesture of innocence. "You know I didn't mean anything by it. I'm just excited is all, and waiting is... kind of a bother. Weren't you over the moon about being a Trainer when we were kids? What's with the sudden change of heart?"

    "There hasn't been one," Hilbert said. "It's just that unlike you, I have some damn patience. We still have to wait for Bianca, anyway, so there was no point in calling me up here!" And by now Mom's probably eaten the rest of my eggs... he mentally added in a disgruntled manner.

    "You're right on that," Cheren sighed. He then glanced towards the box now sitting on the nightstand next to Hilbert's futon bed, something Hilbert was not blind to. "Just imagine it, though... Becoming strong and famous, fighting with the best of them- or hell, even being mentioned in the same breath as the Legendary Trainers like Brendan Ruby, Gold Hibiki, or even Red Fire!" A look similar to a crazed animal was growing in Cheren's blue eyes, and Hilbert was disturbed by it.

    "Calm down, there, Mr. Ambitious," he said. "You do realize that won't happen overnight, right? And that they all went through a lot of hell to get that recognition? Let's just watch TV for a bit while waiting for Bianca, okay?"

    "Alright," Cheren grumbled. Hilbert turned on the big flat-screen TV (which just so happened to have been bought by his father) against the wall opposite his bed, and the two sat down after finding the movie 'The Hero of Time' playing on a particular channel. However, as the minutes dragged by, Hilbert found himself tuning out the film, thinking instead of the various so-called 'Legendary Trainers' Cheren had made reference to: Brendan Ruby of the Hoenn region, Ethan 'Gold' Hibiki of Johto, and Red Fire of Kanto. All three regions were far away from Unova.

    Brendan Orlando Ruby had, at age twelve, defeated the two maniacal eco-terrorist organizations of Team Aqua and Team Magma, saving the world from their plans to radically and apocalyptically alter the planet's weather. Not only that, he had also beaten the Hoenn region Champion, Wallace, and now ran a place called the Battle Frontier with his childhood sweetheart whom he had recently married, May Anna Ruby, who was formerly known as May Anna Birch. One of his close friends, a Trainer named Wally, had become one of the Frontier Brains, intensely strong Trainers who ran the Battle Frontier's many battling facilities.

    Gold had been a child prodigy. At the tender age of eleven, he had taken down once and for all the infamous criminal syndicate called Team Rocket. He had also trekked across his home region of Johto and the neighboring Kanto, winning all the Badges from the Gym Leaders of both countries (this is where his nickname of 'Gold' came from, as he was known as 'the gold standard of Trainers'), and had faced Red atop the hallowed, freezing peak of Mt. Silver. The lights from their battle were said to be so bright, they turned the night into day for several kilometres around, and could be seen from Indigo Plateau, the site of the Kanto-Johto Pokémon League. (In truth, the former Champion, Lance, actually had).

    As for Red- DING-DONG. For the second time that day, Hilbert's train of thought was cut off by the doorbell ringing. "I'll get it!" Hilbert's mother called from downstairs.

    "That must be Bianca," Cheren said as Hilbert shut off the television. Sure enough, less than a minute later, Bianca walked into the room, closing the door behind her. Bianca wore an orange vest over a white, puffy-shouldered shirt, a white skirt that went down to her shins, orange leggings under that, and a green hat that looked like an oversized beret was on her head.

    "Hi, guys!" she said. "Um, am I late? You two seem like you've been here a while."

    "That's because we have been," Cheren answered with a slight edge to his tone, but then he just sighed. "For the love of Arceus, Bianca, I've always known you have no sense of time, but really? Today of all days?"

    "Oh, well excuuuuse me!" Bianca shot back. "It's not my fault my alarm clock's batteries died! Or that... that..." she trailed off, looking suddenly downtrodden.

    "What? What is it?" Cheren asked.

    "I-it's nothing. Nothing at all," the blonde girl said, causing Hilbert and Cheren to both give her questioning looks. Clearly, there was more than met the eye with what Bianca was saying, but they weren't going to pry into her personal business, either.

    There was a silence for a few seconds, broken by Hilbert saying, "Anyway... let's open that box, shall we?"

    Both Cheren and Bianca agreed, and the three friends turned their attention to the box on the nightstand. "Oh?" Hilbert noticed something taped to the box's lid. "There's a note here..." He took the note off the box and read it aloud. "I've brought three Pokémon, one for you and one for each of your friends. Please settle your choices politely. Enjoy your Pokémon! -Professor Juniper." Hilbert finished reading the note, then peeled off the tape holding the lid in place with his fingernails, and opened the box. Chere and Bianca huddled closer as the lid came off. There, inside a foam inlay, were three red-and-white Poke Balls, polished to a mirror sheen.

    Cheren spoke first. "They look so awesome... Finally, I'm going to be a Trainer..."

    Sadly, even as his arm reached for one of the spheres of its own free will, Bianca was keen to cut him off.

    "Ooh! Ooh! I want first pick!" Bianca cried, pushing Hilbert out of the way, only for Cheren to lightly slap her arm down as she reached for a Poké Ball.

    "Geez, you're even more eager than me!" he said. "But I have bad news for ya: I get first pick because I did the most research beforehand!"

    From there, Cheren and Bianca began to argue with each other over who got first pick of their starter. All the while, Hilbert's face got steadily more furious, until he exploded. "ENOUGH!" he yelled. "What did Juniper say on the note? 'Please settle your choices politely!' How damn hard is that!? Stop acting like snot-nosed brats!"

    Cheren and Bianca stopped what they were doing immediately. Hilbert was quick to anger, and they had both foolishly forgotten this fact. Not letting up his advantage, Hilbert continued. "You don't even know which starter is in which Poké Ball, do you? So tell me, how the hell were either of you gonna get what you wanted?" His nostrils were still flaring as he breathed heavily from anger.

    Much as I hate to admit it, he's right, Cheren thought. "W-well, check the underside of the lid or something. Maybe there's information there."

    Hilbert snatched up the lid he had discarded onto the floor, looking at the underside. Sure enough, there were pictures of each Pokémon, which ball contained what, and their genders. ..."You're right," he said. "Everything's here. Good call, man." He pointed to the Poké Ball on the left hand side. "That one contains Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokémon. It's a female."

    Snivy was a small, green, reptilian creature, with large red eyes, a cream-coloured belly, and a tail that resembled a three-pronged leaf. In the photo that had been taken of it, it looked rather snobby, like it knew everything, and wasn't afraid to tell the world such. Match made in heaven for you, Cheren, Hilbert thought. He then pointed to the Poké Ball on the right. "That one has Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokémon. It and the last starter are both male."

    Tepig was a quadrupedal, orange, pig. It had a pink ball on the end of its curly tail, a thick yellow stripe on its snout, and curious-looking eyes. Hilbert actually thought it looked rather cute in its picture. Bianca, who was watching over his shoulder without his knowledge, apparently thought so too.

    "Oh, my gosh, that thing is absolutely adorable!" she squealed, giving Hilbert a start. Shooting her a dirty look, he nonetheless ruled out picking Tepig, as she clearly wanted it for herself.

    "And last but not least, we have Oshowatt, the Sea Otter Pokémon," he finished, pointing the Poké Ball in the middle.

    Oshawott was an otter-like creature. Its body was light blue in colour, while its arms and head were white. Two small, dark blue ears, the same colour as its feet and rudder-like tail, were present on its head. The most notable thing about Oshawott though, was the pale yellow seashell on its belly. In the picture, Oshawott was smiling cutely towards the camera, revealing two pointed teeth in its mouth.

    "Well, I guess because the box was delivered to Hilbert's house, he gets first pick, right?" Bianca said.

    "And because you two were acting so immature," Hilbert added. "Now I hope neither of you wanted Oshawott, because I'm choosing him!" He picked the ball up out of its spot in the inlay, holding it up to his face, seeing his reflection in the shiny metal. "Looks like you're comin' with me, buddy!"

    "Then I get dibs on Tepig!" Bianca cried, picking up the rightmost Poké Ball. She then handed Cheren the last remaining ball. "And that leaves Snivy for you!"

    "That's actually perfect. I wanted Snivy from the start anyways. According to my research, it'll have the best defenses and speed out of the three when it evolves. I'm curious, though... what made you guys pick yours?"

    "Simple," Hilbert said, smirking. "I think this Oshawott has some serious potential. Plus, look at this thing's picture and then my jacket. We match, see?"

    Cheren just sighed in exasperation. You're clueless, Hilbert.

    Bianca's reason, on the other hand, was even more shallow. "Um... I just picked it 'cause I thought it looked cute..?"

    Cheren face-palmed, the sound making an audible smack from the force. "You should never... ever pick a Pokémon based on its looks alone, Bianca. Stats and type are what matter. That's why I studied beforehand, so I could pick the starter I thought was best for me."

    "Sounds like you think I made a bad choice."

    "Maybe you did."

    "You take that back!" Bianca snapped. "There's only one way to know for sure, and that's to have a battle! I'm challenging you, Cheren. Right here, right now!"

    Hilbert's eyebrows shot up into his hairline. "In here!? Are you nuts!? You'll trash the place!"

    "Then why don't you join in, try and stop us?" Cheren smirked at Hilbert.

    Hilbert growled, his fists clenching, but Bianca overrode him by piping up. "Yeah! It could be an awesome three-way free-for-all! It'll be extra satisfying too, when I win."

    "We'll see about that," Cheren said in a friendly yet challenging tone. Bianca just stuck her tongue out at him.

    "Okay, fine! I'll join in!" Hilbert snapped. He let out an angry sigh. "I know I'm gonna regret this, and if my room gets trashed..." he left the implied threat hanging.

    "Does the info on the lid say what level they all are?" Cheren asked.

    Hilbert looked at the lid again. "Uh... 5."

    "Perfect!" Cheren said, rubbing his hands together like a mad scientist from an old movie. "Then they all at least know Tackle. We can have our first battle now!" Clicking the button on the Poké Ball's center twice, the capsule opened, and in a flash of bluish-white energy, Snivy appeared, letting out a preening hum.

    "Weren't you supposed to throw the ball?" Bianca asked.

    "No, that's not strictly necessary," Cheren replied. "The throwing motion opens the ball automatically, true, but the reason people throw them to begin with is to get the Pokémon as far away from them as possible before the battle starts. These things are dangerous when they're fully evolved, and no one wants to get caught in the crossfire of a battle."

    "Yeah, that makes me feel soooo much better about doing this in my room," Hilbert muttered, his tone dripping with sarcasm.

    "Relax, Hilbert, I said when they're fully evolved," Cheren reassured him. "The ones we have are still weak, so they shouldn't do too much damage."

    "Okay, Tepig!" Bianca said, clicking the center button on her starter's Poké Ball, "Come on out!" In another flash of energy, the Fire Pig Pokémon materialized with an excited oinking noise. "Aww!" It's just as cute as it looked in the picture!" Bianca cried in joy.

    As Bianca fawned over her Tepig, Hilbert clicked his Poké Ball's central button. "Alright, Oshawott, let's show 'em what you can do." There was a third flash, and the blue Water-type appeared, slapping the floor several times with its tail.

    "Okay, Bianca, you stand over there," Cheren said, pointing to the left wall. The only thing there was the door to the bathroom, which Bianca closed to prevent the fight from spilling into there, as well. "HIlbert, take the right. The TV wall is mine."

    HIlbert and Cheren took their positions. "Everyone ready?" Cheren asked, to which the other two nodded. "Then let's do this!"

    "Alright, Tepig, go straight for Oshawott! Use Tackle!" Bianca cried. Tepig followed his Trainer's command, making a headlong beeline right for Oshawott, who cried out in fear and dove to the side. Tepig then rammed into the wall, narrowly missing Hilbert, punching a hole in the wall and getting its head stuck.

    "Holy crap!" Hilbert yelled. He whipped his head towards Cheren. "I thought you said these things wouldn't do any damage!"

    "I said they wouldn't do too much damage, Hilbert," Cheren said, shrugging. "Besides, it's not my room, and we need to do this to get some battling practice given how many other Trainers we'll be fighting on our journeys. Speaking of that, Snivy, attack Tepig while it's open, then go for Oshawott!"

    "Oh no! Tepig, come on! Get-!" It was too late The Grass Snake Pokémon had already ran up to and slammed Tepig from the side. The Fire Pig Pokémon let out a squeal as it was hit, but the blow had the side-effect of loosening its head, allowing it to rip it free, covered in drywall dust. Tepig shook the powder out of its eyes, dazed.

    "I won't let you get away with that, Cheren!" Bianca cried. "Tepig, go after Snivy! Take it out!"

    Snivy, however, had already moved on to attack Oshawott. It slammed its body into the Sea Otter Pokémon from a running start, sending it flying onto Hilbert's bed in the corner of the room. Cheren, you son of a bitch, Hilbert thought, finally ordering his Pokémon to do something. "Oshawott, get up! Tackle Snivy!"

    Snivy yelled as both Oshawott and Tepig ran for it, eager for a little revenge.

    "Do something, Snivy!" Cheren commanded, but could only watch as his starter took a simultaneous Tackle from the other two, sending it sailing into a wall, denting the drywall.

    Hilbert winced at the beating his room was taking. The sheets on his bed were disheveled, there were holes in two separate walls, and he had a feeling the battle was far from over. I don't think Mom's gonna be happy...

    "Snivy, GET UP!" Cheren growled. His starter got to its feet, shaking its head. "Use Tackle again! Go for Tepig!"

    The battle kept going for nearly ten minutes, and it was a complete seesaw, with someone having the upper hand, but then quickly having that position of advantage knocked away from them by someone else. It all ended when Oshawott was cornered with its back to a bookshelf located to the left side of the TV. Tepig and Snivy both ran at the Water-type, expecting an easy knockout, but Oshawott leapfrogged over Tepig, causing it and Snivy to crash headfirst into the shelf. It teetered, shook, and began to tip forward. "Oshawott, get outta there!" Hilbert yelled. Too little, too late. The bookshelf toppled over onto the three Pokémon, knocking them all out with an almighty CRASH.

    "Uh oh," Cheren gulped. The three friends were stunned into silence for a second, then they all ran towards the bookshelf, lifting it off their precious starters. All three Pokémon were okay, if battered and unconscious, and would be good as new when healed up with a Potion or any other HP-restoring method.

    Cheren gave a low whistle of admiration. "Damn... maybe I underestimated just how much power these things have." He returned his Snivy to her Poké Ball, Hilbert and Bianca doing likewise with their starters.

    "Gee, ya think!?" Hilbert screamed, waving his arms at the utterly trashed room. The Wii, however, was unscathed, having come out of the chaos without so much as a scratch on it. "I told you this would happen! My mom's gonna kill me when she sees this!"

    "Hilbert, what was that crashing noise?" came Julia Warren's voice from downstairs.

    "Speaking of..." Cheren said nervously.

    Hilbert gave him a murderous look, jabbing him in the chest. "If she makes me clean this up, so help me..."

    "Hilbert, calm down," Bianca said. "Let's just go apologize, and I'm sure she'll forgive us. Right?"

    The baseball-capped boy closed his eyes, taking a few deep breaths to calm himself down. "Alright, fine. But you two are going first."

    With that, Cheren and Bianca both walked out of the room, heading downstairs. Once they were gone, Hilbert looked around, surveying the damage done. He glanced down at the Poké Ball he held in his hand. He was reminded of the live broadcast he had seen back when he was six, of Evice vs. Wes. The damage done during that battle to the arena it was fought in was nothing short of devastating, and he had just gotten a taste of that now.

    Gotta admit, though, that was kinda fun, he thought. He held Oshawott's Poké Ball up to his face. "I think I made a good choice picking you, Oshawott. You were great out there. If we train hard, we might actually have a shot at beating the Gym Leaders or even the League."

    Saying this caused his mind to drift back to Cheren's ambitions to equal the Legendary Trainers, but Hilbert was fairly certain his friend was blinded by delusions of grandeur. After all, no one talked about the hardships each one went through: How Brendan Ruby had nearly starved to death, lost inside of Hoenn's brutal and grueling Victory Road, how Red had been gone for years, or how Gold actually had died, frozen to death on Mt. Silver after his battle with Red. All everyone ever talked about was how amazing they were as Trainers.

    Well... can't put off facing the music any longer, can I? Chuckling to himself in a gallows-humor sort of way, Hilbert followed Cheren and Bianca downstairs.
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    This is an exceptionally great story! I love how you portrayed Ghestis here, especially because somebody can only BE so menacing in a video game, but your rendition of him made him the man we all thought him to be.

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