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Loser attempts to DM (Attempt at a campaign)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Barandofl, Nov 17, 2021.

  1. Barandofl

    Barandofl The eyeless user

    Level 101
    Jun 12, 2017
    Black Glasses ★★★★Red Orb ★★★★★Crown of Valor
    Hello, and welcome. I will attempt (I’m saying “Attempt”, Cause I've never been a DM before, so this is all new to me) to host a D&D Campaign for the users of LV!. The specific date and time will be figured out once we have all the players decided, but know that my time zone is Atlantic Standard Time.

    We will be playing on Roll20 (player accounts are free, so you don't need to worry about paying for anything.). We will be in discord voice chat so have a mic available as well as a PC of some kind (mostly because Roll 20 doesn't work very well on mobile devices)! This is going to be my first time being a dungeon master so if you're joining expecting an expert, I've got some bad news for you. I will be looking for players that are there to have a good time. Experience with D&D does not matter to me very much, but if you don't know, I recommend looking up some basic information, or I can attempt to explain things as I go.

    As of right now, I'm looking for 3-6 willing victims I mean participants, in order to tell the “Tale of Kings”. @LassusVulpes has already reserved a spot (Against my better judgment, but I can use some of that chaotic energy of his to spice things up), so he better not ditch on me last minute.

    If you wish to join just reply with the following:

    Time Zones:
    (I'm aware that time zones themselves aren't the problem, but the availability of the player, but it would be nice to know what I'm dealing with. When posting this, make sure you write your current time, so that I can see and compare the difference.)

    Experience with D&D : (As I said before, I personally don't mind whether or not you're experienced, but I'd like to know. Don't be afraid to say you have none, cause I can attempt to explain the absolute basics.)

    Day Restrictions: (This one is probably the most important one. For example, some people work all weekdays and are only free on weekends. Personally, my schedule is random, so sometimes I'm free on weekdays, and sometimes I work on weekends. Or school, some of you users are students, and can't stay up too late. If you have any restrictions please tell me so right here, so that we can find ways to turn it around.)

    Once everyone is counted for, we can schedule a date for session 0
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    #1 Nov 17, 2021
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2021
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  2. LassusVulpes

    LassusVulpes smol boi wooper

    (Giratina (Origin))
    Level 16
    Sep 2, 2017
    I am Unavailable December 4th, due to sisters birthday, other than that you know my times Baran,

    and as for experience, heh. i've played once, but i got a brother who knows how to make character sheets, and i got the internet and youtube, so i should be fineee
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  3. Cherry3Fairy

    Level 10
    Jun 23, 2017
    Black Glasses ★★★★Red Orb ★★★★★Water Stone ★★★Deep Sea Scale ★★★
    For a minute, I thought you were talking about Direct Messages.

    Anyway, sounds fun. I have a little idea about what Dungeons and dragons is, tho I've never played it.
    My time zone is India standard time (IST) and it's 1:57 p.m. right now.
    I prefer weekends cause I have to wake up early 6 o'clock for college on weekdays. And considering most of you all are from time zones that are a little/lot behind than mine, i really prefer weekends.
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  4. BZRich64

    BZRich64 The Mustachiod Machamp

    Level 28
    Jun 12, 2017
    Sure, I've been wanting to finally give D&D a shot, though I haven't really had any opportunities so far.

    Time Zone: PST (Current Time: 8:56)

    Experience: I think I know most of the basics but have never actually played.

    Day Restrictions: I'm not really available on Sundays, but other than that I should be free unless my schedule changes soon.
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