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Love in Bloom [VOCALOID Fanfic]

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Pixel, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. Pixel

    Pixel Aether Child

    Level 16
    Nov 16, 2014
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    This is a fanfiction I wrote, and handed it up for an English assignment. It was supposed to be 800 words, but you can't put shackles on my brain.
    Please comment your thoughts!

    "I... I love you..." were the words she muttered. I stood there in shock.
    "Excuse me?" I replied. She blushed and stared me in the eye.
    "I said I love you!" she repeated. As I stared back at her, cherry blossom petals in her hair, I started to lean towards her...
    Wait. Let's start from the beginning. My name is Omega Hidashi, and I'm 16 years old. Today, I'll be starting school at Heikou Academy, one of the most well-known schools in all of Japan. This is because it lets the students be extremely creative. In fact, you can dye your hair any colour you want, and there's a uniform generator on their website where you can get the school's uniforms in any colours you like! Apparently it's really hard to get into this school; I'm not even sure how I got in! But I did, and I'm extremely nervous.
    As I walk into the campus, everybody stops what they're doing and stares at me. Crap, I've done something wrong already. Maybe I'm wearing the wrong uniform. Maybe my hair is too messy. Maybe I have a huge zit on my face! I quickly approach a nearby teacher and ask where the closest bathroom is. She politely escorts me, and I thank her with a customary bow, before running in. I quickly check to see if anyone is inside, but I can't see anyone.
    I check myself over in the mirror. My uniform, although it's got a unique colour palette, matches the ones the other students were wearing. My long, green hair isn't a complete mess, so that's OK too. And I haven't got any visible zits. I deduct that they must not have recognised me, and I take a deep breath. But it gets cut short when I hear a voice.
    "So, you're new here?"
    It turns out there was someone else in here. Damn it, I didn't want to make conversation so soon. But, it looks like I have no choice. I turn and speak to the person behind me.
    "Uh, yeah, I'm new..."
    "Nice! Well, my name is Len. Len Kagamine. What's yours?"
    "I'm Omega Hidashi... I'm in class 10-A"
    "Are you really? Well, I know someone in class 10-A who's really nice. Come with me, I'll introduce you to her and the rest of my friends!"
    He grabs my arm and pulls me back into the courtyard. As he drags me along, I get a better look at him. He's a bit shorter than me, with short yellow hair. His big blue eyes constantly look back at me, filled with happiness. I can't help but smile back. We stop in front of a group of 3 girls.
    "Hey, guys! This is Omega Hidashi, the new transfer in 10-A!" Len announces to the group. All 3 of them take turns looking at me. One of them gets up and introduces herself. She looks vaguely familiar.
    "I see my brother has found you! I'm Rin Kagamine from class 8-C. Len is my twin brother."
    Twin is an understatement. Although Len's slightly taller than Rin, they look identical. Their hair colour and uniforms are the same too. The only noticeable difference is that Rin is wearing the girl's uniform, which makes it obvious that she is a girl. She holds out her hand and I give her mine. We shake. She sits down and the next girl gets up.
    "My name is Luka Megurine from class 12-B." she says while smiling.
    I study her a bit. She definitely looks older than the rest of the group. She has long pink hair that's been straightened and narrow eyes. But she still seems friendly. She bows to me and I bow back. Luka sits down and the third girl gets up. She removes her headphones and puts them on the bench behind her.
    "My name is Miku Hatsune, and I'm in your class!" she says. She's very peppy. I break down her appearance. She's shorter than Luka and me, but taller than the Kagamine twins. Her hair is dyed teal and tied into two pigtails that reach all the way down to her ankles. I put out my hand to shake, but she gives me a hug instead. Everyone laughs.
    "Miku's always been a hugger!" Luka laughs.
    Miku pulls away, blushing. I blush too, and being to laugh, suddenly finding myself laughing alone. I look around and everyone is staring at me.
    "W-what is it?" I stammer. Rin points towards my mouth.
    "Your tooth... It's..." she begins. I know exactly what she's talking about. I open my mouth again pointing at my left canine tooth.
    "Oh, this is just my fang." I say. Everyone gasps in shock.
    "At least, that's what I call it. It's just a regular tooth, but it's longer than the rest of my teeth." I explain.
    They all smile and laugh. I join in. Soon the bell rings and we all head to class.
    Days fly by, and before I know it I've been here a month. I'm doing well in class and everyone in 10-A knows me as "Miku's Boyfriend" because she always hugs me in homeroom. One day during lunch, Rin is running like a maniac towards us with a sheet of paper. Luka is the first to speak.
    "Rin, what's the matter?"
    "Nothing..." she pants. She's huffing and puffing as if she just completed a marathon. "It's... the... Spring... Festival..."
    Len takes the paper from Run, revealing its identity as a flyer. Len reads in out.
    "This year, come and join the Spring Festival Talent Quest. First prize is... getting the chance to develop a video game with SEGA?!"
    Everyone gasps. Rin explains the prize.
    "This year SEGA is sponsoring the Festival, and that's the top prize! We have to enter!"
    We all begin to murmur amongst ourselves. This is the best prize I've ever heard of. I stand up.
    "Rin's right, that prize is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We have to enter!"
    Everyone smile and agrees with me, and we instantly begin to discuss what our act is going to be. After a few days of discussion, we decide to form a band of sorts, as we're all musically talented. In our band, Miku is the lead vocalist, Rin is playing the guitar, Len is playing the bass guitar, Luka is our drummer and I'm the one writing the song. We spend our lunchtimes in the Music Suite composing and practicing our song. On the weekends, we all meet at Miku's house and practice there. Our song is coming along pretty good, but then the worst thing happens.
    It's Sunday, a week before the Spring Festival, and everyone is headed towards Miku's house. I'm the first to arrive, so I knock at the door. Usually Miku answers, but today it was her mother. She informs me that Miku isn't feeling well, so I give her my condolences and leave. As I'm walking home, I call everyone else and tell them about the situation, and we agree to meet the next day in the Music Suite as soon as lunch starts.
    Monday rolls around, and Miku isn't in homeroom. She doesn't come at recess, and she isn't there at lunch. The same thing happens on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, we've had enough of Miku's nonexistence.
    "Why isn't Miku here? She's never been this sick!" whines Rin.
    "Don't worry sis, I'm sure she'll be better soon..." sighs Len, showing no belief in what he has said. Luka turns to me.
    "Omega, go to Miku's house after school and see how she's doing. I would, but I'm very busy after school, and I think Miku can only handle one guest if she's in such a bad state, so we can't send the twins..." she explains.
    "Of course, I'll go there straight away!" I agree. We continue to practice as much as we can, but without the vocals, our song isn't music, it's just noise.
    The school day ends and I walk over to Miku's house. I knock on the door, anticipating Miku's mother being there. But Miku is the one to open the door, and her face tells me she's shocked to see me. She's fully dressed in casual clothes and doesn't look very ill.
    "O-Omega! What are you doing here?" she stammers.
    "I came here to see how you were doing; we heard you were very sick!"
    Miku looks down and bites her lip, then silently directs me into her house. Confused, I enter and she quickly shuts the door. She drags me to her bedroom and points to her bed. I sit down, and she paces around anxiously.
    I begin to speak. "Miku? What's going-?"
    "I'm not really sick!" she yells at me, the covers her mouth as if she's cursed. I'm as shocked as she was when she let me in earlier.
    "What do you mean you're not really sick? You haven't been at school all week!"
    "Well, I woke up on Sunday and my mother told me that it was only a week before the Spring Festival. I started to panic; I've never performed in front of a large crowd before. I know how much you guys all wanted the prize, but I just got so nervous that I passed out. It was actually half an hour before you showed up, and I guess mother just told you I was sick. But since Sunday, I've been too afraid to come to school and tell you guys what happened..." she said, tears beginning to form in her eyes. I get up and lock my arms around her.
    "Miku, if you were scared to do this, you could have just told us and we would have dropped out. Your wellbeing is more important to us than some silly prize, no matter how good it is!" I explain to her. She breaks down and begins bawling. I pat her back reassuringly.
    "Thank you..." she whimpers.
    "No problem. So, are you up for practice on Saturday?" I ask.
    Miku pulls herself away from me, and begins pacing around the room again. After a few minutes, she looks at me with an expression of slight confidence.
    "I think... I think I can do it..." she smiles. I smile back.
    As I being to leave, she tells me that we can come to her house really early and spend the whole day practicing with her to make up for what she missed and so we can be ready for Sunday. I nod, and start walking home, frantically texting everyone the details.
    Saturday comes around and we're all up at 7 am, meeting at Miku's and practicing all day. She does tell the others about the truth, and their reactions are all the same as mine. We practice and practice and practice until Luka points out that it's past midnight, and that we've been practicing non-stop for about 17 hours. We all suddenly realise how tired we are and head home.
    Finally, it's Sunday, the day of the Spring Festival. The school courtyard is adorned with cherry blossom petals that have fallen from the newly bloomed trees. It feels weird to see the school entirely covered in pink. We meet in the Music Suite and do one final run-through of the song. While Luka, Rin and Len take all the equipment to the stage, I have a one-on-one chat with Miku. I grab her shoulders and stare directly into her eyes.
    "Now, are you sure you're OK with this? We can pull out; it doesn't bother us at all!" I ask.
    Miku looks down, but then stares back at me, confidence shining through her eyes.
    "I'm fine! Let's go out there and put on a great show!" she cheers. We run out of the Music Suite and towards the stage. The guys perform our song, and every time Miku looks over, I give her a big "thumbs up". The crowd loves it so much they demand an encore! Then, the president of SEGA comes up to the stage and announces us as the winner of the prize, and everyone, even the other contestants, cheers uncontrollably for us.
    After SEGA organises a time to meet us, which is during school so that's a bonus, Miku grabbed me and took me to an empty laneway behind the school. It was surrounded by cherry blossom trees, littering the ground with their petals. She stopped in the middle, turned to me and said,
    "I... I love you..."
    Now, this is where the story began, with Miku telling me about her feelings for me. We moved in closer, and hugged each other. But this hug felt different. I looked at Miku, who was slightly blushing. Then we locked lips for a few seconds. It was the most exciting thing I've ever done. When we let go of each other, we were both blushing. But that all changed when we noticed that Luka, Rin and Len had followed us. Luka was smiling and the Kagamine twins were giggling uncontrollably. This made us both blush deep shades of red. We walked over to them, locking our hands together as we did, and enjoyed the rest of Spring Festival.
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