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LV Mafia 1

Discussion in 'Game Corner' started by Cay, Oct 7, 2014.

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  1. Cay

    Cay Ultralight Beam

    Aug 24, 2014
    Hello, LV and welcome to Mafia!

    Mafia is a game where you are randomly assigned a role that only you know. You are also allied with other people and given an objective that must be carried out to win. There are usually two factions, the "town" and the "mafia." The town always outnumbers the mafia at the beginning of the game.

    Post in this thread to sign up for this game. It'll go on for days and probably a few weeks, so please make sure you'll be active while the game is running. I reserve the right to kick players from the game for inaction, even if their role doesn't allow them to do anything. So every other game day, I expect you to post at least 3 times a day. It is strongly encouraged that you take this game rather seriously, so you should try to shoot for even more.

    There are two phases in the game, day and night. During the day, everyone can participate in discussion, and you can also vote to eliminate a player. If the majority of everyone left in the game vote for a person, that person is eliminated and the day ends. During the night phase, the mafia chat with each other to select a target player to eliminate from the game. Players who are eliminated are considered "dead," have their role revealed to everyone, and cannot participate further. The town wins when all mafia players are eliminated. Conversely, the mafia wins if they outnumber the town.
    The best part about Mafia is the various roles you can become. Typical roles include the sheriff and doctor, but there are lots of other ones with various functions. Most of them have an ability that works only at night.

    Lastly, you may have to lie in order to conceal your role, especially if you are mafia or an anti-town role.
    A brief explanation

    Town Roles
    Citizen - Has no night ability.
    Sheriff - Checks a person at night, and will be notified whether that person is part of the mafia or not. Also detects the serial killer.
    Doctor - Chooses a person to save during the night. If that person was attacked, the doctor will heal that person, who will still be alive the next day.
    Vigilante - Can choose a person to kill at night, but can only use this ability once. Cannot kill on the first night.

    Mason - A townsperson who can communicate with other Masons at night. Will replace the Mason Leader if the Mason Leader dies; if there are multiple Masons the one who has been a Mason the longest will assume the role.
    Mason Leader - Can choose a player to convert to a Mason. Only works on Citizens.

    Mayor- The Mayor may PM the host during the day phase to reveal themselves as the Mayor. An announcement will be posted and their vote will henceforth count for three, however the required number of lynch votes remain the same. There is never more than one Mayor at the beginning of a game. Until the Mayor reveals, their vote only counts for one.
    Mafia Roles
    Godfather - The person who decides who to kill at night, and sends one of the Mafioso to go after the target. If no Mafioso are left, he will do the killing himself.
    Mafioso - The person who goes to kill.

    Neutral Roles
    Serial Killer - Chooses a person to kill during the night. Only wins if he is the last person standing. Wins ties over everyone if there are two people left.
    Possible role list

    Game Mechanics
    Each day, I will make a post signalling that the day begins. After this, people can post whatever they feel like. Voting to eliminate a player (the official term for this is "lynching") can also happen. If you do this, make sure to follow this format: /vote Person. If you do not do this, you vote won't be counted. You can also unvote with /unvote Person. If a majority vote for one person is reached, he or she is eliminated from the game and cannot post in this thread anymore, everyone learns that person's role, and the day ends.

    During night, nobody may post in this thread. Mafia members and Mason members can chat through PMs or some Skype chat/IRC channel or something, but MUST take all precautions to keep chat to themselves. Once everyone has submitted their final night action to me or the night ends, I will begin day with a post with who is eliminated and how.

    One thing I must make clear: aside from Mafia and Masons who know who their team/group members are, nobody else knows who anyone else is, so do not reveal your own role unless you feel is necessary. Nobody aside from Mafia members and Masons can PM each other (i.e. Even if the Doctor and the Sheriff know each other, they can't PM each other to communicate), and even then cannot do so during the day. PMs will break the game, so please please please abide by this.

    Lastly, unless you're a neutral role, being dead doesn't mean that you have lost! If you are a dead Sheriff, and the game ends with a Citizen, the Doctor, and the Tracker as the only three people left, you still win since you are listed under "Town" like everyone who was left alive.

    Oh and do not discuss this game outside the game itself until it's over, please.

    Also, it should be noted that I have a specific order of operations for determining which night actions go first:

    1. Bodyguard (he gets there before the killer, which would make sense)
    2. Vigilante
    3. Serial Killer
    4. Mafia
    5. Sheriff
    6. Mason Leader
    Game mechanics


    None yet

    Graveyard (dead people):
    None yet

    If you have questions, please feel free to post here (or PM me, if you wish to keep it discreet). I don't think I've explained everything in the best way possible. :/
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