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LV Portfolio Rules

Discussion in 'Art Corner' started by ShiroLugia, Jan 27, 2015.

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  1. ShiroLugia

    ShiroLugia ✂ No Longer Human.

    Aug 7, 2014
    [3D='smeargle']LV Portfolio Rules[3D='smeargle']

    Hey everyone! Welcome to the LV portfolios! Here is where artists can create threads to showcase their art on the forum! But before you can create your own portfolio for others to enjoy and admire, please keep these rules in mind!

    Portfolio Creation rules

    1.) All LV forum rules apply

    2.) Post your own work - This means no stealing artwork, stealing will not be tolerated. Please provide credit where it is needed if you work with signatures.

    3.) No inappropriate content - No nudity, no gore, no representation of vulgar language or offensive terms. Blood is allowed, but only to a certain extent. Keep your portfolios friendly for those 13+.

    4.) Please only post art in your own portfolio - Unless you are replying to a comment on your portfolio, please keep your posts there only to your art (you can add descriptions to your works of course!) Try to keep replies small so your portfolio does not get cluttered. You can always just like comments to show your thankfulness too!

    5.) Do not advertise your portfolio excessively - Do not constantly link others to your profile to show your work just for attention. Do not harass others to look at your work either.

    6.) Please post somewhere at the top of your portfolio if you accept constructive criticism!

    7.) Post art not links to art! - If you post a link to a piece instead of a piece itself it will be removed!
    8.) One portfolio per member only! Having multiple portfolios will make the section cluttered, so please stick to separating your content within the same portfolio.

    Portfolio Browsing rules

    1.) No rude comments on the work - Artists love when their work is admired, not insulted. Please refrain from rude comments on any sort of artwork. We're all friends here! Keep the positive comments coming however and try to reply to portfolios you enjoy!

    2.) Do not request art in other's portfolios - This is not tolerated and considered rude to the artist. Only post comments not requests!

    3.) Constructive Criticism is only allowed if the artist says it is - Check the top of the portfolio for if the artist accepts criticism, it is very rude to give someone criticism when they do not allow it!

    ~Have fun everyone! Please enjoy the art LV has to offer!~

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