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Magic Class Spellbook

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by xaviey14, Jul 22, 2013.

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  1. xaviey14

    xaviey14 PGEF Veteran

    Nov 25, 2012
    Spell Book

    This thread's purpose is to give insight on some of the many spells the NPC Xavier Zalandra may teach your character if you have signed up for his Magic Class, as well as provide a space for you to view your own spells. Spells often provide a very specific purpose (i.g. lighting up a dark room, warping back to the academy, or even short bursts of flight).

    All spells are based on the four classical elements plus a fifth general kind of magic that include miscellaneous effects. Also, their names all derive from five different languages.

    General Spells are in Latin,
    Fire Spells are in Afrikaans,
    Water Spells are in Italian,
    Earth Spells are German, and
    Wind Spells are in French.

    Feel free to browse this section for information on academy taught spells or spells you or other students may know. You cannot use any of the spells on here unless you learned it in magic class or through another method that's approved by Crisis Academy staff.
    Thanks and enjoy!

    General Spells

    - Lux (Light) – a short burst of light fills the immediate area. It brings light to a dark location or temporarily blinds the foe, based on the level of intensity.

    - Invisibilitatem (Invisibility) – for a short period of time, the user becomes invisible. This does not apply to any items or clothing the user may be wearing.

    - Sum Folium (I Am Leaf) – the user transforms into a simple maple leaf for up to 24 hours. Useful when in need for a "clever disguise."

    - Lustrare Solida (Traverse the Solids) – the user gains the ability to walk through walls, physical barriers, etc. This ability lasts for only a short period of time.

    - Domino Uisum (Master Eyesight) – the user gains the power to look through solid objects. If concentrated in an open environment, the user can see a very far distance. The ability lasts as long as the user does not blink.

    - Lanuae Magicae (Teleport) – the user gathers solar energy slowly before releasing it in a thin beam of light to teleport back to the Academy. Since it makes use of the sun's light, it can only be used during the day and takes 1 to 2 hours to recharge.

    - Pondus Scopulus (Boulder Weight) – the user inflates their body into one that resembles a giant boulder or enormous balloon. Their weight, in turn, is quadrupled, but this state only lasts for a few seconds.

    - Animationem (Animation) – an inanimate object of choice is brought to life for a short period of time. The object, however, may not move on its own.

    - Vaecordem (Infatuation) – the target of this spell instantly becomes infatuated with the user, regardless of gender or sexuality. The spell wears off when the target goes to sleep or is immersed in water.

    - Cerebrum Verto (Brain Swap) – the target and user temporarily switch bodies. This extends to the knowledge and memories learned by the target and user being switched, but neither the target nor foe can use abilities. This spell lasts until either the target or user sees their reflection.

    Fire Spells

    - Vuurbal (Fireball) – a ball of fire is generated from the palm of the user's dominant hand. The ball is the size of a basketball, is about 1365ï‚°F (741C), and released after about three seconds. A recharge time of about half a minute is mandatory.

    - Ontploff (Explosion) – the user concentrates all his/her energy on one inanimate item and forces it to burst into flames from within the center after about one minute. The result is a mini explosion and charred object.

    - Vlammenwerper (Flamethrower) – a jet of extremely hot fire is released from the user's fingertips, mouth, or nostrils. The flames may only be conjured when the user's energy is high and their element has no relation to water, and is not under the effect of any other potion/spell.

    - Kook (Cook) – the hands of the user glow a faint red and gain the ability to heat up objects to about 500ï‚°F (260C). Useful for cooking food or boiling water on the spot.

    - Vlam Immuun (Flame Immunity) – the user gains the ability to withstand harsh flames of any kind for a very short period of time. This also includes walking on hot object or swimming threw magma, but requires much more energy for the latter.

    - Blus (Extinguish) – the user slowly soothes and extinguishes natural fire (not conjured by others) that their mind concentrates on.

    Water Spells

    - Sfera Dell'acqua (Water Ball) – using an exposed source of water nearby, the user can form small unstable balls of water the size of baseballs and hurl them at any target. The more balls formed, the more energy is needed.

    - Respirazione Acqua (Water Breathing) – the user gains the ability to breath under water. When used, no other spell can be used in conjunction with this spell until Respirazione Acqua wears off after an estimated time of thirty minutes.

    - Camaleonte (Chameleon) – the user is able to dissolve their body into water. The effect wears off after only a few minutes.

    - Vortice (Vortex) – when used on water more than three feet deep, a medium sized whirlpool is formed. Amazingly, only a small amount of energy is needed to create the vortex.

    - Lingua Acquatico (Aquatic Language) – the user gains the ability to speak to fish, whales, and other aquatic animals, as well as understand their responses. This spell uses little to no energy, but for some reason, does not work at night.

    - Congelare (Freeze) – if the target is water, it will begin to freeze. Bodies of water such as whole lakes may only be partially frozen. If used on anything other than a liquid, the user's body slowly begins to encase itself in an icy shell.

    Earth Spells

    - Erde Aufgeteilt (Earth Split) – from between the user's feet, a somewhat deep, jagged fissure forms. It is uncontrollable and unpredictable. This spell takes a relatively large amount of energy to conjure.

    - Tropfstein (Dripstone) – Depending on weather the user targets the ceiling or ground to use this spell, sharp stalagmites or stalactites jet out from the location. These formations are fragile but hefty, and conjuring this spell is energy heavy.

    - Tarnung (Camouflage) – like a chameleon, the user absorbs the color from the environment and blends in a similar way. This also applies to clothing. The effect wears off whenever the user wishes, but drains energy until the user cancels the spell.

    - Heldstärke (Hero Strength) – the user gains unfathomable strength with this spell by inflating their muscles with the earth's power. The user's speed is cut but their weight is doubled, not to mention a huge increase to their muscle mass. This spell only lasts as long as they take no damage. This spell cannot be used in combination with the Erde Rüstung spell.

    - Erde Rüstung (Earth Armor) – the user transforms their skin into scales made of thick, sharp stones, boosting their defense significantly. Their weight is doubled, speed is cut, and the spell only lasts as long as the user does not attack. This spell cannot be used in combination with the Heldstärke spell.

    - Schwebende Steine (Levitating Stones) – out of thin air, four sharp pointed stones of various sizes is fabricated. These stones float in midair and spin at a dizzying speed. They can be hurled one at a time, but require even more energy to do so.

    Wind Spells

    - Tourbillon (Whirlwind) – the wind is shifted into a funnel so a small, powerful whirlwind may be formed. Using this spell requires a relatively small amount of energy.

    - Boule de Vent (Ball of Air) – a thick, formless force of air is released from the user's mouth that is so powerful, it can cause the foe to fly off the ground or even rip skin. After this spell is performed, the oxygen levels for the caster are completely depleted and cannot be replenished for one minute. After that minute, oxygen levels will slowly increase over a two minute period before returning to normal.

    - Brouillard Blanc (White Fog) – after using this spell, a white mist begins to form over the target area, allowing for a surprise attack or quick escape. Using this spell requires little to no energy at all.

    - Vitesse Lisse (Sleek Speed) – the air around the user becomes light and smooth, allowing the user to move faster than usual. This spell requires little to no energy at all.

    - Volant étant (Flying Being) – the air around the user creates a small pocket that allows for short periods of flight. The spell can only be used around a relatively empty space, however, and this spell takes a fair amount of energy to cast.

    - Poids Plume (Feather Weight) – the air around the user is absorbed into their own body, making their being fifty percent air. Their weight is reduced by half and allows for a floating-while-falling effect. This spell takes a fairly small amount of energy to cast, but only lasts for as long the user can hold their breath to trap in the air.
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