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Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Vevious, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. Vevious

    Vevious Youngster

    Dec 14, 2014
    I don't really have a name, but, you can call me Matthew if you want.
    Yeah, Matthew sounds like a good name.
    My name is Matthew, And... well,
    I'm not a monster, I'm just like you all.
    I mean sure, I'm what you may call a Pokémon. We can't communicate well with the race of humans and all. All they hear is as if we're roaring or growling at them, as of we "Pokémon" are actually speaking to them with fluency, but they never hear our voices. All they hear is the side that they hear. They hear nothing but a monster side of us being terrifying to them and nothing but monsters. Yet they don't realize that we are just like them.
    We have feelings,
    We have the feelings when something bad happens to someone or one of our kind. Or if something good happens. We cry, we share happiness, we shout and yell at each other, we feel sorrow and guilt. We even feel fear, but mostly around people we don't know. Such as me when I see ship bottoms when I used to swim in the oceans. I'd always hide behind my mom's tail or something. She'd always think it would be silly of me to hide because my kind would knock the crap out of a human being if they wanted to catch us. Good Arceus, I wish I could still talk to her. See? I have feelings too, I miss my mother. I'll explain soon why she isn't with me any more and also why I mentioned ocean.
    We have families,
    Like I said, my mom. No, this isn't one of those stupid jokes saying "Oh my mom" and then a crud joke. Well, in the case of you thinking, my mother so happened to bring me into this large blue world. And when I mean, Blue, I mean, I was born in the ocean. I'm not a water type Pokémon, but the species I used to be lived in the ocean.. Anyway, besides that, Pokémon, almost all of them, so happen to have children and husbands and wives. I don't really know what my dad was. A ditto? A mew? I have no idea. I just know that he's still out there somewhere.
    We don't accept killing,
    Unless of course you're nothing but a cold blooded murderer who doesn't give a crap about seeing the deaths of someone in your family, friend life, or just anyone. Sure, Pokémon sometimes do kill in order to eat, but just in cold blood is just wrong. I know, I know, I remember my mom had butchered - which, in butchered, I mean torn to bloody pieces - multiple magikarps, but she did it because she wanted to feed me. I was too scared to even bit into a magikarp, even though they're just as afraid as I was afraid as them - magikarps being the most timid and weakest Pokémon on the planet. But let's just say I go and kill an.. oshawott or something because he or she told me I looked like a white and blue chicken. That would be wrong of me to do because he she didn't even attack me or even insult me much - ok kind of , if this ever happened. It would be just like a guy randomly taking a gun out and shooting a kid for the humans.
    We have communities and get bullied,
    There are types of Pokémon communities though. Just like states and countries for you humans or clubs, Pokémon have types, such as fire, water, grass, and so on. You might know them all. As for me, like I said, I live - lived in the ocean, yet I'm not the type that shouldn't be living in the oceans . We sometimes have disagreements with electric types, who think they're stronger than us, just like a kid getting bullied by a larger kid like humans. Bullying happens to everyone, especially Pokémon.
    And, we don't want to get kidnapped by some crazy scientist people who want to experiment on you and turn you into their species,
    Silly that I say this right? No. It's not even funny. Look, I'm not even laughing, I'm actually to the point of tears right now when I say this. Remember how I said I don't see my mom anymore? Remember how I said I USED to have a type. Remember how I said that I used to live in the ocean. And you might not remember me saying that I'm not a Pokémon anymore because I never said that until now.
    Well, here's the thing, this thing happened to me.
    Now, now, don't go off and start saying that I could have protected myself and all, but hey, I could of, if only I had been more older and more developed. In the age of the humans, I'm sixteen, but in the years of the Pokémon form I was in, about three or four.
    Besides that, I was in the ocean with my mom, learning how to kill fish for the first time. I was too scared like always though, every time I'd see blood come from the dying Pokémon or seeing part of it's flesh being torn off when I attacked it. My mom was still proud of me though, I always improved every time she had token the time to teach me. I had finally caught a fish, when I found that my mom was missing. I called out to her, and then saw her in the distance, fighting a large fish Pokémon. She did that a lot.
    But yet, I soon saw the expression of the shadow of my mother freeze. Not because the water was cold nor because the fish might have attacked her - impossible because it was dead - but because of what was over me. A boat had been up over me, a fishing boat. They came offten and mom would always try to move me away from those kind of boats. But, this time, it was differnet. She was further away from me.
    The catching device they use, a net, fell ontop of my small Pokémon body. Fish were also around me, struggling to break free. I heard crys of the fish Pokémon around me.
    "Help! No! Let me go! Help!"
    "I dont want to die!"
    "They're going to kill us!"'
    "The humans are here! No! No! No!"
    Those voices scared me and I started to cry out too. I'm small for my size of what species I am because of my age, so the net was also no use of me too, even though I'm about the size of three people making a tower, people about the size of six feet.
    I saw my mom try to swim to me, but then, the thing I thought was impossible happened.
    The fish she had attacked pulled her back to it. She struggled to get to me, but the fish kept pulling her back, even though she attacked it many many times. I watched her as I struggled to break free from the net, I was being pulled up to the surface of the water. I was scared, I was being taken from my mother. The one that had put me in this world. The one that had always been there for me, the one that always loved me.
    I was then pulled out of the water with the other Pokémon. Soon, the net was thrown down hard onto the boat. It hurt my wing, which caused me to cry out in pain, which sounded similar to me crying out in fear and sadness that I had already been doing. The net was still on me, but the other fish were seperated from me, until I was the only thing in the net. I was confused, I should have been released like the fish were, but I wasn't.
    Suddenly, the most scariest creatures surrounded me. Humans.
    They wore odd things and had a weird pink color of their scales and skin. Basically, you humans think that you all don't look scary like this.
    But believe me, it had been scary when they were around me, not yanking the net off me. They were giving me looks as if they had been given something very special. Some whispered to the other's side of their face, or their ear. I tried to struggle once again, but then one grabbed me. I heard the voice of another human telling the person that had grabbed me that "It was dangerous, don't do that to it."
    I'm not an it, I wanted to tell them, but they clearly didn't understand a single thing I had said, because then another went off into another place onto the boat and grabbed something.
    I screamed out, telling them to let me go, but it was no use. All they'd hear was a cry. I thought my mom might have gotten finished with that fish and would come and knock this boat down or something. Though, sadly to my surprise, she never came. And I was left there on that boat, with those monsters, the real monsters, looking to me.
    One of them then pointed to me, one that had been standing.
    "This... this thing is a perfect specimen. This young Pokémon, this Lugia, it's perfect."
    And that's when the start of this story - this nightmare - soon began for me.
    End of Prologue.
  2. Vevious

    Vevious Youngster

    Dec 14, 2014
    Chapter 1 :
    The Red Haired GentleMan
    A few days later of me being on that nightmare boat, I was still on it.
    I was in water, but yet a small space full of water. There were walls surrounding me, seeming like the water was almost floating. I had a device on my neck as well, I don't know what it was, but every time I'd try to break out of the walls, my neck would sting very badly and I couldn't move. They were feeding me fish, but the fish they were giving me wasn't really the best.
    I wanted my mom back. I wanted to get close to her and start sobbing. She must have been very worried about me. Who wouldn't have been worried, I was scared out of my mind.
    First of all, I was being taken away from my home. Second of all, monsters were near me, and third. Third was also confusing to me. What the heck did that guy mean by "Subject?" I was soon to find out, but I wish I had not even found out what it was.
    The boat stopped and it caused the walls to shake, causing me to ram into one of the walls, accidentally shattering it. I heard a person scream and then next thing I felt was a sharp pain in my neck. Apparently they thought I had broken the glass, not their carelessness. The pain hurt me to the point I couldn't move. I wish I could have moved because a man came up to me. He was wearing a white coat, but it had a small red R on the side of it. The red R scares me to this day. He was holding something sharp. I wanted to fly away, but I couldn't. I wanted to actually attack him. I didn't care if I was weak, I don't even feel scared. I didn't even-
    Those were my last thoughts in my head before the sharp thing dug into my wings. You might all call it a tranquilizer. Just like that I was out.
    I woke up in water once again. I thought I had been dreaming because I was surrounded by dark water. But, my mother, she was no where to be seen. I assumed that she had gone to hunt for dinner. I called out for her just so she'd know I was near. She didn't hear me apparently, no response. If my mom had been hunting though, she wouldn't ever be far from me. Maybe she was flying out of the surface? I decided to swim up to the surface of the water, to find something terrifying.
    I wasn't in the ocean. My mom had not been flying. And it wasn't a dream.
    People behind a glass surrounded me. They all wore white coats. I whimpered and went back into the water.
    I couldn't think straight. I felt scared. No, I couldn't have been happening. No. I felt like I was going to puke. I felt like I was soon to feel like I was going to faint.
    I then remembered the device on my neck once again. Was it still on me? Was it-
    Something else was around me. Besides the device, above me were long white wires, connecting to me. I felt like I had to pull them off, but I knew if I did, I knew, I just knew the pain that would hit me with the device would hurt me more than it ever did before.
    I also noticed that there were people in lab coats around the water I was in. Apparently, I was surrounded by walls of glass once again. Only I don't think it was glass, I think it was rather more powerful. I noticed one of the people in the lab coats had a clipboard and pencil, I didn't really actually know what those were back in the time, but thing's have changed now though. I know a lot more stuff that I should know.
    Besides that, something else caught my eye. When I went to the surface, I noticed more men in the uniform with the R on it came to the man in the lab coat. Some of them were flailing their arms in the air or pointing at me and shouting at the man.
    But the man kept simply shaking his head, as if the men were telling him to do something he didn't want to do.
    For some reason, he just seemed a little odd to me. He looked different from the others.
    He had glasses on, which wasn't really anything special, but his hair was odd. It was long and red. I had to look at him for a bit to see if he was a guy or not. For some reason, when I saw him, I felt odd, not stressed almost. Who was that guy?
    My thought was changed when I saw the man walk from the glass walls and up to where the others were. That's when I heard him the first time.
    "Sir, this thing seems rather interested looking at you." I heard one of the guys say.
    "I know that. Do we seriously have to do this to the poor kid? I bet you it has a mother out there in that ocean, waiting or worried for her child to come back from the people above the ocean."
    I was surprised to hear that man say that. Maybe I might have been wrong, but who ever had said that seemed to actually care about me. He even knew that I was very young.
    "Nonsense, if there was it's mother, it would have attacked the boat. Besides, we've tried other Pokémon in this experiment. Weak ones, strong ones, rare ones. Yet, not a Pokémon this powerful. The experiment could possibly work."
    "Yes, but do we know if it's powerful? Or do we not know this. If it's not what we want, we'll have to take it back to the ocean."
    The man once again cared. I wanted to see this for myself to see if I had been right about the man talking and swam up to the surface again. Sure enough, the red hair guy and a R guy were talking.
    "Sir! If we take it back into the ocean, what if it brings more Pokémon and causes a war with team rocket?! If this experiment fails, we will keep it here to join our side!" The R guy said.
    The guy with the red hair pushed his glasses up, then, looked right at me.
    I shuddered and lowered myself down back into the water, but only letting my eyes above the surface.
    The red hair guy came closer to the glass and hunched down, looking his hazel eyes into my eyes.
    "Hey there," he said in a calming voice to me. Still scaring me, I lowered more.
    "No, no, no. Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you. Yet, I apologize for the tests you will soon go under, but I will not be the one to hurt you. Tsk, I wasn't even the one that said that you're 'perfect' for this experiment. Lugias are special in this world. But, sadly," he sighed, "You were chosen to go out with this experiment. So, will you forgive me for what my choices were?"
    I didn't know what he meant by that. At the same time though, I did.
    He wasn't the one even responsible for me actually getting dragged here, a R guy decided I should come and do this so called "experiment". Yet, he at the same time was responsible. He was in charge of this "experiment" and possibly the leader of the R guys. Plus, my mother...
    I lowered myself back into the water. Before I did though, I thought I saw a frown form on the man's face. I realized then that it had been a big mistake.
    I didn't hear his voice again, but I heard whispering from the R people.
    The water started to push me up back to the surface and this time, to find the glass at the top was missing. The men had another device for me, ready to put on me so I wouldn't escape. Yet, how would they get me? It was my chance to escape!
    I flew out of that glass and out side of the lab. I flew back to the ocean and dove back into the ocean, only to find my mom with the fish, killed! My mom and me lived happily ever after...
    ... yeah.
    I wish. If only I hadn't had those wires on me I would have escaped.
    Instead of my daydream, a few minutes later, I found myself in front of a weird "maze." The R people called it a maze. The maze had a wall over the top as well, preventing me from flying over the maze. I looked for the guy with the red hair while I was in front of the maze, but he was no where to be seen. The device on my neck was terrible. It caused my vision to be fuzzy and I was quite tired.
    "Test 1 will begin shortly. If you fail this test, you will face punishment."
    Where was that voice coming from?! I only knew that it wasn't the red hair guy, but an R guy that had said it. It scared me though because it was loud and it blared across the room.
    Suddenly I heard a horn - to start my test - that caused me to jump. I started to run away from the maze in fear of the sound.
    Ok! Ok! I get it already! I started to fly down the maze, but I soon became lost. I went different directions only to find I was caught in another spot once again. I eventually became tired of flapping my wings and stopped to catch my breath. The device was making it hard for me to even fly anyway.
    Speaking of the device, I suddenly shrieked in pain as I felt a burning pain across my body. Almost like an electric type had attacked me.
    I started to fly down the maze until I saw the men in white coats again. I stopped in front of them, tired.
    "Tsk, ten minutes. A little slower than normal Pokémon. Get the next maze set up!" I heard the guy then shout.
    Was he saying I was slower than a normal Pokémon?! Why I'd bite him! But if I did I'd see blood and flesh... So I just stayed put. The device was causing me to feel tired, I wanted to stop the testing, but of course that never happened. Another maze was set and once again I was sent into the maze, getting lost more than ever. Though, on the time, I had improved.
    Eight minutes.
    Seven and a half minutes
    And the final one I did was five.
    At the last one though, when I reached the men in white coats, I tripped and fell to the ground, exhausted, tired, and weak. Not to mention, thirsty.
    "Get this thing some water after I draw it's blood." I heard a guy said.
    B-blood?! MY BLOOD?!
    That was it. When he came up to me with that needle, I did something that my mom would have been proud of. I swung my tail up and smacked his small body into the wall. I growled at him. There was no way in arceus's name that he'd take my own flesh, my own blood away! After what I had gone through.
    But it was a large mistake.
    Instead of the pain of electricity through my body, one of the guys smacked me with another electrical item, which seemed like a vine of what a grass type would use for an attack. Only except electrical. And painful. Very.
    "What's going on?! What happened?!"
    "It smacked him into the wall! Oh my god, is he ok?!"
    "I.. I'm fine... just shook.. .ow..."
    I whimpered when the man raised the whip again. The other guy who promised me water, who had a rather small thing of water had dropped the water onto the floor. Darn it. I closed my eyes ready for him to hit me...
    The voice. It was the red hair guy again. I saw him in front of the doors, angry. Was he angry at me.
    "Ah! Y-yes sir! I'm just punishing this beast for attacking this ma-"
    The red hair guy suddenly rushed over to the guy with the whip and pulled him off his feet, pulling up the coat he was wearing.
    "Listen you, don't you dare ever attack a subject like that. I heard it's cries across the freaking building. ACROSS THE BUILDING. Are you mad?! You could KILL this subject. And you!" he said, pointing to the man who had dropped the water. "You call that enough for this thing?! This thing is taller than the freaking Pokémon god! Get this thing water this instant or else I'll have to talk with you after the day shift is over, which, you're lucky I'm not talking to you both right now!"
    I backed away, a little afraid of the man. Was he going to go after me next.
    He then walked over to the man I had smacked into the wall, the one that had about to drawn my blood.
    "Are you alright? It was quite silly of you to try this alone though. I tell you what, I'll call out more people, but you should go and rest your back for a couple of days. Surprised that you're not paralyzed." the red haired man said.
    Instead of replying back calmly, the man started shouting at him.
    "That thing attacked me! It hurt me! How come you're so calm near it! It deserves to DIE."
    I shuddered hearing that and tears started to form into my eyes.I covered my face with my wings and sniffled. Calling me a thing and other things was hurting me. But I had already known what the word death meant. Why should I have deserved to be called that. They took me from my mom, decide to make me do this terrible test, and now they say I should die?!
    Of course, the red hair guy was still there, but he noticed me. I noticed him as well.
    His expression changed from calm to anger to that man. "You might have gotten a concussion, I'll get some men to get you out of here. Though, I recommend you walk out of the room so you don't get the lugia more disappointed or afraid." he said, calmly but his expression was still angry.
    The man still kept yelling.
    "You shouldn't even be treating that thing with kindness! It's nothing but a monster! Monsters deserve to be out of this world!" he screamed.
    The red haired man had enough and took the man outside of the room. When the man was out of the room, he looked at me with a calmer expression on his face. He then walked over to me.
    I was nervous that he'd do something to me because he raised his hand. I noticed though that it was shaking a little.
    Instead, he placed his hand onto my head and started to slowly pat my head.
    "Don't worry about him, I don't think he'll want to be near you." he said, smiling slightly. The tears in my eyes faded away. I felt myself for some reason start to smile as well.
    "But, you need to understand that you can't attack people like that. I apologize if this whole experience is scaring you, but , well, the truth is that I.."
    More men came into the room when the red haired man spoke to me. I never got a chance to know what he said because I soon found myself being dizzy again, they had drugged me with something, causing me to calm down. The red haired man was talking to me the whole time though, which, I had realized that my blood had been taken while he was talking to me. It didn't hurt as much as I thought. Only a small pinch and then I was done.
    The red-haired man then placed his hand on my head again.
    "I think the testing is done for today. He seems exhausted." he said.
    "Sir he-" The red-haired man gave the person who was soon to say I needed to do more a glare of anger, which caused him to shut up.
    While I was being taken back to the water place, I felt scared and worried for my mom, wondering if she was still alive, or possibly dead. I wondered if she was scared or stressed.
    But yet, for some reason, the red haired man. I felt odd, calm near that man.
    Chapter 1 END
  3. Vevious

    Vevious Youngster

    Dec 14, 2014
    Chapter 2:
    It started
    For the past couple of days, I was scared out of my mind, I was covered in bruises, I was covered in cuts, and I was worried about my mother, if she was ok or if she even thought I was ok.
    The tests I had to go through, oh god. They were terrible.
    Some causing me to once again hurt another R guy, another was where one would hurt me.
    One where I had to think with my mind, the other where I had to hurt my body.
    Then one test, that, god damn test, that terrible test. I hated it. The test was where I had to actually hurt, kill other Pokémon. Innocent Pokémon. They put me into a room full of sweet little sentrets and what did they expect me to do?! They wanted me to rip them open! They wanted me to bite my fangs into them and shred them! They wanted me to put fear into those animals! I hated it! I didn't do anything, There was no way! There was no way possible for me to do so! I didn't want to hurt a single soul! There was no way!
    ... but they, the men with the R. Those bastards. They cut one of my wings open, preventing me to even use it. They told me that if I didn't cooperate with them, they'd cut my other wing open as well. So... I did something I'll never be proud of.
    Seeing all of that blood and limbs of those Pokémon that day, it haunts me. And the taste of the blood. It was good, but I didn't want it. And those sick men, those sick cruel men, they rewarded me. They actually REWARDED me for killing a Pokémon. Sick twisted men.
    I wanted out of there. I didn't feel calm anymore.
    I didn't see him - The red haired man - since the test of where I had to once again battle a Pokémon.
    It so happened to be one of his apparently. He told me that I didn't have to do it if I didn't want to, and with that, I didn't. But a few minutes later, I found myself with that Pokémon again, only except outside, in some kind of dome where other Pokémon were as well. They called it a play ground, for the Pokémon in the lab. It creeped me out though. Some Pokémon had no eyes, some of them had three ears, and a lot of them even looked like they were partially human, but with the whole body of a Pokémon. They looked similar to one of those things in that so called five nights at pikachu's game one of the people I met later on got me introduced to.
    But I knew something was wrong when we were in there.
    When me and the Pokémon were sent out of that room, we started hearing shouting. And it wasn't just from the red haired man, but from the R people.
    And I thought I heard someone scream too.
    But, there was also something wrong with the Pokémon that was sent into that play ground with me too. She, yes, she - had nothing wrong with her. Well, I thought. She was a feraligatr. And she seemed stressed.
    I was too scared to ask her anything. What if she were to attack me?
    "... I hope daddy's ok..." she said, her voice was quiet and scared.
    I was a little confused of who she meant 'daddy' was. A thought hit me.
    "Is daddy... that red haired guy?" I asked her.
    She nodded. "Yes, well, he's my master, but I call him daddy sometimes because he's like a father to me," she said, smiling, "he took me away from that bad place. Pokémon used to bully me, especially that darn Cyndaquil and that Chikorita." she said, clenching her fist.
    I was going to ask her what they did before another figure came to us.
    "Yo! Wist! How's things?" I heard.
    Me and the feraligatr turned our heads and what we saw was something rather scary - maybe not to the feraligatr - , but yet interesting.
    It was a bulbasaur, but it looked rather skinny. It looked a little like a riolu almost. It was standing on it's back legs, perfectly walking like the feraligatr was.
    "Oh hey, Miles. This is a new guy here, he's kind of shy." she said.
    Miles looked at me and his eyes bulged out. "Y-you... woah! It's an honor to meet a lugia!" he said, raising one of his paws out for me to shake. I didnt really know what he meant for me to do though. He rolled his eyes and pointed at my wing. "Shake my hand, Newbie." he said. I looked at him in confusion and shook his hand with my wing, who was newbie?
    "What's a newbi-"
    "A newbie is a new guy! I mean you're new here. So, do you have a name?" Miles asked.
    The feraligatr gasped and laughed. "Ah, well, I need to tell him my name. I'm wisteria, but everyone here calls me wist or wisty."she said.
    I didn't have a name. I shook my head for my response.
    "Hey! Don't be rude now, you do know that we introduced our names to you!" Miles growled at me. I felt my face go red.
    "I-I -"
    "Miles, don't be a karp-face, I don't even think he has a name." Wisty growled, smacking Mile's on the back of his head. Miles shouted and put his paws where she smacked him.
    "Oh really?! Maybe he's just too shy!" Miles grummbled.
    Wisty groaned. "Don't mind him, he's just a jerk sometimes. So, do you really have a name or not?" Wisty said to me.
    I shook my head.
    "Maybe we can give you a name." She said.
    I was hesitant for a moment, before slowly nodding my head. "That'd be cool..." I said, my face feeling warm for some odd reason.
    Miles got finished with his anger mummbling with Wisty and went right to the conversation.
    "Oh! How about shredder? Or Terrior? Or Vanoss?" Miles exclaimed.
    Me and Wisty looked at Miles for a few moments before his shoulders slumped and he lowered his head.
    "Worth a try..." he said.
    Wisty giggled. "It's fine, Miles. You know, Vanoss kind of sounded good." Wisty said.
    "I got that name from the internet actually." Miles said, but Wisty didn't hear him.
    "I don't really want that name..." I said.
    Wisty thought for a moment.
    I shook my head.
    I shook my head.
    "Why are you thinking about those simple names?! How about something more kickass? Like Sonic! Or Shadow Ripper! Or Darkness!" Miles said.
    "Those names don't seem to fit him. He seems more like a calmer person, like John, or Jean or something." Wisty said.
    I wanted to tell them the truth that I didn't want a name, but I just let them think one out for me anyway. If I ever were to escape this place, I'd tell my mother about these two.
    "Justin?" Miles asked me.
    I shook my head.
    "MILES, WHY."
    "What, I think it's a pretty kick ass name."
    "Well that's just creepy to name him that!"
    "Fine what ever..."
    I sighed. "Maybe it's not a good idea for you guys to give me a name..."
    "What about ... Mat? "
    I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at Wisty. That name rang in my ears for some reason.
    " Mattie, Mat, or Matthew? What about that?"
    I started to smile for some reason when I heard that name. I kind of liked that name. I nodded.
    "Matthew sounds like a good name I guess." I said.
    Miles pumped his fist into the air, that kid seemed really enthusiastic. "Yeah! Another M bro! We can be the M bros ... unless.. "
    "Unless What?" I asked.
    Mile had a small frown on his face. He then whispered to Wisty something. She too became saddened and nodded. Miles gasped and looked to me.
    "Dude! That's terrible! You do realize the experiment you'll go through might kill you right?!" Miles cried out.
    "W-what?" I gasped.
    "The experiment that you were brought here for! It's-"
    The doors of the playground opened. A man in the R uniform came up to us three.
    "Alright ya little brat, get out of here!" he said, pushing Miles away from here.
    "Jeez! Talk about major moodiness!" Miles growled.
    Something then crazy happened. Besides Miles looking kind of creepy looking not what he's supposed to look like, something else was up with him.
    The R man's face turned red when Mile's spoke those words. "Excuse me?! Repeat what you said to me, you little brat!"
    "Repeat what you said to me, you little brat, oh I'm so big and bad, nyeeeh!" Miles said, sticking his tongue out.
    "Hey! Don't you dare mock me! I can do what ever I wish to do to you .. ya little shi-"
    Another R man behind the angered R man placed his hand on his shoulder.
    "We can deal with that little brat later. We have to get her back into her Pokéball." he said, pointing to Wisty.
    "Where's daddy?" She asked them, knowing they won't understand. She started to get worried again.
    "Daddy is the one that always put's me back into that device. Where is he? Daddy?!" She cried out, pushing aside the R men. She was soon put into the Pokéball, but then came out of it, running out of the playground, shouting for the red haired man.
    That was the last that I saw her for a while.
    I was soon left in there with the other Pokémon that didn't seem interested in me, the R men had gone after Wisty. I was becoming worried as well, not that I already was worried.
    What happened to that Red haired guy?
    And so I found my self, three days later, thinking the same thing again.
    I was in that water tank again, but yet, I was sometimes let into the play ground again. And every time I went there, Miles was there. That kid is always happy. He always asked me if they started my experiment yet. I told him no every time we went in there. I asked him what he was meant for experiments. He told me that he didn't exactly know, but he said that he wasn't afraid of dying, he met a lot of Pokémon here that are nice.
    I also asked him if he had seen the red haired guy around and if Wisty was alright. Sadly, he said he didn't see her ever since they gave me a name. I still thought Matthew was a rather odd name, but I liked it better than Shadow Ripper and Vanoss, those names were silly.
    But besides that, I still thought about my mom. Did she still worry about me?
    Besides the stress of her, what exactly happened to the red haired guy and Wisty. Did they ... no... they couldn't have. They couldn't have been murdered... right?
    I never got a chance to find out anything, because a few hours after the third day, I was pulled out of the tank again, but strangely, I had already done my tests for that day. I then found myself being injected by one of the R men, only he was wearing a white coat, with the letter R on it. As a matter of fact, all of them surrounding me were in white coats.
    I was paralyzed. I couldn't move because of the injection.
    Soon, I was pulled off into a very creepy room. It had many metal things and machines.
    And then, a scary thought hit my mind.
    Miles asked me when my 'experiment' was.
    I was soon to find out that it was now.
    I had to get out of there. I tried to move, but I couldn't. They strapped me down onto a table and I struggled harder. I remembered when Wisty and Miles were whispering and they said this test could possibly kill me. Other Pokémon tried the test and they never survived.
    I was scared. I shrieked. The men in the white coats covered their ears, but that didn't stop them. One of them then placed an odd mask over my face. I screamed as loud as I could, seeing if he was still out there, the red haired guy. Maybe he'd come and yell at these men. Maybe he'd stop this and set me free. Maybe-
    Those were my last thoughts before I blacked out completely.
    Possibly for the last time.
    Chapter 2 END
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