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Blog Me and my thought process with my art

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Weedle Enthusiast, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Weedle Enthusiast

    Weedle Enthusiast Resident Weedle Enthusiast

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    Oct 29, 2014
    Crown of ValorDome Fossil ★★★
    Once again, I was in the status update section, typing out a message, and I then realized I was only partially done, and it was already too big. That is what this blog is for after all. This is a topic that has come up a few times in the past week, and I feel inspired to type it out and explore it more.

    I have something that is somewhat rare (from what I've seen) among artists. I see my art for what it is, not for what it could be if I was better. I say this because, I have seen art that looks amazing, and the artist was convinced that it was bad. That is a really frequent site. When I see my art, I never see anything amazing. But if I think it looks bad, no one argues with my statement. If I think it looks good, people generally leave positive comments. That is regardless of whether I share my opinion before or after.

    The other thing, is that even if I think my art bad, I am not bothered by it. It doesn't stop me from wanting to continue. I think something along the lines of, "That didn't come out like I hoped," and then move on. I mean, I think more about it than that, but that is mostly just looking at what I screwed up and thinking what I could have done different.

    I am fairly certain I know where this came from. Starting about 8 years ago, when I first had art class, I saw that I was pretty bad. So whenever people would say they weren't very good at art, I'd joke around using a hyperbole or two to describe how bad I was. Over all these years, I still joke about me being terrible at art. Doing it for that long, I guess it kinda got stuck in my head. So whenever I create art, I don't expect it to be good. So when it turns out okay, it is a pleasant surprise. And when it turns out bad, I don't get frustrated. If you intentionally punched a brick wall, (you'd be silly to do that in the first place) it'd be kinda ridiculous to be frustrated that it hurt. It is that kind of logic.

    I think this sums it up in less detail: I am not an artist, and I don't expect to be one. So even if my art doesn't turn out how I wanted it to, I'm not disappointed.

    I still keep trying, and doing my best, so it isn't problematic to have this mindset. If I eventually reach a level that can truly be considered good, then I can continue being happy with my work. If I never reach that point, then there isn't an issue.

    Unlike what usually happens, I didn't get a bunch of new thoughts as I typed this, but I still wanted to share this.
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