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Memory Lane

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Trainer_Ebony, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. Trainer_Ebony

    Jan 18, 2013
    "Who are we?" "What are we doing here? " "What is our purpose?"
    These are questions every human asks themselves at one point or another. However, these questions are litteral in the case of these people.
    ~I was going to do this here, but it seems itll need multiple places for people to post, depending on what they are doing at the time. Itd be confusing if everyones in different groups, but all talking on the same page, so I'm going to make a simple site for this. Hope I'm not breaking a LV rule by doing that ^^' I skimmed, sry guys.
    Anyway, this is it: http://memorylane.createaforum.com/index.php
    I litterally just made it. I will work on it

    You have awoken in a room with several other young men and women. Some have woken up before you, and some are still out cold. The ones that are concious are doing one of four things; Crying, asking eachother questions the other has no answer to, desperaitely looking for an exit, or trying to wake the others up. Looking around, you see you are in an empty white room. No furnature, no doors, not even an obvious source of light, though all the emptiness is clear.​

    After what seem like hours, something happens; the wall on one side forms a doorway touching the joining point of the roof and wall. Off this point, a small flight of stairs decends, not touching the ground, but instead only forming the few stairs needed for onr to make an entrance.​
    And an entrance was made. A man clad in a dark purple shirt came down enough to be seen from the blinding light emited from the gateway. His shirt had torn up sleves, ending jaggedly at his mid-upper arm, and going down only enough to touch his belly button. His black jeans were torn in a similar mannor, but decended to his ancles. His face was veiled in a mask bearing 2 red lines down it, one as wide as the dark eye hole on its side, the other thick untill it reached the eye, then splitting into two tear-like marks down either side of the eye. The lines went all the way down to a sinister smile at the bottem.​
    Behind this man, still bathed in light, were several shadows, all seeming to bear a similar mask.​
    The man in front sat on the bottem most step, looking down at the collection of people, his posture relaxed, as one would be playing a game.​

    The rest is on the site. I hope you'll join :D
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