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Most underappreciated soundtracks from the series?

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by Maantijger, Dec 23, 2015.

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  1. Maantijger

    Nov 23, 2015
    Of course the Pokémon franchise has an extreme amount of iconic and recognizable pieces of music, be it from the games, anime or whatever. Unfortunately there's also a few gems that not a lot of people seem to acknowledge as much.
    There's a few I'd like to point out here myself:

    Because it takes a bit of time to make all the instruments play at once with the vocals, most people don't even bother. Village Bridge is also a somewhat uneventful route, without many things to do. If you do take the time to join all the instruments together, the piece that comes out is pretty mesmerizing and fits perfectly with the location of an old bridge with people hanging around lazily.
    Soundtracks that only play during dialogue scenes are dismissed most of the time, as people usually spam the A button to skip the dialogue without noticing the change in music. This theme emphasizes the cheery and careless times you spend with your friends and it's a shame it gets forgotten so easily...
    An obscure location from an older game. The Trick House was annoying because it required you to use a lot of HMs and fight some weak to Trainers to get an unimportant reward. The music is so trolly and goofy though, I love it.
    Maybe this one's underappreciatedness is a bit debatable, but outside from the games you don't hear or hear about this piece from anybody or anything. I'm sure a fair number of people here have at least spent a substantial amount of time in the Fight Area, that's why I think it's remarkable no one seems to acknowledge this soundtrack. It's pretty nice, I'd say >_>
    I honestly wonder how many people knew a place called the Battle Hall existed and that the battle system was seriously weird. I found out about this theme by accident when I was dicking around on Platinum during a roadtrip. The Battle Hall isn't fun to play, but this makes it a little better at least. It's so cute :3
    Maybe this one's debatable too, but still. The fact that it only plays right before and after the Gym battle and that in order to listen to it again you have to go through the same sequence on the catwalk again (without the battles of course) makes easy to overlook for a majority of players. One of my favorite moments in BW2 was the climax of this Gym, it's absolutely fabulous.
    Again, who actually did anything in the Join Avenue? When the guys in the place stopped me the first time right before reaching Nimbasa I was kinda pissed off and ran right through. It was two years later when I heard this music for the second time and it's painful GF wasted this soundtrack on a place the Join Avenue. It definitely deserves a better location.
    Let's be real, almost the entire BW(2) OST fits in this post, but this is one of the most pitiful ones. You can only reach Anville Town by taking one of the subways in Nimbasa, which are all except for the one to Anville used as a replacement for the Battle Tower in previous games. Who thought it'd be a good idea to make a town only accessible in the Battle Tower?? Even worse, Anville doesn't even have any plot significance at all. The only reason it exists is because it's location for a Victini event that ran for a very short time. Another beautiful soundtrack wasted, this theme is much much better than some other city or town themes in the game. What a shame.
    This theme is absolutely beautiful, I think. The location is too. Why don't people recognize this as one of the best soundtracks in the Pokémon series? Like seriously?
    I've talked about this theme before in one of my first posts on this site. Cherrygrove is that town with no significance other than an excuse to put a Pokémon Center between New Bark and Mr. Pokémon's House and there's no reason for players to stay in this town for longer than 20 seconds. I believe this theme plays in one other location too, but it's not really acknowledged at all. GSC and its remakes had some of the most consistently best of music of the series and this track is a part of that too.

    I'm leaving a LOT of tracks here but it's already taken me 45 minutes to write this post, so I'm leave it here.
    What are your favorite tracks no one else seems to like? Spread your love for the obscure :3
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  2. Heropanion

    Heropanion Bug Catcher

    Jul 21, 2015
    I really liked the Village Bridge as well. Black was the first game I did a lot of competitive breeding in. When I had a full team of eggs, I would sometimes head to the village bridge to relax to its theme as i hatched the eggs.

    I also really like the Route 2 theme from BW, not only did it sound nice, but whenever you were moving the song would become more lively by adding drums and whistles. It also changed slightly with the seasons to have a more winter/summer/etc. feel.

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