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Featured MOTM QnA w/ Captain Comet

Discussion in 'Question & Answer' started by Jeydis, Mar 2, 2021.

  1. Jeydis

    Jeydis Deep down in Underfity

    Level 11
    Aug 11, 2017
    Poké Ball ★Trainer Card - Cave Theme
    Welcome everyone to the Member of the Month special QnA. With this being the one for February, I interviewed @Captain Comet. Her replies are in purple and mine will be in white.

    Let us know what you think of the interview and let me know if you have any specific questions in mind for the future MOTMs.


    So let's start at the beginning. What brought you into the Pokémon fandom and by extension LV?

    Well in middle school one of my neighbors who I was friends with was really into Pokémon, which got me interested. I started watching the anime myself because of that (Best Wishes was the one on at the time), and maybe a year or two later my other friend who also liked Pokémon just happened to find a copy of White just laying on the floor of a sports center. She figured I would want it so took it and gave it to me. Funnily enough, that was actually after X/Y came out. So Gen V is what got me into it, but it was during Gen VI.

    Oh that's cool, were you into anime much before then?
    Nope. Still not, actually. I don't watch the Pokémon anime anymore either. Though that may be more of a side effect of me just not watching TV.

    That's fair. Are you into movies much?
    I wouldn't call myself a movie buff but yes. Fine with any genre except horror because I'm a wuss.

    What would you say is your favorite genre overall?
    Probably either action-adventure or whatever you call the deeper ones. Thought pieces?

    That works. Do you pay much attention to the actors or do you kinda lose them in the characters?
    Usually I lose then in the characters. But after the fact I can kind of piece them together and appreciate the performance, if that makes sense?

    It does yeah. I have so much trouble remembering actor names that I just go by roles often, heh. Do you have some favorite movies you can list off? Doesn't have to be in order or anything.

    Toy Story 3 because that was a huge part of my childhood, Onward, Soul, (I like Pixar if you couldn't tell) Real Steel, Joker, Kingsman (just the first one the sequel is awful), Rocketman and Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

    Very good choices
    Speaking of heroes actually, Who is your hero? could be favorite fictional one, a person IRL etc.

    You know that's kind of a hard question for me. I don't really think of anyone like that. Closest would honestly probably Markiplier because of how much of just a good guy he is all around.

    He has raised a ton of money for charity and been a really supportive guy overall. I think that's a great choice
    Who would you say is your favorite villain?

    Hmmm. I really love Bowser, but I don't really see him as a full on "villain". Ridley on the other hand, is the most villainy villain Nintendo's ever made. He's just a perfect melting pot of a bunch if different things that make for a good bad guy. He's smart and cunning, incredibly brutal and violent, a bit of a psychopath, and likes taunting Samus. The intro sequence of Super I think does a really good job portraying his character. He's pissed off after the events of the first two games, and so storms the research station by himself, kills everyone, and steals the baby metroid. Plus his design is perfect for both his character and the theming of Metroid in general. Also Fawful gets an honorable mention. Perfect villain for a Mario & Luigi game imo

    Oooh very fun choices, I love the big bad lizard/dragons/dinos. They are classics. I haven't played the Mario and Luigi games but I have heard great things about Fawful.
    What would you say is the video game you have spent the most time on?

    I have no idea. I know I've played Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story more times than any other game, but I get through it faster every time and in terms of total play time it maybe have been surpassed by other games. Like Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a much longer game and I've played three of its routes. I also spent a lot of time playing Super Smash Bros Brawl when I was younger. Can you tell I'm a Nintendo fan yet?

    Hah, very much so. What would you say was your favorite console to play on?
    I spent so much time on my 3DS in high school. Going back to it feels weird now, but assuming I'm comparing these consoles at their peak, 3DS all the way

    Did you ever pick up one of those special edition 3DS or custom cases?
    Unfortunately I didn't have the money to spare for one. I've always wanted one though. And since the one I have is old and kind of wonky in a few parts, I'll probably pick up something in the future. I already don't have a New 3DS anyway.
    My friend does have the Zelda one though released with Ocarina of Time 3D

    Ooh that is a choice one too. Very nice. If you could pick up any of them which one would you go for?
    Off the top of my head, I mainly remember the Pokémon Sun/Moon and Fire Emblem Fates ones jumping out at me
    Also the SNES one

    What would you say is your favorite video game soundtrack?
    Can I cheat and say Smash?
    There are a few that stand out to me. I love the whole style of Splatoon's music, I've really grown a liking to SwSh's music, Fire Emblem has some of the best finale tracks I've ever listened to, Minecraft music is pretty

    I'd say Hollow Knight too but I'm not sure how much that counts because it's mainly atmospheric to me

    Ooh very good choices. Speaking of Smash, what would be your pick for the next playable character?
    Alright strap in you just started a whole thing

    A Pokémon rep makes a lot of sense to me because the anniversary. Probably either Toxtricity or Urshifu. I'd prefer the former, personally.

    Rayman I think deserves a spot I've been saying that for a long while

    Frisk for indie rep because if you want an indie rep Undertale just seems like the most obvious choice. Also I like Undertale.

    Geno to get all the Geno fans to shut up and be happy

    Crash Bandicoot could be cool. I personally don't care about him but I know a lot of others do.

    Ryu Hayabusa because idk Ninja Gaiden seems like it would fit well

    Fawful because Fawful (it won't happen I know)

    Yeah okay that's it
    I think the Pokémon rep is probably the most likely out of all of these

    I would agree. Followed by Crash and Rayman depending on game releases to switch etc.
    Frisk would be interesting, id be curious to see the move set
    Speaking of indie games, would you say Undertale is your favorite?

    It's definitely up there
    Hollow Knight is a pretty good contender though

    I also have a special place in my heart for Secret Little Haven

    I had not heard of that last one that looks like nostalgia the game really.
    If you were on the internet in 1999, definitely
    I was not but I still liked that older feel

    Oh for sure.
    Hmm gaming aside for a moment, do you have other hobbies you enjoy?

    Honestly, not really.
    I used to be a big reader but that kind of went away after I graduated high school

    Ever got into cooking/baking?
    Oh actually I do like baking.
    I don't really do it that much but I do enjoy it

    Favorite baked desert?
    I've always been a big fan of pies. I love fruity stuff. Apple pie specifically is probably my favorite.
    I haven't made any pies yet but I have made apple crisp which is also very good

    If you could meet up with anyone from LV for a gaming session or something (obviously no covid etc) who would it be and what do you think you would do?

    Hmmm... probably Wizard. He's nice and would probably tolerate me being incompetent and meticulous at whatever we tried to introduce me to
    We'd probably try to show each other games the other hasn't played. Which translates to him showing me games I haven't played because he's played WAAAAAY more stuff than I have.
    Also Smash

    Very true. Smash with no crappy netcode would be really nice :D
    Alright that brings be to LV itself actually, if you could change any one thing what would you pick? You can also add something

    Hmm... This is kind of a tough question
    I don't use the forum enough to really want to change anything

    Maybe add something to do with your mons from the catcher?
    I never really got into catching stuff but maybe if there was like a battle or contest system or something then maybe I would?

    Then again that could also just really overcomplicate things

    You would have to add a move system and type effectiveness at the very least

    Fair enough, I was pretty confused about the lack of stuff too when I first saw the catcher.
    If you could add any Pokémon/form etc to the catcher what would you pick?

    Ultra Necrozma
    I really like Silvally. I don't know exactly how that would happen because Silvally is such an odd Pokémon lore-wise, but it would be cool to see

    What would you say is your fondest LV memory so far? This can be discord or site
    Okay so my memory isn't that great. Trying to think back, I think I'd say the time period after I came back from being banned. I was such a different person at that point than when I was banned in the first place, and I liked that both myself and everything else felt nicer.(edited)

    Kind of feels weird to say that my favorite memory here is after I was banned

    I think its a nice sentiment
    Alrighty, if you were to add one mechanic to the Pokémon games what would it be (you can also bring something back if you want)

    I would probably either bring back contests as they were in ORAS or the Pokémon World Tournament

    I mean best case scenario would be that the PWT becomes its own game

    Could work as a Colosseum type game, would be cool.

    Contests are quite fun as well, do you have a ribbon hoarder Pokémon?
    No but I did consider that on someone from my SoulSilver team for the Pokeathalon
    I think my Dratini?

    If you could fuse any two Pokémon, which would you pick?
    I've always liked entertaining the thought of a Ninetales/Zoroark fusion. I think because they're both based off Kitsune.

    Now that would be neat. I think Link would approve lol
    Yeah probably

    Favorite song from the Pokémon games?
    Oh man. I've always loved the Team Plasma battle theme from BW, N's Castle is pretty great, Ultra Necrozma's battle theme is pretty awesome, the gym battle theme in SwSh slaps hard, the Eternamax Eternatus theme is great

    atm I'd probably say that SwSh gym battle theme is my favorite but it's major subject to change

    Some very good jams in there. What was your first shiny (not counting the gyarados freebie)?
    A Watchog in White. It has long since been lost to time though.
    The first one I still have that wasn't a freebie I think is the Cubone I used in Y

    aww thats a shame for the Watchog. Cubone is a nice one though
    What Pokémon rose in your esteem most memorably during a playthrough?

    That Cubone I just mentioned was one. I only used it because it was shiny and ended up loving it

    There's another big one that I just can't remember

    Like I distinctly remember a mon that surprised me a lot as I used it but for the life of me I can't remember what it was or even what game I had it in

    You do seem to replay games pretty often for different play throughs. Do you run custom rulesets much, nuzlockes or otherwise?
    I have the idea to a lot, but I haven't actually done it that much. I mentioned trying to do a Sapphire nuzlocke but just got really frustrated at the beginning and gave up

    I've been kind of wanting to do a mono-Ghost or Ghost/Fairy run but still can't really decide on a game

    Anything with early access to trading can be nice to get a different starter early on. Or access to the pokebank
    You just reminded me that Wonderlockes are a thing

    Yup that too
    I liked running X and Y just because I could bring in a mon from the bank/home easily and early and box my starter

    Well I look forward to hearing about your current and future playthroughs.

    That Ghost/Fairy thing will be one of the most recent games

    X/Y are easy to jump into, Sun/Moon has better variety and I could actually use one of the starters, and SwSh has the best variety.

    Is there anything you wanted to bring up in the thread before I wrap it up?
    Not really

    Alrighty, thank you so much for your time on this!
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