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MrTimtendo here, PK Teleporting to Lake Valor! [GIANT INTRO!]

Discussion in 'Intro Lobby' started by MrTimtendo, Nov 10, 2014.

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  1. MrTimtendo

    Nov 10, 2014
    Hey, I'm MrTimtendo, but you may call me Tim, or Timmy for short (the latter is actually my IRL name). I am currently a 16-year old boy in my final year of high school from Canada and I live in Laval, Quebec. I was born on January 29th, 1998. Often times, I tend to deal with a lot of... nonsense, issues and drama in my life at school and at home. Regardless, I often smile and just walk through it. :)

    What I lack in physical strength and weight (I'm 16, around 5'10 and barely even 110 pounds :P), I make up for in being a smart, enthusiastic Nintendo gamer and furry. However, I am also quite shy and quiet; basically an introvert. ^^;


    Gaming Interests
    My favorite series are the Mario, Smash Bros., and Earthbound Series. Mario is quite obvious since I grew up with him (my first one being Super Mario World for the SNES), along with Smash Bros. (but my first one was Melee). My love for Earthbound came from watching Chuggaaconroy's LP of Earthbound and Mother 3, then after playing Brawl, I picked up Lucas and Ness.

    In addition to those series, I also love the Pokémon, Kirby, Pikmin and quite recently, the Starfox series. The former 2 I grew up with as well, but I got into Pikmin due to Brawl (I used Olimar too), and I always loved fighting Fox and Wolf in Brawl since I had friends who were quite talented with them, and had fun versing them so to say. I finally got ahold of my first Starfox game, which was Assault, during the Summer of 2014. AWESOME game, and I found those 2 to be quite badass characters... Yiff Yiff~ ;)

    And hell, I won't hide anything, from that last sentence, some can guess that I'm actually homosexual as well. But I'm proud to be who I am! And don't worry, I won't be linking to anything from my stash. XD (Plus I know it would violate the rules anyway. :P)

    My 5 favorite characters are...
    1. Ness
    2. Yoshi & Lucas
    3. Fox McCloud & Wolf O'Donnell
    Honorable mentions are Baby Luigi, Goombella, Vivian and Koopa Kid.

    My favorite single player game is Paper Mario: TTYD. My favorite Multiplayer game is Brawl.

    About my Smash Bros. life.

    My Smash Life!
    Brawl is my favorite game (though that may change considering Smash 4 Wii U is around the corner), and I LOVED having a challenge. I would accept challenges of all kinds (competitive, for fun, etc.). But keep in mind I don't hold back! However, I actually have my Wii modded and can still play Brawl online, haha.

    Now, playing Brawl competitively has to be one of the best decisions I EVER made. Sadly, many people around my area/neighborhood aren't Nintendo fans, let alone, on my level. However, thanks to my local Smash scene (I do live the farthest away from my fellow Smashers though), I've been able to go out more, do what I love to do best, meet great people, made a best friend (Kels!), playing AMAZING games with people and just have an epic time. I can truly express myself without fear and be who I desire. ^__^

    My real main is Ness, but the funny thing is I only picked him up in about Summer of 2011. Back then, I played Lucas and so many other characters... But then I gave Ness another chance and wanted to compare him to Lucas. It got me out of the "lol they're clones" mentality and I just LOVED playing him. Since then, I've devoted my time and energy into using him. In fact, many people (both online and offline) say that I'm one of, if not, THE BEST Ness main in Canada. Which I am accepting loosely because I still have yet to face another Ness main named Red X, and I am primarily an online player, haha. But I still feel VERY proud of myself and Ness. :)

    Remember when I said I had many others I used aside from Ness back then? 11 mains. Literally. But let me put them in a list... This is in a particular order (left to right = most to least).

    Uberused Tier: Ness
    Overused Tier: Peach, Lucas
    Underused Tier: Kirby, Yoshi, Toon Link
    Rarelyused Tier: Luigi, Pokémon Trainer (I can't use Charizard though XD), Mario
    Used to play them Tier: Ice Climbers, Olimar (I can still be sort of decent though)
    I never mained them but can beat casuals Tier: Wolf, Fox (I have some knowledge on them lol)

    Basically, heavy characters or fast fallers are not meant for me, barring those listed above. :P

    Stage wise, I love playing on Delfino, Brinstar and Pirate Ship, but the former is my favorite. Halberd, Battlefield and Pokémon Stadium are also great for me. Of the legal stages, I don't like Yoshi's Island (Brawl)... At all.

    I don't mind playing with items or other stages, but I dislike playing on stages where it's more of a hazard as opposed to the fighters or just make the match drag on. Big Blue, New Pork City, 75m, Rumble Falls, Spear Pillar, Port Town Aero Dive, etc. are terrible. Temple is the exception since things can get hectic there.


    Me and Pokémon!

    It wouldn't be fair if I didn't say a thing on Pokémon here when this forum is based off of it, hm? Well, I have a really weird taste in Pokémon I like. I'm also kind of a scrub because I don't use Legendaries, entry hazards (though I may actually attempt in doing so for one of my teams soon lol), or hell, even Dragons (barring Dragalge, but damn that thing needs Adaptability released!). I'm no genwunner, though. I actually grew up playing Gen 2 (I had all 3 games), and loved how you could be in Johto AND Kanto. Then when the remakes came out, I loved them and they are my favorite ones. I actually haven't played a Gen 5 game, though. X/Y are alright; I just wish there was some more post-game content and MOVE TUTORS to teach such common moves and not just Starter exclusive moves and Draco Meteor (there might be more but I can't remember off the top of my head atm lol). However, I am very glad they improved the breeding system a lot and made EV training easy; this is the first generation where I played competitive, IN-GAME. :)

    I generally try playing bulky, and I often prefer Special Attackers, but I obviously do need some actual offense and physical attackers. I almost never have typing overlaps (as in, each member of my team will not share the same type), but I DESPISE Dark-type weaknesses; can't stand being to Foul Play (my reason I prefer Special Attackers lol), Pursuit, Knock Off and Sucker Punch.
    But speaking of Dark types, Umbreon is my favorite Pokémon. He's also my favorite cleric, mixed wall, Eeveelution, Dark type... Whatever! He's pulled through SO many times for me, LIKE A BOSS and tanks hits all day for me. <3

    In addition to Umbreon, Breloom is a close second. I love how he can overcome his all-around mediocre stats (barring Attack) thanks to his movepool (Spore is awesome!) and abilities (I adored Poison Heal in Gen 4, and Technician made him hit like a truck). He's also cute and kind of reminds me of a Yoshi, in a way. I was hoping for this thing to get a Mega in OR/AS (I thought it'd be reasonable, considering his BST is only 480 IIRC and Megas get an additional 100), but sadly he didn't.

    The funny thing is, I didn't like them nor use them so much in the generations they were introduced in. As in, in Gen 2, I never made my Eevee an Umbreon (would either be a Vaporeon or Espeon), and in Gen 3, the physical/special split didn't exist, so Breloom's Grass moves came from his poor SpA stat. But in Gen 5, when Umbreon got Foul Play and could use Wish along with Heal Bell, I loved him. Same kind of applied for Breloom in Gen 4; being immune to other status and actually healing from Poison was awesome, along with actually having a good Grass STAB.

    I'm not too big on Megas either, but I don't mind them (barring Mega Kanga, Mawile, Gengar, Medicham and Heracross X__x). I only use them on occasion though; the ones I have tried and enjoyed are Mega Houndoon, Venusaur and Aerodactyl.

    Now, I have no idea if I'm the only one who tries this, but I find it so damn fun using an Eeveelution team (and yay you don't have to worry about typing overlaps)! I generally run Umbreon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Jolteon, Leafeon and Flareon on mine. I don't like Glaceon at all. I can use Sylveon, but that means I'll have half my team as Wish passers, and I wouldn't know which to give up. I like having both Leafeon and Flareon as they're the only actual physical attacking Eevees. I will say, often times, either my Umbreon or Vaporeon are the MVPs though. Gotta love them. <3


    Other Interests
    I enjoy ranting (often times about my struggles, but here I did it too as I tend to overdetail things XD). I also make some banners/signatures using Powerpoint, and I make some videos too (my Youtube name is the same as my username here).

    And so, after all this rambling, that wraps up all about me!! Hope to enjoy my time here! ^__^

    And just to demonstrate the type of sigs/banners I make on Powerpoint... Here's an example!
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  2. Pari

    Pari poyo

    (Palkia Egg)
    Level 9
    Jul 31, 2014
    Hey Timmy! Nice to meet you, you wrote an excellent intro too. :D If you like making graphics, you can post them here, you can upload them to your Gallery accessed through the User CP, or you can even open a Graphics shop! I hope you enjoy your time here, and I look forward to seeing you around!

    If you have any questions, you can ask me or another mentor or staff member. c:
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  3. Bubbles

    (Diancie Egg)
    Level 14
    Jun 10, 2014
    Mewnium Z  ★★★★★Ice Stone ★★★★Heart Scale ★★
    OMG Its you! I saw the Karissa the Destroyer video on Youtube and remember reading your comment there and it sounded awfully familiar. What a coincidence that you would end up joining LV. I'm so glad you could join us here Timmy, you seem like an awesome person with amazing potential! There are many others here who also enjoy smash and even play with each other online. Ness is also one of my smash favorites, next to Rosalina and a few others, but Ness was my main in Melee, so I'm glad to see another who enjoys using him! Anyways, you made a spectacular introduction, and I hope you have a wonderful time here indeed. :)
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  4. DIO


    Legendary Egg
    (Groudon Egg)
    Level 12
    Sep 14, 2014
    *whistles* Wow, what an intro!

    Welcome to the site, Timmy! I can see you're very invested in gaming, judging from your introduction. Enjoy the site!
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  5. Butternut

    Butternut The Coolest Spider

    Level 1
    Mar 18, 2014
    Mewnium Z  ★★★★★Black Glasses ★★★★Red Orb ★★★★★Ultra BallCrown of Valor
    Welcome to Lake Valor, that was a great introduction, very detailed :D

    I hope you'll enjoy it here and if you have any questions, you can always ask them :)
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  6. Sheep

    Sheep Supporter

    Xerneas Egg
    (Xerneas Egg)
    Level 10
    Jan 11, 2014
    Kirby is amazing. [: Definitely one of my favorite game series as well. I own Nightmare in Dreamland for GBA, Canvas Curse, Magic Mirror, Super Star Ultra, and Triple Deluxe.. though the only one I've 100%'d so far was Nightmare in Dreamland. Going to take so long to get all the keychains in Triple Deluxe, ahhh! I'm also so very bad at Super Smash so that's not on my to-get list quite yet, haha.

    But that aside.. welcome to LV, Tim. <3 You seem like a pretty awesome person from your introduction already so really do hope that means you'll stick with us. Wouldn't want to lose awesome people, right?

    Have a great time here!
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  7. MrTimtendo

    Nov 10, 2014
    Er, I won't quote everyone's post so as to avoid a giant post of quote walls, haha.


    @Pariah: Thanks! I may consider showing off my sigs in a gallery, now.

    @Bloom: Well, unfortunately that vid turned out to be fake (it was apparently a stunt lol), but hey, I guess it's fate that we had met. Cool to see another Ness user too. Once I get my Wii U with Smash 4, you bet I'll be ready to Smash! :3

    @[member="Gengar's Grin"]: Yep, pretty much everything I love is related to Nintendo in someway!

    @Karatekid: Thank you as well.

    @Sheep: I actually grew up playing Kirby's Dreamland 3 for the SNES (with the animal buddies). I don't recall one being named Magic Mirror (maybe it's named Amazing Mirror here?), but if you meant that, then yeah, I loved that one too; I liked the concept of how it was like a Zelda game. Never actually 100%'d it though. Super Star UItra was alright, but not my cup of tea. Canvas Curse I've never played, and Triple Deluxe I would like to try. I appreciate your welcome as well, and I hope to make some new friends here!
  8. Xarn

    Xarn Sponsor

    Level 56
    Oct 30, 2014
    Hey!! Welcome to Lake Valor!
    Nice introduction and you did a good use of the spoilers. I hope you stay with us and discover more secrets of Pokémon. Good Luck!
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