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My Bloody Princess

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by GiratinaMissingNo, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. GiratinaMissingNo

    GiratinaMissingNo ~Renegade Glitch~

    (Moltres Egg)
    Level 1
    Mar 8, 2017
    Well, here it is. My third fic on this site. My Bloody Princess is a MurderPrincessShipping fanfiction based in the anime. It's still angsty-gothy romance, because I am a depressing person.
    Rating may change as story progresses.

    Summary: Ten thousand years in my prison have changed me. But she will change me again. If the boy doesn't kill me first.

    Chapter One

    [SIZE=11pt]How long have I been here?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]It has been a long time.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]And I have changed.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11pt]Darkness has surrounded me for so long.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]Too long.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11pt]I would laugh at the irony, if I could move, bound in these shackles. Trapped by the element I call my own. Chained by the shade that has always kept me safe...until now. Xerneas. She trapped me in my cocoon to keep the world safe.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]To keep the world safe.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]From a monster.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]From me.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]She's right.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11pt]I am a monster, aren't I? I kill with a single touch and have done it for thousands of years-just to keep myself alive. Alive, because I fear death more than anything. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]Ironic isn't it. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]Destruction afraid of death.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]Destruction cowering in the cocoon that is it's prison.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]Terrified of the world outside the bars.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11pt]How long have I been here, surrounded by my wings and pain? How much has the world I longed for and hated, both so much it hurt, changed? How long has Xerneas ruled alone? It must be a long time, for her hold is slipping. Humans are surrendering to me, now, as my old friend's power wanes.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11pt]I do not know long I have been trapped in this pain and misery. I don't know how long I will remain in my half-trance.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]What I do know is who frees me.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11pt]A boy and girl. Small, frail, naive, [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]human[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt].[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]And dangerous.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]The boy-the boy is who will break me. The girl is who will heal me. But in what order? Thousands of centuries trapped in my prison have widened my vision. I know how I die. The boy, the boy with the heart that turns blacker than my wings, the future that twists my beautiful world, the boy who will break my heart. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]He will kill me.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]And the girl will save me.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11pt]The girl with the light and life shining from her soul and the eyes that look into mine without fear. She will save me. She will heal my shattered heart and put me back together again. The girl who can save my life, rescue me from my worst nightmare. The girl I need to protect; she is my only link to life.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]And even in the darkness, you climb towards the light.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11pt]My prison wraps around me, as it has, as it will. My prison is my eternity and has and will be. My prison is my refuge now, my refuge from the world. I hide behind the bars that were supposed to have broken me. They have broken me, but not in the way I thought they would have. It has broken my compassion instead of my hope. My empathy instead of my soul.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]My kindness instead of my heart.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11pt]I was a good Pokémon, once. I only took from this life who I needed to survive. But thousands of years trapped in these wings I considered my own have chained down those sentimental feelings deep in the depths of my twisted mind. I am not the Yveltal I once was.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]And it's all Xerneas's fault.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11pt]The humans-if they hadn't learned to hate me, if they hadn't sided with Xerneas, if they hadn't shunned me and made my sister imprison me in this lake for those thousand years, then I would still be who I was. But they did. They did, and now I will never go back to the Destruction Pokémon people once respected. But respect turned to neglect turned to fear, and now I am known simply as Death. I am not Death.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]I am Destruction.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11pt]People never see me as Destruction anymore. They see Xerneas as Life, and now I am Death. Destruction is not death. Destruction is the birth of life.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]Xerneas, Yveltal, Life and Destruction, cycling endlessly, until the heavens fall.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11pt]It has been so long. How long? I do not know. All I know is that is has been long enough to change me.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]Long enough to break and reforge my heart.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11pt]I do not try to escape anymore. I am not a naive human. I know when I have lost a fight. I do not stir. But I do not sleep.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]I wait.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]I wait until the girl comes. I have waited for nigh so many years for her, and I will wait more.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]Maybe she will come soon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]Maybe she will not.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]But what does it matter?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=11pt]So I wait.[/SIZE]
    Thank you everyone, and I'll try getting Chapter Two up soon! Review please!
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