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Need help for story(?)Summary may be done one day....OTL

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Lunar-Peacle, Sep 14, 2014.

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  1. Lunar-Peacle

    Lunar-Peacle Of Moonlight and a Thousand Eyes

    Sep 9, 2014
    I had this AU in mind where the Pokémon world is like the RPG games like the Tales series or something similar. That's what I was drawing Falkner and Winona garbed like that for.

    If you had to choose eight members to form an RPG team. (from Kanto to Sinnoh, preferably two of each region, sorry I am not involving Unova and Kalos. ^^;) who would they be? (Gym Leaders/Elites/Champions/Protagonists, preferably a mixture of all and a mixture of both genders)

    I'm needing suggestions.

    My idea was originally:
    Red (Hero) (Kanto)
    Green (Right Hand man) (Kanto)
    Falkner (He's portrayed in my artwork as an archer, so yeah, I'm making him a team sharpshooter) (Johto)
    Volkner (He can be a mechanic or some sort, given he redesigned his gym multiple times. And I thought that a falling out with Falkner would be nice, because Falkner's quotes "People say that you can clip Flying type Pokémon's wings with a jolt of electricity. But I won't allow such insults to bird Pokémon!")
    Whitney or Jasmine (They are both likely to be team supports/healers, but Jasmine has the higher edge in terms of combat. Whitney has the higher edge in HP recovery though with MooMoo Milk tank in her arsenal)(Johto)
    Drake (He's a fricken ship captain! And I think he is a better dragon master than Lance or Clair//Dragonbreath'ed)(Hoenn)
    Steven Stone (Rock "maniac" he may be, but he is a good battler)(Hoenn)
    Candice (She might serve as the "heart" of the group as well) (Sinnoh)
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