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New Status Effect

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by Oim, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. Oim

    Oim Banned

    Nov 22, 2012
    Similar to the 'New Pokémon Moves' thread, what are some new possible status effects you can think of for Pokémon?

    -Enfeeble: Affected Pokémon has a random stat lowered on each turn by 1 stage. Where a poisoned Pokémon will lose HP at the end of each turn, an Enfeebled one will be hit with a random stat loss at the end of each turn. Must be treated by medicine or a Pokémon center.

    -Thorns/Barbs/Enrage: I can't think of the best name for this one, but the idea is that every single move you do carries recoil damage; moves however do not get stronger. Would act even on moves that do not do damage, calculating the damage by a certain fraction of your max HP. Moves that already carry recoil damage has the recoil doubled. Must be treated by medicine or a Pokémon center. Would stack onto extra damage from fighting a Pokémon with Iron Barbs ability and/or wearing Rocky Helmet.

    -Virus: Solely for in-game play and always an added effect certain moves can carry instead of having a move or ability dedicated to it, since it would make zero sense to inflict onto wild/another trainer's Pokémon. Can only affect the player. A Pokémon with Virus condition cannot gain EXP after a battle. Will go away naturally after 1000 steps in the overworld, can also be cured by medicine or a Pokémon center. Final Fantasy fans will recognize this as a status from Final Fantasy IX; I think it would be an interesting annoyance in the Pokémon games as well.

    If you have any ideas of your own, share them.
  2. Pacman9

    Pacman9 School Kid

    Jan 9, 2013
    Blindness - Accuracy is 2% for 3 - 5 turns XD. And effects only Pokémon, trainer can still feed Pokémon items.
  3. Halcyon Storm

    Halcyon Storm Joking motive

    Level 11
    Sep 25, 2013
    Final Strike - The Pokémon affected will faint as soon as it uses a move. This move will have it's power doubled.
    Cured - A status a Pokémon can give to itself. Basicly, the status does nothing, but it makes the Pokémon unable to get another status with negative effects.
    Paranoia - A Pokémon with paranoia deals higher damage, and gets priority on every move, but it's accuracy is halved.
    Insanity - A move used by a Pokémon with insanity becomes a random type.

    Just some things that came up in my mind.
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  4. Fizzysoda

    Fizzysoda Valor Lake Cryptid

    (Jirachi Egg)
    Level 3
    Nov 23, 2012
    Soda Pop ★Reaper Cloth ★★★Amulet Coin ★★★
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