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No Title (Literally I never found one) - Very old and discontinued PMD fiction

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Derahex, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. Derahex

    Nov 14, 2014



    Welcome, welcome, welcome! This is a very old... thing I wrote. Before showing it to you, I'll make a history lesson out of this because I just love to ramble on and on about myself because I'm so interesting.

    A long while back, I began playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon : Explorers of Time. It was kind of fun, up till the point where I died pathetically and lost all my irreplaceable powerful loot, and I ragequit. However, I still wanted to play the story out, even if I thought the game was, in my opinion, poorly constructed (That was a while ago, I had my reasons, I won't turn this into a critique, just bear with me). So I resorted to cheat codes and finished the game because the story intrigued me so much.

    Some time later, being young and stupied, I decided to a thing I heard was called a "Fan Fiction" and make my own story set in the same kind of world. It was a super-original idea, right? A story about a niche microseries that (I thought) wasn't very popular. Did I mention it was super-original? It was going to have lovable characters, cute romance that grows on you and- eurgh eurgh EURGH I NEED TO STOP GIMME A SECOND.

    Now that we got this unnecessary intro out of the way, on to the reason for this topic's existence itself. I have to warn you: I wrote this 3 years ago, November 2012 if the thingy's exact (Personally I think it may date from earlier but bah). Three years, particularly now, is a looong way back for me as I underwent major psychological changes between then and now. (And I'm glad they did, I really hate the old me, or most of it). This is a pure, raw, practically unedited (I just corrected a [acronym='LOT OF']few[/acronym] pathetic grammar mistakes) version of the story. Don't expect much, as I wasn't much of a writer back then, and it's as early as early versions can get. I can't bear to re-read it, it's too embarrassing, so expect a few author's notes and generally weird stuff still lying around. I even left the big jumble of important stuff/notes that I suppose served as a glossary of sorts to myself.

    So I end stalling, I'm hoping it's good for a laugh, or at least won't make you feel queezy with cheesyness: My first ever and probably last Fanfiction.


    Chapter 1


    It was a nice afternoon. Slightly cloudy, and a small breeze. Yup, a perfect day to take a walk. So I did.
    Little did I know that I this was going to be no ordinary walk...

    I took the usual path, a little road through the forest leading to what is probably my favorite spot
    on the island; Serya's Drop, a steep cliff overlooking the ocean. The view is spectacular from there.
    I was about halfway there when I heard small noises, like little, quiet sobs...
    It was the little Teddiursa Lina, who got was hiding under a tree, crying. I asked : "Are you lost ?"
    Stupid question. Lina was ALWAYS getting herself lost.
    "Were is my momma ?" She asked, teary-eyed.
    "Come on, I'll take you to her." I answered.
    After taking a slight detour, we got to Lina's mom's den. Needless to say they were both happy. "Momma" thanked me
    for finding her little sweetums (Again...) I told them i was always glad to help. It was getting darker so bid them farewell.

    After a few minutes of walking, I heard a strange sound... like shaking sand. Accompanied by strange thumping...
    It was getting closer...
    Shish...thump...shish...thump...SHAKE! THUMP!
    "What the..."
    -"Whowhatwherewhywhen huh!?"
    -"Oh, cripes you scared me!"
    It was Baron, the Exeggutor. Wearing seed-filled leaf bags all over his body. Yeah. Baron was pretty much of the equivalent of the
    nutty screwball living in a shed in the back of the woods. Don't get me wrong, he's not mean, in fact he's harmless.
    The worst he could do is freak you out with his prophecies, premonitions and whatnot.
    -"A storm is brewing !!" Said one of his heads.
    -"The wrath of [legendary Pokémon 1] is upon us !!" Said another.
    -"Hide while you can!!" Said the last.
    -"Ok! Relax! I got it!" I protested.
    -"It's the most terrible storm of them all!!"
    -"All will be washed away by [legendary Pokémon 1] 's fury !!"
    -"The gate of worlds is opening !!"
    That last bit caught my attention. Sadly he ran of, screaming about the oncoming storm before i could ask anything.
    Ah well. "Another time" I told myself. It was about time to head home anyway.
    On my way back it started to rain. I don't mind a little rain so continued on. There is a great big [legendary Pokémon 1]
    statue only a little ways from the path home. My curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to go check it out.

    By the time I got there however, the light drizzle turned into a very windy storm. Oh, but it wasn't "A" storm.
    It was "THE" storm. Water gushed and splashed as if a giant waterfall had formed itself in the clouds,
    lightning flared and flashed, illuminating everything in a ghostly white hue, and as thunder crashed, the very ground shook
    and trembled as if the very earth was cowering from the celestial fury above. The wind whistled and yelled, attacking my ears.
    I said to myself I was in big trouble now. My house was a good walk far from here, and I definitely didn't want to be hit by lightning
    so I hid close to the Statue, so I wasn't the highest thing around, because as we know, unless directed by an Pokémon,
    lightning usually hits the highest point as it's the easiest place to hit.

    Then, many things happened at once. There was an eye-blinding flash, and thunder crashed louder than ever before.
    Like listening to an earthquake and a choir of a hundred Charizard roaring at the same time. But those were not
    the things that caught my attention. I felt a... push, of some kind. Kind of like... an underwater current, but out of the water.
    And strangest of all, I saw some kind of hole, in the sky. "What in..."

    Then, a Pokémon fell out.
    Yes, a Pokémon fell out of the sky. Tumbling through the air, hopeless to stop. It took me a second to notice that it was
    falling towards... me.
    BANG !
    The first thing i felt was pain. My head hurt. When i opened my eyes i saw only darkness. Then, a flash of lightning.
    Lying in front of me was a Mudkip with a red scarf, unconscious. I couldn't let myself leave the poor guy in the storm like
    that. So I started to take him to my hut. The worst of the maelström seemed to have passed so it wasn't too trying.
    I wasn't thinking of the strange circumstance because although the storm (By now one would think it's probably more of
    a hurricane) was weaker, it took all my concentration to walk through the heavy drops and strong wind.
    But as I headed forward... I knew that the storm would not allow us to reach home. It was to powerful.
    We were going to either freeze to death, be blown far, far away or drown where we stood.
    The Aurum Guild. There is always a shelter nearby, and they never close their doors to those in need. And we were definitely in need!
    It was not exactly next door, but it was our only chance. So that's where I headed

    She walked for what felt like forever. contrarily to what she had thought, the storm had not calmed.
    Nay, one would say it might even had gotten worst then ever.
    "Just a little longer...Just, a little, longer!" It was more to herself then to her little unconscious friend she was speaking to, as the wind lashed at her. But she refused to give up, she could make it...
    All wet and chilled to the bone, she was desperate to get to the guild. But her strength was rapidly fading... she could hardly
    keep her eyes open...
    Then she collapsed. "I failed." She thought. Too exhausted, she fell into darkness. "Now we are both going to die silently in the rain... away from any help...."

    Her last thought was for the mystery Mudkip who's identity would remain forever lost....
    And then she thought no more.


    Chapter 2 (3?)


    Darkness. But not a cold and unwelcoming one. No. A warm and comforting darkness. It felt... peaceful. like if this was all
    a dream, and I'm about to wake up...


    "I can feel my head. And my legs. And all my other body parts... I can open my eyes! Yes! I see light! Ouch! I also feel pain...
    But I am alive! I reopen my eyes, and I see... A very large, high-roofed room. Torches lined the wall, and, upon closer inspection, their flames looked... Purple. Huh. The walls and roof looked like earth, or stone. So I am underground eh ? Wait, is that a Chandelure dangling from the roof ? Ugh, whatever. In the room I see about 20 straw beds, of wich a dozen are occupied.

    I am in one of those beds, and the Mudkip is in a neighboring bed. I was wondering just where exactly the heck we were, so I got up.
    Bad idea. I suddenly felt really awful. All my muscles hurt, brain included.
    I guess that's what happens when you waltz around in a storm like I did."

    The bed seemed strangely inviting. And I didn't feel like walking around. So I stayed there, half-napping. I don't know how much time
    passed then. Probably an hour or so. When I noticed slight rustling coming from the bed next to mine.
    "He's finally waking up!" I thought. I turned my head.

    I saw big, purple eyes right in front of mine.
    AH ! We both shouted as he stood up rapidly and as I jumped back in surprise.
    -"Who... Who... Who are you ?! And... Where am I?!" asked the Mudkip
    I remained quiet for a few seconds, still dazed, then I regained control of my senses, and I said :
    -"I-I'm Chika. But...where we are... is an excellent question."
    For a few seconds, all he did was stare blank-eyed, like if he didn't understand what was going on. Until he exclaimed :
    -"Wait a minute... T-talking Pokémon ?! What's going on?"
    -"Talking P... What are you talking about ? Everyone can talk ! Are you sure you're okay ?"
    -"No I'm not okay... I... Can't remember anything ! Nothing ! Aaaahhhhh !

    This was bad. I had a panicking amnesic Mudkip, who fell from the sky on my hands. Definitely not good...

    -"Calm down, calm down !"
    -"What's going on in here ?"
    Uh oh. I did not recognize that voice. A very big voice, yet somehow it seemed sympathetic...
    -"Oh, it's you two. Finally awake eh ?"
    A Nidoking was walking towards us. He was source of the voice no doubt. He had a slightly mocking smirk, and a discolored patch around his right eye. I know I've heard someone matching that description...

    -"Um, excuse me, but, do you know where we are ?"
    -"Heh, the Aurum Guild. Where else ?"
    Of course ! And the Nidoking with the patch has to be the guild member Growler ! He's well known for his heroic prowess and diligence.
    -"Then... You must be Growler !"
    -"Hmpf. The one and only."
    -"Oh my gosh ! This is so cool ! I never thought I'd meet you in person !"
    -"Heh... I get that a lot."


    The tale you are about to read is one that tells that even through differing worlds, friendships can see light.

    -> Please insert data in correct narration sequences where the information is required.

    Our Tale begins on the island of Elleati, a atoll in the Celestial Sea. The denizens of Elleati, composed entirely of Pokémon, have achieved
    a higher state of community than the more popular ones who live in the utopic Human world commonly known.

    One of the most important pillars of their civilization is the treaty, formed and declared by (legendary Pokémon 1) nearly three hundred years
    before the present time. The treaty itself, declared that Peace should be the prime governer, and so a killing was stated as a Taboo,
    even if some Pokémon were already of that accord before the treaty. Since killing was unacceptable, carnivorous (and omnivorous) habits were rapidly abbandoned, and although some Pokémon are part plant, they still count towards the meat class.

    Though most of the population was united, some Pokémon with blacker hearts did not approve of the treaty, and disobeyed, thus leading to their banishement to the little islets near the far eastern side of the island, now named the Black Steppes.
    They were come to be known by names such as "The Banished" or "The Hunters", etc.
    At some point, some powerful Pokémon with strong senses of justice joined forces and wandered the land defending the weak, punishing evil and most of all, keeping the Treaty Breakers away from the mainland. Over time, more and more Pokémon joined their ranks until eventualy, a guild was formed. The Aurum Guild, as it is now called, stands as an example for all to follow the treaty, but never resorting to tyranny. They acted as a kind of justice league, having rightious virtues.

    Elleati and its surroundings.


    -The Triring : Pyric, Elden, Orka - A circle of mountains, with three mountains in particular towering above the rest. Very mystical.
    Oh, and also where reside Entei, Suicune and Raiku.
    -Temple of the Dawn : An edifice in the center of The Triring shrouded in mistery.
    -Forest of Greenroof : Chika's birthplace and home.
    -Serya's Drop : Crappy fusion of Crabby beach and Sharpedo bluff.

    Its Surroundings

    ~Vikeland : Da north pole equivalent. bbbbbbbbbb



    And now, our story begins.

    I hope that wasn't too painful. Any thoughts? Well, there's no real point in discussing the goods and bads of this story since it's so old and discontinued... But you could anyway. I won't feel offended either. XD
    On a similar subject, how was your first Fanfiction? Was it terrible, or surprisingly fresh? Would you have so openly shown it to the world?
  2. Weedle Enthusiast

    Weedle Enthusiast Resident Weedle Enthusiast

    Best Boi
    Level 1
    Oct 29, 2014
    Crown of ValorDome Fossil ★★★
    It wasn't painful to read. It was confusing and fast paced, but not painful. It was actually mildly amusing. And yes, i would share mine to the world. In fact, I did. You can find it on fanfiction, and it is the reason I'm on this sight.
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