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Nostalgia team

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by Potatrobot, Aug 28, 2013.

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  1. Potatrobot

    Potatrobot Resident Potato

    Jan 8, 2013
    What Pokémon are you most nostalgic about? They may not be your favourites, but they occupy some of your oldest memories of Pokémon. Here, you assemble a team of six of your most nostalgic Pokémon.

    It would also be fun if you explained where the nostalgia comes from. I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in knowing why you're fond of the Pokémon. Here's mine.
    • Scyther. When my sisters and I were little, we got toy Pokeballs with a figurine inside each one. My older sister got Pikachu and I got Scyther. I don't remember what my little sister got or if she even got one to start with. Regardless, Scyther was technically my first Pokémon, and I had resigned to call him my favourite. I still have that figurine.
    • Pinsir. I don't know where it came from, but I must have watched an episode of the anime that had Pinsir in it, and I was fascinated by its horns. I remember mucking about at nonna's house, pretending to be Pinsir by holding a pair of plastic tongs on my head.
    • Kabuto. I saw early episodes of the anime, and one of them involved Kabuto. I thought it was really cool, and I liked Kabuto for that.
    • Donphan. My memories of Crystal were steeped in a strange, sourceless nostalgia and somehow, Donphan's cry really brings me back to that nostalgia. It's incredible.
    • Unown. The old 8-bit music for the Ruins of Alph was one of those tracks that really prodded at that same strange nostalgia, and Unown lies at the heart of it.
    • Hoothoot. Hoothoot was practically the mascot of Crystal, as far as I feel. I remember breeding several families of them for no adequate reason, and I love its cry.
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  2. Oim

    Oim Banned

    Nov 22, 2012
    Charizard: The final evolution of my first ever starter. Enough said about that.

    Sandslash: Was my favorite ever since I first saw a toy of him back when Pokémon came out, became a main ally in Blue version.......and a weird story I never told here, but I was once very sick around the age when Pokémon was new, it was miserable and I had horrible fever nightmares. In them, a Sandslash helped me out and was a comforting presence. Seriously. And for a little while after that, I would just think and focus on Sandslash every time I felt sick since I had a phobia of throwing up, and it would always calm me. Sounds stupid, sappy, and maybe autistic, but I was a kid, and it's true. Sandslash is still my favorite, and always will be.

    Mewtwo: I'm 10 years old. Mewtwo is the shit. If you don't have a Mewtwo on your team, you ain't nothin' in the schoolyard.

    Steelix: When I first saw it, it became a new and other favorite. Sandslash was still up there, always, but this super cool metal snake, just wow. Awesome. My first ever email address was [email protected], and the first forum I ever joined, as a 12 year old in 2000, was a Pokémon forum where I noobed it up with the name GOLDEN STEELIX. Yes, in caps. Still is a favorite to this day.

    Mantine: "Wow, what a cool Pokémon! Like a big manta-ray! I don't remember hearing about this one in Nintendo Power!" -me when I first stumbled upon a Mantine in Gold version. One time when Pokémon really surprised me, when you could still be surprised about stuff like that, and made me eager to explore the game totally.

    Misdreavus: I'm playing Gold, near the end of Gold version's lifespan. The clock is maxed, I have 250/251, I'm experimenting with new Pokémon I never used before, and try out the little ghost. I realize the potential of Mean Look and Perish Song with how it operated in Gen 2, and it went on to win me many a link cable battle, much to the rage of my opponents.
  3. eeveeongirl

    eeveeongirl Collector

    Aug 25, 2013
    Swampert- mudkip (Named Kippy) was my first stater ever and I have always been attached to him, sadly my older sister deleted my sapphire game after we had gotten into a fight (i hid her animal crossing memory card in return for this), but i never was able to put myself into playing sapphire after that until recently. When I recieved emerald I decided to get all the starters using my sapphire game, but i made sure Kippy was resurrected in the emerald game as my true starter

    Cleffairy- before i had any main series game, i had stadium and i always chose cleffariy to be on my team, probably because it was cute.

    Breloom- simply he was my first grass type that I actually used and managed to evolve, he was my sweeper and my partner of choice for Kippy...he sadley met the same fate as Kippy 1 in sapphire and was deleted.

    Slowbro- again Pokémon stadium, my first attempt at the gym leader castle was a looonnngg time ago, i managed to get all the way to the champion of the castle and slowbro was my last standing team member he wiped out the last two of the champions

    Butterfree- bye bye butterfree was the first Pokémon episode i ever watched, and it still makes me cry to this day

    Articuno- i don't know if legendaries are allowed, but Articuno was my first Pokémon card. I got it with my kids snack pack at the Pokémon 2000 movie. (remember the days when they were in theaters?) I thought i was so lucky that i had gotten a legendary card until i went to school and saw that everyone had gotten one of the trio still a good memory though
  4. Pixil

    Pixil Pokémon Professor

    Apr 2, 2013
    Butterfree - I LOVED Butterfree in Gen 1, I used it on my team a lot and liked Ash's in the anime. Like eeveeongirl, Bye Bye Butterfree holds a lot of memories and makes me cry x_x

    Eevee - Ever since the beginning of Pokémon time, I've had heavy memories of Eevee and it's held a special place in my heart. I remember only having Blue version when I was like 6 and was sad I couldn't get all the Eeveelutions in one game. I never wanted to play through Gen 1 without an Eeveelution, and I was jelly that my rival got to start with one Dx I have memories in the later games restarting MANY times to get a female Eevee, and in even later games, starting many many MANY times to get females with good natures. xD

    Quilava - Not Cyndaquil, not Typhlosion; Quilava. One of my favorite playthroughs of Crystal was when I evolved my starter Cyndaquil into Quilava, and didn't let it evolve anymore. And it was STILL a beast. That was wonderful and I miss those days. The entirity of Johto is pretty nostalgic, really.

    Celebi - I must have watched the movie with Celebi at least a dozen times. I cried when Celebi died in it, and felt so jubilant when it came back to life. It was so happy, free, and lovely that I just instantly fell in love with it as a legendary. I also remember thinking the Psychic/Grass typing was awesome, and I got a holographic Celebi card once, which was so pretty! I drew Celebi a lot in those years too. I remember hearing all these rumors about the GS ball and getting Celebi in the Ilex forest in Gold/Silver/Crystal, and being sad when I couldn't make it happen. Overall Celebi is probably the most nostalgic legendary for me.

    Flygon - Probably the most nostalgic Pokémon to me from Hoenn. Flygon was a beast on my team in game every time, it never failed me, ever. I got a Flygon plushie from target all those years ago too. I wish I knew where it went...

    Feebas - Spent hours and hours and hours and hours and hours finding this thing. Then spent hours and hours and hours and hours to get its beauty up high enough to evolve it. Nuff said...

    There's more, but since I can only come up with 6... x3 That's my nostalgia team.
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  5. Shadow Blaze

    May 17, 2013
    Sceptile: It's the fully evolved form of my first starter. That's it.

    Umbreon: When I first got Eevee I had no idea how the different evolutions worked, so I just kept leveling up the Eevee with no real intention of evolving it because I didn't actually know how. Well, it just so happens that ever since I was a kid, and to this day, I always seem to play Pokémon games at night. Eventually my Eevee started evolving on its own, and I just sat there and let it. Once I saw the black and yellow thing it evolved into I loved it immediately. When I got older and started noticing more things in its design I loved it even more.

    Pikachu: As the mascot of the series, of course Pikachu is nostalgic for me. He was the first thing I ever knew in Pokémon. He was cute, as well as cool, and I liked him for that.

    Rayquaza: He was the first legendary I ever caught, and he had that whole cut-scene. It was cool, and I put him in my team in Emerald just because he was in the cut scene.

    Absol: Absol was that Pokémon that the first time I saw it I thought it was a legendary. In my defense, when I was playing my first game first couple of Hoenn movies had already been released. I'd already seen one of them by the time I'd run into Absol, and it was the Jirachi one. You know? The one that portrayed Absol as the awesome beast it is, and really makes it look like a legendary? Interestingly enough, after I found out that Absol wasn't a legendary I actually liked it more.

    Lucario: He was the first new Pokémon I ever saw. As in, he was the first Pokémon released for the generation after the one it was released during in. Not only was it a Pokémon that hadn't been put in any game yet, so I couldn't catch one, but Lucario was in that movie. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew is still one of my favorite Pokémon movies to date. Mostly because I like the medieval theme that it had, and the Pokémon war thing, but even then it was still just a good movie. Now I know that Lucario is based on Anubis, which is freaking awesome.
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  6. Sekigahara

    May 25, 2013
    Mewtwo: *dodges rocks and boulders* Honestly, growing up and first getting into Pokémon in fifth grade, Mewtwo has been a mainstay favorite of mine. I remember seeing the first movie and just falling in love with this six-foot-seven-inch tall beast of a Psychic-type. He has since gone down as my longest lived childhood heroes, especially in the wake of Mewtwo Returns. He remains my hero to this day. My biggest regret from playing Yellow was never being able to finish the game to the point of braving Cerulean Cave and catching him. I always got stuck on the Viridian Gym. I was young and I didn't have a good sense of type match-ups (that didn't start until my Silver days). Nowadays, I don't think I could go backwards through the gens to attempt Red or Yellow (the fact we no longer have a Gameboy notwithstanding) so having Mewtwo in a main game will likely never happen. In my Silver/SoulSilver days, him being Level 70 was usually a turn-off for me to attempt catching him because the Master Ball was already the residence of Lugia. HOWEVER, I was able to link him and Kenshin together in Pokémon Conquest so my dream of having Mewtwo on any team is now realized. Mewtwo is Kenshin's legendary Perfect Link and seeing that he was in PC at all was enough to make me work hard at the post-game episodes just for the chance of meeting and linking with him.

    The Cyndaquil line: I can't choose just one of them. I played through Yellow but Silver was the first game I owned. Yellow belonged to my sister. I chose Cyndaquil as my starter because Quilava had the coolest design I had ever seen from Gen 2 at that point. He continued to be the leader of my team into his Typhlosion days and when I got SoulSilver, Cyndaquil was my starter once more.

    Pikachu: *dodges rocks again* Overly popular series mascot, he may be, Pikachu was my favorite Pokémon before I was even into Pokémon. He was my first card and I still have that card. I will never trade it for anything or replace it, even though Pikachu cards released today look much better. I generally don't use them in the games they appear because I find that the temptation to evolve it is too great. However, Pokémon Conquest provides me with the opportunity to use Pikachu/Raichu without the repercussions since Pokémon only know one move each evolution stage in that game The Pikachu line is the Perfect Link for Hanbei so linking him with one was always in my plans.

    Lugia: Yeah, another legendary. So sue me. The Power of One was a movie I had been dying to see when I first saw Lugia in a trailer. When I saw the movie, I fell even harder in love with his design and I was thrilled beyond measure that he could speak like my childhood hero, Mewtwo. I remember buying a booster pack from Meijer soon afterward and finding a holographic Lugia card. I still have that card and it's one of my most prized possessions. He's the reason I bought Silver, my first game. There was always something about that Psychic/Flying Pokémon that really made him stick in my heart and he remains one of my top favorites.

    Eevee: I was thrilled to get Eevee in Silver and I evolved it into Umbreon. Another one of my prized cards is a holographic Eevee promo card. That card sparked my desire to get all the Eeveelutions in holograpics. I have Vaporeon, Flareon, Leafeon, and Glaceon so far. I still need Jolteon, Umbreon, Espeon, and with its debut, Slyveon. Eevee always impressed me with its evolutionary potential. It's like the Swiss Army knife of Pokémon. Counting Eevee itself for Normal-type, we have an Eevee form for half the types out now and like any Eeveelution fan out there, I share the dream of seeing an evolution for every type someday. Pokémon Conquest really allowed Eevee (and Normal-types in general) to shine in a way the main games couldn't. I would say that if Conquest had a Pokémon mascot, Eevee was it. It's your starter, its typing gave the player character a legitimate excuse behind his/her ability to link with all 17 types of Pokémon (at the time), and following specific conditions could land you with your favorite of its 7 (at the time) evolutions.

    Suicune: Yet another Legendary. Suicune was always my favorite of the Legendary Beasts and when it was announced for SoulSilver that Suicune wouldn't be running around, I leaped at the chance to catch it. Forty Ultra Balls later, I finally caught it. I was a bit disappointed that he couldn't talk in the fourth movie (face it, the first three had legendaries that did) but its roar in the movie was so impressive. He's a beautifully designed Pokémon as well, fitting of his nickname of the North Wind. That mane. That glorious purple mane. I've always wanted to just ride Suicune and feel that gorgeous mane.
  7. Nate

    pooper scooper
    Level 2
    Nov 22, 2012
    Blaziken: The first Pokémon I ever played through a game with. He was my partner and I still have him although now he's been moved from Sapphire to Black 2.

    Swellow: Swellow was my secondary Pokémon during my first playthrough. Not much else to be said really, one of the first Pokémon I trained besides my starter.

    Walrein: My first shiny Pokémon I ever caught was a Spheal. Back then I had no idea what the heck a shiny was. Since then I've always loved Walrein and I have him on my Black 2, shininess and all.

    Torterra: Torterra was my starter Pokémon in Diamond. In fact he was really the only Pokémon I used. I had hundreds and hundreds of hours on my Diamond and Torterra was always in my party.

    Blastoise: Pretty much the same reason as Torterra in the sense that he was my starter in Fire Red and really the only Pokémon I used seeing how thats how I played Pokémon when I was little. I only used my starter. :/

    Skitty: Skitty was also on my original Sapphire team although she didn't fight much. She was actually the Skitty you get by trading that girl in Fortree I think it is a Pikachu for her Skitty. I always liked my Skitty and I loved when it got moves like Fly when it used Assist. Also I was really big into the Anime at this time and May had a Skitty so.
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  8. EmeraldGlee

    EmeraldGlee DESPAIR FOR ME!

    May 15, 2013
    Bulbasaur line : First time I played Pokémon (FireRed), I picked the first option on a whim, ahaha! Named him Kenny, for reasons I don't remember anymore. He's the only Pokémon I ever got close to lvl 100 (since I always restart, or have no patience to make any mon of mine reach that level). He, along with my save file, got deleted on a botched trade / battle link with a friend. Oh, he's also the reason why I love grass types so much. ;)

    Azumarill : It's blue and adorable as a Marill, so I caught it. I've always had an Azumarill in any game after Ruby because of how awesome my Azumarill was in Ruby. Their cry is so adorable, and that little bounce animation in the DS games, ugh! So cute! I always made it hold either a Shell Bell, or Mystic Water for some reason, ahaha!

    Mawile : When I first saw it in Ruby, I just had to catch it! Mawile was my favorite Pokémon for a long time after that. But the main reason is because of this original character I made who's a Mawile. The story behind that character, and the amount of effort I put into giving her life, was such a wonderful experience. Making a well thought out OC is like having a child or little sibling to look out for, I dunno.

    Skitty / Eevee: Why did I put then together? My reasons for nostalgia for both if them is the same, PMD. I always ended up as a Skitty or an Eevee on my first try. It's like destiny. Mostly in PMD: Explorers of Darkness! Ugh, since your character gets more interaction with the in game charas, that last goodbye made me cry even more than I did in the first PMD game.

    Plusle / Minun : They're together since they're practically one species, Ahahaha! XD The first reason is that these two are important characters in a story I made way back when I was a kid. I remember how much effort I put into planning the story flow, the duo's personalities, drawing them, ugh, those memories of working on something makes me feel happy. I always feel best when I'm making something. Besides, Plusle was my first ever cosplay.
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  9. DarkLightKnight

    DarkLightKnight Dragon Tamer

    Jul 22, 2013
    Ivysaur- I never got my Bulbasaur to a Venosaur in my old LeafGreen, only to an Ivysaur.
    Pikachu- I had so much trouble finding one, when I finally did; it was gold! :D
    Swampert- When I first played Sapphire, Swampert was the leader of my team.
    Squirtle- When I didn't pick Bulbasaur, I picked the cute little turtle.
    Butterfree- I always used Butterfree, and I sometimes still use it.
    Rattata- I always look forward to fighting these rats, on Route 1.
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