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Not What I'd Call a Normal Monday Train Journey...

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Almandine-G, Feb 23, 2015.

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  1. Almandine-G

    Almandine-G All Men Are Equal

    (Odd Egg)
    Level 2
    Nov 6, 2014
    this story isn't exactly true. The voice on the train changing is true, which is why I wrote this story, as the idea amused me, but trust me, there's nothing actually wrong with my Railway Company. Though they can be late a lot of the time.

    I've always loved trains. Their mechanics, their looks, everything is usually just so brilliant about them. But they may have permanently been ruined for me now. I'm surprised that the railway company hasn't gotten me yet. I know they'll find me, this story reveals too much.

    I hate Mondays. I have to get up early, and I always get home really late. They drone on and on, but are unfortunately necessary. The only plus about them is the booster pack of Pokémon cards I get each week, and that's always fun. But that was it. I spent the morning groaning about the house, doing each task as sluggishly as possible, before dragging myself out the door into the bitter cold. For once, I actually didn't enjoy the cold. That was not a good sign clearly. I trudged on towards the train station, and boarded the train to my college.

    The train was an escape for my mind, a moment in time for me to think over things, and just rest my mind. They were perfect. The train departed on time, but for the most part, I didn't suspect a thing.

    4 more stops. 4 more, and I'm at college, I thought to myself. That was both good and bad. I enjoyed college, even if I over-emphasized the nuisance of Monday's. But it'd mean I'd have to get off the train, which was a shame because I was so happy just thinking there. But then something unsettling occurred. The voice that informs us of our next stop was different. It was the old announcing voice. I personally found that voice creepy, and knew that the rest of the journey would have me on edge.

    1 more stop, and I was there. The train once more picked up speed, moving forward closer to my stop. The creepy announcer informed us of our next stop. I geared up to get going, leaving my seat to stand at the door. The train slowed. But then, I looked around; everybody was gone. The train, the stop, everywhere. Not even a conductor. I should have known something was fishy, right from the moment the train was on time. That was unusual.

    The train didn't stop. It ignored the stop, and suddenly picked up speed. Something was seriously wrong, this was not normal. And then the voice spoke up.

    It called out my name. I looked up at the electric sign that would tell us of our next stop, even though I knew it wouldn't show anything. "This will be your last train journey. Your next stop is: in flames." In flames. There could be two meanings to that, but both meant I'd be dead. It was obvious to me that the Train had some sort of AI implanted into it, and that AI had one goal: to crash itself. I calculated how much time I had left to figure out a solution, and it amounted to half an hour, if I was lucky. Here's hoping.

    I scrambled to the main control room. Buttons and switches sat everywhere, leaving only a few millimetres of space between them. There were so many! Time was ticking though. I had to figure out what to press and turn to stop this thing. I tried, but everything was locked in place. I looked around, desperately searching for an answer, and there I saw it. There was a place for a key.

    Clearly, this was where one could gain access to control over the entire system. That was part of the problem solved, but how do I find the key? It must be on one of the members of staff. Question was, was there any staff members left on the train? I had to hope. The train might still need their services after all. I ran as best I could through the train, searching everywhere for some sign of life. I got on my knees to look under the chairs, I checked every nook and cranny. And finally, after much searching, I found them at the opposite end of the train, clearly panicking.

    There was no sense left in the man. I couldn't communicate to him, all he did was shiver violently with giant terrified eyes. Tears streamed from his eyes, as he sat with his legs scrunched up close to his chest. I saw the key shimmer: it was in his hands. I took the key from him, feeling sorry as I did so; he was literally unable to hold the key, he was so scared. That, combined with the sweat dripping from his fingers made it an easy catch. I dashed to the other end of the train, and jammed the key in the dial. And I turned it.

    All of a sudden, what seemed like a million lights turned on, and finally, I could turn the dials. I decided my best bet would be to go for the much larger lever. There was no indication of what it did: it looked almost as if the labels used on it were torn off. I smashed the lever down, before nearly bashing my head on the screen of the train as it slowed down. The screeching was unbearable, as the train ground to a halt. I could only hope the conductor at the other end was OK. That, and that I had a good grip of something.

    And then it stopped. Fizzled out, I looked up and around. We nearly hit the last station. I looked through the window, to be met with shocked faces. The next stage was getting out of the now stopped train.

    From my previous search of the train for a staff member, I had mentally took note of something: there weren't any window hammers, and all the doors were heavily jammed shut. Clearly somebody was behind this, and had made sure I couldn't escape. I looked for a sign, something to get me out. I couldn't live in a train forever! Maybe the conductor had finally regained his senses. Expecting very little, I headed back over to his side of the train.

    He was still a wreck, but I could tell he was slightly more recomposed. I took a breath, and very clearly asked if he knew a way out. He slowly reached into a pocket, and pulled out... a window hammer. I had no clue why he had it, but I couldn't care, I had my escape. I went to one of the designated windows for it, and smashed it open. I was free.

    Looking back on it, I wonder why the conductor had that window hammer. Did he know this would happen? It all confused and baffled me. I nearly died in that journey. I don't think the railway company will want this known. They've suppressed all my efforts to get the story out. But it's here now. And now we know not to trust the creep voice that was replaced, clearly because it was so creepy. So, you better be careful about the next time you take a train. After all, it could easily turn against you...
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  2. Weedle Enthusiast

    Weedle Enthusiast Resident Weedle Enthusiast

    Best Boi
    Level 1
    Oct 29, 2014
    Crown of ValorDome Fossil ★★★
    Woah... That was kind of freaky, but also very interesting. Good job.
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