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November Artist of the Month Feature!

Discussion in 'Creative Zone' started by Cadbberry, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Cadbberry

    Cadbberry Dad: 76.... Or Cad: 76

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    Level 12
    May 25, 2014
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    Hello, Lake Valorians! For the October Month of November our featured artist is @IceyEmmy! They have decided that they would like to use their featured journal to be an interview! So I hope you all enjoy learning more about the amazing @IceyEmmy!

    I will be in blue and @IceyEmmy will be in emerald!

    Congrats on being the Artist of the Month, Emmy! How did you feel when you found out you had won?
    To be honest, I was ecstatic just to be nominated. I wasn't expecting to win, but it did bring quite a smile to my face seeing that I did.
    Well how did you feel when you saw you were nominated not once, but twice?
    Really surprised. When I saw the second nomination pop up, it kind of just hit me that people really did enjoy my art versus them just kind of looking at it and tossing it into their favorites because it just slightly fit into their taste.
    About your art, how long have you been drawing, both digitally and traditionally?
    I've been drawing a grand total of about 15 years, with a few breaks in it here and there. I've only been drawing digitally for the past 3 years, otherwise, everything I've done has been traditional.
    So when did you find your voice for the arts?
    I started drawing under a false impression, funny story actually. A guy my mother was dating at the time had this picture of a tiger on the wall that I found really amazing; even more so when the guy said that he made it. Under that impression, I started drawing thinking that one day I could be as good as him. A couple of years ago, though, I learned that the guy was actually lying about the drawing when he said he made it, but either way, that's what got me started in drawing, so it's a fond memory.
    When did you find your lovely art style that you use today?
    My art style that I use is still a varying style as I try to incorporate techniques that I see others use on a normal basis. Though, recently my style has started to solidify into what can actually be called MY style because I'm getting to the point where I'm happy in the art that I can produce, and I'm happy that others can see it too.
    To finish a full piece, how long does it take you to conceptualize and draw your piece?
    From my recent works, it can take me from 4-14 hours. I spend a good while sketching and doing the line art for each piece, usually that in-of-itself can take to the upwards of 4-5 hours, while my base colors and shading can vary greatly between 2-5 hours. I have been adding backgrounds recently as well, which take me anywhere from 20 minutes to 3-4 hours, depending on the detail I feel I need to add.
    When you draw, do you find it best to do it all in one go, or spread the work out over a few days?
    I much rather try to get everything done in one go, though I will take small breaks in between the piece. The reasoning is because if I spread it over a few days, it's highly likely that I'll lose the main focus of the drawing before I get to the end; and I have to still take breaks because of my hands. If I'm doing something strenuous to my hands for too long, I start losing feeling and them and it begins to mess with my coordination a ton.
    If you could give advice to upcoming artists, what would you tell them?
    That's simple. Never give up. Even if you look down at your art and see no improvement right away, don't give up. Another thing I would like to add to it, is to not throw away any drawings. Old drawings are your own proof that you've come a long way, from the moment you decide to start down the road, to the point you are now, the old drawings represent where you came from and the struggles you put through to get to the point you are now.
    Alright, my last question for now: when you joined Lake Valor, did you expect to become such a prominent artist and a huge contributor to the art community on the Discord server?
    Honestly, not at all. I felt as though my anxiety would prevent me from talking to anyone in LV. However, I'm really happy that it didn't; I've met some fantastic people and great artists in their own right. Seeing all these people with the same hobbies and tastes as I really pushes me forward, and I wouldn't have made as much art as I did this past month if it wasn't for LV.
    Thank you so much for your time, the wonderful responses, and for being our Artist of the Month!

    Make sure you check out @IceyEmmy's Portfolio and DeviantArt! Congratulations once again for being our Artist of the Month!
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