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Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Ryan, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. Ryan

    Ryan lasagna bad

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    Nov 21, 2012
    Charizardite X ★★★★
    Crisis Academy NPCs' Q&A Thread
    Welcome to the Crisis Academy NPC Q&A thread! Here you may ask the Crisis Academy NPCs any questions you may have for them!​
    When addressing one of the CA NPCs, please do so in the following manner, replacing the sections surrounded by hyphens with who you are addressing, your question, and your username:​
    "Dear -NPCName-,​

    NPC Responses:​
    The Crisis Academy staff members haven't received any letters yet!

    Age: 32
    Ability: Headmaster Emereth has an ability classified as legendary by top scholars across the globe. Receiving the exceptional power to rearrange the atoms of her body to change states, Emereth can become any of the three forms of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. Such a technique often leaves her adversaries off guard, transforming into the ghostly state of an invisible vapor or becoming nothing but an untouchable fluid. With her strategic mind and her resourceful tactics, Emereth can easily confound and kill her enemies simply by creating the most ingenious of traps.
    Profession: Headmaster​

    Name: Xavier Zalandra
    Age: 24
    Ability: Xavier is acknowledged by many as one of the greatest magicians in the world, being able to perform some of the most difficult and powerful spells known throughout Eda. While he is the only member of the Crisis Academy staff without a unique and naturally-gained power, he is one of the strongest, falling short of only Emereth. Xavier, like all other magicians, is able to freely manipulate the magic energy within his body, though he is one of the very few who can channel and externalize this ability without any sort of medium. Along with this, he is the only known creature able to use all known types of magic with great expertise, despite his energy's alignment with fire. This is a truly remarkable feat, as even the best of mages cannot stray far from their energy's element.
    Professions: Deputy Headmaster & Magic Teacher​

    Name: Helios Ouranos (to the right, holding the sword and lantern)​
    Age: 23
    Ability: Helios, named after the sun, and his sibling, Luna, fall behind only Emereth in terms of strength. Helio's ability is energy conversion; he steals lightning from the skies and fashions them into arrows, shifts flames into blades, and materializes heat into whatever his heart may desire. He has a heart of gold and combat proficiency that exceeds even Ava's.
    Profession: Headmaster's Consultant​

    Name: Luna Ouranos (to the left, holding the staff and wearing the mask)
    Age: 23
    Ability: Luna, named after the moon, opposite of his brother, can convert matter into energy, making him as potent a threat as his sibling. He makes rocks crumble into flame, trees crackle into lightning, and even dissolve man into nothing but a pocket of heat. His combat prowess is as frightening as his sibling's, if not more so. With a will of iron and an undying loyalty to his headmaster, he lets nothing stand in the way of Emereth.
    Profession: Headmaster's Consultant​

    Name: Simon Gewanter (on left)​
    Age: 22​
    Abilities: Simon is a kind receptionist of Crisis Academy and the brother of the other receptionist, Suri. Simon never forgets a face, which really helps with his occupation. Once Simon has seen someone's face, he can visualize that person's location within his mind. Usually seen with his eyes closed, Simon monitors the students' whereabouts. With Simon as a receptionist, it'll be difficult for students to create mischief!​
    Profession: Receptionist​

    Name: Suri Gewanter (on right)​
    Age: 24​
    Abilities: Suri is the sister of Simon. Quiet and calculative, Suri never forgets a person's voice once she hears it. She uses this gift to monitor the speech of students. Remembering a person's voice, she can pick up on what that person is saying, regardless of their location. She and her brother often work together to monitor students.​
    Profession: Receptionist​

    Name: Kira Kalkofen
    Age: 28
    Abilities: Kira is intelligent and intimidating. Being a staff member at Crisis Academy, of course, means that this talented nurse has a special ability. Having a unique singing voice, her eerie but catchy melodies can magically heal minor injuries and sicknesses. Despite looking intimidating, Kira is willing to help anyone in need. ​
    Profession: Nurse​

    Name: Karayan Black
    Age: Unknown
    Ability: Shrouded in mystery, Karayan Black is one of the most arcane members of the Crisis Academy staff. His replete control over nearly any metal grants his unorthodox body, crafted from titanium alloy, movement, and allows him to reshape metallic objects any way he pleases. Often fighting with the two tentacle-like spears sprouting from his back, the doctor makes a fearsome opponent, even being able to puncture neat, perfectly round holes in diamond.
    Profession: Doctor​

    Name: Ava Cybil
    Age: 29
    Ability: Ava possesses the rare ability to manipulate and control the wind. The currents of air she manipulates are often used to control her enemies and render them helpless, stuck in a whirlwind strong enough to pull them in two. Often times, the gusts let loose from her body are so strong, a severe tornado may form that can leave the opponent devastated. With her gales being ferocious enough to sever boulders and even some types of metal in two, her unique power makes her a terrifying enemy.
    Profession: Combat Teacher​

    Name: Zane Xal
    Age: 17
    Ability: Zane's strength lies within his sharp mind and ability to summon nearly any type of potion or ingredient seemingly from thin air. His physical body is a concoction of rare and even unheard of elements, which he can release, control, and combine at will. Zane is often regarded as a boy genius, having become a teacher and nearly fighting Ava to a standstill at the age of 13. His wit falls only slightly lower than Mr. Blue
    Profession: Potions Teacher

    Name: Serena Sidara
    Age: 26
    Ability: Serena was blessed with an intriguing and marvelous pair of talents. Her voice is heard, understood, and responded to by all living beings, from elves to fish to trees. Even the most ferocious of dragons swoon at the songs of, as she's commonly called, nature's daughter. Water flows, jumps, and dances with just a flick of her finger, and waves crash at her command.
    Profession: Animal Taming Teacher​

    Name: Elwood Sidara
    Age: 22
    Ability: Elwood, the younger brother of Serena Sidara, was born with an ability that forms a set with his sister's. His golden voice allows him to fluently communicate with the inanimate, and they back to him; though, this power does not extend to the deceased. With a touch of his hand, he grants life to even the most inanimate of things. Due to his ability, he is very rarely lacks knowledge about any on-goings around him, and seems to always be prepared. Elwood's most prized possession is his whip, as, unlike any other thing affected by his gift, it is capable of emotion. He is never seen without it.
    Profession: Field Training Teacher​

    Name: Tyler Cyton
    Age: 34
    Ability: Tyler's relaxed and easy-going nature allows him to adapt to nearly any situation with no troubles and grants him the privilege of getting along with nearly everyone, including Time itself. With a snap of a finger, he can reverse, slow, or even stop time entirely. Though he usually uses this ability for research, he can turn it into the most potent of weapons in only a second. Tyler fights with hand to hand combat, and uses an 'arrow' technique where he punctures his enemy with only his finger.​
    Profession: Math Teacher​

    Name: Skyler Blue
    Age: 27
    Ability: Skyler has a mind completely in sync with the Interealm, a realm of nothing but vast knowledge, and the environment. This combination gives him an infinite pool of information at his disposal which can be used to his advantage in multiple ways. Even though science is his forte, his combat skills are high above par. Mr. Blueu can control space and distort reality to create illusions. These deceptions are more than just tricks, however, as they are known to effect atoms in dangerous ways that can lead up to a destruction of matter itself.
    Profession: Science Teacher

    Name: Alyssa Moon
    Age: 150
    Ability: Mrs. Moon's past is as perplexing as her powers. No one knows for sure what kinds of power she wields, whether it's light or dark, water or fire. All they know is that it's spellbinding and powerful, capable of splitting anything she commands her blade to cut. Her scythe is as strong as her soul, shattering the thin line between life and death as well as dreams and reality.
    Profession: Literature Teacher

    Name: Daj Wilder
    Age: 29
    Ability: Daj's heart of stone is as strong as his fists. Exceptionally talented in hand-to-hand combat, Daj is so strong, he can punch through steel and his legs can carry him so high, he can clear a forty-floor skyscraper. His callused fingers can read whatever they touch, be it another beings thoughts or an inanimate object's past, not matter how long. Even though he cannot travel through time directly, he has enough knowledge that could make others guess otherwise.
    Profession: History Teacher​

    Name: Yasmine Seraphina
    Age: Unknown
    Ability: Given the nickname "daughter of demise" by her colleagues and fellow friends, Yasmine Seraphina is among the greatest warriors in the world, if not the universe. Her sword, forged from an ethereal essence found only in the core of a black hole, can cut and quickly reflect almost anything that it comes into contact with. Her elegant movements that she executes with only the best of precision are devilish and can be compared to a sophisticated ballet, danced only by demons.
    Profession: Art Teacher​

    Name: Aysen Kilbas
    Age: 36
    Ability: Aysen's strong point is his outstanding ability to properly prepare and deliver a full-course meal for twenty in just under five minutes. Having spent most of his life cooking for his enormous groups, he has developed an incredible knack for whipping up food, and due to his fiery talent of teleportation, his meals are never served cold or eaten late. Aysen is a master of the element of fire, and, taking the phrase "at the speed of light" literally, has built on his power to the point where he can transfer anything he chooses to any given location faster than the blink of an eye.
    Professions: Chef & Cullinary Arts Teacher​

    Age: 23​
    Ability: Cairn is the powerful blacksmith of Crisis Academy. Though he'd rather spend his time alone with his smithing tools, he is kind to every student and willing to help out whenever he can. Cairn never complains or gives up and has a charming smile, which causes many female students to become infatuated with him. Cairn has the special ability to control gravity. Being able to control gravity, Cairn can lift any object with ease and even keep an object or enemy floating in place by decreasing the amount of gravity around that enemy or object. By intensifying gravity, he can make it difficult to move a person or object.​
  2. Lucario_J

    Lucario_J David Tennant

    Mar 28, 2013
    "Dear Emereth Elmore,​
    Are you somewhat surprised, or upset that one of your students has died?​
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