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Event October MOTM - Nomination thread

Discussion in 'News Desk' started by Jeydis, Sep 25, 2022.

  1. Jeydis

    Jeydis Deep down in Underfity

    Level 11
    Aug 11, 2017
    Poké Ball ★Trainer Card - Cave Theme

    Its about to be spooky season, so it's time to nominate your choice of Member of the Month for October 2022! Was anyone especially nice to you this month? Wanna highlight what an excellent roleplayer the member is in the RP section? Post their name here for them to have a chance at being MOTM and gaining a trophy along with some fun benefits for the upcoming month.

    As a reminder, here are the rules:
    1) You may not bribe, beg or ask for a nomination.
    2) You may nominate a maximum of 3 candidates for a month's nomination.
    3) For each candidate you nominate, you must provide 2 sentences explaining their nomination - The sentence must explain WHY followed with some elaboration. - Reasons such as "they are nice" are not permitted. Please find a solid reason to nominate someone.
    4) You cannot nominate someone who's already been nominated by another user. Read the nominations first, please! (feel free to like the post if you agree with someone's nomination though)
    5) You may not nominate yourself, staff or someone who wasn't active during the month.
    6) Please avoid nominating one of the below users as they have been member of the month since the reset in November 2021.

    December 2021: Jupjami
    January 2022: SAF
    February 2022: 122 Generation
    March 2022: ChocoChicken

    April 2022: Trickster wuz here!
    May 2022: Wavepearl
    June 2022: Nova Ozuka
    July 2022: Haunted Ditto
    August 2022: HiddenLore

    September 2022: Captain Comet
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  2. Wizard

    Wizard Do you feel it? The moon's power!

    Level 1
    Jan 18, 2016
    I'm gonna go with @Kecleon first here. It's been cool seeing Kecleon more and more around the Discord server. It is always fun to talk with him about video games and other topics.

    @Infernostar is always an easy choice too. He is very active around the Discord, and he always has some good opinions to share. It's also fun to see all of the game tracking images that he has inspired.
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