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On the Evolution of the Ralts line.

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by DaniWesty, Oct 25, 2014.

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  1. DaniWesty

    DaniWesty School Kid

    Oct 23, 2014
    That's it? All that discussion and this is how you ask? I expected something more to be honest. My astonishment was barely evident as Aria regarded me with curiosity before giving me the gentlest of psychic nudges to focus again.
    Ah, right. Freeman is happy and grateful to receive the honor of being invited into the Te ze, even while you are so encumbered. He asks your leave to grant a Gardevoir who knows only the ways of humanity to live and learn from Aria and the Te Ze. He seeks to understand just what it is that is so different. He also feels it would help others who have never known the bliss of the mic tem, to further understand themselves and this world they live in. I interpreted.
    She gave a gentle purring noise as she considered his request. Then she looked at Aria and I specifically before she continued.
    Would you two guide this new child? Would you accept the bonds of friendship to this one he wishes to bring to our Te Ze? She asked.
    Aria spoke up faster than I could our greatest joy would be to spread the bliss of our Te ze to others who wish to understand it! She chirped.
    We would love to share this wonderful life with those who can come to feel the same depth of love that has been shown an unworthy person such as myself I said with a measure of humility.
    The Matriarch stepped forward, then took our hands. In this contact, we could feel her bold emotions, so much more refined than ours, flow forth. Like the flowing of a river, she seemed to arrive at an answer.
    I realized, that she had sworn us to this task. A sensation of acceptance was prominent in both of us.
    In time, you two shall guide others. When you do, it will be from the foundations you both shall lay on this day, the dawning of the final month before qiu, I grant you this honor. Bring forth the new po tei to us, we shall welcome them with open arms and you shall grant them our culture. Her more ritualized method of assenting carried the feeling of anticipation that our request brought with it.
    Po tei... New family member... unattached previously.
    Qiu, autumn or fall...

    I smiled in gratitude before I quickly translated to Freeman
    "She says she will be happy to allow a Gardevoir to come live here. Aria and I will be responsible for taking care of it and showing it the ropes." I said.
    Freeman gave a mimicked bow based upon his observation of how Aria and I did so earlier. Comparatively, it was clunky but eager. The result of observation without knowledge of the deeper emotions at work behind each move, each bow, and each word.
    Still, the Matriarch seemed content with the eager attempt at expressing gratitude. For she swept forth, then placed her hands on his shoulder. Aria and I watched in amazement for a moment, before I helpfully translated.
    "She is expressing gratitude for your consideration of her ways. She feels a measure of trust towards you since you respected her wishes this entire time. This gesture, of touching ones hand to both shoulders at once, is a sign of respect. "
    Freeman looked over to me, then simply nodded.
    "Do I do it back?" He asked.

    "No, just touch her right hand with yours but express your feeling of gratitude and delight. Touch only for one second while holding those feelings, then allow your hand to rest in front of your stomach." I said.
    Freeman complied as best as he could. Again, it was awkward as he seemed to be consciously doing these acts. However, the intent was not lost.
    The Matriarch released his shoulders, then tilted her head to the side before letting out a contented cry.
    For a first attempt at guiding a person through the ceremony associated with establishing trust and a bond of friendship, I would say that I did well. Arias form leaned slightly against me as I thought that. Her countenance suggested fatigue.
    We saw Freeman off with the insistence of seeing Sycamore off that evening. With a vague waving of his hand, Freeman returned to the camp leaving Aria and I to ourselves.
    Beh sze... come let's lay down for a while... She suggested with that same cute yet tired voice.
    With a smile, I took her other hand, then gently pulled her to our hammock so that she and I could rest. Even though it was the middle of the day, we fell into a light slumber as if we had been awake for days on end.
    A few hours later found us awakening with the rest of the Gardevoir. Rather, I woke up quite readily while Aria seemed to fight waking up with every ounce of her being. I could feel the struggle infiltrate her mind as she slowly seemed to draw into wakefulness from the bliss of sleep. With a smile, I disengaged my hand from her waist, then gently stroked her head.
    With a gentle purring noise, she finally opened her eyes, then locked them with mine.
    Do you feel any better? I found myself asking.
    She extended one arm to my face, then traced my arm before taking my hand in hers. Warmth spread as she took in my offered emotions through this simple tactile contact. It provided her the nourishment she so desired to give her extra energy in times such as this.
    I do now Beh Sze! She exclaimed.
    We quietly got up, then once again set off to see our friend Sycamore off.
    As we arrived at the camp site, we realized that the other two sleeping tents had been broken down as well. Freeman and Krafft were busily breaking down the Observation skeleton they used to study our singularity experiment while Sycamore seemed to be struggling with the solar panels.
    Aria and I approached him with mild confusion evident.
    "What's going on?" I asked.
    Sycamore stopped what he was doing, then turned to regard us with an embarrassed joviality.
    "We decided that we should all be going rather than just one or two of us. As such, Freeman and Krafft will be leaving tonight as well. We've already called ahead to arrange the pickup. I'm sorry we didn't tell you sooner" Sycamore said. There was reluctance in his tone as he spoke to us.
    I felt a sense of sadness at them making such a rash decision. Certainly Sycamore leaving was to be expected. In fact, I wondered why Freeman stayed as long as he had, but Krafft too.
    "Thanks for the notification..." I said before I turned away from both Sycamore and Kraft, then began making my way towards Krafft.
    I suddenly stopped, then turned around upon realizing that Arias arm and mine had drawn taught. She looked at me then nodded towards Sycamore. There was insistence and a sense of urging coming from her before she even spoke.
    Beh Sze, I think that we should grant him our thanks... she said.
    Thanks? Oh! Right... I said.
    There was a sense of gratitude that we had been feeling towards the three of them. When we needed it the most, they had arrived, even though they were under no obligation to do so, to give us their best effort to help us through this trial we faced.
    Aria all but pulled me back to her side as we mutually enacted the Gardevoir pose of humility while she extended a humming chorus of gratitude which I helpfully translated for Sycamore.
    "The both of us... we are grateful for what you have done to help us out. Without your guidance, we would not have been able to come to a solution that would help both Aria and I in our endeavors. With the work you have done, not only will we be able to argue for the preservation of this land, but we can also give credence to the theories I have proposed. Had it not been for you, we would most certainly have been forced apart."
    Sycamore looked between us, then placed his hand on his head in a sign of embarrassment. He then gave a slight sigh as he closed the distance between the two of us, then placed his hand on our shoulders.
    "I'm sorry that I approached you with such selfish intentions. " He said, "When Krafft called us later and discussed his worry, I originally went along with the plan he made to come out here because I wanted to achieve my own ends. I can be selfish and ambitious. It's the kind of thinking that landed me into trouble with Lysandre a few years ago. What I and Freeman have put you through is inexcusable, especially as I have come to regard the both of you so fondly. I hope that you can forgive my actions. I consider the two of you friends... even if I am reluctant to fully acknowledge your relationship, I can see the love you both share. "
    Aria and I looked at one another in embarrassment, then edged ever closer to one another. Our mutual reluctance at being addressed so humbly made us uncertain. We did not expect such a confident man to be so open with us about his intents.
    Still, he had done so in order to allow us to trust him more. He looked at the both of us, so altered by what he and Freeman put us through, with a touch of regret. We, the very fruits of his labors, were the very sign of his hubris. Though we would not fault him for this. He was an imperfect man, like so many others. So, his ambitions were clouded in good intent, though lacking in foresight. Still, we could not bring ourselves to fault him for wanting to examine the unknown so readily. The fault, if there truly was any, resided entirely with us.
    Sycamore, of the glowing city, we do not blame you. Aria said, instead, we are grateful for what you have done. Rowans changes were unforeseen. As he was originally human, the initiation of such deep a bond with myself was something we did not know the side effects of. There is no fault. So our forgiveness is not needed. Please, if you will, take our gratitude that you arrived with your friends in our time of need. Without it we would have faltered.
    I translated, verbatim, what she had said.
    Even with the ability to communicate telepathically, he wouldn't have heard her had it not been for me, and even if she had, it would have come to him sounding much like gibberish. The language of the Gardevoir, after all, was an intricate and subtle language. Hearing it in primary, without the assistance of a neural feedback that Aria initially provided so that I could understand her, would have been too confusing. Over time though, I began to learn it enough that I didn't require her assistance in such matters.
    It was a sign that I was growing.
    Sycamore looked at us, then gave a wide smile before he patted our shoulders.
    "I am touched you two, really, I am. I hope that after I leave, we can keep in contact. I would much like to hear about the progress you two have made from this day out. Especially with Shii coming."
    Aria and I tilted our heads at once, a sign of our confusion and curiosity. However, Sycamore simply shook his head with a large smile on his face.
    "All in good time my friends! Now go see the others before it's too late!"
    With those words, Aria and I were sent off. As we walked to the others, I couldn't help but feel a warm sense of friendship that lingered in our minds as we processed Sycamores heart felt words. He, like Krafft, did in fact care more deeply than we had assumed. That, in and of itself, was touching.
    Krafft had just finished packing the Wall tent away, but the cot Aria and I used along with an additional tent was still sitting on the ground. However, that tent was in its bag. By the make of it, it looked like a tent Aria and I had not previously seen.
    "Ahh, my friend Rowan!" Krafft greeted as we approached.
    "I hear you both are leaving?" I asked Freeman as well as Krafft.
    Krafft gave an awkward look at being asked so bluntly. His feet shifted in a sense of nervousness before he responded.
    "Yea, the big volcano, she calls to me. It is looking like it may erupt soon ya? With that, we can be doing good researches on gas emitted and I want to be there with Katia so that we can really get some good researches done."
    Typical Maurice... Volcanoes were in his heart. If I didn't know him better, his eagerness to get going would have been all I saw. However, as we both looked at him while he explained himself, there was an air of reluctance.
    "My friend, I never said this, but I am worried for you yes? When the conference ended I wanted to come help you. As your advisor during your undergraduate years, I still worried for you. That... doesn't excuse my actions, but I hope that you can see that I do worry for you." He said.
    This was about as much of an apology as can be expected from the big bear of a man. Aria and I smiled simply, a sign that we did not think less of him for anything that happened.
    "I consider you the father I never really had. You gave me support and guidance when I needed it. When I was in trouble, you show up with this... strange, bizarre arrangement and we manage to find a way to not only convince the board that my methods were justified, but you gave us the seed of an idea to preserve what we have right here. No matter what happens, I am always grateful for that." I responded.
    Before we even knew it, he had pulled the two of us into his big bear arms, then gave us a hug that, had it not been for the affection he radiated, would certainly have been a crushing feeling. Shortly, he then released us (With Aria panting faintly at her tiny ribs being nearly crushed) then regarded us with warmth.
    "Well, we will be remaining in contact yes? There will always be the time for talking, even when we are both engrossed in our researches. "With those words, Freeman walked over to us.
    "As for you two, there's not much to say but that I wish you two the best. We will be in contact shortly, but like them, I do need to get back to the lab. Your DNA sampling has caused a minor uproar, and I am pretty certain one of our doctoral candidates is ecstatic at the prospect of breaking new ground in the field of genomics. "He simply explained.
    Oddly, neither of us really expected more. This was Freeman's way, from the moment we met him until now, a very driven man with ambitions that often eclipsed his awareness of others. Had it not been for the care that he had shown in addressing us and our relationship, he would otherwise have come off to us as callow.
    I extended my hand to him, the intent quite clear.
    He took my hand, then gave it a gentle pump.
    "We look forward to meeting with this Gardevoir. Any word on when we can expect it?" I asked.
    Freeman used his free hand to check a palm fitted device, then squinted in thought for a moment.
    "Around the first at the latest. Expect her no sooner than the 29th and no later than the 1st. It all depends on a few basic things we wish to send along with her. "He explained.
    Within a very short hour, it was over. The roar of Helicopter blades could be heard as the massive craft exploded over the tree line. Aria and I retreated to the tree line as the pilot made his close approach, then settled down on the far side of their camp. Krafft and Freeman saw to the loading while Sycamore ran over one last time.
    Over the roar of the helicopter blades, he shouted out to us.
    "If you two are ever in Lumiose city, stop by my labs! I will always receive you as my guests and friends!"
    We both smiled, joy at being addressed so warmly filling us.
    "You can count on it Sycamore!" I shouted over the roar.
    Then, just like that, they loaded up the provisions they had brought with them, and the helicopter departed.
    As the noise faded, Aria and I were left standing alone in the field with nothing but the creeping silence.
    Little by little, the noise of nature seemed to creep back in. The reluctant chirps of a taillow, the quiet cries of a lotad, and the gentle rush of various bug Pokémon.

    With their departure, they took with it the noise and commotion of humanity again.
    Aria and I looked to one another, then offered a curious glance. Uncertain about what to do now, we simply turned, then proceeded to head back to our Te Ze, and the waiting members of our extended family.
    July 26th 3130.
    Lumiose City.
    Amelia sat in Magenta Circle. Her hand grasped a Poké Ball which she continuously expanded, then contracted. This fiddling played out for ten minutes until a man entered into the square. A Growlithe was leashed and looked to be quite energetic. The man walked around the circle once, then looked at the obelisk that the Circle was named for.
    Amelia watched as he seemed to whistle to himself for a few moments before he casually made his way over to her then proceeded to sit down on the bench.
    He pulled out a tablet, then began to read casually as he lit a cigarette, then seemed to sigh in relaxation.
    "You Amelia?" He asked.
    "Yeah, I am. Are you Regi?" She asked simply.
    "The one and only. " He responded.
    With a sigh, she reached into her bag, then pulled out an envelope, then sat it on the bench.
    With deft hands, Regi took the cash, then replaced the envelope with an identical one just as the growlithe made a slight jump into the air, as if chasing a bird that had just flown by.
    Amelia reached over, then pocketed the envelope.
    "Look, if you get caught using that, you did it yourself. I don't want no feds kicking down my door because you were too much of an idiot. It'll make my other customers jumpy. I got a reputation to keep hear?"
    Amelia nodded as her fingers caressed the envelope.
    They sat in silence for another minute as Regi continued his cigarette. Then, as he finished it, he stood up, then proceeded to walk away as casual as he had when he entered the circle. No other passerby seemed to take notice as Regi departed. Nor did they notice the woman simply stand up, then walk away as well.
    Amelia's hands clenched the envelope tighter as she quickly made her way back to the university. Her hopes ran high as she entered the grounds that what she had done would bear fruit.
    For Rowan.
    A/N: Two major things:
    Apologies for taking so long with this chapter. The plotting was kind of weird and I wanted to make sure I had it right when I began writing it. This one kind of used a slightly different tone. It set up the basis of what the ending will be like but also serves to kind of rectify Sycamore in my eyes. His work in the games was rather shady when you get down to it. He had associations, and it was probably through conversations with Sycamore that Lysandre arrived at such a chilling conclusion. Obviously, this game takes place after X. So the events are referenced, but don't play a major part in this story.
    The discussion of the changes between Rowan and Freeman was a little bit tough. I used the standard understanding of blood types, then extrapolated from there what Gardevoir blood would be like if they were human at some point. I basically invented a blood type that probably would not be able to exist in reality, but I'm not a molecular biologist, nor am I an organic chemist. So I hope that we can use some technobabble and explain away why such chains probably wouldn't exist.
    As I was writing this, I was reminded more of the fly than I was any previous story which had the elements of change. It's a bit dark, to be certain. I promise though that such a horrific route will not open.
    With this chapter though, a number of direct doors are now open as we begin moving towards the finale. 5 or 6 chapters till an end (Depending on the length and developments of the next few chapters) leaves a lot that can still happen.
    Finally, I kept on saying there for a while that the field notes would make a return.
    Well, I have a better treat than any field notes that can be written. I am going to write up in a fashion resembling what I originally opened this story with, a proper research paper that will examine the behaviors of Gardevoir culture and really lay it out in an anthropological context. I've already begun the first draft, and if the detail is of any indication, it is looking to be massive in its own right. I want that to serve as something of a bookend for the story. Though... with a very personal touch at the end.

    There were reluctances in writing this chapter, but all things considered, I think I rather liked it.
    Finally, the Hadoka trip Rowan mentioned is actually based upon a trip a few of us to Sakurajima in Japan back in 2012. At the time, I was working up around the Hakkoda volcanic group and a friend of mine from the Misawa Air base, suggested we go down to Sakurajima to enjoy the show. We had a fair bit of fun though there was one ash fall which threatened to blanket us entirely. So, the story is partly true, though some details have been modified to fit the setting of this story.
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