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Sword/Shield One week to go - how excited are you?

Discussion in 'Switch Pokémon Games' started by Dawn, Nov 8, 2019 at 6:38 AM.

  1. Dawn

    Dawn La vie est drôle

    Cure Melody
    (Meloetta Egg)
    Level 5
    Oct 21, 2014
    It's been an interesting week for these games, to say the least. We have supposedly had the entire roster of new Pokémon and the in-game Pokédex leaked, Gym Leader designs, and more besides. Lots to be excited about!

    Meanwhile, the launch event due to take place in Japan has been cancelled due to "operational circumstances" and morale at Game Freak is at an all-time low for reasons not yet disclosed.

    ...never mind the Twitter threads.

    Storm of drama, leaks/rumours, and the now-familiar Dexit backlash aside - how excited are you for these games? Are you eagerly counting down the days to launch, or has your interest dwindled. Has it been sparked by something you've seen in recent days? Will you be playing at launch?
  2. Duo

    Duo The Cruelest

    (Palkia Egg)
    Level 13
    Jul 7, 2019
    When asked this question by another friend, I just sent them this -

    More serious answer is that I'm really pumped, but not as much as I was for Smash Ultimate. I've been playing Pokémon less and less as of late, but their games are still good and I think these have a chance of being some of the best in the series even despite the flaws that are apparent to anyone who hasn't even played the game before (graphics leave a lot to be desired, for example).

    I've spoiled myself on all of the Pokémon, and while I won't spoil everyone reading this, I will say that a lot of the new Pokémon here are great. Even if there are a few bad designs out there and a few Pokémon that were officially revealed earlier have some really bad evolutions, there are still some great designs here and I think the pros vastly outweigh the cons.

    I'll also be playing the game with multiple friends, which is a huge bonus. One of the things I was most excited for was doing max raid battles with friends, and even if now I think the fun factor of that might wear off quickly, I still think it'll be a blast to play with everyone on launch day. Don't know how the single-player parts of the game will go but I don't really have much to go off of yet, I did not spoil myself on the plot of the games so I don't really know what to expect.

    Other than that, though, I'm looking forward to see how the metagame shifts, both the Galar Dex Only format and the National Dex OU that was confirmed to be on Showdown. I don't really know how Dynamaxing will play out since you have many more options when you start a battle, and I don't know what Pokémon (aside from Toxapex, broken Pokémon btw) will rise to the top in Galar OU.
  3. RadEmpoleon

    RadEmpoleon Empress of Randomness

    Big Boi Bug
    Level 25
    Jun 4, 2018
    Comet Shard ★★★★Poké Doll ★★Trainer Card - Cave Theme
    I’m really excited, even if I can’t get the game. I’ve been avoiding all the leaks and spoilers and stuff. I honestly wouldn’t care if there were so many problems with the game, I would still be happy to play the games. Plus with what I’ve seen of the game, I think it’s looking pretty good so far.
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  4. WavePearl

    Level 39
    Nov 22, 2012
    My excitement is through the roof--drama and leaks aside, I am excited to see what lies in Galar (and if my predictions for the story actually turn out to be true!)
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  5. BZRich64

    BZRich64 The Mustachioed Moderator

    (Halloween Eevee)
    Level 10
    Jun 12, 2017
    I'm extremely hyped for these games and I'm having trouble not looking up leaks even though I want to go into the game mostly blind other than official pre-release info. I can't believe we only have a week left to go now.
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  6. Gazi

    Gazi Rival

    (Sail Fossil)
    Level 2
    May 27, 2018
    I'm actually super excited. I know a lot of people have problems with these games, and I get that, but I don't personally have those issues. I'm just happy that I'll finally be able to play a mainstream Pokémon game that's newer than gen 3. I'm ready to experience Pokémon, and I'm so excited to play the game before watching the anime seasons that go with it, because I want to wonder which characters will get more focus, which Pokémon Ash will have, and how much they're going to incorporate the plot of the game into the show...now that I think about it, I think most of my excitement about the games is because of how it will affect the show.
    (and if Croagunk is available in these games and I finally get to train one, that will just be the cherry on the cake).
  7. Link_The_Fox

    (Moltres Egg)
    Level 2
    Sep 2, 2017
    You're always excited . . . ..
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  8. Absolute Zero

    Absolute Zero The second seal

    Level 5
    Mar 17, 2015
    For a long time I've decided that I don't have the money to buy a Switch, so I'm just going to be out of date (until Gun or whatever the Third game is, I hope they go back to just a third). But the other day I saw in stores a Switch Lite, so I'm looking at that thing like... maybe? Maybe it's not out of reach?

    So, I'm not hyped yet, but let's see how my cash flow changes over the next few weeks! Until then, I'm simmering.

    I was wholly unaware that you had missed out on the past ~12 years of (among other things) gameplay innovations like dual-screen control, physical-special split, Fairy-type, battle modes like Triple and Battle Royale... It's going to hit you like a tidal wave! I'm so excited for you!
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  9. Jeydis

    Jeydis Feral Animist

    Level 29
    Aug 11, 2017
    Trainer Card - Cave Theme
    Very excited. I will be playing it along with an irl friend for the first time in ages. I looked at the 'mon leaks but no story, or details about the mons themselves, just the designs.

    There are some funky mons in here and I love it.
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  10. SyWry

    SyWry Rival

    Legendary Egg
    (Moltres Egg)
    Level 11
    Jan 16, 2017
    I am really excited for the release and can't wait to play it. Though I'm going to wait until Christmas to get it. I have avoided all information about its release to the point where I didn't fully read everyone's responses to this thread. I want to stay surprised.
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