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Event Operation: Wonder Trade Wednesday [week 21]

Discussion in 'Festival Plaza' started by Morgaine, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Morgaine

    Morgaine Goddess of Shinies

    (Litleo ♀)
    Level 3
    May 1, 2016
    Crown of ValorSoothe Bell ★Heart Scale ★★Ice Stone ★★★★
    Operation: Wonder Trade Wednesday
    Hello everyone! It is the 21st week of Wonder Trade Wednesday and again this week we are going to be blasting some poor Pokémon of into cyberspace. So, once again, sign up, trade, and have fun!

    This is for Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon!

    This is Operation: Wonder Trade Wednesday. By now you're probably used to these types of events, but this one has a bit of a catch - it's much more than just aimless Wonder Trading. This time we have a goal and many prizes to be earned just for participating, all for the goal of helping other players out there find Lake Valor and become a part of our community!


    • The aim is to send out good Pokémon, not junk. Therefore you should be sending out Pokémon you've bred yourself, ones with good IVs, special moves, breeding material... you name it.
    • Each Pokémon must be nicknamed tradepkm.net which is a redirect URL for LV.
    • You must post here with what you're going to be sending out this coming Wednesday. On the day you must post again showing us how many boxes you're trading and proof you've nicknamed your Pokémon.
    Nicknaming is a vital part of this event - we know it can be tedious to breed and nickname everything but we're going to make it worth your while!


    We have some pretty good prizes in store for you. Helping others find our community is very important to us, so we definitely want to give you guys good incentives to take part in this event. They are as followed:

    • +12 PokéPoints for every box you trade out (all must nicknamed, obviously).
    • +5 PokéPoints (to everyone who participated in this session) for every player that joins LV through this event.
    • The exclusive Wonder Trade Operative Trophy for those who have traded out 10 boxes full total (this can be added up over the coming weeks).
    To get the prizes you must provide proof of your box with a before and after pic, as well as proof of nickname. They don't need to be great quality! Of course, you don't have to complete a full box, you're still helping the site by doing any trading with these nicknames!

    This event is a great chance to earn PokéPoints and even a special new trophy - and everyone gets rewarded if people sign up through this event.

    The event starts March 7th, make sure to post so you are prepared and eligible to join!
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  2. Absolute Zero

    Absolute Zero The second seal

    Level 19
    Mar 17, 2015
    I'm getting ready to do this WTW. Two full boxes, as seen below, and I'm being pickier now: every Pokémon traded away has at least 4 really good IVs, some even have 5 or 6. I'll edit the post when I'm done with these two boxes.

    EDIT: oops, I posted in the wrong week. Disregard this, as this is on March 14 for me, WTW 22.

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    #2 Mar 14, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018

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