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Oposquire and the Sacred Sword (Fakemon Fanfiction)

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by kohakuchan19, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. kohakuchan19

    Nov 21, 2012
    ((Feel free to make any commentes or suggestions, try not to be too mean though.))

    Oposquire and the Sacred Sword​
    By Amber Johnson (aka Kohakuchan19)​

    Chapter 1​
    Hi there, I am an Oposquire, a Pokémon as you humans call us. However my mother gave me the name Sparkster when I was born, Sadly, She and my Father both disappeared when I was very little, when our nest was attacked some strange Pokémon I had never seen before, and what seemed to be humans controlling them, My Mother had me hide in the leaves that made up my bed, and told me not to come out until it was safe. In the end though... I was all that was left. Orphaned and alone..

    I traveled alone for the longest time until one stormy day, I found a cave to take shelter in, so I ran into it without a second thought. I was wet, I was cold, and very lonely. I was so far away from my forest now, I wasn't quite sure where I was now exactly. There weren't many other Oposquire around these parts. I curled up against one of the stone walls in the cave and I soon fell asleep.

    That night, A noise woke me up, it sounded like footsteps, and they were very heavy, so heavy that I felt the ground shake a little underneath me. My eyes had not yet adjusted to the darkness, so I didn't know what it was. Panicing, I quickly stood up and reached around the darkness with my paws and Tail, luckily, I had found some kind of stick with my tail and held it out in front of me.
    "W-whose there!?" I stuttered, hoping that whoever was there wouldn't attack me.

    I felt the Pokémon's footsteps come to a stop, he was right in front of me. I could sense it. But before I got an answer the other Pokémon started to glow from what I believed was his horn. He was a large Blue Pokémon, it looked like a really big goat, but still no Pokémon I had ever seen before.

    "You young one.. He who trespasses in my home, Speak your name" He said.

    It was strange, he was talking to me, but he wasn't moving his lips at all. He simply looked down at me and waited for my answer. Seeing as his weapon was superior to mine, I lowered my stick and lowered my head.

    "I-I'm sorry sir... I didn't know anyone lived here. I am Sparkster, an Oposquire... Sir.."

    "I see... I am Cobalion... The Pokémon of Iron Will... Member and Leader of the Swords of Justice.. Tell me young one.. is that... twig supposed to be your sword?"

    The Blue Pokémon known as Cobalion, lowered his head so that I could clearly see the horn on his head was more of a blade than a horn. It was amazing, and totally put my stick to shame.

    "Well what else am I supposed to use to protect myself?" I asked, "I don't exactly have a shiny horn blade sticking out of my head like you do..."

    "Hahaha!" Cobalion laughed before putting back on a serious face. "This is not my horn boy... This is my sword."

    "I see... My mistake.. " I said, backing off a bit. "Look... I'll just go on ahead and find some other place to stay... Sorry for bothering you."

    "Hold it Young one..." Cobalion spoke, commanding me to stop. "It is still raining outside.. and you are far from home.. Where are your parents?"

    That question hit me hard, but I had to answer.

    "M...My parents are gone... Humans and their Pokémon took them away from me... I've been wandering for what seems like forever trying to find them..."

    Cobalion looked down at me some more, but now it seemed to have a more sympathetic tone. He approached me and then picked me up with his snout, and set me on his back.

    "You may stay here as long as you wish, young one, as a Sword of Justice, I will not stand idly by as a youth such as yourself is in need... It is possible your parents were captured by Pokémon Trainers... Though.. without having been there myself, I cannot honestly say if they were the good or bad sort."

    "You mean.. You'll help me find them?" I asked with some hope.

    "I cannot make any promises, but If you are willing, I can help you become strong."

    "Help me become strong?... I see... Thank you Cobalion."

    Cobalion went to where he had previously been resting, and laid down, I stayed on his back, and went back to sleep.

    To be Continued.
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  2. Toxic

    Toxic Idk I'm bored

    Lugia Egg
    (Lugia Egg)
    Level 3
    Nov 21, 2012
    Good story. That poor kid when he tells Cobalion that his parents are gone. I feel bad for him even though its a story. Write us more :3
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