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Origins: Renegade

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by shinygiratinaz, Nov 24, 2014.

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  1. shinygiratinaz

    shinygiratinaz Boats Against the Current

    Dec 18, 2013
    So I got really bored at school and typed this story up. It's breif, unedited, and I don't know if I got the style down right. But oh well! Please review this if you'd like, I'm sure there's lots here to review if you are bored. Like I am. Right now. Sigh.

    I'll probably come back and edit this later when I'm not going stir-crazy in my desk.

    In the ancient days when wild powers still shaped the land, there lived a Pokémon upon a high mountaintop. The Pokémon guarded a portal to a land of mystery, one that was rumored to contain an unimaginable wealth within its depths. Many humans with greed within their hearts sought the wealth within, and the Pokémon led them into its realm. The Pokémon knew the desire of their hearts, however, and abandoned them within the land; the wealth of the realm taunting them until they eventually perished within.

    As time passed, less and less people came to the mountain. The tales of adventures to the summit who never returned spread around the land, and the Pokémon who rested at the mountaintop was misunderstood as a harbinger of death and evil.

    It was this misunderstanding that brought a young man to the summit of the mountain. As the Pokémon always had done, it questioned the young man's purpose for coming to its home. The young man replied to the Pokémon that he came to the summit wishing to die.

    The Pokémon was intrigued. It had never heard such a reply before. The young man told of a village near the mountain into which he had been born, and that had shunned him as useless since his birth. Growing sick of the torment he had faced within his home, he had come to the Pokémon seeking the one eternal peace in the land beyond the portal.

    The Pokémon took pity on the young man, and taking him upon its back lead him into the world it guarded. It did not, however, leave him as it had done those who had come before him. Instead it led him to the center of the realm, where the fabled treasure lay.

    The center of the world was filled with an unspeakable natural beauty the likes of which had never nor ever would be seen in the land beyond. It babbled with pure springs, and rustled with plants whose flowers bloomed in awe-inspiring beauty, and whose fruits could be eaten for an eternity yet have their flavor never grow dull. The wealth of the world was in the marvelous beauty it held.

    The boy took in the realm with silent awe, hearing the springs and the trees, tasting the pure water and berries, and feeling the soft touch of the grass beneath his feet. As the young man appreciated the beauty of the realm, the Pokémon came to realize why the boy had been cast out.

    The young man could not see.

    As he sat within the heart of the treasure of the realm, however, the boy was not burdened with his lack of sight. The beauty of the realm made itself apparent to him through ways beyond his sight, and in this way he appreciated the beauty of the realm far deeper than any who could see it would have.

    As the young man explored the realm, the Pokémon stayed by his side, speaking and sharing tales with him. As they walked, the Pokémon came to love the boy with the love of a true friend, and the boy loved the Pokémon back.

    As the day drew to an end, the boy spoke of a sister whom he had left in the village, who had been too young to understand the purpose of the boy's journey. The Pokémon encouraged the boy to return to the land beyond and to his sister who was too young to survive on her own. The boy was ashamed that he had left her, and the Pokémon offered to lead him back to his home. The boy agreed, and the Pokémon left the world of beauty with the boy and returned him to his home. The boy did not wish to stay in the world that shunned him, however, and begged the Pokémon to allow him to return to the realm of beauty. The Pokémon again took pity on the young man and promised him that it would return every full moon to lead him back to the realm.

    Years passed. As the young man grew into an adult, the Pokémon came to see him as a brother, walking with him and comforting him within the realm of beauty. The man eventually brought his sister to the realm with him, and they would sit with the Pokémon and make a game of describing everything they could to the man. They were happy, the man content to return to a world who thought of him as useless with the knowledge that he could do anything with the help of those whom he called his family.

    One day, however, the Pokémon came to the man and found his home empty. Confused and saddened, it sought out the people of the town nearby. Hiding within the town, it overheard the people of the town speaking of the boy. They spoke wild claims that he had been possessed by the demon that lived upon the mountain, and that for the safety of their village he and his sister had been stoned by the townspeople.

    The Pokémon could not believe what it had heard, until it found the bodies of the ones it loved stricken down in the center the town.

    The Pokémon flew into a grief-fueled rage, rampaging within the streets and tearing the town apart in its anger. The nearby villages saw the destruction and called out to Arceus for protection. Impassioned by their pleas, Arceus sealed the Pokémon away with the world it had once guarded, preventing it from doing any more harm to the people of the region.

    In mourning, the Pokémon turned the world of beauty into a world of chaos, the wealth of the land becoming merely a shade of what it had once been. Devastated, the Pokémon wept for its family.

    Arceus heard the mourning of the Pokémon, and he understood its sadness. He enabled the souls of the man and his sister to cross over into the Pokémon's realm once every fifty years. Arceus then separated the realm of the Pokémon from reality, preventing it from escaping to continue its grudge against the people of the area.

    The Pokémon's realm faded entirely from the beauty it had once been, distorting until it reflected the fractures in the Pokémon's heart. The Pokémon became a silent prisoner of the once lively realm, counting down the years until its family would once again return to it.

    And every fifty years, they did return. Peace ruled the realm for a time, and the beauty it once held returned to celebrate the return of those whom the Pokémon called family. Every fifty years, laughter was once again heard in the world of distortion.
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  2. Steamlined

    Steamlined Jack of all trades

    Sep 20, 2014
    I really liked this. There's some really emotive language in there, as well as a really enveloping story. I refuse to believe this was typed hastily!

    Through the whole story I had a small sneaking suspicion that it was indeed that Pokémon. (How very fitting! :P )

    I'd love to see more like this - It's really awesome! :)
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